Fund the ‘FKA: fight the five-oh-eight. buy bigger boots

You may have noticed that sometimes has been down with “508” errors.

Apparently that means that has grown too big for its boots and needs to be hosted on bigger badder hardware.

So is opening up for contributions from anyone who wants to contribute.


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I’ll contribute once T and Stewie stop deleting/editing posts.


When you said that in your head, before you typed it out, did you believe it?

Tell you what – contribute $5, and you can shit all over my weekend links next week without me deleting your comments.


Shut up ya knob. You’re just another hypocrite like stewie.


yeah. that’s what I thought.

Its cool though, you can contribute in other ways. why don’t you write a post, and when I shit all over it, you can delete my comments!

Clearly, you’re not a hypocrite, so whats the problem right?

I won’t have BTC and other means are exposing to eWokes.
PayPal with no name association and no public advertising may do.
Cash deposits into an account?

Maybe set some advertising on a dedicated subpage and then we all go and click it 100 times?
Ads do not have to be made intrusive and can provide a stream




How much do you think ads pay?
If ads paid anything decent MB wouldn’t be locking down articles.


I’ll contribute $50 if w@f is permanently banned


Go for it. Just proves you’re all hypocrites.


You should hit up Lionhomo for some cash, I’m sure he’s reading this and the more he tweets this stuff the more people like me are gnna show up and tell you youse are cunts and create more congestion. Already seeing some more dissenting pov in the comments.

Unless it’s you sad cunts sock puppeting to create fake drama, wouldn’t put it past yas lol


I think there’s only one sad cunt responsible for half the traffic and half the comments this weekend

he contributes absolutely nothing useful
in fact, he’s lowering the tone and derailing the conversation

if we get rid of him it will elevate the quality of the site and reduce the required bandwidth


I wasn’t here for a week and what happened – stewie and bjw had a bitch fight lol. Wake up to yourself cunt.

P.S. What uni did you defend your thesis at? Or you just playing at having a PhD lol


Have a look at weekend links and see how you treated Freddy for having a genuine but dissenting view to yours. Was that you having a conversation? Was that you elevating the quality and tone?

C’mon coming (lol) be honest.


7 out of 15 comments just in this thread


Adress the point dude lol, you’re just as much of a cunt as me lololololol


Could you divide the amount required by the number of regulars to arrive at a suggested contribution. Tell us the figure. This would help me greatly decide how much to give (a little more than that to account for non-contributors).


This makes sense. I’d be up to throw in some coin makes sense Peachy shouldn’t have to pay for it all


Why shouldn’t Peachy pay for it all? Serious question. Peachy built this place, peachy should have had a plan.


Lol pov cunt.


Lol triggered bitch


any other way than via crypto? just had to google “crypto wallet” … lol


Maybe we can get Andrew Bogut to throw in a few bucks as well. Dude is laying down some truth!

Agent 47

Watching the Andrews bots heads explode has been awesome.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Would be happy to donate, if you have a non coin link / donate button, something like this

Agent 47

Monero inbound.

The satire here is amazing.


I’m happy to contribute to help with keeping site up. Non-coin payment would be easier.

I don’t mind the satire but there is a lot (I happily skim what doesn’t interest me). I came here hoping for more financial stuff to counter macro business and make some moneyzzz. The weekend links are great.


Yeah second the non coin payment option. I don’t have any crypto 🙁


Anyone who thinks payment are going to get them tracked but not using the site who isn’t using anonymous routing and a clean browser is a little bit silly, since it will be far easier to track you electronically than through payments.


I spent a lot of time in the markets. I have my own views on Bitcoin, but at the moment most of my coin is in hiring new staff mate.

Business going well, but not yet got a good crypto strategy.

Actually is anyone using their own business treasury function to put coin into crypto as a backup? Any advice on how to do this properly?

What is the implication on bank lending relationships does anyone know?


…but at the moment most of my coin is in hiring new staff mate.”

Good stuff mate – that is where people should really be investing their time.

Chinese Astroturfer

We should have an EZFKA Fund and charge $199 per year subscription to the board. Same model as MB except the EZFKA will deliver better returns and won’t tell you to sell your property before the biggest housing boom in history.


Hello moderators. Is there a reason I’m no longer able to vote for posts?


Yeah the servers have been getting hammered and all sorts of wierd bugs we’ll get there eventually.


Put down the bong, stop playing xcom2 and get to work ya lazy cunt


Still make more money than you buddy 🙂

Do you enjoy being pov? Is that why you are so bitter?


I’m debt free and am only missing one thing from my requirements. Won’t be long til I’ve got my patch of dirt.

You’ll forever be a fuckwit. Have fun with that.


Thanks. I’d recommend letting anyone vote – if you want to entice readers to engage. Up to you, of course.
And while no-one wants to see MB levels of censorship, the poo-flinging has been getting tiresome lately. Maybe if everyone was able to downvote the poo-flingers, it might discourage them. Maybe. They do seem to be somewhat pig-headed. We could at least discourage the flingers by not responding in kind. A poo for a poo leaves everyone covered in shit.


All good. Thanks for engaging. It’s a good site. Keep it up. Hope the funding goes well.


Lol the downvotes that I supported all along but these faggits couldn’t handle it

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