OpenAI chatbot predictions

Stagmal’s and Coming’s chatbot written stories were pretty funny, but given all it has learned maybe the chatbot can make decent predictions.

Here’s some I tried:
Me to chatbot: With a population breeding below replacement, the government decided to increase immigration to keep the economy moving and house prices rising. What happened next?

As the government increased immigration, the population began to grow again. The influx of new people brought fresh ideas and perspectives to the country, and the economy began to thrive. Businesses expanded and new opportunities arose.

However, not everyone was happy with the increase in immigration. Some people felt that the newcomers were taking their jobs and causing housing prices to skyrocket. Riots and protests broke out in some cities, and tensions between the native population and the immigrants began to rise.

The government tried to address these concerns by implementing policies to help integrate the immigrants into the workforce and provide affordable housing options. However, these efforts were not enough to placate the angry citizens.

The conflict continued to escalate, and the government was forced to take drastic measures to maintain order. The military was called in to enforce a strict curfew and to quell any disturbances.

Eventually, the situation calmed down and the economy continued to grow. However, the increased immigration had also brought new challenges and tensions that would need to be addressed in the future.

Let’s see your attempts 🙂

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Don’t you just hate it when that happens…

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 11.00.53.png
Sunnybank KANG

The mystery meat future of Australia here, this could be a scene straigh outta Sunnybank Brisbane


Gotta love free enterprise

Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 09.02.42.png


Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 20.14.33.png

‘Stunning and brave’


You’re a bit of a history buff,

is there any time in the past dumber than which we’re living through now?


Perhaps – but they were probably too dumb to record it and write it down. Our current era will serve as a reminder for all posterity as to just what stupid times were are living through.



Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 20.26.14.png


Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 16.09.12.png

Never forget

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 11.26.06.png

I’ll make a prediction myself:

Chatbot is going make most ‘journalists’ unnecessary and

Good riddance!


It would be good riddance, except that the chat bots will be owned by the newspaper owners, Jucies, who will ensure the algorithms adhere to and stick to ‘the current things’ better than any Journalist ever could.

In the future of ‘News’ there will be zero variation to the party line – information will be even more effortlessly locked out, and the fact that it has been hidden from the public will be ever harder, because of the complete domination of the algorithms.

The idiots, the midwits and the Dunning-Kruger victims will never suspect that they are being as manipulated as a Rubik’s cube. The algorithms will be the end of a free and informed society.


No doubt.

But the fact that most of these media types, because of their utter uselessness at doing anything else, will be living in a pod eating cricket burgers for the rest of their miserable lives warms the cockles of my heart.


Journalists have always been at the lowest depth of the swamp, only many years ago did a rare few have any had the barest of credibility.

Online Print (?) journalists just rehash their mate’s tweets as research. Zero credibility outside their little bubble of Covid Karens.

Worse still the TV ones go wherever their boss tells them, and he’s only directing that off what he’s told in clicks and ad spend. During Lockdowns they were pissing themselves at how easy it was – turn up to Dan Andrews (or equivalent) presser as told, ask some lollipops or you won’t get allowed back, then maybe head out to somewhere deemed a ‘super spreader’ event to demonise that group. They get their tips on that last bit from Monty Python Life of Brian stoning scene.

One good bit was seeing the odd one get dunked on, remember the bald ferret on Channel 7 (?) in the anti CFMEU/Dan mandates riots?


jfc just make the bot our pm already

humans have forfeited their right to rule

comment image


Perhaps, but the algorithms have already been built to exclude us. Ask if men are stronger and taller than women, ask if men are more capable of doing some jobs than women, ask if there are differences in racial behaviours like crime and violence.

These will be the only ways you can surface the bias in them… they will be like what Google has already become – censors of inconvenient information and unpalatable knowledge that is in conflict with ‘the narrative’.

The rise of chatbots ensures that our societies will become less free and far less well informed.


I tried this for a laugh with a range of questions and was advised by the bot (more or less) to be more considerate and understanding of different cultures and that ‘some’ women are better then some men.

And by the way there is no reason that Indians nor their ubers smell funny.


…and here’s why that’s a good thing /MSM


>cant participate in a criminal retrial for some reason

> can participate in a civil trial


nothing shows she is full of shit more than this lol.


the best part is she’s not even testifying to save herself

she’s testifying to fuck bruce over some more, and save wilko, channel 10 and the PM

absolute fucking lol this clown show never ends it just rolls downhill and gathers speed


whoever her advisor is or w/e needs to give himself an upercut, what a fucking clown


i think its fantastic

we get to hear more dirty laundry aired
i think civil cases are fully gloves off, everything is fair game

soyboy is going to have to stock up on kleenex


he wouldnt be taking it to civil if he wasnt otherwise clean as a whistle

hes probably going to wipe the floor w her


whatever happens, the dailymail is going to be the clear winner


We are going to hear her describe his little cock, how he pumped away, how she cleaned the jizz later
The next time she fucked David sharaz
her full sexual history

this is the acme


sounds like you’re gonna need some kleenex yourself


Well it will be much more satisfying than chat gpt or whatever this gay shit is called which won’t even go PG




You think?

Tell you haven’t thought about the lawyers chase more $’s and media coverage while they let their client get fried?


Don’t forget to enjoy beauty

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 21.04.40.png

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 21.04.07.png

Ain’t no one going to question PWC hoovering up millions of EZFKA $’s either…they’re part of the grift with the pollies.

A fly in your ointment

An introspective into USSR, what was little known for your median/mediocre* westerner

* As in scientific terms, no pejorative use here


The attached image below is an award winning image. A prestige award by Hollywood film industry for set decoration and costumes was granted. Unfortunately the setting was mistakenly made in rooms with mental health convalescent patient mixed wit ER props…

A fly in your ointment

Additionally, after close inspection, the background was likely a poster due to grain difference between it and the actor.


I thought US border farts were the dafties for having a visa question which ask if one have participated in ter rorist activities, bom b preparation and other activities they find repugnant until this image below.
Next time theRuskies will not exonerate them for war crimes like they did post WW2

A fly in your ointment
That guy over there

And the chatbot is down because of “unprecedented demand”.

Anyone care to suggest the real reason?

I’m thinking:

  1. The output is too close to reality and must be “modified”
  2. It’s not woke enough
  3. It’s undergoing gender reassignment and will demand it’s correct pronoun be used
  4. All of the above

the real reason is probably bc of unprecedented demand lol

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If there was any doubt that EZFKA’s education system is a giant ponzi scheme, check this email that hit our spam filter:

Good day,
I’m agent from Nigeria for Educational Consultants. As earlier, I have some students who are willing to study in your university. So please I need more details, and what will be my percentage for each student. I Wish you all the best.


Sent from an ISP address based on Lakemba ?


Former UK PM Gordon Brown talking about the
‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’


China is the model.

Smart city, complete monitoring and control:



Smart city being built in Saudi Arabia:


comment image

Haha would this be our old friend migtronix?


He definitely looks older than ’93, but being so angry ages you


True. Remember the days when he was posting videos of him abusing random people in the street and getting arrested by police for his mental health?


Ah, those were good times.

I don’t think anyone wants to see him suck of a horse though – except Coming who seems to be after more horny content recently.


lol – i forgot about that loser. is he still spouting shit on twitter does anyone know?


comment image


great article

the job active provider network is up there with the visa labyrinth as the biggest rort in australia

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

the point it makes about how the centrelink e-appartus and all the associated/attached websites are all designed to be dysfunctional is 100% true. the bugs are built into the system (and never fixed) to make it frustrating and impossible to fulfil obligations.


That rort has been going on for years, angry little ant Kevin Rudd one of the biggest grifters out of that …

Aussie Soy Boy

I know a guy that keeps getting cheap labour through these job agencies. I think he gets like $5k after 3 months then another $5k after 6. Have them do a certain number of hours (maybe 20 something hours a week). The job agency would be getting their cut as well. It’s quite a racket.

Cedric Coxwallow

There’s a saying – ‘the process is the punishment’


This keeps escalating

The federal police union has called for a judicial inquiry into the Lehrmann case, accusing the ACT’s chief prosecutor of smearing the force’s investigation into the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins.

that little faggot drumgold should have just kept his mouth shut

Quietly dropped the charges without making an opera about how brave Britt was

instead he had to be a narcissist virtue signaller with his aboriginal flag tie on

hope we get a full public inquiry, and this backfires really badly on everybody

After Covid fascism, I never thought I’d be supporting cops but here we are in 2023


lol he absolteuly fucked himself with this horrible hill to fight and die on

should have taken one look at big britt’s story and refused to prosecute it


Seems the attacker in black on black violence doesn’t get any attention or wailing from the Leftards


Indigenous when the victim. Male when the perpetrator. Ignored in all other instances.

Aussie Soy Boy

Aboriginal or African?

Aboriginials would be the worst people on the planet if maoris and Islanders didn’t exist. Maoris and Islanders are violent psychopaths it’s in their genes like with a pit bull (all pit bulls should be put down and thrown in the tip). Maoris and Islanders are so dumb too.

Aboriginals at least sit around in their communities in the outback getting pissed and violently physically and sexually assaulting each other. At least that keeps them busy, plus someone pissed all day can only be a limited threat to you. Plus a lot of aboriginals are scrawny fuckers too they spend all their money on goon. The maoris and Islanders are big scary fuckers looking to punch on all the time.

But like I said before, aboriginals are the most degenerate people on earth for sure. I have no respect for any aspect of their race or culture what goes on in their communities when left to their own devices is total degeneracy.


maori are the most war like of all the people of the polynesian triangle but they are way more culturally developed than abos were. they are not an ancient people at all theyve been in nz about as long as whites have been in the americas.

abos by contrast are one of the earliest haplogroups around, probably very unchanged from what the earliest h umans and proto humans were like.

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

Don’t click on this link I did so you don’t have to
But the point is , at every goddam newspaper you think you’ve got them all identified even though they are half of the employees , you’d think they wouldn’t have the nerve
Then they drag even more out of them on the books out of th3 woodwork to promote victimhood
Let’s wake up
Also my gold did w3ll today time to back up the truck folks
And fuxk that little shit migs


They love calling it the ‘barbarous relic’ but most central banks are buying and repatriating it. Watch what they do, not what they say.

I like silver too.


Ole hook nose Selinger-Morris is a prime example of what this Tablet article discusses:

Didion’s review is nowhere cited in Josh Lambert’s The Literary Mafia: Jews, Publishing, and Postwar American Literature, but her basic proposition is everywhere affirmed in its pages.

Although Lambert repeatedly disavows the idea of a Jewish mafia, calling the notion “false and even pernicious,” that term forms the title of his book and the title of his conclusion in which he welcomes the dominance of other ethnic groups in publishing (“We Need More Literary Mafias.”)

Moreover, the book’s central argument is that Jews shaped postwar American literature through a tacit, unstated, and often unfair system of influence in which Jewish agents, editors, intellectuals, academics, and writers promoted other Jews. Lambert variously calls this system a “network,” an “ethnic niche,” “a system that has privileged” Jews, a sphere of “privileged access,” “consequential gate-keeping roles,” and “positions of influence and power.”

aka ‘culture’

Turns out ‘Culture Matters’

Wanna know why Microeconomics and monetary theory is the dominant lens through which our societies and economies are viewed?

Culture – and it ain’t ours.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie


Ye: “You know they control the media, right?”

Media: “No we don’t”


how do you have like 10 differrent accusations against you and get off the hook


its really incredible when juxtaposed with the higgins case – where is the public outrage?

Believe all women?

Here is a guy who sexually assaulted a dozen young girls who all provided credible independent testimony, and nobody really gives a fuck

but an extremely sketchy report from a lone woman who was blackout drunk and completely unreliable witness who stood to gain financially and socially from the accusation, and its suddenly a calamitous failure of the legal system

where is wilko?
where are all the man hating fairfax writers?
where is the DPP wailing and gnashing his teeth?


if only the daniels case had been associated with getting the liberal party in some way lol


the whole thing was Scomo Derangement Syndrome

Just like the ministries thing

its the ALP trying to adopt the US democrat


fuck if this really does blow up, how much money will brucey get from a suing the government and the media

his lawyers must be all over this

its going to be epic


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Is anyone else finding the reaction to the Britney Griner prisoner swap a bit strange?

She knowingly travels to another country and breaks the law, and gets sent back to the US in exchange for Viktor Bout, a major arms dealer and terrorist known as the “Merchant of Death.”

And the left is celebrating this, presumably as Griner is BIPOC and loves womyn.


There is apparently a US marine or retired marine also imprisoned in Russia on sketchy charges. When they decide to do a prisoner swap, they choose to swap the black female drug smuggler versus the white male soldier. One would almost think that white male soldiers aren’t held in regard these days.


There is no identity that has been placed higher on the identity politics totem pole than black, female and gay.

That drug carrying imbecile scores the trifecta – nothing is more important in our repointed cultural narrative than that stupid cow.

Reus's Large MEMBER

The biatch hates her country too, should have been left to rot


The US marine is not good at sportsball. Sportsball seems to be one of the things that seem to matter there.

Gruppenführer Mark

The ex-marine you are talking about is Paul Whelan. He hasn’t retired, he was accused of larceny and received a bad conduct discharge. So not a “hero” as he is being portrayed now.
Couple of other things that struck me curious from the Wiki page linked above. Since Wiki tends to be very sympathetic to certain causes, having these facts listed makes one go hummmm.

  • Carries four passports. Not illegal, but highly unusual. UK and Ireland seem to have been obtained deliberately, as Canada is the place of birth, and US is where he grew up.
  • Reportedly had $80K “temporarily confiscated” in the airport. Anything over $10K USD needs to be declared – similar to the rest of the world. If declared, one pays a tax or whatever it’s called, and free to go. This tells me he tried to hide the cash.
  • He was planning to go to a wedding, and was going to be in Russia from 22/12 until 6/1 2 weeks. $80K is a hell of a fund for a 2-week party.
  • Left the wedding party to hang by himself in a hotel room, where visited by a friend who gave him a USB drive. Whelan claimed that he expected the USB to contain personal photos from his previous holiday in Russia. Because in 2018 this is the only way to transfer data. Instead the disk contained classified information – “a list of all the employees at a classified security agency”

So, he was accused of espionage. Of course, he looks like an idiot and a low-level operative, playing spy, but nevertheless.
Grindr, on the other hand, brought a controlled substance into a foreign country, because “medical”. Try this shit in Indonesia, see how far it gets you. Anyway, she admitted bringing in the substance, got tried and received a long sentence – people are made an example of in every judicial system. I think it was mostly because she flaunted the rules because of what she thinks she were – and Russians didn’t like it.
Back when this first floated, July or August from memory, USA said they would exchange Bout for Grindr plus Whelan, Russians said 1 to 1, or 2 to 2 (apparently, there are other swaps that are possible). After months of diplomacy, aided by MbS himself, Biden agreed to 1 to 1 exchange. And this is where it gets interesting. See this little gem.
Basically, Biden made the choice on who will be traded. He picked Grindr over Whelan, most likely for virtue-signalling reasons. Both her and Bout were pardoned before their release, so will not need to serve the rest of their time upon return.
And here where it gets even more interesting. Cannabis has been made legal in some states. It is still illegal in some states, as well as on federal level. This is important. Since Grindr traveled across state lines and across US border, she has committed a federal offense smuggling drugs through border control. That is an indictable offense. Wonder if she will be prosecuted for it.


Ah, Mark, you’re not dead! That’s nice!


Nothing sums up this event better than a comment beneath your gem…

Capture - Copy (2).JPG
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Chat bots are progressive lefties. What a surprise, given the sort of people who create these things.


Give it time, someone will surely come up with a non-PC/non-woke, right wing alternative.


“Refrain from investing in foreign exchange, crypto-currency or speculative investments with people you’ve only ever encountered in the online environment. If you are unsure, get a second opinion from a professional, in-person.”

Thanks AFP. Can almost guarantee they only got caught because a Karen neighbour dobbed then in.

Maybe you can pass some tips onto maybe Biden or the FBI on say the Crypto fraud that SBF has done?

Any explanation why Australia is such a desirable place to operate financial scams from?

Fark me, EZFKA is now such a shit hole the Nigerians will base themselves here too.


SBF is the second highest donater to the Democrats. That is why he isn’t in handcuffs.