McGowan shuts borders again after new Delta Echo Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Super Mega Purple Monkey Dishwasher variant discovered

WA Premier Mark McGowan has locked down WA again, after evidence the Delta Echo Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Super Mega Purple Monkey Dishwasher has been discovered in a wastewater treatment plant.

The discovery was made last night and has resulted in the entire state being locked down, with restrictions happening from tonight.

McGowan said the discovery was timely and vital to protecting the state.

“It’s the perfect place for this kind of variant to be found, right in among a whole bunch of shit. It’s also the place I get the inspiration for my daily press conferences and leadership in general,” McGowan said.

McGowan thanked the public for their understanding.

“The WA public have proven themselves to be a bunch of knuckle-dragging dumb shits who are frightened of their own shadow, so I thank them for their subservience and for also allowing me to destroy the middle class over a cold. President Xi also thanks you.”

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Agent 47

Lol. WA should just become the next province of China.


What this COVID crisis has really shown, is just how well our states residents interests would be served for the better, if all the states broke away from each other and the Federation and governed for the benefit of themselves and their citizens.

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Agent 47

Partially agree. I think we should go more US style. Keep the federation but Grant states the right to tell the feds to fuck off when necessary like Texas and a lot of Midwest states do on the regular. Bill of rights would aid that process.



It would also be good if individual states then could adopt a varying style of governing and people were able to choose a state that would suit their lifestyle best. Similar to US states that have a different ‘flavour’.

Everybody can be happy in their own state.

What’s not to like?


Pretty sure they already can in a lot of areas, and re covid have told the feds to fuck off in many ways.
The feds just control the purse strings so can apply a lot of leverage back.


There is not nearly enough ‘diversity’ between Aussie states in my opinion.

I was thinking of states that are different on the same scale as say between California and Texas.


That’s not a legal limitation though. The states choose to be the same, or are coerced federally.

It’s probably also a simple numerical thingy as well. I’m sure it’s easy to find multiple groups of 5-10 states in the US as similar as our states. If we had 50+ the diversity would no doubt be higher.

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Yah, the US was set up the way it is because they were suspicious of centralised/big/overarching government, and for good reason.

The other thing is that in the end, in my example, Texas is going to end up paying for California through federally collected and re-distributed taxes, so you can never totally divest yourself from policies you don’t agree with.


De-federating is probably a good idea. Given how Victorians wanted Quexit when Vexit would actually have been better.


victoria would be poor af w/o remittances


Good, would mean Victoria would have to produce something useful rather than producing loads of virtue signalling.


That’ll be their problem for importing so many fucking Indians and Africans.

Maybe when they have to pay for them themselves instead of being subsidised for having them by Royalties paid for WA Iron Ore, then they might kick up a bigger stink when the next plane load arrives.


We could import Victorians to clean our houses, pay them a pittance and make them live in the cupboard under the stairs.



I don’t want a ‘Mexican’ living under the stairs… 😂


Victoria will beat them to it. I mean Victoria really wanted to be part of China with the signing of the Belt and Road and the flying of the Chinese flag outside Box Hill Police Station.


Victoria has dibs on that.


‘Use of Fear to Control Behaviour in Covid Crisis Was ‘Totalitarian’, Admit Scientists’

SPI-B is one of the sub-committees that advises the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage UK).

So these are their own words. Not a conspiracy.

“SPI-B warned in March last year that ministers needed to increase “the perceived level of personal threat” from Covid-19 because “a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened”.

“In March [2020] the Government was very worried about compliance and they thought people wouldn’t want to be locked down. There were discussions about fear being needed to encourage compliance, and decisions were made about how to ramp up the fear. The way we have used fear is dystopian.”

“Another SPI-B member said: “You could call psychology ‘mind control’. That’s what we do… clearly we try and go about it in a positive way, but it has been used nefariously in the past.”

“Another member of SPI-B said they were “stunned by the weaponisation of behavioural psychology” during the pandemic, and that “psychologists didn’t seem to notice when it stopped being altruistic and became manipulative.”

Chinese Astroturfer

All these conspiracies keep coming true.


don’t forget it just plays into the compliant media – they love this stuff, sells papers, gets lots of website views.



We They are all in this together.

Chinese Astroturfer

McGowan is absolutely mad. Naval background so a stickler for stupid rules. Locking down for a couple of cases the equivalent of a naval boot camp mentality if one of you doesn’t carry out this task properly you will all be doing 100 push ups, all of you will getting up at 4:30am to shine your boots.


I don’t think he is that mad. It’s not hard to understand.

He knows that if the iron ore trucks and trains stop rolling, his budget is fucked.

by comparison what little economic activity is happens in the suburbs and beaches of Perth (that may be impacted by lockdown) isn’t worth a pinch of shit. They are “small things”…

…mcGowan knows “one big thing”.

the virus has to be kept out of EZFKWA minesites.

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Agent 47

This. WA is just a quarry where the 100 IQ plebs are kept satiated with FIFO money and football.

Nothing else of value exists there. They’re going to run out of water eventually in the Perth metro area but keep those trucks going to Port Hedland.


And for Victoria replace mines with construction sites.


That sounds about right.


eggs fkn zackerly…another labor corporatist fartsucker


dude, Naval LAWYER background. too crap to be a real navy officer, or a proper lawyer.


Personally, I don’t mind if pollies tried something else before politics. Agree he was probably crap at being a naval lawyer. To me, there is nothing worse than career politicians. Increasingly, the political class is just this and it just serves itself.


Very true!


The last thing parliament needs is more lawyers. It is the defacto qualification for a polly. They all studied law first…


Yes, agree. Was hoping for more small business owners, farmers, teachers, nurses, etc. to become pollies.

Chinese Astroturfer

White influencer under fire for appropriating Korean flag after getting plastic surgeries to ‘look Korean’

No more crazy than someone from sub-Saharan Africa insisting they are as Aussie as you or I because they have an Australian citizenship.


You can thank Jews like Walter Lippmann for redefining Australia and Australians away from the ethic group of Caucasians who founded Australia to a MultiCult ‘idea’ based around an economic zone:

“Lippmann deeply resented the assimilated culture of the Australia he entered in 1938, and believed Jewish immigrants had left one type of oppression behind only to be subjected to another: the Australian expectation to assimilate… The multiculturalism espoused by Walter Lippmann in Australia, a toxic blend of postmodernism and Marxism, implied “a rejection not only of the attempts to promote an amalgam of cultures but also of any assumptions of Anglo-Saxon superiority and the necessary conformity to English-oriented cultural patterns.”

Basically the whole idea behind MultiCult is centered on Jewish narcissism and their refusal to assimilate into any culture or country.

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In a very dry and objective way I am in absolute awe of their masterful manipulation of society.


“In a very dry and objective way I am in absolute awe of their masterful manipulation of society.”

Absolutely, theirs is an amazing cultural achievement. Over 4,000 years of collective cultural memory, because culture serves as the gestalt entity we call society’s ‘memory’.

The problem with trying to build something really enduring is the fact that we all die – just when we have actually learnt enough to really start contributing and seeing the world for the way it truly is, we die.

Religious texts are a form of ‘memory’ they can help us avoid the same mistakes as were made in the past – for example the population sinks that arise from wanton behaviours of individualism or say the pursuit of sexual liberation and freedom and the resulting 20:80 rules that emerge over more prudent socially conservative societies based around monogamy. Here is an interesting thread on this topic:

Just imagine if you could write down every situation that you individually encountered during your life, every problem, every conflict, everything. You would have a short cut solution for the next time you encountered such a situation, it would be an evolutionary advantage.

At an individual level it would be highly constraining, you would be expected to operate within the proscribed behaviours. But on the plus side, if you did so then the gestalt entity that is your ‘society’ gets to perpetuate itself.

The outcome is uneven – for the individual it means giving up so called ‘freedoms’ and ‘rights’ a so called ‘cost’. But for the gestalt entity ‘society’ that you are a part of it gets a higher likelihood of perpetuating itself and its members into the future. This is where the individual gets the payback – the opportunity for society to assist them in satisfying one of the basic functions any society exists to serve – to reproduce and raise a family. Very easy to then start asking questions as to why EZFKA makes it so hard to have a family today.

What people don’t realise is that cultures are hostile to each other, if they are going to survive then that means developing strategies to culturally dominate competitors, so that your members can be sure to be rewarded by existing in the future.

Taking this view it is then possible to consider that different cultures might use different strategies to achieve ‘domination’.

My favorite example is one of ant colonies that I saw on a David Attenborough channel.

“I watched a fascinating documentary from David Attenborough once on Wood Ants – do you know that the Wood Ant queen sneaks into the Field Ant nest and gradually takes on the nests ‘scent’.

Then after a while she eventually tricks one of the worker ants into feeding her, which provides her with the complete pheromones of the nest, effectively dooming the host Ant society. Workers then start feeding her and caring for her young, which when they hatch make sure to kill the existing Field ant nest Queen, if their queen hasn’t done so.

Pretty soon afterwards, that field ant society is transformed into a wood ant society, and all the workers are gradually replaced and the field ant nest becomes a wood ant nest.”

If an organism as simple as an ant colony could devise a method for effortlessly taking over a competitors colony, does it not stand to reason that other higher organisms could also settle on such a strategy?

After all, what is human culture and society? To an advanced alien species it would look no different to ant pheromones’ and their nests.

The popular narrative, one pushed in no small part by themselves is that the poor Jews have been imprisoned and enslaved by the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Romans and countless other societies and empires…. yet the have endured.

A great sob story, but after a while you have to ask the question is this a form of survivors bias? After all they are the only ones around today so they get to write the stories. But are there any other behavioral and cultural factors at play?

If the victor gets to write the stories, and if you are going to obliterate a people and culture, it is morally helpful to portray yourself as the victim afterwards:

Victimhood is defined in negative terms: “the condition of having been hurt, damaged, or made to suffer.” Yet humans have evolved to empathize with the suffering of others, and to provide assistance so as to eliminate or compensate for that suffering.

But as I was saying “Just imagine if you could write down every situation that you individually encountered during your life, every problem, every conflict, everything” imagine what an advantage it could serve.

Below in order are photos of the Quran, Bible on Babylonian Talmud. Beyond the Talmud there is the collective works of Rabbinical Judaism and the all encompassing Torah, or ‘Instructions’ which consists of at least as many volumes again.

Last edited 17 days ago by Stewie

Pretty early on in your piece I realised you were talking about the Talmud. Which is their ‘manual’ for handling even the minutest occurrences in daily life.
I have read some extracts allegedly from the BT, absolute filthy stomach-churning stuff.

Through history they have been expelled more than a hundred times from various countries. Do people really believe that happened just because they were poor victims every single time?
Where is the critical thinking, or just plain curiosity and trying to find out what really happened?

I found this video instructive of how they work and get control over a country:
‘The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs’ (1/2)
(Part two is also on YouTube if you’re interested)

After watching that it will clear up why Putin is so hated by our ‘free’ press.

The more I learn about this issue the more I become convinced they do everything to undermine the teachings of the Bible and Christianity. In such a severe way that I would even consider them Satanists or Luciferians.

They have an alternative way of explaining the biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
They say God kept Adam and Eve prisoner in the garden. Told them not to eat from the tree of knowledge. In doing so He kept them ignorant and dumb. (While in reality they were simple people being perfectly happy in a paradise created by God)
Then Satan came along and by having them eat from the apple, they became wise and intelligent.

So in their version they reject God, and go instead with Satan, this will be rewarded with knowledge and power, and wealth of course.

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not or if you believe this story or not. This is ultimately what they believe, and they are pulling all the strings. We are just minor players and expandable ‘ants’.

For just one example look at the filth that Hollywood is turning out. The sexual and violent degeneracy is obvious (I watch that shit too by the way) And the Satanic angle is obvious too, if you are willing to see or look for it. Then try to find out which culture is in control in Hollywood.


After watching that it will clear up why Putin is so hated by our ‘free’ press.

For nearly 1000 years the Russ have been the traditional enemy of the Democrats.

In such a severe way that I would even consider them Satanists or Luciferians.

I don’t see it in those terms, I generally see it through the lens of cultural domination and a different strategy to achieve it. I do agree though that a lot of anti-Christian energy is provided by people of Jewish belief or secular influence.

The closest I could come to such a view is through the lens of society being a gestalt entity.

If ‘good’ are values that help the society perpetuate itself, e.g. monogamy, sacrifice for common good, hostility or resistance to invading cultural meme’s, etc then it holds that ‘bad’ would be values that promote individualism and especially individual rights over social responsibilities, essentially the self over society that our consumer world has become.

They could only be bad or evil in the sense that their values threaten the perpetuation of our own, through fragmentation, disenfranchisement and the encouragement of social population sinks – essentially social suicide memes.

But as I said, I mainly see it through the neutral lens of a social strategy to achieve cultural domination and the perpetuation of their values.

Last edited 17 days ago by Stewie

Yeah, as I said it’s hard to get your head around if you are not brought up with religion, as I wasn’t, so it was difficult for me to accept also.

I have become convinced for them there is also a spiritual aspect to it. If you look at the symbology that is used over and over again in the music and entertainment industry, I couldn’t come to another conclusion.

The forces of evil, or dark or occult forces can be found throughout every peoples history and genesis from the start of humanity.

I’ll see if I can find something to elaborate. It has been more than 10 years that I had a look at it last time, so I’ll probably have to find some new sources and sites.


I see religion as interesting, even though I am not in the slightest bit spiritual. Basically I now see it through the lens of it providing an off the shelf rule book for avoiding cultural behavioural sink.

The craziest shit I have heard of late has been in respect of the whole good and evil thing as being ‘external’ interaction into ‘the stimulation’:

Apparently so many ‘inventions’ have come about by people having dreams and just waking up with the idea. Apparently Larry Page had a dream that just came to him in the middle of the night:

Perhaps the machine elves are real?

…or it could just be that we are ruminating over a problem and a solution emerges from our subconscious because we are essentially problem solving machines.

Of course because there is no way to prove machine elves are real, and the issue of living in a simulation becomes irrelevant when it is the only reality you will ever experience, so I will go with the problem solving machines.

Last edited 17 days ago by Stewie

That’s all well enough, nothing wrong with your view.
It probably keeps your thoughts more clean and less ‘messy’, or more rational if you will.
I like that too.

For me it was just an additional angle I found when I started looking into this.

…or it could just be that we are ruminating over a problem and a solution emerges from our subconscious because we are essentially problem solving machines.”

You could make the same observation for when you forget a name or a word. While you continue with whatever you were doing, your brain keeps scanning your data in the background unaware to you.
At some point ‘out of nothing’ the missing word appears and you go “Oh yeah, that’s it!”

If people are obsessed with some issue, they will keep working on it on a subconscious level. Could be anything from personal/emotional stuff to problem solving of the material kind. Probably we are less inhibited while dreaming, giving us more freedom or space to think and we can come to answers/solutions more easily.

In short: Yeah, the brain is a formidable instrument.


The comments section at em bee is hilarious today

these stupid carnts are simultaneously both
-freaking out
-gloating about the doom coming to nsw

seriously where the fuck do these idiots even come from ?

i don’t think I know even one person in real life who gives two shits about Covid

maybe they are all locked inside so have nothing to do but comment on a laughing stock website
maybe they’re paid shills/astroturfers


I have to laugh at how every MB article on Covid turns into a virtue signalling contest in the comments section of who has had the most jabs.

Agent 47

Funny you mention that. IIRC I saw a post from Swampy the other day going on about how his wife hasn’t been able to get out of bed for two weeks post Pfizer and is worried about long term side effects. Ditto a couple of other commenters.

All I can say is too bad. You were warned repeatedly about all the risks, chose to ignore it and still went ahead with it and now have to spend the rest of your life concerned about the unknown. Equally hilarious from some of the most adamant vaccine pushers in the thread.

Vaccine regret is becoming a real thing.


Too bad indeed.

And no recourse available due to pharma corps. being exempted from liability. Well done braniacs.

Although I totally understand whoever is married to Swampy looking for excuses not to come out of bed…

I think he’s much happier fondling his anatomically correct Elon Musk and Bill Gates love dolls. 😉

Agent 47

MB dominant demographic is upper middle class urban office workers. Never really encountered physical risk in their lives so of course they go to water at the slightest fear. that ronin guy and the lambking probably have a collective testosterone count of 5.

Timbo’s article from the other day nailed it.

Funny you also mentioned the astroturfers. That Paul Joseph Watson guy lifted the lid on all the astroturfers on social media spamming vaccine promotion. Same is going on here no doubt.

Last edited 18 days ago by Agent 47

I be intrigued. What’s the Paul Joseph Watson story?


Interesting – thanks.


Wow, Kevin Sorbo, aka Hercules, telling it like it is!


Not sure what KS is implying exactly, but:

“As you know, the COVID-19 vaccines are being steam-rolled out and the social, corporate, and governmental pressure to take them is immense. In this video, I introduce you to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s controversial critique of this initiative. Dr. Bossche has devoted his entire career to vaccines, so I invite you to consider what he has to say about mass vaccination using these vaccines during this pandemic.”

The Doctor says in his view the vaccines give the virus more opportunity to mutate, if I remember correctly especially during the period between first and second jab.

Some good Covid content on Peak Prosperity.

Last edited 18 days ago by Sacha

Yes a very sound hypothesis

We are conducting Gain-Of-Function research on a mass scale, because we have a large enough cohort of unvaccinated people who act as a resevoir which is in constant contact with the vaccinated population. Thus a vaccinated person may be repeatedly challenged by community transmission, over and over, without getting sick. It’s analogous to “serial passaging” in the lab… you keep doing it long enough and eventually you’ll get a breakthrough mutation.

Risk of rapid evolutionary escape from biomedical interventions targeting SARS-CoV-2 spike protein
SARS-CoV-2 is commonly considered to acquire mutations more slowly than other RNA viruses [1,2]. However, the SARS-CoV-2 mutation burden and evolutionary rate (1×10-3 substitutions per base per year [2]) have only been estimated under conditions of neutral genetic drift (distinct from antigenic drift) [3], in the absence of strong positive selection pressure provided by population-level immunity or other interventions that select for resistance mutations. In immunologically naïve COVID-19 patients, viral load and transmission [4] peak near the time of symptom onset, while the host antibody response peaks approximately 10 days later [5]. Thus, transmission in immunologically naïve individuals occurs well in advance of the appearance of a robust humoral response. These kinetics suggest the immune response in naïve individuals exerts limited selection pressure on the virus, consistent with direct genetic evidence from deep sequencing showing little to no positive selection [6]. Hence, the evolutionary rate prior to the widespread deployment of vaccines or development of natural immunity (based primarily on neutral genetic drift) may underestimate the evolutionary potential of the virus to evade nAbs deployed as active immunity (vaccines) or passive immunity (nAb prophylactics). When nAbs are broadly present in the population, population-level selection for antibody-evading, infection-competent viral mutants may result in a rapid resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 infections.


This is a bit too technical for me but I think I get the gist.

So what’s the answer then?

Or we should vaccinate everyone at the same time (provided vaccine is safe and effective) and get rid of the particular strain? Seems practically unworkable.

Or only vaccinate the people at risk and let the rest acquire natural immunity similar to how we approach flue?

Last edited 18 days ago by Sacha
Stewie tha limp dick cuck

“MB dominant demographic is upper middle class urban office workers. Never really encountered physical risk in their lives so of course they go to water at the slightest fear. that ronin guy and the lambking probably have a collective testosterone count of 5.”

Sounds about right, just look at stewie. He’s a limp wrist, nancy boy accountant who tries to mask his femininity by identifying as a redneck nationalist.

Last edited 17 days ago by Stewie tha limp dick cuck

I live your head – rent free!
Common Chad, you can’t get enough of me. How often do you visit EZFKA a day in order to get your ‘Stewie’ fix?


Its’ Darwinian evolution in action.
Anyone with any sort of opposing view is likely to be “killed” with the banhammer and what’s left is what has resulted from the selection pressures applied by the geniuses running the place.


are they still ‘smirking’ and asking where all the covid deniers are? lol


Funny you should mention hot off the press from tonight’s comment section

lol this bloke has to be trolling

July 8, 2021 at 7:26 pm
I am yet to hear any contrition from the anti-Dan commentariat who spent most of 2020 being completely wrong. Surprised? No.




I always imagined Sweeper as a failed bureaucrat that in his own mind is a hot shot Central Banker.


Probably taped all of Dan’s Covid press conferences and is watching them.


Funny how these people idolise over Dan. He was absolutely woeful at the start of Victoria’s second wave allowing mass protests to go ahead. Allowing cases to get up to 100 a day before locking down. Suppressing all information implicating his poor decision making rather than suppressing a virus. Melbourne lived through 112 days of lockdown because of it and yet the Dan fan club said he did a magnificent job and Sydney is screwed.


Can’t help but think chance has a much bigger role in this than any particular wise decisions by leadership, or more probably weather and chance together. NSW is rapidly heading to the same point.
Cold snap coinciding with massive spike in cases in NSW, fall in cases in northern hemisphere as they move out of winter.
It’s almost as though winter and colder climates in general are more conducive to transmission of respiratory diseases or something…


Covid will be a seasonal illness like the flu. The real test for vaccines will be the northern winter.


Chris Uhlman makes a lot of sense in this article and that aiming for zero risk has been an issue.

I like how he mentioned authoritarian measures. The measures are getting more draconian too. A Woolworths that I went to in Brisbane had people at the door making sure I checked in.


1400+ comments

hilarious the number of retards out there furiously telling people what to do on the internet


Really odd how many people don’t understand that our zero risk infatuation is actually causing more issues than it solves now. Pollies who are supposed to show leadership just go for zero risk as it is an easy option. I can’t see anything changing and no chance that state borders will fully open before Christmas next year.


some people have been saying this for ages…. how it doesn’t get through… oh whatever…


sorry just realized it was Chris Uhlman. He has been critical of the covid response for a while now.


We need a few more people like Chris to question the Covid response. Too many are scared to as you are painted as an anti-vax Covid denier, but stifling dissenting views is why the current response is so bad. The Covid response has gone from very good at the start to now ridiculously looney.

The city dwellers want Howard Springs quarantine in every state, but the rest of the world is more vaccinated and hence these facilities will be white elephants by the time they are completed. Probably better to put vaccinated travellers in HQ as they generally have less viral load and less risk. Oh, I see, risk must be zero.

National Cabinet agreed on a hotspot definition, but states do their own thing. It makes it virtually impossible to visit family interstate without being caught up in a late afternoon decision that borders will be shut as at midnight.

We have forced compliance like QR checkin on people and let the cops use this data. Oh, it is for our own good, you shouldn’t be doing crimes, but that is not the point. Data is valuable and shouldn’t be misused.


yo some1 invite kiwikaryn here

July 7, 2021 at 3:55 pm
Go on a diet you fat fk. Stop expecting other people to shut down their lives to save yours. Its about time people took some personal responsibility for their own health, instead of expecting the Govt to wrap the whole country up in cotton wool to protect your sensitive feelings.


Karyn has her kiwi head screwed on 😉

…even when she’s tearing into my old flames Dudley and glamb…

Last edited 17 days ago by Peachy

She was equally unimpressed by St Jacinta stating that NZ won’t follow the UK opening up. St Jacinta is still living in the zero risk dream in a country with a slower vaccine rollout than Australia. Is NZ going to have its borders closed until 2024?


At least the population ponzi for them will be mostly haulted for a while, same as us. There’s upsides and downsides to re opening the national borders.


Yep, and their dairy will be fine.

tourism will be a bit screwed, but offset by locals being unable to travel internationally.


She’ll be banned from there soon enough…


I love watching the bin chicken and her health dictator melt down when their muticult cult collides with a bunch of jimmy grants who won’t follow their health directives.


“Arrests for misdemeanors disproportionately affect people of color.”

Shock horror! Why would that be?

“Kelly McBride, who chairs the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership at Poynter, said, “Local news reporters have amplified narratives that connect Black and brown communities to crime. As a result, we have fostered systemic racism through our crime coverage.”

The black and brown communities have connected themselves to crime by being, well, black and brown and doing what they do best.

So what’s Poynter’s solution to solve this systemic problem?

“It’s within our power as journalists to break that cycle. We don’t need to publicize the crime blotter.”

Yeah, just sweep it under the carpet so no one is the wiser.

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Bitcoin just broke out to the downside of a pennant.

I hardly use these patterns but let’s see if this turns into something meaningful.

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 11.19.37.png
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I admire your conviction Peachy.


US Senator Warren writing to SEC to ask for regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 11.09.22.png

Maybe Warren could ask the SEC to look at this too:

“Nancy Pelosi’s husband locked in $5.3 million from Alphabet options”

Oh, I forgot, some people are exempt from insider trading laws.


The Teletubbies all got their jab.

So c’mon kids, do what’s expected!

No mind-control going on here, move along…

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 15.00.53.png

Do we need even comment?

“Australia’s high levels of immigration have contributed to the nation’s low wages growth of recent years, Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe has suggested but he warns even with closed borders it will take more time for workers’ incomes to lift fast enough to warrant an increase in official interest rates.”


Pretty good article I thought. Key takeaway is, Lib/Lab never want it to end, you just get to pick the flavor of population ponzi; temporary or permanent skilled migration. Philip Lowe can complain all he wants but no one cares. Either way, the system will continue to be abused to be of negative value to existing employees, whilst being of good benefit to employers, as usual. EZFKA!

Last edited 17 days ago by The90kwbeast

Agree – any changes and outcomes will be negligible, which is is as predictable as DLS’ often repeated narcissistic fantasy that embee has been a major influence of the RBA on such issues.

As for Lowe, imagine getting paid millions to finally come around to that conclusion.


What’s going on peeps?

Asia RED
Europe RED
US futures RED

Is the Delta/Lambda whatever strain causing jitters?


that’s what I’m reading…. I can’t believe it though. delta variant, really? its more contagious, less deadly, and vaccines are generally effective (that’s what I’ve read, of I’m wrong someone can correct me)?

a lot of people say its “positioning”.

which means no one knows. catching a lot of people by surprise.

US 10 year has dropped from 1.5% a week or two ago to 1.25%

Last edited 17 days ago by ThePensum

If I look at a weekly or monthly chart for Nasdaq and S&P they went almost vertical (not using log scale) starting April 2020 at the end of Covid panic.
They just look massively overbought care of trillions of dollars being printed and ‘invested’ in the stock market.
Or we are already in hyper inflation mode and stock market just reflects this.

At some point we will need a correction. At a minimum a re-test of the 20 monthly MA I would think. That would mean -20% for both markets.
We shall see.


that’s probably right.
but if real yields are massively negative and the Fed is pumping out money like there’s no tomorrow, there is a reason why risk assets are so high. even if they are going to “taper”, they are going to be so moderate, and slow.



Every time they even only mention taper the market has a hissy fit. But the market also still believes that at some point they will raise interest rates. I think that station has passed. There is so much debt that even the smallest increase will be devastating. They might try for 25 basis points but that will be it.

Fundamentals don’t seem to matter anymore.

Only thing that counts is:
Fed prints, markets go up
Fed stops printing, markets go down



I laughed at the idea the global bond market thought inflation was around the corner, and the fed would have to raise rates earlier than expected. We all know how the system works, the entire system is premised on long term falling interest rates. If you increase rates with the stock of interest bearing debt out there, you blow up the system.

Like that guy jumping jack flash on MB whereby every fucking post of his is about debt growth, he’s not wrong.

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The debt has to keep growing or the whole ponzi implodes.

If you look at history reserve currencies only last about a 100 years. So USD could be close to endpoint. I think the signs are there.

What’s next? Some say SDRs. Some say CBDCs backed by gold. Also if you look at history the changeover from one reserve currency to the next was never a smooth transition. Just look at last time this happened from GBP to USD during WW1/Great depression.

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Yep. My dart on the board would also suggest a war is probably in-between where we are now, and a practical implementation of whatever comes next, perhaps sometime in the next 2-3 decades, perhaps sooner. It feels like the wheels are slowly turning now into something big as the current financial system enters its 3rd act. The question is whether a war triggers the changeover or the changeover triggers the war.


We live in interesting times my friend.


 The question is whether a war triggers the changeover or the changeover triggers the war.

The 2 are intertwined, as always.


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Norman Swan on the Aunty tonight pushing vaccines for kids. It turns out we can’t achieve herd immunity if we just focus on adults so now everybody 12 and older should be experimented on. These assholes have no shame.

And it has started, trying to contain the outbreak in the jimmy grant suburbs is RAYCIST!


Yes, the objective is quickly shifting to everyone must get never ending vaccines. It’s not enough that the elderly and at risk are fully vaccinated, it needs to be pretty much fucking everyone now.


Aunty is giving its audience what it wants to hear. The excellent article by Chris Uhlman that I posted the link to had 1400+ comments. Most comments were from Aunty audience and praising the absolutely positively zero risk approach. Most of these commenters can’t see the wood from the trees and can’t comprehend that zero risk is holding us back. Apparently, modelling is being done on herd immunity and Aunty was running that we need over 80% vaccinated before we get herd immunity and thinking it is more for the delta variant. And yet Aunty had an article that offering vaccinated people things like uninterrupted travel interstate is discriminatory and there is an extremely low chance of carrying the virus, we must 0.00000000000000000000000% risk. So be prepared for another year of lockdowns, double speak about vaccinating 12 day olds and harsh police enforcement.


The piece on hundreds of kids dying in Indonesia from Covid is likely to affect the EZFKA units towards that direction.


I am also amused that the usual media commentators who complained loudly about the Victorian tower lockdowns have been strangely quiet about the recent police presence and actions in Western Sydney. Surely they should be up in arms and standing up for their freedoms too, so it seems they value NSW rights less than other states.

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Do you think that this is a Lib/lab thing?


Inner city/suburban?
I guarantee none of the media are living in western sydney.
Nimby/ out of sight out of mind?


Oh, right right. I hadn’t noticed the western Sydney bit. Thought it was a straight melb/Syd comparison.

yer could be rite, bjw.


This got my blood boiling. There was a clown in the FT arguing for the same thing. Made all the usual statements though, “COVID does not threaten kids, but immunizing them can help stop transmission [and save the oldies].” ffs


Also a top effort to hit 100 comments for a non-weekend link article – I think this might be the first time?


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