Victoria Police celebrate another successful day hospitalising bankrupt small business owners

Victoria Police have declared shooting protestors with rubber bullets and pepper spray a raging success, after bankrupt small business owners took to the streets of Melbourne protesting lockdowns.

Police Commissioner Shane Patton praised his troops work and the preparation of his Police in putting down dissent and sending several people to hospital.

“This is yet another great collaboration between Victoria Police, the People’s Armed Police and the UN Strong Cities Network. We will continue to suppress dissent of those already suppressed financially and psychologically until all freedoms are removed, full demoralisation is achieved and the camps are complete,” Patton said.

Patton confirmed several arrests, but also several wrongful arrests after protestors were found to be wearing Black Lives Matter shirts.

“Make no mistake. We will stop people gathering in large groups and keep people from overwhelming our hospitals by gathering in large groups ourselves, kicking the shit out of people and putting them in hospital.”

Premier Daniel Andrews is expected to announce further measures that he had already pre-planned, in an effort to use protestors as a scapegoat.

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the firing of rubber bullets was the last straw for me, so unnecessary and despiable

the police have lost all our respect


They had your respect at any point? Lol


true im just being dramatic

theyre invariably bullies in their next realm


Something is bugging me – why did you move to Dubbo? Or did you always live there?


always lived here yeah

stuck here a bit


Ahhh ok, I thought you moved there. Hurt my brain thinking someone moved there voluntarily when they weren’t in a Dubbo frame of mind lol.

Hollow advice now that lockdowns prevent it but just fuckin move man. The worst years of my life were when I clung onto my home area expecting it to get better. If I’d moved 10 years earlier I’d actually be all sorted in my life now but let local conditions cloud my view of the wider world thinking “if it’s fucked here, it’s fucked everywhere”. I was wrong. Big time.

Totally fucked myself lol


heaps of ppl move here, idfk why. lots of new people buying/building houses over town, majority of them are married with family though, i cant imagine being a single person moving here itd be a death sentence.

dubbo is absolutely fukt though, you’re right, but australia is period mostly, i want to leave the country entirely.


Dubbo is way too small and too far from anything. Dunno what you do for work but if you like country towns but don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere there are better options I reckon. Places like Toowoomba, Ballarat, Bendigo, Maitland, heck even Lismore is an hour to Coolanagatta.


Some classic posts from the mbtards today

August 21, 2021 at 4:26 pm
It strikes me that people protesting about pandemic restrictions (lockdowns ect), whilst also protesting about vaccines and masks, have gone full rtard. Like I get if you’re protesting against the government not doing enough to help/support financially, and you’re all on board with vaccines and whatever. But if you’re also protesting against the only fcken things (vaccines, hospitals) that’s gonna get you out of it, you’re scoring own goals left and right.

yeah right you stupid cunt
the vaccines are going to “get me out” of this pandemic with a 0.00001% mortality rate for anyone under the age of 50 and healthy
thank you government let me lick your boots


August 21, 2021 at 2:02 pm
this melbourne protest is almost guaranteed to be a super spreader event. no-one is social distancing

August 21, 2021 at 12:27 pm
Idiots out in the city protesting. Not wearing masks.
NSW will hit 10k by September.

yeah right you cowardly lying cunts – like all the other protests with not one associated case


Lol Melbourne protest guaranteed to not be a super spreader event more like it


Shut up man. You aren’t smart.

Where did you defend your thesis? Stop ducking the question. You wanna claim the PhD but aren’t willing to prove it lol.

Agent 47

Have MB said anything about the booster shots? Because you would hope they would clue up about how none of it is clearly about health anymore.

Guess they’ll remain wrong and in the majority than right.


Do you know anyone who was suffering from TDS, but not suffering from CDS?

or vice versa?

I feel like the two conditions are linked

both hysterias that have been whipped up by the media and pushed by major transnational and national organisations

The same people seem to have been susceptible to both conditions


Blah blah blah, fuck you’re an idiot

Agent 47

Were finding out when you take a lot of people’s comforts away, there’s nothing much underneath. Weak men create hard times kinda deal.

Much like Leith only complaining about lockdowns when he couldn’t take his kids to the park.


shoot em some more lmao




the retards protesting

Agent 47

Do you listen to Ray Hadley Billy?


who r u


looks like craig kelly came out against the vicpol, legend

Dan Andrews Social Media Team Member #33

I hope you loony anti-vaxx retards are happy with your ‘lockdown’ protests. The Police are being forced to use rubber bullets and pepper spray on you for your own safety. FMD you’re all lunatics.


They aren’t Peace Officers but a corporatised and militarised Policy enforcers under the Victoria Police Corporation.


LOL… few wrongful arrests after… hahaha… I’ve been raging for the same reason.