Brett Sutton caught planting slug in takeaway coffee in order to try and get a free one

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has been caught planting what appears to be a slug in a takeaway coffee, after claiming that a café in Dandenong was responsible.

Sutton attempted to claim that it was already in his soy latte and tried to claim a free coffee as compensation. However, CCTV footage clearly showed Sutton placing the slug when the cashier’s back was turned.

“The prick tried to rip off a struggling small business owner. We’re all in this together though right?,” Mark, owner of the Safe Labor Seat Café in Dandenong, said to reporters.

Sutton refused to address the comments.

“I can’t recall,” Sutton said at the daily press conference. Sutton did not comment further on the incident.

Fiona Patten, in attendance at the same café with the CHO, is believed to have instantly paid for Sutton’s coffee and tried “not to make a fuss of the incident.”

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Agent 47

Lol I’m sure Sweeper was out running interference today the cunt.