Essendon appoints ISIS bride as new CEO

Essendon have appointed ISIS bride Hina Al-Mohammed as the club’s new CEO, in the wake of previous CEO Andrew Thorburn being forced to resign for being Christian and opposing homosexuality.

Al-Mohammed will start immediately with the organisation and has already called for the AFL’s Pride Round to be celebrated with the ritual of throwing homosexuals off of the MCG’s Great Southern Stand, despite criticism that most of the AFLW’s playing lists would be affected.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said the hiring was more in line with the AFL’s values and represented the acceptable political and religious views of the league.

“Thorburn was white, straight and Christian so he had to go. We are committed to inclusion at the AFL – the right type of inclusion. I mean, we can’t reconcile this with our views on homosexuality but we just won’t ask won’t tell,” McLachlan said.

“We can’t ask for religious views as part of the hiring process but we understand Essendon did after the fact and made the correct move in terms of loopholes.”

Thorburn has however, vowed to sue the AFL for discrimination after a successful conversion to Islam overnight and after admitting he may have been a scumbag at the banking royal commission.

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Aussie Soy Boy

Free Brucey!!!

The only thing he is guilty of is awful taste in women. He’s a chubby chaser!!

I’ve always been sceptical of the big boned one’s story and the timeline.


Loving the fact Woke Essendon fans are now coming by out of their holes to say they would have resigned their memberships if Thorburn had stayed on, owing to the perceived injustice of him being a Christian. Sure. This despite their allegiance throughout their drug cheating saga. It’s just like the saying of the Woke Left – these are my principles, if you don’t like them, well I have others….

Meanwhile Hawthorn fans are laughing their guts out yet again.

a a

haha 10/10

Gruppenführer Mark

The woke idiocy ideology is ramping up, soon enough something will break for good. Either the woke ideology, or the society.

Black man can’t make a statement, unless it is “approved”

Shaming and insulting you into spending your money on an unwanted product

And this is just a local rag in one day.


The T-shirts this man conceived, produced, and shared with the world are pure violence.”

When someone can seriously call a t-shirt “pure violence”, you know it’s time to start putting heads on sticks. Then maybe such imbeciles would start to realise what violence actually is.


And if I don’t want to watch weirdos playing tonsil hockey and rooting each other up the arse, I’m a “weirdo”? Well LoL LoL LoL.

The homosexualists don’t seem to realise that most normal people find depictions of gay sex to be stomach churningly repugnant. We can tolerate it, but we don’t want to do it or watch it. If they make movies featuring such activities then only their gay brethren will pay to watch them. It’s not that fucking hard to understand.

And how many straight romcoms recently have featured “aggressive making out in a park” and sexual foursomes? Was that in 3 weddings and a funeral? These perverts think that 4 people having sex together is just fine and normal, which shows how detached from reality they are.


So you’re not supporting Lockdowns for Monkeypox then..?

Gruppenführer Mark

I have posted this one before, but it bears repeating.

Pfizer En.jpg
Gruppenführer Mark


I considered your question to lswchp, and decided to butt in.

While monkeypox is a serious disease, I am more concerned about the current epidemic that is rapidly spreading across Europe.

I am very interested to hear stories from the survivors of this epidemic, and those who are considered vulnerable. Preferably in video format without subscription fees.


Very few people know that a line on the infamous sermon from Ex Essendon 5 minute CEO Thorburn’s Church is “and God shall bring pustules and rashes upon all those who insist on sucking cock”. It’s a little known verse in the Old Testament…

Going to be fun next year when Coles goes full Virtue Signalling and sponsors the Gay Mardi Gras. They’re so desperate to signal that next week Coles introduces staff bonuses for anyone presenting to work with a case of Monkeypox.

“The 47-year-old Young, who moved to the US to do porn in her early 20s, left the industry around two decades ago.”



The more monkeypox there is, the better.

Max Payne

   “Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam.”

All those people who financially supported BLM got played like suckers. If you want an introduction to Patrisse Cullors and the massive grift that is BLM –

Also while not directly related to woke ideology it is somewhat clown worldish –

That guy over there

We all know what the ‘R’ really stands for, don’t we??


Most of the drivers I encounter have this plate in their rear window:


The clip exposing the BLM grift and scam is probably the most unintentionally funny thing I’ve seen for a long while.

Aussie Soy Boy

Britt is so fat she even ate the roses in the brown wrapper.


Lmao !

someone needs to make this a tweet

Aussie Soy Boy

Thank you. Maybe whoever is doing the EZFKA twitter can do it.


Isn’t it Minister Sinister doing the EZFKA Twitter?


Holy cows batman just saw a recent photo of her. She looks mid forties.


On a wine diet

Aussie Soy Boy

We already know she skols drinks in bars, passes out on valium. Seems like a total degenerate.

That’s not including drunken sex on her bosses couch either.


You’d think they’d know better than to pick the former NAB CEO who resigned due to the who fee-for-no-service thing…


Given how the EZFKAFL operates, he is probably perfect for the role then


Just read that he was on panel tasked with searching for a new CEO… and they appointed himself. Classic EZFKA!


In a ‘normal’ world, those sort of attacks on Christians by Dan Andrews and his media henchmen this close to a State election would galvanise a huge opposing vote.

But we’re in Clown world, and all mainstream Christian leaders are mostly still hiding in fear like they were during the Pandemic.

Only a few Jews had the balls to stand up in Melbourne, but Vic Pol brought out their riot squad horses (not kidding).

The Muslims had no issues of course during the Pandemic, Victoria Police were issued with strict instructions not to patrol near Mosques etc.

The Victoria Police and mainstream Media collaborated like the cowards and traitors they are.

Anyone wonder why there were never protests from Muslims in Melbourne at being prevented from attending worship?

Because they weren’t stopped, Vic Pol turned a blind eye and ran off to beat up protesters.


Interesting. Definitely remember orthodox jews being fined for meeting during the lockdown, but not sure about Muslims.


How could anyone watch Victoria Police deliberate triggering Gestapo flashbacks on Orthodox Jews, then the media pile on after an engagement party of Jewish families, and think the Muslims were all at home and keeping to their 5km etc. ? Even super grifter Avi Yemeni called the media out as they camped outside the houses of Jews. Meanwhile the media quietly reported Covid cases of 10+ from the one household (?) in Dandenong (highly populated with migrants).

Nothing to see here.

Same with the rest of the filth in Melbourne, does anyone think Drug Dealers and junkies all suddenly decided to become law abiding citizens and adhere to the Pandemic panic laws? They were as active as ever, Victoria Police were too busy bashing people for not wearing masks etc. to bother enforcing the real laws. Why is that Domino Pizza rider handing out small zip lock bags and wrapped up small foil ?

A fly in your ointment

Muslims do not particularly have to attend a mosque or their holy ground for daily prayers hence the seeming compliance with the state tyranny.
Choo Choos have a history of playing well the fiddle they made for nonchoochoos and having one of them crucified here and there serves to paint the picture of persecution whilst behind the scenes the equality is “morer” and “betterer” equal for them.


Are you seriously saying that Muslims didn’t attend Mosques during the hundreds of Lockdowns? The MSM have a clear agenda not to show it, Vic Pol directed away as well.

A fly in your ointment

I did not say that.
I do agree that msm does not dare calling a spade – a spade, I said that in comparison to all other main religious types, theirs is the one that can easier forego visitations to a central site hence it may be incorrectly seen as a higher compliance to state tyranny or as you assessed as unreported. At least in my experience of the Mohammedans.
Above unlike the other mob that played a victim on telly here and there but unreported on breach if the tyranny as msm does not attack its own (-ers).


And here’s the Woke media getting themselves in a knot again, GWS Muzzie player has just said she’s refusing to play the Pride Round due to her refusal to wear the rainbow jumper. Dictator Dan will no doubt make a statement again absolving all prejudice for the Muslims.

Simply cannot think up shit this stupid…


higgins’ whole account is pretty inconsistent. i reckon she is going to get roasted on cross examination.


I really regret not becoming a lawyer

this would be so much fun on either side

Aussie Soy Boy

So far Brucey is guilty of buying a drink for a fat girl who likes to skol alcohol, and scribbling her signature in the visitor log.

The rest of it is a whole lot of “I think” and “I don’t think”.

Fat drunk girl can’t or doesn’t want to put her heels back on at the end of the night. I used to see that every Saturday night.

Proculus Kani

‘The rest of it is a whole lot of “I think” and “I don’t think”.’

Yep. There is also a lot of I *feel* or I *felt*. Shows you how far and fast we are regressing basing these things on after the fact feelings.


following it today and her testimony has been a train wreck

No physical evidence of penetration

Very dodgy witness/accuser who has lied and hidden information from day one
Now she has admitted to deleting photos and texts from her phone, while at the same time secretly recording conversations with other people

How on earth did the prosecutor even agree to pursue this

If he is found guilty, it will be an absolute travesty

At 6.59pm on March 23, the evening after the alleged assault, Mr Dillaway and Ms Higgins shared the following texts: 

Mr Dillaway: ‘How’s the hangover?’

Ten minutes later, Ms Higgins replied: ‘Pretty rough.’

Mr Dillaway said: ‘Haha yo must have been in fine form.’

Ms Higgins: ‘Yeah I need to slow down, it’s gotten a little out of hand recently haha.’

Mr Dillaway: ‘Haha oh dear. I wanna party with you.’

Ms Higgins: ‘Haha I just get myself into trouble, need to keep that shit locked down.’

Mr Dillaway: ‘haha do tell’

Ms Higgins: ‘Just the standard shenanigans.’

Ms Higgins told the court: ‘I was in bed crying – I did nothing. I wasn’t doing uni work. I wasn’t ready to disclose I’d been raped to my ex-boyfriend and my dad, no.’

Earlier in the trial, Ms Higgins admitted to deleting photos from her phone before handing it to police – telling the court she ‘wanted to scrub all the horrible parts of my life out’.

In court on Friday, Mr Whybrow brought up a moment during Ms Higgins’ testimony earlier in the week where she said that she told her former chief of staff, Fiona Brown, that she had to go to a doctors appointment the week after the alleged assault and asked if she could work from home.

She admitted to the court that she never went to that doctors appointment, but later told Mr Dilloway and police that she would attend doctors appointments. 

She also conceded that she did not go to the doctors – she had planned to, but said she couldn’t handle the idea of going through the allegations with a professional.

Mr Whybrow put to her that she had breakfast with Mr Dilloway on that Friday morning, rather than being ‘bed-bound’ as she previous suggested.

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

‘Do you recall telling police you had gone to a medical centre and had tests done but no results have come back?’ Mr Whybrow asked.

Ms Higgins replied: ‘No. I had intention of going to medical centres, but the moment I left work I was collapsing. 

Mr Whybrow put to Ms Higgins that she continually refused to hand her phone over to police despite being asked on several occasions in 2021.

Mr Whybrow put to Ms Higgins on Thursday that she had sent the recording to multiple people, including journalists, to begin backgrounding for the story.

But Ms Higgins said it was for her legal protection, so she could corroborate her story.

‘I was trying to give [the recording] to as many people as possible to have them just so that they existed,’ she said. 

She said Ms Wilkinson and Ms Maiden were ‘fighting’ over when her story would be released. 

‘Who got the exclusive drop so that come Walkley’s time, who could claim what and so it became not even about me or my story,’ she told the court.

Ms Maiden won the Gold Walkley in 2021 – Australian journalisms highest honour, while Ms Wilkinson was awarded a Logie this year. 

Ms Higgins told the court The Project host was ‘quite angry’ when the interview was aired on February 15 because it was a Monday, and Ms Wilkinson did not typically work on Mondays. 

lol absolute clownshow

Aussie Soy Boy

When this is done Brucey will take her to the cleaners in civil court.


hope he takes lisa wilkinson and samantha maiden too


Imagine himTaking on Wilko this cunt would be on my Christmas card list.


Oops didn’t see the below.

Aussie Soy Boy

As I said in February;

No-one gives a stuff about these two. Big Brit is going to (kangaroo) court and we’ll see what the defence has to say in court. We’ll find out how pissed she was, I’m sure CCTV will tell us if she was voluntarily in Parliament, whether she was lucid enough to pass through heavy security at 2am with a man who wasn’t her boyfriend, whether she got naked herself (she’s a big girl would be somewhat difficult to completely remove the clothes from a passed out body on a couch)

I think they’re both in it for the attention. Autistic Grace is an artist, married an actor in the US, been on the covers of glossy magazines dolled up. Now going after the PM, scowling at him in a photoshoot. She’s loving the attention.
Not sure Big Brit wants the attention as much as to save her career by crying rape otherwise she’s would have been known in Canberra as that heavyset staffer who got pissed and woke up stark naked in Parliament, which is bad for your career when you’re one of those ultra ambitious types like Brit seems to be.

Aussie Soy Boy

As I said in February:

It’s impossible for the guy she had an affair with to receive a fair trial.
It’s going to be a Derek Chauvin show trial.
And didn’t Big Boned Brit go to the media before she went to the police?
How many traumatised rape victims do that?
Big Brit’s background is as a media advisor. She knows what she is doing.
Being allegedly raped has been the best thing to ever happen to her in terms of media profile and career opportunities.
If she didn’t claim rape she would be known in Canberra as the heavyset staffer who spent her Friday night getting pissed with a bloke who wasn’t her partner than followed him into Parliament at 2am to do in on a Minister’s couch.
Grace Tame is a failed actress, married and divorced an actor in the US, works in the art, I think she craves fame and couldn’t get it via a more conventional route. Not to downplay what happened to her at 15.
Ms Tame still petulant and immature but with a little media training from gal pal and fellow leftie lunatic Lisa Wilkinson she’ll find herself on the panel of The Project starting 2023.


to be fair chauvin did kill someone on video

Aussie Soy Boy

True. It was a 6’4 muscular rescidivist criminal high on drugs, behaving aggressively, acting erratically, ignoring officers, resisting arrest. There was no intent by Chauvin to kill him.


didn’t he keep standing on his neck for several minutes after he stopped breathing?

Don’t know that it was murder, but it was at least in the ballpark

This on the other hand is completely evidence-free

Gruppenführer Mark

Derek killed George Floyd because the jury of 12 peers said so. Everything else is immaterial at this stage.

OJ Simpson did not kill his wife because the jury of 12 peers said so. Everything else is immaterial at this stage.

A fly in your ointment

the game of 12 monkeys works particularly well at the level where corruption is low and sparse. Failing is an indication that corruption and “joint criminal enterprise” (there is a legal definition of this) are present at the common jack and Jill level where it becomes obvious.


we’ll never actually know. i wrote an article about it i think last year on this site, it all came down to the testimony of that irish pulmonlogist who said that chauvin kneeling there caused postional apshyixa, his account was based on a bunch of assumptions that frankly were unknowable from the evidence. like the weight chauvin applied etc.


Hopefully chauvin is treated like the hero he is in the slammer. Anyone who would point a gun at a pregnant woman’s stomach does not deserve to breath…

Aussie Soy Boy

I think she was a good time girl at Parliament over the years and this time went a step too far passing out pissed on a couch with her pussy spread open. Once the rumours started getting around Parliament that Britt is up for anything, she started crying rape.

She’s an idiot really. For some bizarre reason maybe she thought this would never go to court. Not clever enough to keep her lies consistent. She’s telling fibs there’s no other way to put it.

It’s getting embarrassing for her now.

I said yesterday the worst Brucey did was buy a drink for a fat girl that skols them in one gulp. This is indicative of alcohol problem (I said she had a drinking problem early in the year or whenever it was kicking off with her and that rape hustler Grace Tame).


havent been following it but fuck me yep someone tipped me off today about how bad its going for her, if they convict this guy its a show trial


Spit roasted even?


nah she wouldnt put an apple in her mouth too healthy

itd be a zinger burger

Aussie Soy Boy

The court has heard a snippet of audio from the January 27 meeting between Ms Higgins, The Project’s producer, Lisa Wilkinson and her boyfriend David Sharaz.
In the audio Mr Sharaz is heard saying that the couple want the story to drop on February 15 because it was the start of a sitting week.
“It’s a sitting week when we want the story to come out,” he can be heard telling Wilkinson and her producer.
“Sitting week the story comes out, questions, it’s a mess for them.
“That’s why Britt’s picked that timeline.”

She seems really traumatised by it all.

Ms Higgins said that when she was “passed out on Valium” Mr Sharaz made the decision to send the document to journalists “on background”.
“People breached that trust and everyone in the press gallery had it,” she said.

This is becoming a pattern. People wait for her to pass out on drugs/alcohol, then they start doing bad things.

Ms Higgins has admitted to covertly recording a conversation with Minister Michaelia Cash in February 2021 and then distributing it “to as many people as possible”.

Ms Higgins resigned from Ms Cash’s office on January 29.

A few days later, Minister Cash called Ms Higgins and offered her alternatives to resigning.

“And you recorded her on that call without her knowledge?,” Mr Whybrow asked.

“That’s correct,” Ms Higgins confirmed.

She’s a slippery operator.

The court has heard that at the time Ms Higgins claims she was in the toilet at work having a panic attack for three hours, she was actually at a valedictory lunch for Steven Ciobo with her ex-boyfriend Ben Dillaway.
And that the reason CoS Fiona Brown had emailed her that afternoon asking if she was OK was because she had been out of the office for a number of hours attending a long lunch.
She had also collected Uber Eats that afternoon.

That evening, Ms Higgins and Mr Dillaway went out for dinner.

How much fucking food does she eat?

Ms Higgins has been grilled by Mr Whybrow about what she did with the white cocktail dress after the alleged rape.
“It stayed under my bed unwashed for a period of time,” she said.
“I was wrong (about how long it was there)
“I made a mistake. I was not trying to do anything. I was just wrong.”
Mr Whybrow pointed out that Ms Higgins took the dress with her to Perth on April 13 – less than three weeks after the alleged assault.

If she’s getting simple details about what she did with the dress wrong, what could she be getting wrong about a drunken evening from two years earlier. There’s no way anyone could forget what happened to the dress. You’d keep it just for DNA evidence.

You need to stop pedaling your alternative facts. By asking these questions you are encouraging and promoting sexual violence and support mistreatment of wymmins perpetrated exclusively by the toxic privileged white males.


For a bloke who makes continuing ridiculous claims about Australian soldiers supposed rapes, you seem heavily invested in questioning whether this woman was raped.

Fact is the woke media and a multitude of Leftard arseholes including The Project, want her to have been raped. It fits their narrative, feeds their click bait, and makes them feel good about themselves.

They have concluded she was raped, they want her to be raped, so that’s it. Over. Done. No matter what, they’ll either destroy the if found proven, or destroy the bloke if proven innocent. He’s cancellled, as they love to do. Facts won’t matter, they never do for the Woke Left.

Either way the media win. Women being raped is literally the best thing they could imagine. They can’t lose, the only way they lose if it’s conclusively proven false (and they won’t let that happen, if he’s got his dick out he’s guilty).

The grift industry around Indigenous in Australia has already shown the way. Ignore the facts, win the Woke left and it’s media and you win the war. #IStandWithBrittany Grace Tame will be angry because she might lose some market share though.

Ratings, clicks, book deals, speaking engagements, etc. are all coming and it makes a fortune for the woman and the media, because feeds their whole narrative.

Angus Jung

Ms Higgins at the Pearly Gates having a yarn with St Peter.
“So, what did you do with your life Ms Higgins?”
“I was famous for being raped
” Oh… well you shan’t be able to enter Heaven then. There’s a KFC on the way down. Goodbye.”


I’d be utterly astonished if he’s convicted. She’s got nothing.

Gruppenführer Mark

Cue George Floyd.


There was 20 (30?) minutes of video footage in that case to digest every detail on. Very different.

Proculus Kani

You should post this stuff at embee lol. I’m sure the counter evidence will be taken in a mature, calm, rational and objective way and definately not censored because embee doesnt censor.
Remember how hard dls and his simp squad in the comments were pushing this at the time.

Aussie Soy Boy

This will be the first and last fatty that Brucey roots. Most expensive root of his life. He’ll be a hooker man after this. You don’t root fat chicks they can’t keep their yaps shut.

Aussie Soy Boy

There’s no such as an ex hooker


But you would right? I would.


So true.


Every first Tuesday of the month

Aussie Soy Boy

When this is all over Britt is now saying she will go work for the Teals. She has the cheek to point to her environmental record saying she’s done more than anyone else in Canberra over the past few years in getting ministers, staffers to each have a turn at riding the office bicycle than anyone else.


For those who haven’t read it yet.


comment image


comment image


comment image


comment image


Is stagmal going to post about Ukraine again

looks like he had one of the worst takes in the history of the internet



I’m pretty sure he will turn out to be right lol. Russia is winning big time.


someone is telling outright lies then

isn’t Ukraine reclaiming hundreds of km of territory every day ?

i have no idea


I would take anything and everything that is happening with the war with a pinch of salt.

Who knows what is really happening.

Also could Zelensky be a bigger war hawk or what


dont believe the mod reports

rybar is the best source tbh its just unintellgible


Zelensky’s comments have been repatriated as nauseum in the Australian media “wow your Bushmaster is awesome, can I have more free one?..”

His kind are enabling him, they’re out in the open now:

The moron Albo has been conned out of nearly $400m of some our only military assets (good luck defending the Chinese or helping do so in the Pacific) plus $65m in ‘humanitarian aid’ (guarantee that has been siphoned off back to Israel and London). Here is an example of his fraud 11 years ago, imagine how much he has sucked in by now…?

Albo is so stupid, he’s the fat kid in the schoolyard being conned out of his lunch money by the short arse UKR sleazebag then doing it all over again when the slimy prick comes back and asks for his bus ticket too.

In fact Albo is so stupid he’s lying about how much he’s being conned for…even his Leftie mates have quietly noticed it:


zelensky is a god tier grifter i will give him that

man could out hustle higgins, tame and avi yemeni (another short jew) at once and still have enough hustle to do all the shit hes doing now

man is a machine

A fly in your ointment

I disagree.
he’s a sock puppet doing his performance of a lifetime for which he was prepared in a tv soapy and he just narky to pave the ways for “donations” and allow public support for some wringing of the arms where a noncompliant member of the Empire minions is causing stirring.
To simplify, weird Al Bo prepares the donation at the request of our masters, the Noisy Zed begins barking and then weird Al Bo “gives”.
I betcha Weird Al Bo had to be shown the map and someone point a stick in the right spot to tell him where the BushDisasters went.
MsM needs to create an image of worldwide support to a cause that probably only the Empire wants.
Noisy Zed did not con anyone except U’s plebs to bleed to the last one so that Belt Way can cause some inconvenience (but major) to its tsunami of contestants to the trone.

A fly in your ointment

narky = barking

I think we all need to respect the recent trend when the celebrities are referred to by Shortening (did you see what I did there?) their names to their first/last names.

AnAl it is then!

On the subject, though, I can’t fathom how anyone in this great land, and I do mean it, no sarcasm, this is a great land of ours, can sell out so quickly and so independently of one another to permit, not allow, but permit, things that we have.

There is a post in this, a phylosophical one, one that I can’t tackle today. But I can offer a header: “How did crims become pussies”.


no lol

its mostly frozen on every front today besides bakhmut city which the wagner mercs are slowly disamebling

ukr took some villages on the edge of the reservoir east of kherson using the same method they used in kharkov most likely (get nato satellite intelligence of an area of the front where the russians have nothing to defend it and blitzkrieg attack by driving a convoy of vehicles really fast a few km through the area), im assuming that’s what you’re referring to

the ukr attack consisted of maybe 4000 men and ~100 infantry fighting vehicles or so

i thought it could have portended to kharkov 2 finally in kherson, after a million failed attacks by ukraine, but seems not and everything has mostly stabilised now

again the manpower issue is critical, putin should have mobilised in july

ru is repelling their attacks there again; ukr attacked again today but was repelled, footage ive seen is pretty horrible

photos, there was a video too but i cant find the source

russia will not be able to mount an offensive in the area or possibly anywhere (besides bakhmut city) until mid november, maybe december, thats when the new mobilised men will have arrived and be integrated

i expect a general stalemate until then besides in bakhmut which the ‘orchestra’ is continuing to occupy, but ukr could surprise with a few more attacks

their big prize is a successful attack through zaporozhye oblast bc that would cut the crimean land bridge and split kherson/crimea from the rest of russia, that would be huge but its unlikely

looks like they attempted some attack of that kind today (maybe a probing attack):

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

The great thing about this is that no matter what happens , so many people are going to end up looking stupid for their supremely confident opinions

Peter zeihan is almost orgasmic on Twitter about the thrashing Russia is supposedly taking

would be amazing to see how he squirms out of it if he’s wrong given how arrogant he is


i doint think they ar taking a thrashing, they have been withdrawing (last month in kharkov, last week in some sections of kherson) in good order to minimise casualties and preserve manpower/prevent encirclements which means giving up ground

but you cant win a war by endlessly withdrawing

to advance they need more infantry on the ground

they do not and never have had sufficient resources to actually win which is why putin finally mobilised (but he should have done it months ago, but politically maybe he couldnt until now)

i suspect maybe russia will need one or two extra mobilisation waves to finally conclude this war


i dont read mainstream aus commentators on the war bc they are so fucking stupid. an autistic kid playing age of empires 2 on steam would have a better grasp of warfare than them

that reminds me im gonna go play age of empires 2 later lmao

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

my primary interest/motivation in this at this point is spite yeah

i want to see all these faggots wrong and i want to see albo having to face questions about howq much $$$$$$$$$$$ he chucked away on what was such an obviously futile war, which is what people will be saying in retrospect if russia actually wins b/c “russia winning” always seemed like the obvious thing

i give russia maybe a 70-80% chance of winning this war but if the mobilisation flops for some reason it is going to become a lot more dicey, i dont know how it could but if it somehow does they are in some trouble

one thing all of this woke me up to is how infantry and manpower are still king in war and that fancy tech/long range weapons cant do what a guy with a gun on foot can do

most western armies, even the russian army, is insufficient in infantry/manpower

normies are so infatuated with toys and tech they just dont get it and fortunatetly after viewing this whole war for months and months i finally get it


I guess it’s hard to actually occupy an area with your mobile rocket launcher system blasting rockets 80km away. Need boots on the ground for that.


either way i will be amused

tbh its hard to imagine that the lies of the media could be this deep i understand propaganda has to exist, but it will be very difficult to explain how things suddenly went so bad after they were pumping the ukes up for months

but i guess covid/climate change etc looking stupid has never stopped them before

either the internet edgelords or the media is going to look very stupid

remember when all the internet edgelords were mocking the mainstream media report about putin’s imminent invasion saying there was no way it was going to happen

then he goes ahead and invades exactly like they said he would

so yeah I don’t know what will happen but im on your side cos I cant stand that smug fuck zeihan or any of the fuckwits with ukrainian flags on their twitter profiles


i dont think the lies are that deep, in terms of territory gained/lost, ukraine has been winning since september

in terms of lives lost, russia has been winning since feburary including up to and past september

ukraine has mobilised heaps of its male population and is getting nato equipment/satellite help/weapons to push at weak points where russia is undermanned

300k russians are now in the pipeline and will be in ukraine by next month of early dec or so

plus another 75k volunteers on top of that have chucked in their resumes since putin ordered the mobilisation; idk how many of these will actually be deemed eligble but hopefully a lot

the number of russians that are coming will exceed whatever they started with and will include what is already there

this is what i mean, its an uphill battle for ukraine from here on out, they will be forced to mobilise more men and it is going to get harder and harder for them to do that

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i was told most of the population was ambivalent to whether russian or ukrainian oligarchs ruled over them

so why are they so willing to fight, but russian men are fleeing on boats to alaska


a lot of them are being forced but theres a lot of ukraine fanatics etc

ukraine has also learned to harness the almigty power of NATIONAL SOCIALISM which is some sort of protective token that gives whoever embraces it some sort of mystical combat power

the funniest thing about this conflict is that western progressives/liberals are all on ukraines side while western reactionaries/crypto nazis are all on russia’s side, even though russia has positioned itself as the champion of the third world ungabunga niggas and its war as a campaign to rid ukraine of nazis while the ukranians are running around in SS and wehrmacht uniforms and laughing at the dumb liberals giving them money

im 100% convinced that embracing nazism or some variant thereof makes you better at fighting


also note that this is happening as well, even abc is reporting it:

not good for ukr long term bc they cant remake their ammo like russia can, or get it from china/where-ever

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They say that they’re winning when losing, say that they’re losing when winning.

I wanted Putin to win but he’s getting his arse handed to him now. Pretty clear once he resorted to drafting army reservists.


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fmd ukraine hit the crimea bridge

if putin wasnt such a fkn pussy he’d take out their whle power grid in retribution for this

Aussie Soy Boy

Haha it was pretty obvious they were building up to that after taking out the Nord Stream pipes and telling all NATO citizens to leave Russia. Thought it would be a NATO missile though not a truck.

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it sure looks as a missile to #MeToo, hitting the lorry then blowing up the train. I just can’t see the explosion of a lorry to fire up instantly the train cistern, at least not that easy.

or the load on the lorry was a special purpose explosive.

who knows (except the belling cat, they can recognise anything from just the satellite images and citizens reports).

what is more important is how the Big P responds.


fucking lmao its over m8

outworked, outsmarted, outplayed


Be interesting if Ukr follows through with a southern push after this

A fly in your ointment

as I was one of those that did not think the events of the 24. Feb would begin as yet (because the Big P did not seem to be preping his folks), it looks to me that the Big P is still not ready for this as yet and the initiative is still on the other side (he literally follows events rather than creating them). By the looks of it, Noisy Zed will have to come to Stalingrad before Big P responds and stops just short of crossing to Poland.