MB (“Miss every Boom”) at it again, this time in energy

Just look at that headline. Like fish in a freaking barrel….

lulz… don’t forget, kids – Solar+Battery is the killer app. Cleaner and cheaper than coal, and coal is going to zero:

On our numbers the killer app of renewable plus battery is already here at the utlity level.


Shit, I guess somebody forgot to tell Europe and China about the killer app!

But I’m sure that this price spike will just accelerate the death spiral.

…and all that!

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wishful thinking as an investment strategy

it’s always been the embee way !


Get a load of this bloke I don’t think he even knows what year it is


remember DLS’ regular trump bashing?

we haven’t heard a peep out of him about US politics since then


Yes. It’s naivety at best, and incompetence at worst.

Travis Howarth

It was another of my warnings that I could not ‘sync’ anymore with MB (at least, DLS) when leading up to the US election there were several articles basically considering whether Biden showed evidence of dementia (or similar) and DLS basically said nah, it’s a deep fake or whatever. My reaction to that was – there must be an awful lot of deepfakes stretching back years, long before Biden was even a contender for President.

Even if you think the jockeying for US President is a contest between factions of the more or less same power base and therefore cared very little about which of the two won (on the basis that nothing fundamental would change), it was obvious that Biden was mentally unfit for the role.


One thing I only found out recently was Biden withdrew from the presidential race in 1987 due to lying and plagiarism. Strange that this was kept out of the MSM during the last election.


You’ll like this one. This guy is apparently a Melbourne GP who had his last account banned for wanting Trump dead!(https://twitter.com/DocMelbourne).

Now seems to get his rocks of trolling other doctors.

Eg. https://twitter.com/MockDelbourne/status/1418380660448796673
Eg. https://twitter.com/MockDelbourne/status/1416225155022393345


I can’t read the MB article.

I never believed renewables + batteries would be a complete solution in my lifetime due until I read about EV bidirectional charging. Doing some rough calcs a new Tesla car has enough battery storage to power an average household for 2-3 days.

Tesla quietly adds bidirectional charging capability for game-changing new features [Updated] – Electrek

Probably still more than a decade away from everyone having an EV hooked up to the grid though.


We are likely well more than a decade from everyone having an EV. They are still massively more expensive than an ice car.
It will take a decade of 100% sales of electric cars to have mostly electric cars on the road.


And Australia will lag behind Europe and the US due to laggard adoption rates, poor incentives and larger distances to be driven for non capital city drivers.

PHEV are probably the way of the future for Australia for the next 15 years.


hybrid adoption isn’t a lot higher than ev.
straight ic is going to be the main car for a long time yet.


Unsure. Check out how PHEV works, it’s a cool idea. Best of both worlds for Australia i might imagine. Basically circa 50km electric only range for your daily commute in the city but then the usual petrol engine ready for weekend trips.

A traditional Hybrid also Camry or Prius can’t run electric only and are a gimmick in my opinion. So they’re quite different things. And to your point, Toyotas Hybrid range is now 1/3 of Toyotas total sales, that is pretty significant.

Last edited 2 years ago by The90kwbeast

Toyotas Hybrid range is now 1/3 of Toyotas total sales, that is pretty significant.

Care to justify that with any source at all,
the hilux is toyota’s best selling car in australia and

20 Apr 2021 — Toyota HiLux will be offered as a hybrid by 2030 … Toyota has committed to offering a hybrid HiLux and LandCruiser before the end of the decade.


I am more optimistic on the EV front. The cost is primarily in the batteries and there are some promising developments.

Samsung may have cracked the solid-state battery code (whichcar.com.au)


At this stage, only a relatively small prototype battery has been developed, while no mention has been made about the price of such a high-performance power pack that takes precious metals for its construction.

Its longer life and number of cycles are, however, likely to offset an initial higher unit price.

Watch this space as bigger prototype batteries roll out in larger-scale tests in the coming months and years.

Nothing but prototypes promised for years, and no mention or even idea of cost as it’s a single prototype.


from what I undersatnd, they are more expensive up front, but maintenance costs are lower in the long run, so it might even out.

I don’t know anything about cars though. someone more knowledgeable here care to comment?


Depends on what you mean by the long run.
I highly doubt there will be 20 year old EV’s driving around as a 10yo car is worth less than a replacement battery.
A 5yo car is possibly worth less than a replacement battery.
It all depends on how long the batteries actually last.
Current use is probably not realistic for determining that either as most owners of EVs’ currently will be “best case” users, not people commuting 180km a day like me.


There are a whole heap of Chad Thundercock comments in the queue. They appear to be collecting there and clogging up the server like leaves clogging up drains and gutters in an autumn storm. I fear if we leave them there we risk a conduit exploding and showering us all in ‘cucks’ and ‘incel’ expletives.

There was one comment that contained a link that in the pursuit of open discussion I would allow through, but there rest are odes of Chad’s infatuation with bjw aka ‘BJW678: the limp incel’.

I have to say I have mixed feelings about this situation. I’ve long considered Chad to be my own personal Troll, not a nemesis per say, but a sort of pathetic Trollish groupie. W@ffle has always been too free with his attentions to claim as my own, but Chad…. we had a bond, we had something special…. and now I find Chad has instead switched his devotions to bjw.

I’m not sure how I feel about this…. is this what a cuck feels like?


let em in imo, i think the guy is hilarious but im f-d in the head


I’ve tried to let a few of his through, but I can’t approve them (probably wisely). He’s even written a couple love letters to you… it is amusing though to see all his comments pile up in the “Pending” box, it gives you the vague feeling of watching a man thrashing about in the sea drowning by himself.


How long do you think he’s going to keep screaming abuse to himself?


Not as long as he spends pleasuring himself.


Look at the link he posted pro vax:
This poster child for the effectiveness of vax’s is wearing more PPE than our dr’s were pre vaccinations being available.

She CLEARLY thinks they work…


Yeah – the Dr’s emotional blackmail really did the emotional reach around for Chadlette…

“One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late.

“A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honour their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same.

Imagine being that weak minded that such obviously propaganda worked on you…. “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…


That shit was the shittest shit I’ve seen. People who are about to be intubated as a last desperate measure aren’t saying anything, let alone begging to be vaccinated. Who makes up such gibberish?


People writing propaganda for the terminally stupid, aka cuckboy.


If there was any remaining doubt that this NSW outbreak wasn’t engineered to force vaccines on people, they are all gone after today’s press conference. And how exactly can Kerry Chant declare a national emergency?


Surely any declaration of a national emergency has to come from the PM. Unfortunately he’s got some kind of allergy to bad news that can only be treated with a Hawaiian vacation.


It can only be declared by the GG on advice from the PM. That doesn’t seem to be stopping our gutless media from running with the national emergency declaration.

The begging and pleading for everyone to go get AZ was sickening. Sorry bin chicken, I don’t care if you, chant, your parents all got it, you’re all over 50 (which conveniently wasn’t mentioned).


It’s clearly an act of desperation to try to control the outbreak. They have no other levers left to pull without jobkeeker/seeker to initiate stay at home orders.


Why would they engineer an outbreak? Genuinely curious how you draw that very, very long bow.


Do you reckon the Victorian ALP would actually bother to astroturf a pissant website like MB?

or are they all sweeper sock puppets

comment sections nowadays seems to be almost wholly infested by Dan Andrew’s admirers

David Blane
July 23, 2021 at 10:38 am
Victoria smashing it out of the ball park.
Thing about this is if Victoria come out of this sooner than NSW having had it throughout the regions – then NSW and Gladys are stuffed – will also cost Scomo the election on “Gold Standard”.
No other way you can spin this – Victoria and Dan Andrews have set the benchmark for the entire world – not just Australia – if he gets out of it – it will be the only place on earth ever to have done it with Delta, only place to have done it twice !
Go Dan – incredible efforts, seriously amazing – fast response, hard response, up front with people, proffessional – NSW is a bloody cake stall at the church fundraiser at the Gympie Gymkana !!


It is the #IstandwithDan club. They write this stuff all over social media. It is a borderline cult.


But it surely can’t be organic ?

CCP troll farms are running it for him , right ?


Not sure. You see people praise Dan and they usually the inner city Labor types with an arts degree. I reckon one writes something like this and it is cut and paste by others.


MB is teeming with inner city Labor voters who live in the Northern Rivers


There is nothing borderline about it, they are full on lunatics.

Chinese Astroturfer

They are praying these vaccines work because they have gone all in on this reflation trade.

Missed out most of last year on the biggest bull run we’ve ever seen.


They are overweight travel stocks. Given Sydney will be shut until September, travel stocks are not looking good now.


On the flip side it’s just another buying opp for web, FLT, qan, syd etc

None of those businesses are going broke so any correction will be quality on discount


Yes, very true. But if you are already long, then they may underperform.
But agree they are quality businesses.