Weekend Links, JunE 18-19, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for June 18-19, 2021!!

We are very excited to have you here. How excited? Well, last week was the first time the comment count here at EZFKA exceeded that at MB (from whence we came lol!).

Some (much) of the credit here goes to Peachy, so if you see her around say thank you.

Does this mean we are looking to beat MB every week? Well… maybe, but that is not the goal, so to speak.

MB has its own crowd, and I think EZFKA is getting to the point where we are finding our own little niche in the wider internet. Folks come and go to both, but unlike MB we won’t ban you or stealth delete your comments because said comment makes us look silly.

[ Note if a comment has too many links, it’ll be disappeared. No idea how to turn this off, but its probably a good thing to stop spammers anyways… ]

I (personally) look silly a bunch, without even trying. What can I say? Anyhoo… for this weekend.

This video is the reason why we went with the specific header image. What can I say…

So a decent question is are we pro/anti Jordies in these parts? For the author of this page, both pro and anti. Why?

While Jordan Shanks is a talented comedian, and much of his content graces these pages, he is clearly not a neutral observer, whatever that means these days.

I’m happy to be entertained by him, but am under no illusions that if the same was happening to a right-winger (however you define it), there would be no outrage video from Shanks (paging Avi Yemeni).

Whatever his aims, clearly Shanks is partisan. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Sometimes this works for him, sometimes not.

One of the great social innovations of the left was to never punch left.

So when the left’s Islamic pets kill innocents, there is no condemnation.

When the lefts BLM brown-shirts burn, loot and murder, we don’t hear anything from the left’s standard bearers.

My fear is the right has learnt this lesson only too well. Anyone on the right condemning Kristo’s treatment will likely be called a ‘cuck’, either publicly or privately.

My suspicion is that nothing will happen, and mostly Kristo will pay the price. Shanks has made too many enemies, and his politics clearly transcends his comedy.

Everyone will be happy to do nothing, and I would not be surprised if there is tacit bipartisan support for making an example of Shanks, each side for their own reasons.

It is what it is.

Got to feel a bit for Kristo in all of this though.

~~More Medical Shenanigans~~

You know it. I know it. The whole world knows it. Of course it is a Chinese bio-weapon.


Cause meme’s are funny!

And one more because I particularly detest the pedo-elite who run the West.

~~Fast Food In Ancient Rome~~

~~Culture Wars~~

Venezuelan Migrant Has A Message For Socialists In America… Look, its never worked, and its damn unlikely it will ever work.

That being said, is there a way to add structural incentives to lefties to move to Venezuela? Or North Korea?

In the this is not funny anymore, this article – North Korean Defector After Attending Ivy League School: Even North Korea Was ‘Not This Nuts’ | The Daily Wire – is about famed NK defector Yeonmi Park. Apparently Columbia University is crazier than NK levels indoctrination.

Her interview video has already been memory-holed. But, we have meme’s – sauce here. More – You Know It’s Bad When A North Korea Defector Says That US Similarities To NK Are “Insane” | ZeroHedge – here.

Other Links

One more cause its funny.

~~Grain Fed VS Grass Fed; 40 Mins~~

You know its serious when the beard nets come out!

~~How Should A Man Conduct Himself~~


~~Super Woke~~

~~World War 3~~

Massive Protests In Mainland China above, link Massive Protests Erupt in Mainland China – YouTube if does not work for you or gets been shadow-banned.

~~American Civil War~~


More meme’s!


~~More In The Goddamn Terrifying~~

A brave Chinese parent in the US says it like it is above.

Also, apparently a nuclear reactor in China is being… well… nuclear reactor-y… FML.

~~Cause Today Has Been Somewhat Depressing~~



Ah f it… this is amazing…

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Margin Debt vs Stock Prices


It’s interesting because I don’t see anyone even the MB retards calling a crash

everyone is in the Melt-up camp

using folksy logic , crashes should happen when nobody expects them to

which is right now

got any charts showing sentiment ?

having said that , this is EZFKA/EZFKW (economic zone formerly known as the west )


Someone else can do the sentiment charts, I’ll just chime in with my thought that if we get a crash, it probably won’t be like the previous crash.

Always fighting the last war, so I can’t imagine the central banks being dumb enough to turn off the taps of money printing (ie currency debasement) or credit expansion.

this means that the likelihood of that sort of crash (kinda like the tech one and the 2007 one) is low.

The question is – if they keep running the printing/debt engines hard, is there something out there that suddenly breaks. Something that nobody has their eye on, because it’s (thought to be) innocuous and reliable or (thought to be) disconnected from the monetary pump ….but it’s just never been tested at mega levels of pumping….

like, say, if the viability of the rice crop is somehow suddenly destroyed by some 3rd order effect of the pump. Or the Internet shuts down because one too many zeroes in the money supply causes some y2k style overflow… or maybe the plebs just decide “fuck it” and vote themselves 20hr weeks…. Or something else really weird.


Steven van metre has some interesting videos about how more QE will tighten financial conditions because of a lack of collateral

which I have watched about 5 times and still don’t entirely understand

essentially his thesis is that the fed is trapped – they have to save the banks, which will crash the stock market

I would like to see someone smarter than me rebut him




somebody needs to convince me that this “excess cash” or “excess reserves” and “collateral shortage” is actually a thing. Rather than some absolute bullshit that insane people talk about. I mean – what the absolute fuck?! Collateral for what? Maybe I’m missing a trick, but I just don’t see it.

also he bangs on about how QE tightens financial conditions …how tight financial conditions means falling yields… and how falling yields lead to lower stock prices. All of that is completely backwards.

QE is, of course a loosening, not a tightening. Loosening means falling yields. Falling yields means lowers interest rates/discount rates === higher stock prices (and asset prices in general)

maybe the bloke is nuts….

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

I think he’s technically correct , but I don’t understand fully why

Deposits are a liability for commercial banks

the more deposits , the more collateral they require

when fed does QE to drive down rates they are exchanging newly created reserves for treasuries and bonds

Reserves cannot leave the interbank system
they aren’t liquidity

 Because the Fed is removing bonds from the open market, and not paying “cash” for them. Those bonds could be sold for actual cash, which would provide actual liquidity in the market. Despite all the Fed’s talk about “creating liquidity,” what the Fed is actually doing is REMOVING liquidity from the system.

the stated goal of QE is to lower rates, not provide liquidity
(and also jawbone with “printer go brrrr”)

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming


Deposits are a liability for commercial banks

yes, this is true.

but, with respect:

the more deposits , the more collateral they require

when fed does QE to drive down rates they are exchanging newly created reserves for treasuries and bonds

Reserves cannot leave the interbank system

they aren’t liquidity 

 Because the Fed is removing bonds from the open market, and not paying “cash” for them. 

This reads like total gobbeldygook.

Perhaps the US system is so different to the EZFKA system that, somehow, over there it makes sense.

there they have something called “reserves”, obviously. In EZFKA there is just bank capital, which is essentially an accounting concept. Despite this technical difference, the practical effect seems to be very analogous.
But I reckon it’s much more likely to be gobbledygook.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

which part in particular do you reject ?


which part in particular do you reject ?

It’s hard, because it all seems rather unhinged. But, in good faith, let’s start with the first bit – what is this supposed to mean:

the more deposits , the more collateral they require

Say Joey Bloggs goes to the Main Street bank and deposits $1m.

where does this “collateral” thing come in? What collateral does the bank need?

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy


watch this from 2:25 onwards , or at least from 5:35 if you want to save time

it will give a more basic explanation of the mechanism – George gammon is quite good at explaining things for idiots like us even if he is hyperbolic


I’ve watched it now. He overembellishes it all – maybe “hyperbolic” is right.

I suspect it’s as simple as what he points to at about 15:00 – the pricing of the reverse repo is such that the Fed pays the commercial banks more on the repurchase than it takes on the initial sale.

That is the crux of it – it’s a way for Fed to give the commercial banks free profits.

All the other stuff seems like accounting gimmicks, etc, that they have to attend to, as they have to navigate regulation.

back to my initial point/question: none of this has anything to do with the “collateral” that is somehow required but somehow in short supply.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Watch the next one I suggested


literally fell asleep part way through that one(!). Might try again another day…

Anyhow, my current impression (at the meta level) is that both of those guys are hung up on some particular technicalities which others disregard.

Those guys think that said technicalities are archi-important and that the others don’t understand them.

I think it’s far more likely that the others do understand enough to conclude (probably correctly) that it doesn’t matter.


to use a more local analogy – consider how the crashniks at MB thought they were so clever when crowing about the foreign liabilities of the EZFKA banks being unsustainable (because foreign investors would pull the plug altogether or hike rates; or because EZFKA would lose AAA; or because whatever else) & therefore inevitable to crash asset prices.

putting aside the fact that AAA hasn’t gone anywhere, they were wrong wrong wrong. Because they didn’t realise that rules could be changed (would be changed) when needed.

so the banks don’t need no frigging foreign borrowings, because – cometh the moment, cometh the man – Phil Lowe at RBA would fund the banks directly. Essentially for free.

would be mad to not realise that this can play out in the US (& I infer that, perhaps, this is what that Lacy bloke might be saying?)

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

It’s actually the complete opposite situation

everyone else has been consistently wrong declaring that inflation, low USD, and higher bond yields are imminent

while this guy has been correct in calling the complete opposite, because he understands the mechanics

not just has he made the correct calls (even a broken clock is right twice a day), he has explained why and in advance

MB like most people haven’t bothered to figure out how money actually works

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming

Banks need collateral to make loans

loans are bank assets, hence why they seek collateral (so they can have more loans)

the reserve bank pays more on the resale because it has earned interest on the bond while it has held it (ie the commercial bank has foregone interest earnings)

this is my understanding


Apologies for spamming links but it’s well worth watching this entire video for a good summary of his thesis


essentially the fed is running a confidence game

QE is not what they want you to think it is


To be fair to van metre he called this latest swoon and repo issue literally one or two days before it happened (see chronology of my initial links )

he has a very good track record

he just released another video a few minutes ago which I am just about to watch now



And here is a rebuttal (from a goldbug site though)


i obviously am not clever enough to know who is correct , but van metre and shneider seem like very smart blokes


John Adams also needs to listen to Lacy Hunt. My very basic understanding:

Governments and Banks are constrained by having to repay their debts. The stimulus payments will end. Banks will limit their lending to business. These genuinely inflationary factors are constrained. The rest of the bond purchases end up in higher earning assets like stocks. Asset inflation != general inflation.

Lacy draws the line at MMT. He dismisses the MMT as we know it as a fallacy. i.e. government infrastructure spending leading to wage inflation of which income tax revenue paying down the government debt. He is talking the central banks themselves funding infrastructure projects, welfare payments, of which the central banks never need to repay themselves. This is not possible without legislation changes that some politicians are currently seeking.


I think Lacy Hunt is more up your alley. He is an extremely well respected economist. His thesis is diminishing returns. This blue line in this graph show the amount of GDP created per dollar of debt.

In his last few interviews he has had a disclaimer that if the govt ever passes legislation that enabled the Fed to spend rather than lend (i.e. helicopter money from the Fed rather than the govt) then it is game over. Hyperinflation.

Inflation Today, But Deflation Tomorrow | Lacy Hunt – YouTube


Yes but it’s a separate issue

QE isn’t debt – it’s a tool to spur creation of more debt by lowering rates

the van metre thesis is that qe creates its own problems (unexpected consequences) that I tried to outline above but failed

so the question is which will implode first : QE itself , or debt creation

I think debt creation can go on because rates can approach but never quite reach zero or maybe they can go negative

but this is the stuff we need to talk about not wasting time on crypto scams


A chart about
absolutely and definitely must have been peer reviewed by the foremost and respected economists whom you refer to.


I did notice the typo and literally thought to myself this is a rushed presentation from a busy person and that a typo shouldn’t discredit the message. But apparently I was wrong. Nobody should be allowed to present a chart unless it is perfect and even peer-reviewed.


Phallus needs to lift his trolling game some.


sigh…fuck a duck…
well then, looking forward to a fortnight / 3 week conniption as the margin is called and cb’s jawbone another magical TLA meaning gifts for corporates .

I reckon it’ll be the XGP* that’ll fix teh ting

*Xtreme Gooder Process


Old Fed Rate methodology still tracking the Fed Rate


I posted a tweet (a rare event for me) where I expressed a wish that Gerry Harvey die soon, which resulted in their algo banning me for 12 hours for a terms of service violation. Apparently wishing people dead is against the Twitter Law.

Of course ISIS Jihadis wishing people dead is OK, and transgender mutters wishing the same for TERFs is OK etc etc.

When I’m back on Twitter I think I’ll tweet that I wish Jack Dorsety and every employee of Twitter be burned alive. It’s the only fate they deserve.


Twitter doesn’t turn a profit and yet we get these stupid painful algorithms that make no sense. I gave up Twitter a year ago. Whenever, I clicked on a tweet that was a little to the left, it would show me other far left nutcases. Then to the right, it would show me far right nutcases. Can’t see how this is a good business model, but maybe I am an exception.


I have lost count of the number of twitter accounts I’ve had. I ended up getting permanently life banned such that the twitter app will no longer download to my phone.


I wonder if the bot understands euphemisms?

like, what if you post wishing that the dude goes to heaven?


I just checked Twitter again, and I was actually banned until I confirmed my phone number and deleted the Tweet.

Fuck them. I deleted Twitter from my phone instead, and it feels good, man.

Agent 47

Porn all over it as well but hey, freedom of speech and that.


Oh…and a happy weekend to all you other organic units of production in the ezfja and elsewhere.


Regarding Jordie. You can’t go accusing people of corruption without proof. I would expect him to lose the court case if it ran the course.

Having said that, Barilaro signing those payments reminds me of Barry O’Farrell sending a thankyou note for his bottle of Grange. It is not proof of corruption but O’Farrell knew it wouldn’t pass the proverbial “pub test” at next election. Barilaro has become toxic especially with the stalker arrest antics. I expect him to be given the boot.


Everyone wants a free and unbiased media as long as it supports and barracks for them. It is EZFKA, so both sides are up to their eyeballs in dodgy stuff.


Barilaro practically stole the Italian club in Canberra. I’ve always maintained he bears more than a passing resemblance to Al Capone


Jordies got most of the Bruz dirt from Michael West. Good chance Jordie will win and Bruz will have fucked himself.


I do wonder at what stage other LNP dudes will begin to “distance” themselves from fatty, if it looks like he might lose….


“The Deputy Premier has the full support of the cabinet!”


Better screenshot that one, in case it gets scrubbed in teh future.

Agent 47

Kevin Rudd’s boyfriend is upset about politicised police harassment. Boo fucking hoo, when he starts talking about the Victorian ALP doing the exact same thing on a larger and worsening scale then I’ll give a shit.

Last edited 2 years ago by Agent 47

Yeah, nice attitude. Fuck you’re an idiot. One of the dumbest things I’ve read here and that’s saying something.


I don’t hear KRudd condemning Vic ALP about wanting to arrest people that they think will commit a crime under the state of emergency. Thankfully it didn’t go ahead, but stupid ideas have ways of being legislated eventually.


shanks is dopey enough to do that? shoot shit with no proof? imo barilaro’s response isn’t consistent with the ‘no proof’ theory


So it should be. I mean it is a theory and is only backed by qualitative statements. Once you start getting quantitative measures it will probably show that race is only a weak factor and other factors are more likely to attribute to the outcome.


This all has to do with one thing – the differences in life outcomes between Whites and Blacks as population groups in the freest, most liberal and egaliatrian nations to have ever existed.

On the CRT side you have the likes of Ibram X. Kendi where any remaining disparities is evidence that demonstrates whites and their culture are inherently evil and therefore must have their societies and racial identity completely deconstructed while at the same time making us pay.

On the other side you have the HBD, or Human Bio-Diversity believers, who believe that population groups have diversity both within AND between groups. Famous HBD’ers include the likes of Charles Murray from ‘Bell Curve’ fame (or infamy if the ideas offend you). In HBD view the remaining differences in life outcomes between population groups in the freest most egalitarian societies to have ever existed on earth, are essentially residual genetic differences in capabilities.

Interestingly Murray has just released another book called ‘Facing Reality’ about conformist polite America’s refusal to accept that however unfair it may appear, these differences might exist for non-environmental reasons and that the refusal to have this honest discussion is resulting in much of the current Woke Mccarthyism currently tearing apart the US and increasingly other parts of the West.

Steve Sailer did a good review of it here. Contains some new FBI stats that Sailer, who has diligently studied these numbers over the years, seemed pretty impressed by:


Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

s population groups in the freest, most liberal and egaliatrian nations to have ever existed.

The US is FAR from an egalitarian society.

believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

The US doesn’t even have egalitarian medical care, let alone education. IF your parents are rich you have access to everything, if your parents are poor then F you and your whole family.
I wonder how a user pays society could possibly lead to differences in life outcomes? Genetics, or user pays?


in a time honoured legalese way thats like winning a VC


Scott Morrison’s Australia is fucking embarrassing


Scott Morrison, incapable of speaking on these subjects with any real authority, was not afforded the same privilege with USA Joe. Boris “let the bodies hit the floor” Johnson, a bedraggled hybrid of Donald Trump and Mr Bean via a creepy hyper-elite boarding school that churns out UK Prime Ministers like Liberal staffers churn out desk cum, was needed in the room as Biden’s “make this less weird for me” guy. 


I see there are some hyped articles about the “delta variant” on news.com.au. Not living in AU, what are people thinking these days about the virus? I gather victorians are kind of pissed…

And is it wrong of me to think that Australia (politicians, press etc) just follow the UK… the UK of course is seeing ‘rising cases from the delta variant’.


I think “delta” = “Delhi”


Ever time some airport driver contracts Covid everyone claims it’s some super spreader variant. And then nobody in the media questions why these highly contagious people spend a week amongst the community giving it to almost nobody.


If authorities are so worried about these super spreader events, why are we not paying the driver more as to limit their movements. The governments want zero risk, but don’t want to pay for it.

A fly in your ointment

My thoughts too. It is petty money to pay in comparison to risks. This surpasses the gross incompetence levels and ventures into nefarious activities

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Have to wonder what’s happening in NSW. Another Gladys “love story” and the Covid NSW website lagging – only updated to 8pm 17/6.

Agent 47

Looking forward to the rest of the greek alphabet variants.


The Omega variety is gunna be a real blast.


Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

I think Police wrote this for that movie. Man I love the Police.



No one gives a shit in real life

its only journalists and online cucks who are frothing over it


that’s what I thought…


Let’s see how this comment ages. You could look a right cunt in a month’s time.

But, that’s not really a new thing for you though is it…


Interesting how they’ve banned AstraZeneca for the 50 year olds. Media was all, “Oh its bullshit AZ is fine.” Now its “Whooa this is a surprise. No one could have predicted this.”.

Honestly the media rewrite the narrative faster than the real news occurs. Now we’re finding that the media knew all along that there was plenty of real evidence that the virus came from Wu Han, but they partisianly didn’t want the truth to come out least it provide Trump with credibility – instead they ridiculed him.

The media are pure propaganda – most people would be better off never watching it. Better to be ignorant than programmed with lies and misinformation.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie


this is more and more of a fucking clown show every day

imagine if you had tucked your balls and gotten the AZ vaccine

now you find out that’s not good enough for our overlords
do you get another vaccination with Pfizer?

what a joke


that is sad….

What I find interesting is following China. Their vaccine is not as effective by the sounds of it. The CCP of course cannot admit their product is inferior to Western vaccines. And yet they still have to keep going into lockdowns in various regions to stop the spread. I wonder how they square the circle.

A fly in your ointment

Where’d you get that Sinovac is ineffective???
In a blink I’d get Sputnik or Sinovac over mRNA and a blood clutter zeneca. Chances are zeneka is a lesser risk than Fizzler, at least side effects are known and manageable


“everywhere” re sinovac

but mainly scmp comments 😉

Last edited 2 years ago by ThePensum
A fly in your ointment

LOL, does that mean I can use Global Times as a source for response?

Edit: I meant to say Sinopharm Vax, not Sinovac (in an obvious lapse of mind)

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Chile used Sinovac and the number of cases has not gone down. I believe another key factor is winter, so something for the northern hemisphere to look forward to in 4-5 months.
indonesia uses Sinovac and vaccinated people are still getting Covid.
I wouldn’t say it is completely ineffective rather other vaccines are better. Also if the aim is herd immunity, then it can be achieved with absolutely everyone vaccinated but knowing many people will still get Covid.


The vaccines don’t always stop people getting Covid particularly Sinovac, the idea was to reduce the spread. If everyone worldwide got Sinovac then the idea was to slow the spread enough for the virus to die out. Slowing the spread will mean that many people will still get infected. Even Pfizer vaccinated nursing home patients caught Covid in Victoria. Given the zero risk tolerance that certain states have, one must wonder how many more lockdowns we will be subjected to just like China.


I haven’t bought a newspaper in years. The last time I bought a Fairfax paper it was mostly opinion pieces and only a few news stories.
These days Twitter and Tik Tok trends make up news stories.


I stopped buying newspapers like the SMH years ago, around the same time I stopped reading it online. Persisted with SBS and ABC news for years – can still manage a little of the ABC, but SBS has me just wanting to kick the TV in.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Now we have scientists saying that the evidence pointed to a lab leak, but Trump. These idiots have wasted a valuable 18 months in trying to determine the origin of Covid, but let ideology override scientific evidence.


“Every mainstream media narrative is false until proven otherwise.”

Still holding true…

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

Imagine still believing there’s an actual pandemic. Imo this whole thing has been a smokescreen for some actual nastiness and globalist class warfare which the Helen lovejoy types are completely ignoring.

I’d rather talk about Black Rock buying up residential real estate by the suburb or the greatest wealth transfer ever than some circle jerking over which experimental vaccine you prefer.

The ones that have pussied out and taken an experimental jab for a 99.8% survival rate disease are beyond saving. I agree with peachys point last week – bunch of comfortable middle class types who have been given a bit of a made up scare and have completely gone to water.

If you didn’t get the point earlier in the week with the G7 charade then you are on your own. They’re laughing at you. Blokes who died at Kokoda should not have bothered. End rant.


yes the wealth transfer has been staggering… how have all these billionaires made out in the past year…. now houses everywhere are even more unaffordable…


What I can’t believe is how easily they got away with it. I mean Jeff Bezos, Sergei Brin, etc. are worshipped on LinkedIn. I just can’t see this changing. EmBee stupidly keeps going on about a class war, but that war has been held and the elites won. Until the working class can get together and change the system, they have a one way ticket to peasantry. The middle class are not far behind with their one way tickets to peasantry.


“EmBee stupidly keeps going on about a class war, but that war has been held and the elites won.”

It has indeed been won – what MB’s doesn’t understand is that ALL the policies now, especially MultiCult and mass migration, are simply about grinding down any residual resistance that may spring up ‘Horror! Nationalism!‘ and plowing all values and united sense of identity and culture that may have existed in our nations before, back into the field, so they never have to worry about any united resistance to their power again in the future.

MultiCult and forced migration has been used as a tool of oppression by despots for countless centuries, from Sennacherib, king of Assyria 5,000 years ago, the forced relocation of protestant Scotts to Northern Ireland by James 1 of England, through to Merkle’s acceptance of 1 million Muslim men in 2015.

This is all proof that the West is now ruled by a hostile elite and their catspaws.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Absolutely. Our elites despise the working class. As working class said about the elite on the Homer union rep episode of the Simpsons “they have the plans, but we have the power”. The social reforms of the late 19th and early 20th century gave deserving power to the working class such as a living wage, decent hours, the ability to unionise and affordable access to health, education and housing. My belief is that Paul Keating won the class war for the elite being leader of a party that was supposed to represent the workers. What are Keating’s triumphs?

  • Weakening of unions through his economic reforms
  • privatising pensions through super
  • Increasing the cost of education through HECS
  • Privatising the Commonwealth Bank
  • Starting the turbocharged financialisation and deindustrialisation of Australia

Whilst Howard made it all much worse, it all started with Keating and he made it easier for future government with the class war victory.


Keating describing Menzies as a “dreadful fop”, “vacuous dandy”, “Vagabond and a woeful coward” are the more ironic coming from a wannabe toff who collects antique French clocks and has been shacked up with his violin playing nancy boy lover for the past 15 years. Fact is Menzies was far more left wing than that flouncing fairy ever was.


I have long held the view that the Singapore model of government is the one that Western democracies are aiming for. This pandemic has shown just how quickly we are moving towards that model.


except for Victoria … they aim for the China model.


“FBI were organising the attacks on the Capital on January 6th”

Tucker Carlson Segment On Revolver News’s Piece About January 6th: Unindicted Co-Conspirators In January 6th Cases Raise Disturbing Questions Of Federal Foreknowledge


I seem to remember this thing about entrapment and willful incitement to violence.

A fly in your ointment

In order for something to fall it is a basic requirement that it flies. At least some brief period.

A fly in your ointment

This is what I thought from day 1. Because of previous 4 yrs of Thump “management”

Agent 47

As someone else has said, imo this now opens the red pill door to the normies that potentially other major events in recent history were assisted and/or organised by Intel agencies for political purposes. If you watch the footage of the capitol incident you can actually work out who the feds are
inciting the whole thing.



Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

The quote misattributed to Gobbles or Hitler comes to mind:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

The reality is that there isn’t any evidence that it originated from either of them. 

Oh my god…. So the story about Goebbels postulating that a big lie, told often, will become the truth….. is a big lie, told often, that became the truth?!



Despite the plausibility of ‘The Big Lie’ on a probabilistic occurrence the issue is that while you might get many instances of it throughout history, chances are you will never know of it because those perpetuating the lie inevitably end up writing the history books.

Most people simply take the word of the person reporting the story. When I grew up the common opinion of Mussolini was that he was a vane dunderhead. Much of this opinion was a result of the view popularized by Ernest Hemmingway, who reporting from the Lausanne Peace Conference of 1923 wrote that he saw Mussolini reading a French dictionary upside down.

The reality was that Mussolini had actually taught French, and was a European polyglot fluent in German, French, Italian and English, being praised at the Munich conference in 1938 for his mediation and translation skills.

Hemmingway was your modern day progressive liberal who went on to cover the Spanish civil war and hung out with a bunch of 1930s leftists while they fought Francoist forces, became bum chums with Castro, and wrote for who the bells toll.

Like most upper class liberals who look down on the working poor, other than as idolised noble savages to be romantically written about or political point scored over (think the Professor), Hemmingway intently disliked politicians who catered to the hoi polloi and their base and very unliberal ideals, and there is no base value more unliberal in the eyes of a progressive liberal than appealing to Nationalism.

Nothing upsets a well to do liberal more, as they go about their well to do independent lives, than being reminded that some people have so little in life that they actually value and want to conserve the social capital that they are born into, rather than give it away for so many moral brownie points.

Consequently, Hemmingway hated Mussolini and deliberately portrayed him as a buffoon, much like the msm did with Trump. With few alternative news sources other than “independent” journalists of the likes of Hemmingway, mocking lies soon became common opinion and fact.


Someone needs to create a movie or TV show based on 1984, call it 2084, but make update the themes to include the various critical theories and cancel culture becoming our overlord, as a tool of re-writing history, which was obviously one of the key themes of 1984 (at least for me it was).


It is only three minutes, but someone sort of started:


“What, what, what, what, what!” Normies waking up in about 5 years time.


“With the dexterity and speed you’d expect from sushi chefs, they scrape off the fish’s scales with a knife, remove its gills and carefully angle a skewer down its throat to remove its innards without penetrating its flesh. But what happens next is truly unexpected. They pack the fish with salt, layer them in a wooden tub, weigh the lid down with 30kg stones and leave them to cure for two years. Each fish is then thoroughly rinsed, dried in the sun for a day and fermented for one more year in cooked rice before it is ready to be eaten.”


The thought of eating three year old rotten fish was a stomach churning, revolting idea, yet by the end of the article my mouth was watering.

Article left me feeling very conflicted…. I would not eat bugs, but would I eat 3 year old rotten fish?

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I like fermented foods


It is definitely an acquired taste.

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They pack the fish with salt, layer them in a wooden tub, weigh the lid down with 30kg stones and leave them to cure for two years. Each fish is then thoroughly rinsed, dried in the sun for a day and fermented for one more year in cooked rice

Harry on Saturday morning.


The tricky bit seems to be gutting them through their throats.

A fly in your ointment

Salt is the conservative agent here. Age old, across distant nations.
Not different by much from anchovies


Anchovies – I can eat them straight out of the jar


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Indeed Harry. But worth it in the end.
We need to discuss the important things, like that and this;


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Pretty sure mine are from beer and chardonnay.


Very clever response. I give you a B (cup).
Drink a bit harder and you could get a D
Now where’s that diamond

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I had a mate who came back from Mexico to the US with a small left over rock of cocaine that he thought he’d smuggle back. Unfortunately he wrapped it poorly in cheap Mexican glad wrap and didn’t place his homemade suppository as carefully as he should have while in the confines of the plane toilet.

Without going into too much of description it started to come unwrapped as he exited the plane and while going through various custom check points he started both sweating profusely and was overcome with an intense urge to shit.

Not realising that his package had started to come apart and thinking it was just a relapse of Montezuma’s Revenge, he desperately tried to scoop out his stash instead of shitting it into the dunny. But all he succeeded in doing was fully unwrapping it, completely numbing his ass and triggering a massive bowel evacuation.

When he finally cleaned himself up and returned to the customs line, his sweaty disposition and odd behaviour caused him to be pulled from the line and taken away for special interrogation. Because they didn’t find anything on him and the slow rate at which he was processed and interviewed, meant that the intensity of the effects soon wore off and he wasn’t subjected to the rubber glove treatment. They eventually released him a couple hours later.

And Now for Something Completely Different, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
The two the least likely to be ever juxtapositioned are both a marble in their genre.
The first one is a sum of various sketches replayed I studio without audience and with in-between filler animations by incredible Terry Gilliam. Monty Pythons is always worth re-watching, again and again.
The second one is an intro into multicultural affairs, a slow deracialism of those that never saw a Bollywood production. It is a mix of comedy, high school acting, riches and rags, you see – nothing short of all da ingredients for a movie that garners cult status. If one is ever to see a Bollywood, this would by my recommendation.
Next week sumtin serious


“One of the great social innovations of the left was to never punch left.

So when the left’s Islamic pets kill innocents, there is no condemnation.

When the lefts BLM brown-shirts burn, loot and murder, we don’t hear anything from the left’s standard bearers.

My fear is the right has learnt this lesson only too well. Anyone on the right condemning Kristo’s treatment will likely be called a ‘cuck’, either publicly or privately.’

A very good observation.

Re ZH that will really put the cat among the pigeons. I wonder how much will be real and how much will be fabricated – that goes both with what he eventually has to tell them, and what the Govt eventually decides to tell/leak to the media.

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Banking regulators poised to tighten lending standards to cool market (smh.com.au)

This sounds like more EZFKA malarkey. They wanted to avoid an economic catastrophe with housing stimulus. Guy Debelle interviewed in Senate Estimates admitting higher house prices were desirable to increase housing construction. LNP were desperate for even more relaxed lending standard with the bill that is blocked by the senate.


Malarkey indeed.

Debelle is a slimy lying fuckhead, as you must be, if you want to occupy a high post at a central bank. Guy will go far.

Guy Debelle interviewed in Senate Estimates admitting higher house prices were desirable to increase housing construction. 

it is clear as a sunrise on K2 that low land prices would increase construction much more than high prices.

If a middle ring suburb house of 1940s vintage goes for $1m (as it does), the ordinary buyer is almost guaranteed to just live in the dump.

If a middle ring suburb house of 1940s vintage goes for $250k (in a world that Guy wants to avoid), the ordinary buyer is almost guaranteed to knock it down and spend $300k putting a nice new house on the block. The construction boom that would be unleashed would be bigger than the recent mining booms.


Yes, but a suburban house for $250k does not help the land bankers who hold massive amounts of potential postage stamp sized blocks that they wish to drip feed onto the market.


Of course. Nor does it help the banks (which is squarely Debelle’s patch).

Its all about who wins and who loses. Not so much about how many houses actually get built.


Watching the Senate Estimates questions to Debelle made me realise how slimy and disingenuous those pricks are. In earlier questioning about high debt and expensive housing Debelle wheeled out the “house prices are not the RBA’s concern”. It was only when a different senator asked him about lending going into unproductive housing rather than to new businesses that Debelle came up with that comment about high house prices stimulating productivity via new construction.

I have a general theory that once we reach a certain level of demand then house prices are determined by credit. The latter implies that (at the margins at least) humans are idiots that will borrow as much money they can get away with. That assumption has helped me understand a few things:
1) Mortgage repayments are largely static relative to income. This is why Chris Joye has been so accurate with his house pricing forecasts. You just need to calculate the principle portion of the loan relative to current interest rates.

2) The building industry will have a natural evolution to poorer quality construction. i.e. Builders will try to gain a competitive edge (or maximise profits) with poorer quality construction. But when they all do it the competitive edge is gone. Because the idiot humans still borrowing the same amount we end up with cheaper construction offset by higher land values.

3) And this is me disagreeing your point of whether higher or lower land values stimulate construction. If the idiot buyer prepared to borrow maximum amount then they do not determine when construction occurs. It will always be the land banker preferring to build or sell their land when values are high, or inner city boomers selling their large homes to developers when land values are high enough to retire elsewhere.

Just my 2c.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

very good post, Freddy.

on this:

3) And this is me disagreeing your point of whether higher or lower land values stimulate construction. If the idiot buyer prepared to borrow maximum amount then they do not determine when construction occurs. It will always be the land banker preferring to build or sell land values are high, or inner city boomers selling their large homes to developers when land values are high enough to retire elsewhere.

You are largely right. Because the current situation is closer to the one that you conceptualise as “reach a certain level of demand then house prices are determined by credit. The latter implies that (at the margins at least) humans are idiots that will borrow as much money they can get away with”*

rather than my thought experiment, where land prices are somehow reset much lower and the average idiot does not need to borrow at the maximum level in order to buy.

*you describe humans as idiots in your situation. That is probably not true/a bit unfair – the humans are just responding to the condition of housing shortage. Bidding what they must, in order to get some. In aggregate, there is no real alternative.


I’m at the point now of concluding any public discussion of house prices, most certainly by public institutions & politicians, is essentially a pantomime designed to deflect any real discussion from taking place.

Because of TINA, people need to buy somewhere to live so the system is manipulated such that repayments are always whatever % of your income is required to buy and service the loan.

I actually fully view Scomo’s stage 2 and 3 income tax cuts as required for mortgage serviceability improvements (knowing that interest rate rises could be coming) and nothing else. Essentially any and all economic policy changes are generally done to maintain the bubble, prop up the private bank cartel etc.

The EZFKA vested interests are too strong, the drivers too entrenched.

The global asset bubble which we are a part of shall grind forward.

To infinity and beyond!


Up until a few years ago I chased high paying low job security consulting jobs, and as such reluctant to get into high debt. Meanwhile some of my lowly paid friends in safe jobs and with no ambition, borrowed to the hilt on multiple IPs. Maybe I am the idiot.


EZFKA is designed that hard work is taxed much more than wealth. No one is going to change it on either side of politics.


Felt like the idiot too, although after I told a couple of friends that I was going to buy a place, a few admitted that they’d stuffed up and wishing they’d saved up more –one managed to lose money on a Sydney property (possibly a flammable cladding apartment) as well as being demoralised by the growing interest component on their family home which was near 50% due to taking out repeat IO loans.

Even though my offset will be near 100% full on settlement, I’m keeping this on the quiet and pretending to be just another struggling chump with a 7 figure mortgage. 


) And this is me disagreeing your point of whether higher or lower land values stimulate construction. If the idiot buyer prepared to borrow maximum amount then they do not determine when construction occurs. It will always be the land banker preferring to build or sell their land when values are high, or inner city boomers selling their large homes to developers when land values are high enough to retire elsewhere.

This is the truth, until land banking is stopped, pretty easily if you want to. All you have to do is massively reduce the zoning restrictions and land banking becomes both impossible and unprofitable.


High house prices to increase housing construction has been unofficial RBA policy since 2013/14. Even Glen Stevens was mentioning it.


See here…. https://www.ezfka.com/2021/06/18/weekend-links-june-18-19-2021/#comment-5524 …?

seems like a core tenet of the EZFKA, I suppose

Agent 47

the right always punches right and that’s why it’s fucked. the left never repudiate or cut off their own extremists, in fact they allow the energy and intellectual ammunition of the marxists etc to feed their mainstream thought. by contrast the mainstream right want NOTHING TO DO with the alt right, fascists, nat socs, bio-determinists etc, theyll line up before the left even does to condemn them.

that’s why they’re always losing, bc theyre fighting figurative battle with half their body cut off.

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Thanassis Veggos

This is LITERALLY the opposite of reality. What f*cken planet are you on ?

The “Left” (for the sake of this, that’s the mainstream “Left” parties like Labor and everyone to the left of them – Greens, SAP, etc) is ABSOLUTELY RIFE with division and infighting across the entire western world. And that’s not even considering people like Katter who are economically left and socially “Right” creating a whole additional dimension of conflict.

Jesus H Christ. The “Left” couldn’t even keep up a FACADE of unity through an ELECTION CAMPAIGN – Labor have made it COMPLETELY CLEAR they would rather stay in Opposition than have even an informal agreement with the Greens. Meanwhile, you have The Liberals and Nationals in a formal coalition, and a bunch of minor parties and independents that will go along with them most of the time, often without even needing any bait to switch.

The Right might have some occasional disagreements about eg: how much sexism and racism is just a little too much in these modern times, but they ABSOLUTELY, BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT, are COMPLETELY UNITED when it comes to attacking and criticising the “Left”. Which – along with comprehensive control of most influential media – is why they’ve been in Government for ~20 of the last 25 years.

(And the “mainstream right” want nothing to do with the alt-right, etc ? The mainstream right is RIFE with dangerous and corrupt nutjobs. A QAnon True Believer has been GROOMING THE PRIME MINISTER, for f*ck’s sake.)

Last edited 2 years ago by Thanassis Veggos

(And the “mainstream right” want nothing to do with the alt-right, etc ? The mainstream right is RIFE with dangerous and corrupt nutjobs. A QAnon True Believer has been GROOMING THE PRIME MINISTER, for f*ck’s sake.)

lol nup

conservatives are shit scared of any accusation of “racism” and go out of their way to avoid being tarred as one by any means necessary

idgaf if scott morsison has been friends with a qanon weirdo, hes known the guy for decades before qanon even existed anyway


While there is a lot of internecine behaviour on the left, I would certainly agree that the media close ranks and provide both cover and a soft narrative for the left’s bully boys of BLM and AntiFa, that is if they even mention them at all.

There is virtually no criticism of either BLM and AntiFa, and despite drowning in potential daily stories of their thuggery, brutality and criminality, instead fall over themselves to manufacture imagined crimes committed by virtually non-existent white supremacists.

If they are referring to political parties in as in Australia, the fact is the Left or Labor is little more than controlled opposition, and about as independent of the same hostile elites and their bags full of donation money as the Right is.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Tim Stewart, the QAnon friend clearly has mental health issues and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a late onset schizophrenia diagnosis at some point. Politically, Morrison has missed both an opportunity to get him help demonstrate compassion and dismiss the conspiracy.


who knows or cares, why does qanon bother so many ppl anyway? its obviously wacko but its a conspiracy theory whose main target are the rich, powerful ppl who lord over us. that’s why you hear about it so much – its not picking on anyone other than the people who already have their thumbs over all of our heads

lord forbid anybody suggest a lot of them are pedophiles! nobody in any position of power has ever been a pedophile before


Morrison at the Jamaica Inn.


Pretty interesting to see the negative comments as opposed to his “sanitised” official FB page where the moderation is on par with the emBee.

A fly in your ointment

Chinks also have their “Clintons”


Just for laughs.

Harry Potter sells Melbourne property – $100k gain in 17 years.



He “bought” it from his parents, and “sold” it to a corporate entity they control so I don’t expect the price reflects reality.


Tax dodge


Hi T, good selection of news and rare items and memes again.

You mentioned the pedo elite. I was wondering if you ever heard of Whitney Webb, she’s a champion at doing research and connecting dots. After the Epstein case broke she had a look and started unravelling the bigger picture and the association between governments, intelligence agencies and the mob. In her first article of a three part series she gives an overview of the history of sexual blackmail in the US.

Of interest to Stewie might be that the hostile elite is involved in every dark and sordid corner of this story.

Remember J Edgar Hoover, former Director of the FBI, a.k.a. “Mary”?:

“Mrs. Rosenstiel claims to have attended the orgies with her husband in 1958. On the first occasion Hoover, whom Mrs. Rosenstiel had met and recognized, was wearing ‘a fluffy black dress, very fluffy, with flounces, and lace stockings and high heels, and a black curly wig.’

‘He had makeup on, and false eyelashes. It was a very short skirt and he was sitting there in the living room of the suite with his legs crossed. Roy introduced him as ‘Mary.’

Young boys joined the party and engaged in sexual activities with Hoover, Cohn, and her husband, according to Rosenstiel, who said Hoover had one of the boys read from the Bible while the other played with him.” — ‘Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover’ by Anthony Summers.

From the first article by Whitney Webb:

“Though for years there were only hints to this other side of the controversial businessman, details emerged years later during a divorce proceeding brought by Rosenstiel’s fourth wife, Susan Kaufman, that would back the claims. Kaufman alleged that Rosenstiel hosted extravagant parties that included “boy prostitutes” that her husband had hired “for the enjoyment” of certain guests, which included important government officials and prominent figures in America’s criminal underworld. Kaufman would later make the same claims under oath during the hearing of the New York’s State Joint Legislative Committee on Crime in the early 1970s.

Not only did Rosenstiel organize these parties, but he also made sure that their venues were bugged with microphones that recorded the antics of his high-profile guests. Those audio recordings, Kaufman alleged, were then kept for the purpose of blackmail. Though Kaufman’s claims are shocking, her testimony was deemed credible and held in high regard by the former chief counsel of the Crime Committee, New York Judge Edward McLaughlin, and committee investigator William Gallinaro and aspects of her testimony were later corroborated by two separate witnesses who were unknown to Kaufman.

These “blackmail parties” offer a window into an operation that would later become more sophisticated and grow dramatically in the 1950s under Rosenstiel’s “field commander” (a nickname given by Rosenstiel to an individual to be named shortly in this report). Many of the people connected to Rosenstiel’s “field commander” during the 70s and 80s have again found their names in the press following the recent arrest of Jeffrey Epstein.”

About Roy Cohn:

(In the late 1970s and during the 1980s, he (Roy Cohn) became a prominent political fixer in New York City.[2][3][4][5] He represented and mentored the real estate developer and later President of the United States Donald Trump during his early business career. — Wikipedia)

“Perhaps the most damning confirmation of Cohn’s activities in Suite 233 comes from statements made by Cohn himself to former NYPD detective and ex-head of the department’s Human-Trafficking and Vice-Related Crimes Division, James Rothstein. Rothstein later told John DeCamp — a former Nebraska state senator who investigated a government-connected child sex ring based in Omaha — among other investigators, that Cohn had admitted to being part of a sexual blackmail operation targeting politicians with child prostitutes during a sit-down interview with the former detective. 

Rothstein told DeCamp the following about Cohn:

Cohn’s job was to run the little boys. Say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman, who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn’s job was to set them up, then they would go along. Cohn told me that himself.”

Part 1: https://unlimitedhangout.com/2019/07/investigative-series/hidden-in-plain-sight-the-shocking-origins-of-the-jeffrey-epstein-case/


Without a doubt JFK found out too much about their plans which sealed his fait and got him killed following his speech on ‘a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy’ that rules the world.


For some reason this is one speech that they never mention while ‘teaching’ history about JFK and his assassination .

The real conspiracy theory is that people don’t conspire.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

“The real conspiracy theory is that people don’t conspire.”

Yes, conspiracies happen all the time, business, politics etc.

JFK either wasn’t fully aware of what he was up against, or he did realise and therefore he must have been a very brave man.

It’s kind of bitter sweet that he asked the help of the media and the people. The media are always one of the first things to be fully controlled, and the people in general (not here at EZFKA) are mostly too ignorant or just not interested to look outside the MSM presentation of the ‘truth’.

As long as there is dirt on you, you can become a big player in politics, because the dirt can be used to control you.

I wasn’t a big fan of Trump, but I have never seen a US President for whom it was made almost impossible to do his job.
Maybe that’s why he was given so much resistance, because he couldn’t be controlled and they had to get rid of him ASAP.

Part 2 and 3 of Whitney Webb’s piece:

Part 2 https://unlimitedhangout.com/2019/07/investigative-series/government-by-blackmail-jeffrey-epstein-trumps-mentor-and-the-dark-secrets-of-the-reagan-era/

Part 3  https://unlimitedhangout.com/2019/08/investigative-series/mega-group-maxwells-and-mossad-the-spy-story-at-the-heart-of-the-jeffrey-epstein-scandal/

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I’m glad you’re so optimistic T!

I’m more of a pessimist myself in those matters.

But you know the saying:
“A pessimist is an optimist with experience.” 😀


eyes wide shut…


There’s tons of material on the internet where people pull apart Kubrick’s movies. Trying to interpret and give meaning to even the smallest details.

Fascinating stuff.


Liz complaining about house prices (but neglecting to mention immigration). Wonder if my comment will get published.



Publish your comment here?


Can a subtle dig at immigration get past the Liz decto bots?


In the 90s, my parents bought their home outright on a single income. I used to think that was impossible nowadays, despite earning many magnitudes more. Yet, it’s someone happened.

I just bought my first house in Melbourne. 4 beds, study, double garage, plenty of living areas.

I figure if I can do it, anyone can – because isn’t that what all the property investors and boomers have been saying for decades?

Funnily enough the agent said – you’re a first home buyer, would you like to be put in touch with a property journalist as they’re always looking to interview people who have bought.

Sure, I said. But due to the cost of the home I didn’t qualify for any first home owner grants or stamp duty exemptions. I haven’t received any family support/inheritances. I have no investments outside super and saved the entire amount of the house while renting for 10 years. During the majority of that time I’ve also been working part-time. 

Would have been happy to stick around for another decade paying a rent of < 5% income, but the landlord wanted to sell up to take advantage of the boom. They were never unreasonable people always responsive with any concerns and maybe raised the rents a couple of times in total. I figured with immigration on hold and likely to be supercharged in the future it made sense.

My views on REAs have also changed – plenty of them seem to have the time to call me on Sundays and public holidays, but I guess that might have something to do with stating I could make unconditional offers on a short settlement.

I’m still waiting for journalist to call… but I think they prefer those 20 properties in their 20s types who have retired yet still run buyers agencies!


As a demographer, she really doesn’t understand much more than basic data analytics or she intentionally leaves out data elements that contradict her hypothesis. The article was devoid of any data such as changes in population, price of money, the explicit backing of the government (cash grants etc.). As I have mentioned in another post many elite let their ideology trump scientific evidence.

I remember the article that she wrote implying that Melbourne was unlucky with Covid outbreaks. Used very basic data to support her arguments. Other data shows that Sydney is sociodemogrphically segregated and Melbourne is more mobile. Also the poorer suburbs form a ring around Melbourne whereas it is a north-south line west of Sydney.


she’s as much a demographer as bernard salt …


Cue Boomers dismissing any housing affordability problems while drawing comparisons to “back in my day”

Like most people in their 60s, I was in my late thirties before I could afford to buy a house, I bought where I could afford, not where I thought I had a god-given right to live, and I survived extremely high interest rates.
I wasn’t a two house household, my parents didn’t provide any funding, there were no government subsidies to help first home buyers, I was a one income household, and drove a second car, my house wasn’t a mansion, and the TV was a discarded black and white.

The housing availability ‘shortage’ is a media mirage.”


This Liz Allen chick is fkn nuts, any tiny mention of limited or reduced immigration and she calls you a racist. Lefties are losing their minds. Thanks covid for reducing immigration, that’s one of the positive things that came out of this China virus. But housing debt bubble is growing unfortunately and debt levels are increasing which isn’t good, more people getting enslaved in Oz with massive mortgages – best to move out of NSW and VIC and to a cheaper place if you can move jobs

Australian Housing Bubble Continues – Insane Predictions By Vested InterestssJChbyr4ql



Revenge attacks in China. In just the past 3 weeks, China has seen a huge surge in public knife attacks, often targeting children… What’s going on?


I watch that guys vids too, they are pretty informative.


Yep even more so since they bounced out of China. Now he and laowhy are able to say much more.



even more interesting – education in China – students rebelling against CCP’s decision to change their Bachelor’s Degrees to Vocational Degrees.

I read since then the CCP did backdown on this. Cannot verify though.


My latest view on Bitcoin:

Bitcoin was only able to touch the lower Fibonacci retracement line around ~T41k, which was around my lower price estimate of ~T42k to ~T52k for a rebound.

Also it has now fallen below the descending trend line again.

Al this makes Bitcoin still look weak IMO.

It has to stay above T30k or it will enter the danger zone and could fall to next support at ~T20k. Unless Stewie’s doomsday machine theory at ~T24k gets activated and then all bets are off regarding any lower level projection, who knows where it will bottom then?

Also in regards to Michael Saylor:
He might have bought right around the top of the rebound.
With borrowed money, and probably leveraged.
The man has some conviction, you’ll have to give him that…

I had a quick look at his history and apparently he exhibited the same YOLO style during the dot com bubble years.
He lost all his money, $15 billion! How da fuk is that even possible!
Wouldn’t you set at least $1 billion apart so you never have to work again in your life? My goodness, my head hurts…

I must say though that I’m pleasantly surprised by how ‘technical’ Bitcoin has been trading.

Have a good week all!

Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 21.57.26.png

Great website, much better than MB, thanks for the content and great job!