‘End lockdowns now’ says previously highly supportive Melbourne man after lockdowns begin to directly impact him

A man in the EZFKA city of Melbourne has demanded lockdowns end, after a new wave of restrictions has begun to directly impact him.

Chris Van Cleef, 41, has vented on Twitter about the overly harsh restrictions, despite months of bullying and shaming those who wouldn’t ‘abide by the rules.’

“Mate, I’m all for shutting down everyone else’s work and source of income, but closing the parks down so I can’t get the kids out of the house while I’m working form home is a bridge too far. Sack Andrews now!”

Van Cleef stated he would be joining the protests next time and he would be demanding compensation for time spent with his children.

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Chinese Astroturfer

Is Leitho still complaining about the parks?


the guys name in the article should have been Keith von Insolen


yeah stop everyone working, cut everyone’s freedoms, lock everyone in their houses, print money like there’s no tomorrow…
but take away the right for me to go to the local park?!?!?! NEVER!!!


Gives him something to pontificate about. Most of the parks on the weekend were full of people playing soccer, socialising and exercising.


I get the impression from afar that the rules are not being as adhered to both in Melbourne and Sydney as they had been in previous lockdowns. Is that accurate?


yeah what’s the scoop on this

im openly ignorning the mask mandate in dubbo now and police have driven past me multiple times despite the fact that im obviously not exercising and they say nothing

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Last year, people were pretty obedient and few pushed the boundaries. However, this year people have tired of the rules and the privileges given to the elites or well connected. This time last year, traffic was next to non existent but this year traffic is lighter than pre lockdown, but not as much as they probably like. People are pushing the social aspect too. So, yes pretty accurate.



They’re really getting desperate now

Here’s this never seen before neurological condition seen in vaccinated people but not previously identified in millions of years of human existence

but trust us, it isn’t caused by the vaccine

trust the science you bigots


So, after you take the jab, your brain/nervous system can get a bit fried?


sounds like everything is all going according to plan



Agent 47

Victor Dominello MP and now Richard Marles both have Bells Palsy from the jab.

At least we know the vax side effects are apolitical.

Chinese Astroturfer

Just a coincidence they’ll say much like the blood clots, and the strokes and heart attacks.

Have you ever heard of two politicians having Bells Palsy, let alone at the same time?

Extraordinary coincidence.


How is their left-right situation? Aligned with political leaning or not?


It’s amazing how coincidental that is.

Agent 47

LOL this is most of Melbourne



no detail
no information given

premature ? Congenital disease ?
very very likely
and Covid just incidental

pure fearmongering and propaganda



1 in 5 deaths caught virus in hospital
2 in 5 deaths caught in nursing homes
another 1 in 5 “deaths” didn’t really die of Covid (at least)
leaving only 1 in 5 of the terrifying 80 or so deaths (average age 80+) actually caught in the community


exactly what I’ve been saying : the escalating number of “hospitalised cases” were already in hospital before they caught Covid
and catching Covid hasn’t made a lick of difference in most cases

scamdemic is escalating now


Both Gibraltar and Israel really high numbers of vaxxed with serious medical effects. Really scary.


Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, tested positive a few days ago despite being fully vaccinated


From a recent issue of The Lancet,:

The risk of developing facial paralysis could be two to three times higher in individuals receiving mRNA vaccines than in those receiving traditional vaccines. These findings should be considered when selecting a vaccine for patients with a history of Bell’s palsy.”


Agent 47

Nah mate trust the science. Wear your masks, eat the bugs and live in the pod.

Reus's Large MEMBER

So it appears that the success of ivermectin in India is being suppressed, do we still believe that this is about health and not control and money


duckduckgo BTW for the search


Don’t know if this is legit or someone’s skilful satire: