Weekend Links, 24-25 July, 2021

Welcome to the EZFKA links for the weekend of 24-25 July, 2020! EZFKA continues to go from strength to strength as the weeks go by. While welcome, the reasons are also important!

I’d like to shout out Timbo, for his exceptional efforts with regards to the satire posts going up. The quality of the satire is starting to get really good, so many thanks from these qaurters.

Imagine a Slow Clap GIF here!

So many different kinds of stupidity raised their heads this week. Some of this is chronicled below. Apologies to any race, gender, religion or ethny I forget to mock this week.

~~AusPol – Olympic Misogyny Edition!~~

This was definitely not the intended header this week. I was going to mock Dr Fakey Death for his meltdown to Rand Paul. Then the whole NSO thing blew up, which is still playing out and the global impact is just starting to be felt.

But then, Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates was misogynistic! To the strong and independent, but shrinking violet like also, progressive leftist premier of the redneck state Annastacia Pluckaduck!

Ohnoes – someone call the vagina cult headquarters, fainting couches are needed ASAP! Link: https://www.msn.com/en-au/sport/more-sports/aoc-boss-hits-out-mansplaining-accusations/ar-AAMpPAX

But What Did The Misogynist Say?

There will be an opening and a closing ceremony in 2032 and all of you, everyone there, has got to understand the traditional parts of that, what’s involved in an opening ceremony. None of you are staying home and going to be sitting in your room.

You’ve never been to an opening ceremony. You don’t know the protocols and I think it’s a very important lesson for everyone here – opening ceremonies cost in the order of $75 to $100 million.

My very strong recommendation is the Premier and the Lord Mayor and the Minister be there and understand it.

Ohnoes… the misogyny! Someone get me that Fainting Couch STAT!!

What Did The Misandrist Karen Brigade Say?

Is it just me or has mansplaining somehow got even worse lately?

ABC journalist Louise Milligan; stupid misandrist garden tool 1

This is a diamond-perfect instance of a man who believes his own job and priorities and worldview are universal and another person’s failure to adopt them unquestioningly is evidence of stupidity or incomprehension on her part. Amazing to see it performed so publicly.

ABC journalist Annabel Crabb; stupid misandrist garden tool 2

This is disgusting. And yet another example of how women are treated in sport.

Former Swimming Australia CEO Leigh Russell; stupid virtue signalling faggot leftist

John Coates behaviour is waaaay past awkward and a loooong way into thuggish.

Actor and media personality Magda Szubanski; another stupid bitch who can’t shut her pie hole.

What Should Men Do About This Rampant Misandry?

Laugh. Because its really funny. John Coates has to be a little bitch to the Matriarchy. For extra lulz, go to the video and read the comments.

~~Dr Fakey Shits Himself~~

Full story of what happened in video above: “You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About” – Frazzled Fauci Erupts After Latest Rand Paul Grilling | ZeroHedge

As the abject criminality of the evil little dwarf comes out, things are starting to get exciting. For background, you should know this little sociopath was behind the entire HIV/AIDS clusterfuck in the 90’s.

Two points are interesting here, the first is that there have always been rumors out of Africa that HIV/AIDS was a bio weapon. This individually can be dismissed, but here is where it gets exciting.

The multi antibiotic cocktails which are quite effective against HIV, lots of people were suggesting these be used for nearly a decade, before… wait for it…. before this evil little dwarf agreed and the drugs became available. Little shit show here held up these drugs while thousands of people died.

The reality is he may well be the biggest mass murderer of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Or these guys could be the biggest mass murderers of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Its also a volition of the Geneva Conventions, and several Nazi’s were prosecuted at Nuremberg for this… excellent.

You Know Its Bad When

Read more here: Number of deaths skyrocketed after start of corona vaccination (greatreject.org), original source is at Britse begrafenisondernemer: ‘Aantal sterfgevallen steeg explosief na start van de coronavaccinatie’ | Artsen Voor Vrijheid

~~5 Signs Your Kid Might Be Learning CRT~~

BB moving to video for more effect!

~~Non Misogynist AusPol~~

Mike West is a good bloke, and we wish him all the strength in the world. Bless him for fighting the good fight!


“While people might still have a choice whether or not to get vaccinated, what they can do in the community will need to be controlled and restricted,” said Frank Pangallo, a Member of Parliament in the Upper House, speaking to Adelaide Now.

A fat piece of shit, but this is not unexpected…
Suck donkey balls Frank!

Frank’s contribution to the South Australian media was acknowledged in 2012 when he was presented with the SA Press Club Gold Award for Journalist of the Year.

Frank Pangallo MLC – SA-BEST (sabest.org.au) – yeah he brags about how much of a shit stain he is…

~~Travel Videos Are Awesome~~

~~American Civil War II~~

The wheels of justice grind slowly, but exceedingly fine. God bless Kash Patel


Greenwald having fun at the ACLU’s expense
Every time socialism has been tried, it has led to fascism. Almost like by design! I wonder why?
Evergiven, was originally Evergreen, HRC’s Secret Service code name. Note the freighter Durham, right behind… lol!
Yes – she is probably an MK Ultra plant. Symbolism will be their downfall.

~~Kielbasa Is Where It Is At~~

Yes yes I know all the Polish sausage jokes. Grow up you putz’s.

~~Culture Wars~~


Are you sure? Really… really?
Yes – people dying means its working. Idiots…

~~When Good People Do Nothing~~

The road to hell and all that jazz…

~~World War III~~

From: The Strategic Bomber Race Is On: U.S. B-21 Raider VS Russian PAK DA | ZeroHedge


It Was The Roths…

When is it not???

~~South Africa, Whats Happening Now~~

Obama! Yeah ok this now makes sense. Anything that mulatto faggot goes near burns.

~~Special Mention~~

Bahahaha…. also, he cried when sentenced. Couldn’t happen to a nicer lawyer.


~~Have A Good Weekend Everyone~~

Sad face ant… but then it became happy!

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yeah so like what’s everyybody’s take on brisbane getting the olympics in 2032

i think its evidence:-
the olympics is in terminal decline
-nobody wants it anymore hence why all these oddball places are now in the bidding for it
-the IOC awarded it 12 years out or so as opposed to the usual 4-6 meaning theyre probably more cognizant than ever that the gravy train is ending and wanted to sew this up before more and more places lost interest

i think being an IOC official would be the most fun job in the world tho

i'll grab that.gif
Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal
Chinese Astroturfer

There was only one city bidding. I think that says it all.


Lol I didn’t even know Brisbane was in the running
heard the controversy and thought palletchook just wanted a holiday

i still remember the Sydney announcement was a live broadcast by the Juan Antonio samaranch (?)
and everyone stayed up to watch it and was super pumped

while this one was just a mega wtf moment nobody knew what was going on, that weirdo Coates guy being creepy af, and palletchook looked like she would rather be anywhere else

absolutely hilarious


Samaranch… just reeked of corruption.

A guy who would go around insisting to be referred to as “His Excellency” because he was some minister or pseudo-diplomatic in Franco’s regime.


And FIFA took that corruption to the next level.


I met a lot of older Spaniards that remember the Franco era with fondness.

Mostly because they said there was no crime.


Bradbury style!


Pick the odd one out

  • Beijing
  • London
  • Rio
  • Tokyo
  • Paris
  • LA
  • brisvegas

might as well be in dubbo


“Gentlemen, I present to you the new Dubbo regional council advertising slogan…”


I think there’s still a very large proportion of the population with very limited IQ who get right into the olympics still
the same kind of people who watch tennis or afl or nrl

and there is a very large nationalistic component especially for chinese etc who will be right into it

i don’t own a tv and obviously will not watch a single thing , but I know the lower level members of my workplace will have it on in the tearoom for sure and will know the names of the Australian athletes

having said that, it’s obviously a poisoned chalice for whichever city has the misfortune of hosting it

a lot of trouble and expense for no profit

well, there will be profit for the mates building the stadiums . And for the mps handing out the contracts getting consultant gigs and donations


Nah, disagree about the demographic watching the Olympics. Generally, there is some crossover, but the AFL and NRL audiences are far more interested in their footy than athletics. The Olympics showcase events do have quite a bit of appeal.

As for hosting it, I agree it is a poisoned chalice. Brisbane will get a rude awakening when the IOC say that the Gabba is not fit for purpose and you need a new stadium. However that being said the Queensland government will use it as an excuse to get more money from Canberra.

Agent 47

How to get the feds to pay for Queensland mmassive debt 101.


You’re right bout the IOC official gig. A lifelong gravy train of hookers, blow and corruption. Great, if that’s your thing. Not so good for people who have any self respects, morals, sense of honour etc.

I really don’t think the Brisbane Olympics will happen. The world will be a much different place in 2032 and not for the better. Shit like that will be long since gone as people focus their energies on more important things, like food and water.

Dictator David

What’s wrong with hookers and blow?? Don’t be a whorephobic loser


Bananas & Blow, by Ween…

…they earned an eternal soft spot in my heart in having their song ‘piss up a rope‘ banned by that man hating lesbian that use to rule triple J with an iron fist.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Nice tune, never heard of them.

Had a look and don’t mind their album Quebec:

Agent 47

100% this. No one will care and I think it will be gone as a concept after LA.


Did have a friend who was obviously quite talented at her chosen sport and represented Australia a few times, but it’s not a popular “Australian sport” so you’d hardly ever see more than the rare highlight.

I think once they started introducing new “sports” like skateboarding to attract the “youf” it started to lose its appeal. Then as I got older and read about how certain cities got ruined or broke after the infrastructure spend and it becomes apparent it’s just a gravy train for a few select officials.


I did not understand anything!


I like this theory a lot

the opening ceremonies have always had really weird symbology in them too

Agent 47

London 2012 by far the worst in this regard right down to the soundtrack.

Agent 47

Spot on. Last good games I though we’re either Atlanta or Sydney.

Shitshow from Athens onwards. Rio games had more interesting events outside the stadium with the 100 metres armed robbery.


Saw this and died


I just laughed out loud. Thank you.

Agent 47

Would honestly still give her one.


hell fuckijn no


Never let it be said that EZFKA is an echo chamber!


Never let it be said that EZFKA is an echo chamber!


This is why I SUBSCRIBE.


Well…now that I think about it….


Gladys Does Dallas


Tonight I’m drinking an impudent little Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz. I’ll probably finish that up with a dram or two of 10 year old Ardbeg malt.

I know this is a popular topic at EZFKA, so I thought I’d kick it off for the weekend.

You’re welcome!


That Ardbeg will put hair on yer chest!


So he should be made to squirm. Gain of function research was justified by him by the fact that the benefits outweigh the costs. Given the costs that the entire globe has incurred, he should be justifying what benefits we got other than a few academic papers.

Plus the whole scientific community denouncing the lab leak without any critical thought just because Trump backed this theory shows how easily science has been corrupted. For anyone wishing to study STEM, I would recommend only the mathematics part and that is because mathematics is pretty much fundamental to a lot of industries these days.


Too late:

The Oregon Department of Education is promoting and encouraging its educators to register for a course that likens modern math instruction to the “toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture.”


“The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false, and teaching it is even much less so,”


Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

If the Chinese didn’t poison their air, land and water and will have a cancer epidemic soon, this alone would prove why they will overtake the US. The US is being divided internally.


Not only US.

Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ all the same story.

These people are not happy until we all live in caves again.
But we will all be equal: equally poor and miserable.


Two of the ladies have relative dark hair. Are they imports?


So there was an attempted assassination of the president of Madagascar overnight

following recent assassination of Haiti president

and “mysterious” recent deaths of presidents of Burundi and Tanzania

what do all 4 leaders have in common ?

they all refused to have their countries participate in Covid vaccination programs

just a coincidence ?

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming
Agent 47




Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 13.39.32.png

It’s the EZKFA life.

Concerns ex-prisoners falling back into crime because of WA rental shortage

Mr Thompson said he had already seen people reoffend and be sent back to prison.

“They go back to reoffending, because it’s easy just go back to jail,” he said.

“There’s a roof over your head, you get fed, there are clean clothes, there’s a canteen.”


Losing out to speculators is an important early life lesson for kids.


Footy cards have all but vanished from corner stores, supermarkets and service stations, leaving many of the children they are intended for disappointed. Footy card dealer Anthony Trigger from APT Collectables said speculators were buying footy cards by the box, leaving little for anybody else.


Very interesting! The 30yo EZFKA units that missed out on housing have found a way to screw the next generation already!

but it’s the same old hustle that squeezed ‘em out of housing:

“[You] go to your newsagent or supermarket and buy every box you can get your hands on and, when they run out, you turn to the secondary market.

  1. find a limited supply market for something you don’t actually need

“And it doesn’t matter if you pay three times the price of a box because you just increase the price to go into the draw from $10 to $30.

2.use your superior financial firepower to corner and squeeze the market further.

You can’t lose and you’ve got a nice little business sitting at home, but it makes it difficult for kids to get their hands on cards.”


….the only thing that can upset the situation is if the card manufacturers respond by releasing more and more cards.

it’s possible. But it may be more likely – if they are smart EZFKA operators – that they will just raise their prices.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

It is interesting. When I first saw this link I thought it was going to be about the footie, but the more I read it seemed like there were strong parallels to housing.

I know a few in my generation have gone down the collectibles path as a way of trying to strike it rich – Pokemon cards seemed to be in vogue, and there are a few investing in rare Lego kits. Never saw the appeal myself, but I guess the small form factor of cards makes it the only thing possible when you can’t afford more than a shoebox apartment.

Dictator David

What happened to all that schadenfreude from Gladys and co?


Watching Hazzard presser today he sounds defeated, like all the other states have told them they are on their own during yesterday’s national cabinet. Looks like NSW know they are fucked and can’t get this under control.


Just your standard Liberal government shtick, asking others for a bailout when things get tough. Goes to show they got lucky with Ruby Princess and other minor outbreaks.

Dictator David

Something tells me the only thing NSW pollies know how to do good is line their own pockets… Now the genie’s out of the bottle in western Syd they don’t know what to do or how to properly lead. Gladys taking it upon herself to declare it a national emergency was a bit rich too. Let it rip!


No wonder Gladys was absent – still recovering from thrown under the bus by Morrison while he goes into damage control. I think they trotted out the same line about offering the ADF to Dan Andrews last year too.



all good then ..didn’t try to get it under control , now cant get it under control…perfect outcome


What’s the deal with that awful painting of the black dudes beheading the white people? Where does that come from? And as for the figure ending up on the sail of the yacht…well…fuck the Rothschild’s and all who sail in them


Eeeurrgh…never mind. A bit of Google-Fu produced the degenerate who produced that shite and more images of his so-called “art”. What a freak. And to hell with the Rothschild’s.


Remember at an elite level (((they)))) hate us. But most of us are indifferent or ignorant of their hatred. That they sponsor and promote ‘artists’ like that kunt shows what really activates their artistic pleasure in vision and imagination.


Awesome job again T!

I’m so old I got the cassette/pencil joke…

Good Greta meme with the one eye symbol.
Found profusely in entertainment and fashion (research it).
If you think this is just to be trendy/edgy, you are wrong.

Found nice doco about a man who in 1969 builds himself a log cabin (handtools only!) in the Alaskan wilderness to see if he can survive winter there.
Then decides to stay for 35 years:
“Alone In The Wilderness”

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!
Dictator David


I watch this guy on YT, there’s another Russian one that’s good too. It’s amazing to see the progress he’s made and the cool shit he’s been able to build. Often I just day dream at work about disappearing and doing the same. Living off grid in the snow with mans best friend looks so appealing compared to the current fucked up society we live among.

Last edited 2 years ago by DictatorDavid

Yes. I posted below about US states looking at seceding.

If successful might be the only place left for people like us to build a future.

The country you know and loved is gone and not coming back.


How many cabins did that guy build in the course of that video/year? 3?!

Dictator David

I think in the year he mostly built add ons i.e. workshop, cellar and sauna. Can’t build much in winter either…


Yah mate, I know you get the symbolism but was encouraging others here to research it if they think this is all just a big coincidence.

Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 13.46.13.png
Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

I did a bit off Googling. There sure is some weird shit going on out there. I wonder if the one eyed freaks like pizza.


Where one eye sign is concerned these people are part of a club, and they signal their allegiance through symbols.

Although pizzagate was called fake news and instantly buried by the MSM there was more to it than just a few tin foil hatters connecting some random dots.

There are a lot of sickos out there involved in vile sickening stuff. Most people can’t imagine that people can be so evil and emotionally shut down not wanting to accept it.

Can look into Marina Abramovic and her spirit cooking. This woman is venerated by high society, all the usual suspects love her degenerate ‘craft’.

Here she is covered in blood with an inverted pentagram cut in her belly:

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

Weird as this shit sounds, it’s true. Occult worshippers, like Maria Abromovic, are very influential at elite levels. Clinton attended parties with Maria and her right hand man, Podesta, bought heaps of her art works.

The covered eye is the ‘eye of Osiris’ and refers back to occult activities since the time of Egypt and the Pharos. Symbolism is important to these guys, especially symbolism that isint understood by most but remains in broad daylight so that elites can laugh in public at the stupidity of the masses.


Yes Stewie, thank you.

You are exactly right, they are laughing at us.


For those of you that don’t know the occult meaning of the inverted pentagram that Marina B. exhibits I attached a picture that makes it more clear.

The creature inside is called Baphomet.
Again, research it.

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 15.06.02.png
Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

If you’re interested in the pedo side of things, here is a handy cheat sheet concerning the cases from the last decades with book and media article footnotes:


Take e few cases and do your own research. Ten years ago a lot of information was freely available, even on YouTube, now a lot has been scrubbed. You have to read blogs from people that have kept the information, or read the original media articles mentioned in the footnotes above, I don’t know how you can find old articles.

There is a pattern in all these cases: A lone pedo is arrested. Investigations start, witnesses heard. The case blows up, more people are involved, 10s or even 100s of kids are kidnapped/abused. Witnesses point to people high up in police/military, lawyers/judges, industrialists, media, royalty all involved in the abuse.
From higher up a call is made: shut it down.
A few people die under mysterious circumstances, witnesses are said to be mentally ill. One or two perps do jail time.

Epstein was just the lates iteration of the same story.
What people have to realise is that Epstein didn’t create a market for pedos, he was feeding a market that was already there.


What would an elite secret society, that has it roots back in the time of Babylon’s religions of Baal and Morlach were worshipped, use as a bond in an unbreakable vow?


When you look into this material you will find that some women in these cults are used to produce babies, these women are called breeders. The babies are not registered and as such officially don’t exist.
What happens with these babies/kids?

This is the point where most people emotionally shut down, they can’t comprehend what people are capable of and they will ignore/deny. You can’t really blame them, their brain is basically protecting them from going insane.


And now it begins, Freedom march in Sydney.



Apparently police have come down, but hard to see much in this clip. Hopefully someone is livestreaming it.



Movies for this week, this time a bit less weirdo and more mainstream (arranged in release year order).

Der Himmel über Berlin (1987) [Wings of Desire]

A movie that started it all, product of a fruitful cooperation between Peter Handke and Wim Wenders.
An angel tires of overseeing human activity and wishes to become human when he falls in love with a mortal.
Wim Wenders uses interesting filming style, seen before but never as efficient.


City of Angels (1998)
Not a bad remake, actually quite decent for a Holyshitwood cabal dumbing down stories for US(SR) intellectual level of median movie goer.
Not worth the link limits, DuckDuckGo yourself.

Angel-A (2005)
utterly strange movie for Luc Besson, different from his blockbusters and other attempts at art sans bull. A much better remake, filmed in technique that is obviously inspired by Wim Wenders but done in a different way which makes it be almost as original. Perfect casting makes any move climb up a notch at least in review.



Happy prison time everyone, enjoy your time at home and please remember not to talk to anyone unless over the phone whilst wearing a mask (even viruses may go digital). Safety above else, human rights at the end.

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Didn’t realise City of Angels was a remake. Can only remember Sarah McLachlan had a song on the soundtrack which sent me down a rabbit hole at the time as she’d never had any radioplay in Australia. Of course, didn’t have Youtube back then so it was off to the local library to borrow CDs and rip mp3s. Good times!

Have to move house this weekend, so if I get the time might look at seeing the new Space Jam – apparently it’s terrible and a woke mess.

A fly in your ointment

Neither did I, at the time. It brought a craze with the soundtrack in Seth Efrica, 24/7 at least one of the 4 radio stations in Jo’burg played a song from it (and also that canuck chick that married her producer or something, Celine)

Thanks for the movie link I’ve been meaning to watch that as part of my German language training. I’ve been watching Sextape on SBS.

You’re thinking of Celine Dion. That relationship was always creepy, he started working with her when she was about 13 and there was a huge age gap.


If you’re interested in cinematography you should watch some
Leni Riefenstahl.

She was well ahead of her time.


this has to be a wind up

or the most severe Stockholm syndrome ever seen


Being 40 years old, Alyssa Kent never expected to have a massive stroke and end up in a coma.
Her husband Pete Kent never expected to be asked whether to “turn her off” and end the life of his daughters’ mother.
But that’s what happened after Alyssa suffered a rare case of blood clotting as a result of having the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

She said vaccination remains the only way out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“I still wholeheartedly believe that and I will at some point, get fully vaccinated.”
But she will be waiting until she can get the Pfizer vaccine.
“The only way back to normal — as normal as possible … is for us to get herd immunity and vaccination at a level that is protective of the community,” she said

Agent 47

As I’ve said before, the whole Pfizer thing is a marketing ploy. Put people off AZ so they take take more dangerous one. Shouldn’t take any but here we are.

I was just waiting for her shit tier normie cry of “Scomo stuffed up the rollout”


This woman , by definition, has brain damage

so perhaps we can forgive her

but there seem to be a lot of other people who think that this will enable “herd immunity”

it exposes a basic ignorance of what herd immunity actually is

it can’t be achieved without actual immunity being obtained in this first place. Which we know IS NOT achieved through vaccination (it only reduces severity of symptoms)

Herd immunity (also called herd effectcommunity immunitypopulation immunity, or mass immunity) is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that can occur with some diseases when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through vaccination or previous infections,[1] thereby reducing the likelihood of infection for individuals who lack immunity.[2][3][4] Immune individuals are unlikely to contribute to disease transmission, disrupting chains of infection, which stops or slows the spread of disease.[5] The greater the proportion of immune individuals in a community, the smaller the probability that non-immune individuals will come into contact with an infectious individual.[2]


People don’t want to think, just believe what they are told.
Why wouldn’t they think that will happen when the government, mainstream media and even MB are implying the vaccine will give us herd immunity.
IE we HAVE to get vaccinated to get out of this.
Even Kyle sandilands is pushing the vax, probably because he knows he’s high risk.


Rumblings again in US about states seceding:


Very interested to see if this is going anywhere this time.

If they are successful I will be very tempted to find out what the rules for admission/residency are going to be.

Dictator David

A lot of people left California for Texas because they were sick of the sjw/blm bullshit. New York has fast declined into a shithole.

Idaho would be alright but it’s dangerously close to Washington and the sjw epicentre Portland. A red state like Montana would be ideal to build off grid like the bloke in video I linked.


I will watch the video tonight, looks good.

Chinese Astroturfer

I like the demographics in Montana and Idaho?

Agent 47

Balkanization is what Bolsheviks do best. I’m convinced they’ve done this deliberately on a global scale. That’s why state premiers are trying to here.

That being said I woild move to the Midwest in a heart beat. Montana and Wyoming and the Dakota’s are heaven on earth.

A fly in your ointment

Balkanisation is an oxymoron here. The granulation of nations is/was always brought from outside in Balkan peninsula
Not that it is not a fertile ground…

All empires’ end phases begun with secessionsm.

Another view to a kill

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Yep. I’m an outdoorsman and don’t like cities. I’ve spent time in Idaho around Coeur d’Alene and over to Montana. God’s own country. And they make a beer up there called Moose Drool that’s among the best on Earth.

Agent 47

Israel brining in vaccine passports and Jews underatandably not happy at all. Clown world stuff.

I’ve said it before, Bennett is more of a psycho than Netanyahu and that is saying something.



The good thing about this virus it that a lot of ‘leaders’ and people in government have dropped their mask. They have exposed themselves for the sick sociopaths that they truly are.

I hope people are watching and learning.


The leaders are learning that the populace will let them get away with it.


Yes. For them it is also a test to see how far they can push the peasants before they start grumbling.


So W@F mocked me when I posted that ATAGI would bow to political pressure and open up everyone to the killer AZ vaccine. Well here we are, they are now suggesting all adults in Sydney get AZed because of the “severity” of the Delta variant. It’s so severe they can’t even produce any healthy people who have fallen seriously ill from it!


Feels like Morrison has leaned on ATAGI so now the stockpile of AZ can be used freely and it distracts from his inability to source enough Pfizer.


No doubt. And the dodgy contract he signed to source AZ that we can’t see for reasons of national security!

The “independent” ATAGI has no credibility left, why should anyone listen to them?


Lol faggit


Brilliant counter-point.
Bonus for not even being able to spell faggot.


Are you really that fuckin dumb that you think I didn’t spell it that way on purpose? Like, for real, are you that fuckin dumb?

Fuck me dead you cunts are retarded.

As for canuckthefuck, that dumb fuck incorrectly called the result of the ATAGI meeting on vac recommendations before the meeting had concluded. Was wrong, got called on it. And as far as I’m concerned is still wrong. Is ATAGI saying all Aust. adults should get AZ? No, so still wrong canuckthefuck. Why don’t you fuck fuck off back to Regina canuck.

See you in Lakemba after your lockdown ends Bjw, gnna punch your lights out you spastic.


lol faggit


Can anybody think of a counter example ?

I can’t


Gladys has to make a decision now

she either has to go full China Dan CCP mode with military on the streets and jackboots on throats


she has to give in and let it rip

I don’t think this Clayton’s lockdown where the cops sort of turn a blind eye as long as you’re hot and white is tenable anymore


But what she’s doing seemed pretty aligned with that woman’s three city plan – rich city, poor city, some other third city.

lockdown for poor city, blind eye for rich city, undefined for the third one…


Beat me to it Peachy. I was going to argue the Singapore model, protect the rich and let it rip for the poor underclass.


The Singapore model only works because the vast majority of the population is compliant and don’t see any issue with the governing party who has been in power ever since it’s inception. That being said if I was going to pick an authoritarian state to live in, that’d still be the one.


True, I would pick them too. As an added bonus, they seem to do population ponzis and housing bubbles better than us.


Govt didn’t hesitate to lockdown the rich northern beaches over XMAS.

IMO it is more likely that poorer people believe in the rich/poor conspiracy you describe, or that the virus is a fake, people control, other conspiracies, and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy (in their mind) when they refuse to social distance.


Yep. I bet there are some ugly conversations happening now at state and federal level. It’s a real worry whether this lockdown will even work.

I was thinking, Australia still probably has people living in Syd and Mel that have overstayed whatever visa it is, or who are still on student visas and working right? As per Mike MBs comments back over on MB.

Both those categories are ineligible for current NSW government payments of Max $600 per week as you must be a resident or on a working visa.

If these people keep working for UberEATS, other food businesses etc and keep bringing the virus back to their share houses of 7 to a 3 bedroom unit, this won’t ever end…


What is being set up are restrictions between movement between two parts of the city. The Elitestern suburbs now have not many cases and will hoover up all of the Pfizer vaccine. The rest will get the virus through a let it rip by stealth or have an AZ vaccination.
If you look at Singapore last year, they let the virus rip through the migrant underclass dormitories but kept them segregated from the wealthy Singaporeans. Anyone who thinks that we have an equal society have their head in the past ie pre neoliberalism.


This is possible too. Let’s see how it plays out.


yall see the protests today?



love watching the coppas get shit thrown at em, fuck yas ya cunts


It’s a heartwarming sight to behold.


yep, i feel happy today


I’m just here to watch the world burn.


If you can see it, you must have better peepers than most blokes, T.

remeMBer, don’t confuse what you would like to happen with what is actually happening or is likely to happen. There’s a different place for that, remeMBer 🤡


yeah nah, the digital revolution has put more power into the hands of a few megacorps than ever, the entire internet has gone from a wild west style place with a tonne of small sites offering differernt individual perspectives to a handful of mega ‘supersites’ that control the narrative and censor/ban/delete anyone who disobeys

ppl be more conformist and crazy than ever, 20 years ago no way this lockdown shit would have flown with anyone


Agree Stagmal. Big tech has not been a good outcome. I am surprised how much data is in the hands of a few companies.


Those people were putting themselves at fucking huge risk of the “glancing transmission” mechanism of the current Purple-Monkey-Dishwasher variant.

was relieved to see that at least some were taking precautions, having put on hi-viz tradie gear to avoid infection.

Agent 47

So we ‘ve gone from have a free donut and holidays to get the army to go door to door and have military checkpoints.

All because some middle class wimps can feel safe from something they have a 99.8% chance of surviving. One thing this has revealed to me is How many Australians have authoritarian tendencies when they’re afraid. Absolute embarrassment that this country is but it’s EZFKA after all.



Australians can’t even allow each other to drink alcohol on the street.


Fear has always been a powerful way to get people to comply.
You’ll notice the messaging is never about how survivable it is.


Despite John Howard’s comments, the reality is Australia is one of the most legislated and rules driven countries in the world, and people here in fact love being told what to do at every turn. We aren’t the USA in that regard whatsoever.

Perhaps a colonial mentality hangover for the anglos, and for the newer Australians from the eastern world, eastern culture is also all about respect for authority which makes them pliable subjects also.


Also if you watched the video the suggestion was to have the ADF support vaccine rollout. Nowhere in the video was the suggestion from the PM that matched the headline from Sky News?


Followup on the “creative” photographer mentioned in a previous post – found to be insolvent before Covid even started.