ABC presenter on secure, six-figure income slams unemployed small business owners ‘taking up ICU spots with self-harm cases’

ABC journalist Patricia Karvelas has issued a stern rebuke to EZFKA small business owners being admitted to ICU, after a huge surge in attempted self-harm cases.

Karvelas took to Twitter to let EZFKonians know how to behave.

“Absolutely selfish behaviour from these small business owners that have lost everything trying to take their own lives when there’s a pandemic on,” Karvelas said.

“Lockdowns are there to keep people safe and these people should know better than to take up vulnerable spots for 80-year olds with multiple comorbidities in ICU.”

Karvelas later launched a tirade on her afternoon slot on the ABC, saying that teens in hospital for self-harm were the ‘most selfish of all.’

“Absolute spoilt brats,” Karvelas tweeted.

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Agent 47

Ergh Patricia Karvelas as much of a patronising bitch as Trioli.


Don’t know how a lot of the doomers will cope if NSW doesn’t end up in a Covid apocalypse

their endless lockdowns will have been a waste of time and life

think about it – basically a whole year of every Victorian’s life
versus a few deaths in 80 year olds

I just can’t wait to follow the cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics on embee
will be gold medal level stuff

go Gladys, go scomo


I think they will be fine.

remember, they have a venerable mountain of experience with the chicken little/apocalypse routine.

It has gone something like this….

housing – iron ore – China – housing again – interest rates rising – AUD – housing again- Bitcoin – stocks – USD – China again – bushfires – floods – liberals – housing again – virus



you’re so right


MB commentariat is a group of people that have been selected over many years of disappointments to be completely unaware of their own cognitive biases

Anyone with any self-awareness or the ability to self-reflect has either been banned, or come to their senses and left

Wow thats deep bro


Talking to yourself?

Reus's Large MEMBER

I have been spamming the comments section there with logic and facts, I think that there are some that are starting to get it, that we are in poo whichever way you look at it, the vaccines are poo and the virus is going to spread. However if you are healthy you have a damn good chance of surviving the virus without any harm as millions have done already.

It is going to suck for the overfed and nearly dead though, they are right in the firing line.


I have a feeling that the EmBee readership is full of middle aged upper middle income who most don’t likely have a healthy BMI.
Locking up society benefits them as they are benefiting financially and they have less chance of getting the virus and getting seriously ill.


Yeah I’m increasingly of the opinion that they’re a bunch of fatties…. apart from maybe the powerwalking swinger Reusa.


What sort of BMI range are you thinking?


Homer Simpson to Comic Book Guy would be the BMI range over there imho… apart from Boomengineering who I imagine resembles Groundskeeper Willy.


i actually met him at dubbo hungry jacks. he’s pretty jacked esp for a guy his age, cool dude imo.


Yeah I’ve never had any bone with him. Agree he’s a pretty cool dued. I like his tales of engineering nerdery, like cutting out his own crankshaft and teeth for his bike to make a bigger cog. I don’t doubt he is pretty cut for a guy his age from the exercise regime he describes.


I’m 193cm, 89Kg BMI 23.9 with very low body fat so more muscle than the BMI indicates, resting BP about 105/70 and resting pulse in the high 50s.

I may be atypical though.


yeah ive seen lswchp irl, he’s a big guy

Chinese Astroturfer

Children are unvaccinated. Vaccinated people are infectious. You would rather kill children and cripple them with long COVID than alter your lifestyle.


well, we could just send all the children to antarctica. I’m pretty sure covid won’t get there.


this article was so delightfully vicious


Sink the boot into that miserable fucking cunt

6th- Irene Pi Truth, Mind, Reality Conference 2018

Not blocked by the truth police so it stands the scrutiny of inquisition


On a more positive side:
The future of the MTB bicycles: here

Yes and no, they have been tried and tested in various iterations over the years, with Honda’s DH bike ridden the the GOAT (Greg Minnaar) probably the most successful one in a competitive environment.

So for some suspension designs it is going to work, however for a suspension design where there is a change of chain length and you are not able to have the chain pass around a sprocket in the same location as the pivot point for the suspension then it is not going to work. To overcome this in the best fashion would be to have the pivot point at high as possible in order to make the suspension work as efficiently as possible (think of fork angle and which direction the wheel moves in) and to make room for the gearbox.

However I think that with the advent of E-Bikes there is more scope for having a higher pivot point as the “high” mass of the pivot is off-set by the weight of the motor so you don’t get a top heavy bike. But fitting in the motor/shock/gearbox/bb all into the same space could be a challenge.

I do not have a hard opinion on the topic, just an i nteresting point for me as I find chain and derailer system too exposed and maintenance intensive thus sub optimal. Simplicity and ease of repair is what keeps it at the top of the list, no doubt.
I am about to see what options are there with a propshaft drive


Very good read. I have often wonder why the lessons of SARS seemed to be ignored.
Churchill was right about what happens when we stumble over the truth.


include this in the weekend links pls, great reading


LMFAO what the fuck is wrong with MB crew?

this was on the victoria lockdown thread today:

Prep Passport
September 3, 2021 at 11:25 am
People complaining about being over all of this.
But you’re life as you knew it ended early 2020. It’s over, never coming back. This will go on years and years, likely decades.
It’s time to completely overhaul your lifestyle and change your expectations for the coming decades.
Someone complaining about kids being disappointed because of empty shelves.
All kids will want for Christmas in a couple of years is to not get buried in the ground like little Johnny down the street who got a bad case of COVID.
Sick of home schooling? They’ll be sick of long COVID if they sit 20 in a classroom for 6 hours per day for 40 weeks a year.
Just got to live with less. Survival will be the name of the game.”


theyre acting like covid is some civilisation fucking ending event, GOTTA HUNKER DOWN ITS ALL OVER


Agent 47


Swampy, Ronin, RobotSensei, Arthur Schopenhauer and TTW biggest bunch of Lily livered, middle aged fags going around.

But as someone else pointed out, DLS basically censored anyone that differs from his perspective, leaving only those that think like him. Culture matters.

Chinese Astroturfer

Not civilisation ending but definitely the end the fragile modern economices especially face to face service dominated ones. Mass international travel will never be bigger than it was in 2019 — ever again in our lifetimes.

Hospitality industries commenced their slow grinding death last year. It will take a few years for the penny to drop.

We probably get to a stage where people wait for summer to do all their superspreading and then hunker down at home through the winter. If you can’t work from home I guess you have a shortened lifespan. The wealthy will be to have their children taught from home. Poor kids shit out of luck.


i doubt it, ppl will just get bored of all of this EVENTUALLY and demand things go back to normal, it might take a while but no way is any of this permanent.


That seems a bit apocalyptic, CA.

much more likely that it’s just a problem for the current crop of oldies/fatties. From now on, people will get this as kids, get over it & be largely immune for the rest of their lives.

there will also probably be effective therapies developed soon enough (5-10 yrs, say) to treat the kids that are affected severely.

Chinese Astroturfer

It’s early days in this still and we’ve only been through one northern winter where restrictions and lockdowns were in place for most countries.

We’re going to find how that ‘let her rip’ strategy goes for real this time around. Masks, restrictions, home schooling will be back in the UK by November 1st.


Agree it’s early days.

thinkignabout home schooling – that must be a strategy to protect the teachers (many of whom would be 50+), right?

if 10-20% of them fall over it would be difficult to replace them. Like, there’d be an actual skills shortage.

the alternative (as always) is the zombie scenario….

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Herd immunity from actual infection, yes there are going to be a lot that will not make it, but there are a lot that are on the edge anyway, poor diet, lack of exercise, things that depress your immune system that will push them over the edge.


You are delusional.
People just got on with it before we had modern medicine. They even got on with it before we had sewer systems and built london alongside disease outbreaks from letting waste flow into the wells they were drinking from.

I’m pretty sure we will cope with covid once we get over the outbreak of fear and insanity.

The wealthy will be to have their children taught from home. Poor kids shit out of luck.

that could be one of the endgames of the perpetual lockdowns.
As someone whom supported initial lockdowns (and I still do) this is a seemingly bitter pill to swallow but actually it is not because as much as lockdowns can lead to covid-0, quarantine that is a function of wealth and connection and allows virus re-planting makes lockdowns way beyond meaningless. Kinda like going on a hard diet to lose those 3kg followed by piging out at local mC and Jack for weeks.


Lmao DLS told me to fuck off on MB

September 3, 2021 at 11:24 am
Oh what mighty oak trees from little acorns grow. Wonder how that Eastern Suburbs “limo driver” is feeling now. He copped a fine the other day for not wearing a mask, surprise he isn’t going into hiding.

September 3, 2021 at 11:42 am
lols at you trying to demonise someone for the horrible crime of ~getting sick~ and trying to live their life, what a twisted country this has become

Houses and HolesMEMBER
September 3, 2021 at 11:44 am
Fuck off Stag.


DLS will protect the sacred right of him and his groupies to demonise those that they deem unworthy.

Reus's Large MEMBER

In your place peasant …. LOL

Agent 47

This is hilarious.

Wonder if the jabs are making him increasingly unhinged.


How many has he had? 2 of each now?

Agent 47

He’s up to his 2nd booster shot I hear.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Took the last one in his eyeball to make him see better …..