“Hope you don’t need a ventilator from COVID” says Melbourne woman to small business owner calling Lifeline

A bankrupt small business owner calling Lifeline has copped a spray from a Melbourne woman, claiming he was putting her at risk of catching COVID.

Darren James, 48, was making a phone call outside the pub to Lifeline, after losing his house, income and family-owned business of 20 years due to continuous lockdowns. After removing his mask to make the call as tears streamed down his face, local public servant Karen Matthews unloaded on him while walking by.

“You selfish fucking bastard! How do you wear your mask incorrectly! You’re killing grandma and putting the rest of us at risk. I hope you don’t need a ventilator in ICU while people are dying!” Matthews screamed.

James was not impressed.

“I thought they were all about ‘caring and compassion.’ Selective outrage at it’s finest,” James said.

Matthews has not responded after deleting all of her social media.

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Agent 47

LOL so fucking true.

This 90% of the people commenting on the Age or Sydney Morning Herald.


Amusingly it’s quite useful. Say something innocuous about how covid has been so hard for so many people and the masks come of real quick.

Easy way to ensure you don’t let any snakes into your life.

The one’s you really don’t want are those who go off about how selfish people are.


Saw the @DavidLeyonhjelm share on Twitter. Does this mean EZFKA now has more clout than embee?




Three times this week – definitely.

But macrobusiness are Menshevik/NIMBY types. Love preaching – rules for thee none for me types.

They championed SAP (Sustainable Australia Party) which has one policy – immigration reform – something supported by 70% of the population, and still could not so much as organise a root in a brothel.

I’d call macrobusiness controlled opposition, except they are too stupid to understand the point of being controlled opposition is to get paid. They f’d that up too the morons.

Must be sad for them. A satire and conspiracy site staffed by bored randoms, none of who even know each other, is getting more traction.


I’m embarrassed that I used to letter drop for SAP. What a bunch of softcocks.

Australia needs a libertarian minded party to rally behind, we saw this happen in NZ with the ACT party. There is so much underlying anger regarding the lack of civil liberties right now.

Agent 47

SAP are just upper middle class ninbys that avoid the obvious when it comes to immigration.

I think LDP will do pretty well. Only concern with them is their immigration program is EZFKA defined, although their citizenship policy is pretty solid and on par with One Nation.

LDP would be best suited at the state level where the rights stuff seems to apply more in my opinion.


I once campaigned for the Liberals in Bennelong too lol.

You kinda have to go through it and then you work out how much BS is involved i guess.

What we need right now is serious money to decide it wants a change. Which is happening afaik.

SAP are softcocks true, but even folks like Lambie have no idea and cannot really push change.

Its not that they are stupid, its that they have no idea how the world really works, as opposed to how its advertised, so they don’t understand why nothing changes.

I saw a rant from Lambie against the major party senators for doing sweet FA. Here is the problem, she thinks they run the place, and so is angry/frustrated/confused why they are not making changes.

Its like being pissed at the EA when you can’t get through to the boss.

It is what it is.


Its not that they are stupid, its that they have no idea how the world really works, as opposed to how its advertised, so they don’t understand why nothing changes.

This is THE main problem. It’s also why culture matters.
How it’s advertised is culture, at least partly.

People don’t realise how brainwashed they actually are and are truly astonished when other people, say afghani’s have a different view of what is important.


“Its not that they are stupid, its that they have no idea how the world really works, as opposed to how its advertised,” …..mmmm …seems stupid?


More like naive.


If you completely understood how the world worked, you wouldn’t be posting here…


More traction? When was the last time anyone here was invited onto TV or Radio to give an opinion lol. LvO and DLS can be an absolute pair of cocks but they do get traction enough to get those invites.


We’re a bunch of stoners and shit stirrers, making up funny shit to laugh at since February for free. I don’t even know the real names of the other contributors.

They’re professional fund managers / wealth managers, who write economic commentary for money, and have been at it for 5 years.

But since you disagree, and they have so much more traction than us, why don’t you go be annoying on their website. I’m sure they’ll thank you on a paid op-ed in the SMH or something? Or do they not need your insight either?

I can assure you no one here will mind you not giving 1 star reviews on content you are too stupid to put together yourself.


Lol fuckin triggered bitch


Must be sad for them. A satire and conspiracy site staffed by bored randoms, none of who even know each other, is getting more traction.

What’s even sadder is they could have had most of this content free if their ego didn’t get in the way.


Timbo and Sinister are good satirists, and Australia has a dearth of decent satire generators. The colourblindness of the Beetota Advocate to the same shrill progressive culture that it pawns itself to, is too fucking annoying to tolerate or bother panning for the bits that are on point.

Agent 47

Betoota sucks IMO. About 1 in 20 articles are funny.

Basically left wing activism dressed up as satire.


Yeah – that ratio sounds about right, perhaps a little generous even.


+1 about the uselessness of SAP. I even commented on EmBee about how useless Ess Ay Pee and people were offended 🤡. Immigration is a top issue and yet SAP keeps on going on about a perfect number the long term average pre 2004. How many can calculate an average or know what the immigration rate pre 2004 was? SAP are a bunch of academics really. They also ‘savage’ (EmBee terms) immigration on obscure academic sites with less readership than EmBee.


Bloody Age trying to muscle in on our turf…

screw you, Tim Richards!


We can’t live in lockdown forever: PM (msn.com) – lockdowns ending hopefully soon!


Woohoo! Less lockdowns means more jimmies sooner!

scott knows that this is the first-best option for the next house price can-kick. So easy to dress up as “helping our long-suffering tourism and education providers get back on their feet!”

Other options not as good.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

He said 70%, when do you think the whole country, not just Sydney, will reach 70% vax?


Guess QLD will just have to lock down longer…

What a pity.


Not bothered at all, would love to spend some time at home. I’ve had to work through the lockdowns.


You don’t “have” to work.


True, I could always just start bashing and robbing useless cunts like yourself


You think they are gonna pay you your wages to stay home in a lockdown? You get the dole.


Annual mutha fuckin leave ya retard


lol, you need lockdown to take leave?

You got 3+ months leave?

You worked out how to direct trucks to a port, and run quarantine facilities for truck drivers yet?

I think you are the retard…





read the headline

then when you read the actual article it turns out the weak cunt was actually just having panic attacks


Shut up dickhead


This is pretty remarkably brazen, actually, even for an EZFKA newspaper.

  1. create panic by spreading propaganda about a virus (that actually hurts mostly fat/old people)
  2. Young fit person goes to hospital with panic attacks (& doesn’t even know he had virus, because he is. It old/fat)
  3. Use #2 to write more propaganda stories to create panic in young fit people
  4. (repeat?)

Facial recognition and monitoring movements, wonder where else they use that.


“Homes rather than medi-hotels”

lol. Show me even one “medi-hotel” in EZFKA!

all I see is ordinary hotels that have put their hands out for government money to provide fake-quarantine.




COVID vaccine certificates can be forged within 10 minutes due to ‘obvious’ security flaw

Last edited 2 years ago by Gouda
Chinese Astroturfer

I’m not saying it’s my plan but I’m sure many people are planning to do that.

How many hospitality workers on minimum wage would honestly give a stuff. They would look at it for half a second at most and that’s in the first week. By the second they will forget to even ask.

I was looking at a paper register the other day and it was dirty piece of paper that had dates going back 7 days ago.