‘FKAn Afternoon

Today we have a guest post from Bis Crecker as a placeholder for some banter!

We figured that something broadly tepid and inert might be a good contrast to the emotionally charged crapshoot endured over the weekend.

without further ado, here is the guest post:

Bala balh blah blah blah do blah.

This thing up, that thing down. This thing trading in a range!

blah blah-non-committal-blah

Bis Crecker
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Teena McQueen: ‘I would kill to be sexually harassed at the moment’ (smh.com.au)

Nobody has a sense of humour anymore. Bring back the 80s cricket sledging.


This is sad palace intrigue nonsense. Just goes to show how little actual journalism there is anymore, and what is left is just access journalism.

Sad state of affairs.

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is there anything more pointless than day to day financial news

what good can come from staring at charts


It’s really easy content to generate though, although peachy has clearly stepped it up on that count. 🙂


im trying to think of some articles to write but its hard for me to come up with ideas, might need to do some reading for inspiration

crocodile reading.jpg
A fly in your ointment


Houses to crash in 6 months, AU$ at US$0.55 and more.
25. July 2018.




Not even the 18 months will save them there!


That’s fckn funny. Thanks!


Although I would be among the last of people to defend Becker, I’ve personally always thought the task of assigning reasons or explanations for the daily movement of the markets to be a pointless exercise. The daily ‘random walk’ of most markets is rarely influenced by any single event or announcement. Sure there are occasionally significant events that will materially move the market and are worth calling out, but in the main I think most of the movement is simply the markets ‘random walk’. So the task of writing a daily market summary and assigning cause to the effects would imho be a rather repetitive and monotonous task, it is also why I find it fairly pointless to read these daily market summaries, as they can cloud or distract from systematic issues that drive the long term market trends, which are far less of a random walk.

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When you are putting out a dozen articles a day, every day, a lot of them end up being pointless…
or repetitive.
Unless you have a fairly large and good team generating them.


Personally I’m generating neither quality or quantity, but i’m worth every cent 🙂


I probably asked for that with my comments on the security post. Jokes on them though, it’s reasonably strong.
Other than being able to post here or getting my email address to spam, no harm can really be done. They can’t even post an article without someone else approval.

Edit: for shits and giggles I googled my handle:
Apparently I only exist at ezfka and MB.
Although it’s probably the only places Ive used it, at least that i remember.

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A fly in your ointment

…task of assigning reasons or explanations for the daily movement of the markets to be a pointless exercise…

….So the task of writing a daily market summary and assigning cause to the effects would imho be a rather repetitive and monotonous task, it is also why I find it fairly pointless …

How is that a “defence”?
There is a major profiling cue for people whom can indefinitely do and enjoy repetitive tasks.


Churning out monotonous, mealy mostly-meaningless copy.

Seems soul destroying.

I’m glad I don’t have a job like that.

I hope to have a job that’s not like that someday.
I guess blogger isn’t in my future 🙂


No defense, which is sort of the point – it’s a defenseless position. I never really read his market summaries other than on big move days when I wanted a hint as to what the driver was…. often found myself disagreeing with the identified cause anyway.

Bit like CB and DLS running around like headless chooks in regards to the BTC price…. what’s driving it? Is it gold? Is it regulation?

It is one thing and one thing only driving it – Tether printing. It stops and so does the price, which at best stabilises momentarily before starting to grind lower as $50m exits every day just to cover mining electricity expenses.


I will be the black sheep and say Random Walk is bs. I hope to write an article to explain why in more detail. But for now let’s just say that there are many system traders making money at many different timescales from seconds to years. These systems would not work at all if it was genuinely a Random Walk. Take a look at how many times the ASX 200 has crossed 6750-6850 recently. That is not random.

But to your point about daily commentary. Yes, 99.99% is bs story telling to the sheeple and unrelated to price movement. Trump tweets and Powell jawboning have had a much bigger impact than any perceived macro fundamentals.

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Chinese Astroturfer

Stock went down today because it was overbought, will go back up again after sell off isn’t as interesting as ascribing movement to trade tensions, and jobs reports.


You can make money on a truly random walk without problem. Simply sell when higher and buy when lower. Underlying bias in one direction or the other is what makes it more difficult without understanding the non random drivers.


I agree that there is a place for TA – I use it myself, especially for resistance and support, trendlines, etc. I just find the intra-daily movements of large, liquid markets tend to be random walks, especially over smaller time scales. But won’t argue the point, different opinions make a market! 🙂


When we launch the EZFKA Stoned Fruit Fund can we produce something like this?

Nucleus Wealth: Achieve Financial Peace of Mind – YouTube


I thought it was the EZFKA Stoned Fruitcake Fund?


I was thinking something like Towelie from South Park. A stoned Peachy.

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Chinese Astroturfer

Scratch session.

I’m praying that international markets are down to save the MB Fund.


Seems the natives are getting more and more restless over at the MB’s.


March 31, 2021 at 1:53 pm

You don’t come to Macrovirus for measured , insightful commentary. They have been dreadful in all things virus. No reason to stop with the vaccine. And when you have got no clue, double down!


‘andrew’ has been a long discontent

i really just wish they didnt ban people. i’d be more than happy to still post there if they had the same philosophy we do over at ezfka.


I’d be happy if they just didn’t ban people.
They can keep their philosophy.
Unfortunately the ship has sailed and is crossing the horizon.
Problem is they didn’t like anyone pointing out they had no idea what the were on about, and have killed the place by banning/driving away everyone interesting.


Yes. Being constantly contrarian ultimately means being wrong a lot of the time to then say once in a blue moon, hah! Told you!


by philosophy i meant our banning philosophy. i dont care what anyone believes, just dont ban people for believing other shit.