Macrobusiness flips the 18 month calamity egg-timer

You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Right?! Didn’t they just turn bullish?!

Nah, this is serious – completely serious, though eastrordinary. Just when you thought he was acclimatising to the light of day and the fresh air, bloke’s dashed back into the Deflation Imaginarium, slammed the door and feverishly typed out another dispatch, oriented approximately 180 degrees from the last one.

DaVo’s opinions are wobbling and spinning like a compass needle sitting on the side of a mine road with heavily laden iron ore trucks passing by.

Nonetheless, he’s done the maths right:

(Early 2021 + 18 months) = 2022!

By refusing to tighten macroprudential policy now to slow house prices and push more of the RBA easing into a lower Australian dollar, APRA is setting us up for a pro-cyclical accident in 2022. How does that serve the cause of “financial stability”?

Such are the contradictions at the heart of Australia’s broken monetary regime.

I don’t know what to say. Maybe he is doing this on purpose, to give EZFKA some fun material to riff on? Maybe he’s misread the calendar and thought it’s 1 April already? Maybe it’s just clickbait, as housing gloom is about the only thing that tends to generate clicks?

anyone out there got a better theory?

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They forgot to update all the inputs to the automatic article generator and it spat out last years by accident?


lol. broken clock right twice a day?

In theory, if they keep saying the same thing eventually it’ll come true right.

or maybe not 🙂


I missed the boom because of MB

Just follow the money Peachy. Their fund is bearish EZFKA and bullish elsewhere ie the states. It is plain and simple DLS is talking his book indirectly.

Additionally, the only articles that gets clicks is housing bear articles. Even then these articles are blitzed by T’s triple century over the weekend.

…DLS is talking his book indirectly.

Been that way since just before the Knew-Clee-US Fun.
It comes naturally though, and it is a nice litmus test for any far-fetched projection but it is also unnatural that DLS-For-President is actually peassing and sheeting on the very thing that could adjust his compas.
Alas, he is yet to see that compas pointing US is actually broken. Lake the clock that lags 1sec per day – less accurate with every passing day.

And a small correction of your name:

Your name – corrected for accuracy
I missed the boom because I chose on my own accord to listen to MB ill advice uncritically


Not necessarily. THey have a of $AUD cash, bonds and shares now.

The actual asset breakdown is now similar to most other ‘balanced’ managed funds.


this. i think you guys are a little too harsh on the fund, im not sure how much input DLS actually has in it but they’re not 100% reflective of the stuff that gets posted on macro.

Chinese Astroturfer

They call themselves defensive but I think they were very reckless to stay out of the market from late March onwards. Then late in the year after the market had moved over 50% they panicked thinking ‘what if markets keep going up and we have nothing to show for it’ so decided to pile back into equities.

I was out of the market from late January, but got back in late March.

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this i agree with, i never noticed it at the time but not getting back into the market last year was a big mistkae. i managed to hedge by getting some RDS B which helped make up for it, but i’m not getting paid to manage people’s money.


It’s click bait , and you clicked the bait

but seriously I wonder if David is even writing these articles anymore

They could be paying an Indian on airtasker to do it , after giving him David’s entire back catalog to copy paste from

DLS himself probably in a catatonic state for the last 6 months , maybe hospitalised

the rona panic and initial swoon would have had him absolute fervid

just imagine if you thought your entire life’s thesis was about to come true after being wrong for decades

then your hopes get smashed into absolute pieces as reality reasserts itself


but what about the copypasta others, followed by copypasta own previous in the same articles.
They haven’t even bothered updating the renewables costs tables while arguing we should completely decouple from china.

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pfh 007

The view of APRA and MP-LOL is baffling. How many times do you need to be wrong before you give up on the idea that APRA is there to neutralise policies and actions of the RBA.


how many times wrong…??
12 yrs on fmg n Fe ore
fkt if I know


yes the house price crash will be “late 2022”


18 months

fucking hilarious the idiots praising him for his insightful summary that they all sagely concur with

and of course the new unmistakeable gunnamatta account writing paragraphs of pompous drivel

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Chad Thundercock

“…fucking hilarious the idiots praising him for his insightful summary that they all sagely concur with”

And to think my expert trolling of resident macrotards/nuthuggers went by unappreciated back in the day 😂

Speaking of which, havent seen that gimp brenten in the comments lately….Probably too busy selling his ass on grindr so he can finally buy a house!


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