What did Albo’s boss tell him?

Just a quick one but I’m sure by now everyone has seen that our illustrious beta male PM has met with Jeffrey Epstein’s best customer.

Good old working-class Albo meeting with billionaires all week (Lindsay Fox last week). Could always visit Alice Springs for a Voice tour.

Anyways, I find when heads of state like this are ‘visited’ by globalist types then some major event or happening follows a few weeks after.

Nothing may happen but at the current trajectory I’d say it’s a sure bet that something will. My guess is in the digital identity space, given that they seem to be way behind schedule and the Medibank thing very few people actually believed was a genuine hack, given Klaus Schwab crapping on about cyber attacks for months. Bill could also be looking to expedite MRNA jabs for cattle or buy some farmland, who knows.

In my opinion, for Bill to skip Davos to come to Australia right now is pretty significant. The timing of this whole thing is really odd with everything else going on right now. The software salesmen who just spent the best part of three years trying to poison the planet and get away with it, visiting the PM (who then brags about it when everyone hates the WEF) is outright bizarre.

Anyways, we will see I guess if not for the ratio Albo got on Twitter.

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Yes it’s really weird

why is bill not at Davos but visiting albo instead ?

why is jacinda not at Davos but deciding to retire at this exact moment ?

why is Klaus Schwab not attending

why did they let controlled opposition avi Yemini have such free reign over there

Melbourne the Livable

Because we are the center of the world, the new middle kindgom. My mate lives right on the edge of Sunnybank in Brisbane, There are successful businesses here cuz its eezy to compeet when you dont pay any tax like they dont, that have their signs in Chinese, their owners and workers speak not a word of English and many are literally slaves, and all of their clientele is Chinese speaking. These businesses are not only profitable, but prospering. In Australia if you work past a certain amount of hours than they have to get over time pay. A lot of Chinese people will ignore this and don’t for cash in hand off the books… Which foox it up for Australian people and what workers unions have fought so hard for…But all they think is “haha me work harder than dumb Australian”. This is a cultural HK enclave and it is the death of a stable united society. Today, having a retarded kid is one of the biggest fears along with having an LGBT or hapa kid, apparently.

Quiet Stayer

Wassa matter racist? Dontya like eating real authentic Choi-neez food fished fresh from the Brisbane River roundabout where that French student was killed in beautiful, safe exclusive INNA CITY BRIZZO?


“Word on the street” is that Davos isn’t what it used to be.

And that’s quite apart from the hard drinking Russian oligarchs who aren’t there this year that made the thing very “festive” (and lucrative for Westerners who want to cozy up to them for their money, lets face it).

Another gauge is that Twiggy is always going there. He’s decidedly “uncool”.

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Welcome to Brisbane

That’s because their all in SUNNYBANK! Theres a fark ton of nail salons, hole in the wall restaurants, laundromats, and massage parlors in Sunnybank Brisbane, all cash businesses (money laundering and human trafficking) controlled by HK CHINK MAR FEE YA, and to a lesser extent BYETYAMEEZ marfee ya. wouldnt surprise me if the Monterey incel was one of them types.

Save the Mongoloids

‘male Asian suspect; DING DING DING we have a halfie – winner here! He was a MONGOLOID POC indeedy! Prolly ree tard ed.

Sunnybank Numba 1!

Name of the suspect was released. It was
‘SHU TING YU’ Of course it was all whitey’s fault.



Even the Poms think Jacinta Arden is a turd…Stalinda haha



Yeah good on her. She couldn’t go get her UN job if she lost an election ffs.


Yeh cos that held little Mr Angry Kevin Rudd back…


“…A good discussion with @BillGates
on climate change, the future of jobs in renewable energy, and our shared global health and development challenges….”

outsourcing all responsibilities for a board position eh?


Concerned Citizen

the future of jobs

From 4plebs –

‘When I started out in the workforce 15 years ago, I believed in a good honest days work for fair pay.

If the boss asked me to do something, I’d try my best to get it done fast and to a high standard.
Missed my lunch break today? All good, I had time for a drink and we got the work done.

Took me a long time to figure out that this mentality was long dead, and I was the only sucker doing it.

You see, Australians believe they can eat money. They believe they can build houses and infrastructure out of it. Nobody has to do any actual work, you just need digits in your bank account. The disconnect between the fantasy and the reality is lost on Australians.

I watched as the quality of goods and services plummeted.
I watched as the price of assets built 100 years ago skyrocketed, because no new ones are being built.
I witnessed how you could be outright scammed by blue chip businesses because not a single employee, from the CEO down to the reception desk, wanted to do any work.

If you make a fuss, you can possibly get your money back, just god forbid, don’t make them actually deliver on the project.

I don’t have a solution for this. I’m not telling you to go and work hard while everyone else isn’t. I myself am a 4 year NEET right now.

Only when this shitshow finally collapses will the people of this country realize that a 2 bedroom apartment inflated to $2 million won’t mean anything when the shops are empty and the purgeing starts.’


The disconnect between the fantasy and the reality is lost on Australians…won’t mean anything when the shops are empty and the purgeing starts.

It sounds like this guy is still disconnected from reality. The whole point of rapid population growth is to slap people who don’t want to work for peanuts out of the way. The dole will intentionally continue going backwards relative to inflation, and relative to wages. The choice is between slavery or homelessness. When this person understands those choices they will join the Quiet Quitters.

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Quiet Stayer

Quiet Quitters? He’s a NEET, which means a lazy bone, for 4 years! Any one aged 25 – 35 with IQ above 80 has decided to leave OZ, haven’t they? There are people from good schools and uni programs in Sydney marrying into poor countries to NOT have to live in monkey land Sydney, which is FULL of ugly brown third world faces they dont’ want to be around. The remainder stay behind and bring over their brides from Manila.


Ok, I’m kind of agreeing with this crazy man.

Save the Mongoloids

Any one aged 25 – 35 with IQ above 80 has decided to leave OZ, haven’t they? There are people from good schools and uni programs in Sydney marrying into poor countries to NOT have to live in monkey land Sydney, which is FULL of ugly brown third world faces

Yeah, for the paradise of Monterey Park, California.

Welcome to Brisbane

Can and will the property keep going up? They say that the prices double every 7 years.


And the Leftards roll out their usual Misinformation campaign, even Adam Hills (comedian is a generous description) is tweeting in Gates’ defence.

Airbus has no f idea, selfies with a Paedo creep like Bill Gates?

What does Gates want from Albo anyway?


Fake meat factory?



Friends of the Earth described the collapse as “yet another blow to building the clean, modern future we urgently need”.

ya gotta be jokin’


The future? Tell em theyr’e dreamin!
They even removed the UFO from Yatala, I mean, this place has gone to 5h1t only 40 years after the yellow and brown HK and SEA peeps were let in to flood the place and create their little ghetto-nations in the middle of our cities.
I thought this was QUEENS-LAND!



When asked whether the scandal would influence them voting for or against Mr Perrottet 67 per cent of voters said it would not, with only 14 per cent saying it made it much less likely.
Five per cent said it would make them more likely to vote for him, according to the poll published in the Sunday Telegraph.



about 90 per cent of young voters cited the issue as their major concern

That is why we are fucked. Young people too dumb to understand they have been enslaved by government corruption, and only caring about what another young dumb person did 20 years ago.


they’re saying 90% are concerned about the cost of living, not dom perottet’s nazi turn

its just poorly written dailymail


‘sup with mudguts’s shirt???
is he on an insulin pump or what?
I might be seeing things too

A fly in your ointment

He’s known for wearing dirty collar worn out shirts.

Nothing worse than elitism geek


mebbe colostomy bag?


we’ll see but mark might have called it right. russia has about 150k men on the border of ukraine right now and this was just reported to have happened


possible attempt to interdict ukrainian forces in donbass by going behind them along the dneiper through sumy

big attack coming? probably not

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Some interesting comments, especially about China…



Or the abridged clip on YT



Baseless one line tweet with no evidence from a Russian propaganda account


yeah hence why i sed probably not


FIFTH qantas flight is forced to turn back this week

Share price is at its highest since Covid
and getting close to all time highs

all while oil prices are high, and supposedly there is a recession looming

ASX also only 2-3% off all time highs, even though interest rates are at 10 year highs

what the fuck is actually going on?


the entire market prediction industry is a pile of fuckin bullshit

thats whats going on

if warren buffet had been born in 1992 he’d never have been able to get rich

the idea you can invest in stuff using common sense and reason and make a good decision from it doesnt exist today

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal


though things were pretty normal until the last 10 years or so

now I’m convinced it’s a psyop or we live in a simulation

people exchanging money for magic internet beans that keep going up in price was when I tapped out


Little gay Leprechaun has to be one of the worst CEO’s of an Aus public co, even if that is a very low bar. Should be hitting it out of the park right now, but his company is a burning wreck. Yes he has a strong share price, but he took over when it was 3rd beat in the world and stripped it. It’s apparently 8th, but so starved of capital the planes and staff problems will be long term.

A personal contact is a QF international captain, very smart and chilled cat who also finds the good in everyone, even he hates the little cunt.


Nah, best EZFKA CEO. He knows how EZFKA works. Bank and other CEOs do the same thing. Take a good company, sweat assets and make good profits. Handsomely reward oneself and your inner circle. Screw over customers and staff whilst releasing woke messages about caring for whatever.

Every company you deal with is an ordeal.


Dunno about the markets, but i reckon mothballing planes in the desert for two years hasnt been good.


Gates is looking pretty fat.

Welcome to Brisbane


Monterey Park CA, home of the best mannered HK refugees is 70% Asian and 20% beena 5% white NH, brothers almost non existent. Population around the 60 thousand mark and it’s close to LA. Sunnybank, you’ve got a lot of work to do.

Kim Kan Kook from Korea won the recent cooking competition, runner up being Pan Kuuk Him from Vietnam. Mick Don Cooker dropped out from competition in the first round.


Looks like the pregnant man emoji.


i dont actually know, i didnt realise PSL still lived

all of the old guard including the true legends of the genre (colez, FaceandLMS, bryan peppers, harpoon, jsanza etc) cleared out long ago, now its all these late gen z blow-ins from reddit etc who contribute nothing to the greater corpus of LMS theory



RIP men’s privacy
just a stat Dec and you can get access to anyone’s criminal records

dailymail also seems to suggest men can’t use it to check on THEIR “partners”


EROEI eh ?
Hey airbus show gates this

Analyses show that manufacturing a single battery, one capable of holding energy that is equivalent to one barrel of oil, entails processes that use the energy equivalent of 100 barrels of oil.


The whole EV thing has been a massive rort. We could have reduced our energy consumption massively with highly efficient petrol engines (that already exist) and maybe hybrids, and especially retrofitting existing cars.

Problem is that doesn’t help GDP enough so instead we’re doing this green kabuki theatre that will do nothing to reduce emissions.

A fly in your ointment

Indeed, about 1000 times and at best about 2000 times (minus the initial cost)

‘Sup with WordPress, this response was to Coming (below)

Last edited 1 year ago by A fly in your ointment

Yes. Every OEM has realised if they all go electric and combined with government mandates we’ll probably all need to buy an EV in the next 10-15 years. There will be no affordable new petrol vehicles for sale in 10 years at this rate.

It’s greenwashing.

Last edited 1 year ago by The90kwbeast

this is my worry currently.. fixable but when?
can’t see myself owning bEV unless i can charge it myself off grid


That is a good read thanks.


Plus all of the teal voters love their taxpayer subsidies. Why we are subsidising $60k+ Vehicles is beyond me.


But can’t you reuse it thousands of times

so it should be overall positive return

A fly in your ointment

So… break even after 101 cycles at 100% ?

Problem is really that bEV religion types (i.e. Llewdo and Bleato from EmBee) project past progress of batteries and project it to future ad-infinitum which will lbviiusly lead us to batteries the size of AA with capacity of 1.1 billion kWwithin next decade. The Jonestown of modern times.

Series hybrids are the best of both worlds with max effects on pollution at minimal disruption and 0 range anxiety. Excellent bridging tech to allow evolution and broad embracement.

Completely agree. They offer the most benefits for the most people will absolutely no lifestyle change at a reasonable price.
.cuts fuel consumption 30-40% and emissions by the same.

And their benefits in heavy city traffic would have the most benefit in many congested asian cities.


I can personally recommend hybrids.
no great advantage on highway cycle but incredibly economical in stop /start conditions


C’mon this is high school stuff. What analysis? By who?

I’m all for a rigid EV debate bit that link was one big blob of opinion presented as fact, as there were absolutely no links provided as evidence.


actually I’ll ask him…stir him up a bit.

Djoker Novax became easy pray again. For asking more normalcy where everything is subject to advertising rights and sport itself is nit even secondary to a tournament.

What a better way to locally boost the faux point but fully discredit itself internationally – than to bring in a ‘what-was-his-name’ whom won 1 title more than SFA – to opine. Cue in long known bias too…



Business groups want medicare available for families of seasonal migrant workers.


McCarthy, alongside Steve Burdette, the executive officer of Approved Employers of Australia, the group of businesses employing workers, is urging the government to give workers and their families access to Medicare to ease some financial burden.


Medicare will such a shadow of it’s former self in another 20 years at this rate

Gap payments gonna go through the roof


All welfare will be a shadow of its former by the end of the decade. The health system would be collapsed by that stage too. Victoria’s already has and yet it wants to take in more migrants.


The pacific island work scheme has somehow gone from ‘guest-worker’ to ‘ok you can stay, and bring the rellos’

Senor Bundas

I’m sure crush loading the country full of people will help. The guy is a phony.


Hilarious DLS is gradually getting red pilled… not through is how experience, the guy lives a sheltered existence away from the real world, but through the lived experiences of his son.

There are no white boys on the list because our society currently sees them as irredeemably vile.

I am just wondering how this is supposed to make them less angry and violent.


The article which has caused our favourite agent of ridicule to think things were ‘weird’ was this article on young Aust Day awards by the ABC:


…which is chock full of award nominations for everyone on the spectrum from light tan to midnight black, without a single notification for any white Caucasian boy, in a nation built and founded by Caucasians.


A weird article. 

My first thought was that no one actually cares about EZFKA day awards. 

Also strange for DLS to draw a connection between Young Australian of the Year nominations with his own son – who has unlikely to have achieved anything as he’s still in school.

The story about DLS being accused of selling his son to a pedo ring as a result of a teenage prank borders that line of “funny” in “can you believe this shit actually happened” kind of way, and also being an embarrassment that you’d never want to publicly air. Personally if it happened to me I’d die of shame. Then again, DLS might just be that desperate for attention.

As for the part about the kid getting into trouble, every parent thinks their kids are angels so thinking he’s the victim isn’t any great surprise.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gouda

i don’t think DLS had an issue with his son not being nominated- DLS is a puffed up self important ponce, but he can be quite reasonable in other respects.

I think his observation here is that as a parent you when your kid may be going through a difficult period you try and understand the world through their eyes and how to motivate and engage them.

I think he just innocently read the ABC and then it just dawned on him the sort of social exclusion he was seeing. Maybe a dim light turned on in his head when he realised that our narrative writers had deliberately excluded role models to which his son could immediately relate.

As for all his kids travels and misdemeanours, they’re just hilariously amusing… but at the same time excellent examples of how girls can do no wrong and boys, especially white boys, are now the devil.


I think it’s more than a dim light went on. More like a pretty good slap – there’s some resentment in the article, and i can sense he held back.


I stopped caring about EZFKA day awards when Howard was giving it out to test cricket captains.


in all fairness the guy lives in sunshine north i think, there’s nothing glamorous about where he lives.


There’s probably going to be a few brain explosions over there. Having pissed off anyone who can think for themself over the last few years, all that’s left is the simping progs.

On A positive note, at least there’s some original commentary provided by DLS rather than just a copy paste job from some overrated sell side analyst.


I’m sure the Professor DrSmiturd will be logging on shortly chide DLS for daring to notice.

I just found it amusing. This sort of BS that the ABC is running with is exactly the sort of thing that I started noticing and complaining about years ago – all DLS is doing is catching up.

Perhaps he should visit EZKA so I can explain it to him?

Someone who still has an account at MB should mock him by saying he’s behind the times as Stewie’s been all over this for years.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Senor Bundas

I reckon Professor DrSmiturd will wait till later to wait for the article to die down so he can snipe a comment in and try and get the last word to convince himself his views are still correct, like the sneaky fw he is.
I bet dennis will be having connipitions.

Senor Bundas

Exactly, took him long enough.


Lmao he’s really lost the plot

unless this is another chat GPT article

stagmal can you ask chatGPT to write an article in the style of David Llewelyn smith

maybe on nuking China from orbit

or on why house prices will crash no won’t crash no will crash


yes, good let the hate flow through you

welcome to the dark side

ROFL – DLS ain’t got hate, only bile.


Don’t even need ChatGPT.

Guide to writing like DLS.

1. Find existing article
2. Quote existing article
3. Write. If content > 10% of quoted article word count, delete until under 10%
5. Publish.

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Senor Bundas

Crash or genuine crash?


Did Peter Bol get nominated for Australian Sports person of the year?


The 2023 WA Young Australian of the Year is athlete and Olympian Nagmeldin (Peter) Bol.

Peter Lol


Yup a performance drug using jungle bunny is a better role model than any white boy, no matter what they do.

Senor Bundas

DLS misses one detail. He says he supports most forms of feminism.
Feminism is the project to increase the power of women with no clearly defined end point. Equality and equity are smoke screens. There are as many forms of feminism as there are feminists and they are all morally *confluent* with one another. There is not one form of feminism that is against increasing the power of women. It’s like observing from a long safe distance away a train, going in the same direction and then someone on the train trying to claim they are not that form of train because they are in a different carriage.
So it’s no wonder nothing happened to the girls who sold his son into sex slavery because they are victims in the cult of female victim hood. That’s what feminist corruption is, power and resources for women without commensurate responsibility, with no end point. And DLS supports this.


Feminism is the project to increase the power of women with no clearly defined end point. 

Very good point – without a legitimate counter the quest to ‘empower’ women will continue until there is some sort of regression… after which they’ll all wear a burka.


yo anyway we can see deleted reddit posts


this guy has been posting incel asian shit all over AusFinance and im wondering if its the same boy whos been tearing up this joint



But the answer to that question is more than 400k according to one of my mates – a doctor, went out with a mainland Chinese woman who left him and told he didn’t earn enough!

But he didn’t tell her he was only working part time.