EZFKA responsible for Prince’s departure

The Prince is gone. And it looks like EZFKA pushed him over the edge.

It was on 30 March in the year of our Lord 2021, that EZFKA published a scathing critique of the Prince

In our considered, heavy-hitting expose, we said:

Bala balh blah blah blah do blah.

This thing up, that thing down. This thing trading in a range!

blah blah-non-committal-blah

‘FKAn Afternoon – EZFKA

This critique must have caused some serious soulsearching, because within a few days, the Prince was no more.


No signs of life since 1 April 2021.

We loved you, mate.

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Agent 47

Hilarious if true.

I would say the Trump satire piece may have gotten to him as well.


About as hilarious as you saying all conspiracies have been proven correct in the past twelve months lol, idiot.


You’re a very angry person.


Perhaps. Someone needs to call out the dumb shit you wankers say though. This place tends to be an echo chamber of shit posting and denial of reality.


are we less or more on point than MB in your opinion


About the same really. There’s just a greater population there (or was) of “normal” people to balance out the crazy

Bris Checker will be bak!
Gone for holidays to Sunshine Coast and is coming out of the Q-tin


Yeah – I thought he was just on holidays. Said he was off for a couple weeks.

A fly in your ointment


I thought he really found a less “frothing at the mouth” pastures


Looks like he is back today.


hello DjenkaA

A fly in your ointment

Никола, кај си бе? Шо праеш?


i never actually had any issues with chris, what’s his deal anyway

i just saw him as the end of day wrap up man




Always wondered why a trading genius would need to write tedious repetitive daily articles for a fringe/lunatic politics blog


I’ve alwaýs wondered why “geniuses” like you and Stewie persist with such tedious online musings…


i wonder why cool cats like u are on here trashing us as opposed to out being the alleged non-loser u claim to be

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal

When did I claim to be non-loser? I’ll think you’ll find I said the opposite.

How’s that bin scabbing going?


fantastic i made $84 yesterday morning in about 45 minutes


A trading genius would keep their secrets to themselves and they certainly wouldn’t live in Nambour


Does Becker really live in Nambour? That place is fucked.


is nambour the brisbane version of mt druitt

or is that ipswich

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal

Most likely Ipswich. We used to refer to it as a hole above the ground


Nambour is a literal hole in the ground that has never recovered from the loss of the local sugar industry. The only other thing it had going was that it had the region’s main hospital but that’s been superseeded now so the joint is fucked.

It’ll probably get gentrified real fast by southerners moving up and buying the cheap houses.




Even Martin and Edwin are hanging shit on MB now



The deeper humour about this post is while EZFKA know that they have no bearing on anything Becker does, MB are always trying to take credit for the actions of various decision makers, as if they actually have influence.

Even John Adams who used to show up quite often on Martin’s channel and arguably jumping off the deep end with conspiracy theorists on the US election had more success and claim to influence by being part of the team that helped kill off the cash transaction ban bill.

A fly in your ointment

MB are always trying to take credit for the actions of various decision makers, as if they actually have influence

Delusional. Even the fake retraction of article critical of Turnbull (or was it KRudd?)
I noted that on several occasions but my link to a joke with a mouse banging a an elephant got redacted few times.


It was KRudd. Everyone knows that KRudd is a self obsessed egomaniac, so an act of stupidity by DLS to imply he is an agent of China. Plus KRudd is from Nambour too fitting in with the theme above.