Tragedy strikes as indigenous performers killed by ISIS brides during “Welcome to Country”

The Albanese government is in crisis tonight, after a major terrorist incident at Sydney Airport where ISIS brides attacked and killed several indigenous Australians performing a ‘Welcome to Country” ceremony for the arrivals.

The NSW Police Special Operations Unit eventually shot and killed the attackers, who stabbed multiple indigenous performers to death on the tarmac as they were performing for the brides, with one suicide vest also being detonated.

“It’s a great tragedy that several indigenous Australians and ISIS muslim brides have died. Apparently some white people died in the vicinity too but fuck them we don’t care,” Albanese said.

“The families of the attackers will be given all the financial support they need for them and their extended family back in the middle east if need be. There will be a national week of mourning for the brides and I’m investigating a permanent public holiday in memoriam.”

Mehreen Faruqi also defended the attackers.

“It’s what Man Monis would have wanted and it’s just part and parcel in living in a vibrant, multicultural diverse economic zone,” Faruqi said.

“If I can betray Australia then so can they. It’s an economic zone not a country anyway, so there’s nothing left to betray.”

Meanwhile, the Teal MP’s have introduced a motion supported by the Greens and Labor to ban the resettlement of ISIS brides in their own electorates, in favour of “dumping them in working class suburbs but remain committed to multiculturalism and inclusion.”

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How would you feel if you found that one of these returned families was housed in your suburb, and the kids were in the same classes as your children at school?

I’d be less than happy. Some of these women were undoubtedly forced or scammed into going, but equally undoubtedly some of them were enthusiastic participants in the Jihad, and remain so.


this is why the RBA could get away with 25 bp…

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These are the same FX Swap Deals that I mentioned occurred during GFC and Covid crashes. Basically, the US Fed lends billions of USD to another central bank who uses it to directly intervene in FX markets buying up the local currency.

That is why I said it would be foolish to be shorting the AUD from low levels. During the GFC RBA put a line in the sand at 63c.


cray cray from telegram…

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This is getting ugly… below is ABS data.

If you are vaxxed, you should probably start checking out the main causes and getting yourself tested – heart attacks and strokes seem to be the most common cause of death.

Contact your local conspiracy theorist for links to sites where protocols to combat emma renay are discussed.

2020 had 326 more deaths above the historical average.

In 2021 the average excess death rate was BELOW the historical average. Towards the end of 2021 the data were trending upwards.

In 2022, there were statistically significant numbers of excess deaths recorded every month starting in January. These represent thousands of extra deaths per month.

The data are:

January: + 22.1% (+ 2,865 people above average)

February: + 17.1% (+ 1,999 people above average)

March: + 9.6 % (+ 1,254 people above average)

April: + 12.2% (+ 1,580 people above average)

May: + 13.5% (+ 1,922 people above average)

June: + 16.8% (+ 2,410 people above average)

2022: + 17.1% (+ 13,514)


serious question: why do you necessarily blame the vaccines and not the virus itself?


In the referenced case, the dead guy had no history of covid, he died 3 weeks after his 3rd jab, and his immunochemistry showed no nucleocapsid response, only spikes.

The point of the paper was that this guy suffered brain and cardiac damage as a result of being vaccinated that lead to his death.

Sure, covid itself may be knocking a lot of people off directly and indirectly, but the vaccines, apart from being largely ineffective, also appear to be actively harmful in quite a lot of cases.

There is also literature coming out that appears to show negative efficacy after a few months, in that they make one more likely to catch the bug than the unvaccinated.


its a solitary case report

same things happen with all drugs – idiosyncratic severe reactions


Because MRNA is moderna’s stock ticker and these a-holes have no problem causing suffering and death for money.

A fly in your ointment

why do you necessarily blame the vaccines and not the virus itself?

One of the reasons is that before the Emma Renay jabbadabba the novichokcough virus was in its deadlier strains and excess mortality was not present or not as bad. If anything, natural selection makes sure more virulent but less deadly variants endure and whatevs the virus ijnput into excess morrality, it got lesser with every passing day. Otoh, the Emma Renay jabbadabba got more and more input as of H2 of 2021.


My partner, my kids, my sister, my friends…just about everybody I know is at least double vaxxed, and I fear for their long term well-being. There was a surge in sudden deaths at my ex workplace last year after the Vax roll-out. This seems to have…ahem…died down, but now the long term effects are starting to show in the death figures.

I hope I don’t have to bury my children.

A fly in your ointment

Perhaps the detox programme can do something….


This is why Ukraine was not let into NATO – China warns the U.S. of ‘grave consequences’ – including nuclear war with Russia – if Ukraine is allowed to join NATO and more troops are stationed in Eastern Europe

China warns the U.S. of ‘grave consequences’ – including nuclear war with Russia | Daily Mail Online (

A fly in your ointment

The article is 404

Anyway, they may be crazy at the dark force but not stupid. Accepting a country actively in a direct war with another superpower is more stupid than declaring the war plus it would rip the DF as not all members are suicidal (barking perhaps is acceptable but they know that biting will get them to abattoir).

The article still works for me.

Also, I read somewhere that if a country is at war, it cannot be admitted into NATO, although I couldn’t find anything to prove this recollection of mine.

Instead, per wiki entry and here, describes first chapter of the NATO membership action plan is described as:

“The first chapter — political and economic issues — requires candidates to have stable democratic systems, pursue the peaceful settlement of territorial and ethnic disputes, have good relations with their neighbors, show commitment to the rule of law and human rights, establish democratic and civilian control of their armed forces, and have a market economy”.

So for Ukraine, they will be striking out on at least a couple of principles, I think.

A fly in your ointment

apart from peacefully settlement, UA has all the flying colours with a spark. At least that’s what Brandon says…


this is going to be great no matter what happens

its always the fatties having the most sex isnt it


i reckon hes phukked himself denying they fucked at all

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maybe she never went to a cop shop
don’t they have to swab the vag?

It sounds like she took a long time to report it so there’s probably no physical proof she was penetrated

if he admits they had sex, then they’d be like how could you have got consent she was so intoxicated (and there are probably witnesses who could verify that she was)
that is considered rape in 2022


tru tbh

its gonna be hard for him to be found not guilty tho

it will destroy her as a public figure or at least it should (it wont)

she is too built up in the public now to be discredited


Weird whatever you look at it.

The saying goes is that politics is just Showbusiness for ugly people.

Personally I don’t see the need to take a view. How’s this from the hearing:

“The court heard she threw up in the former minister’s bathroom, before she made her way into a small room near Ms Reynolds’ former office, which had no windows, found a box of Roses chocolates and ate it while crying.”


looks like she’s eaten quite a few more boxes of roses since then


im glad im not the only one who noticed this but holy fuck compare her in the before photos to now and its night and day

she hit the wall so fast and hard she might as well be a crash test dummy for ferrari


Didn’t she used to always parade around to the media with her “boyfriend” prior to this ?

looks like he’s not on the scene anymore , as now she’s accompanied by another curvaceous female friend

they should call that bloke to the stand I reckon

EDIT: lol

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Gruppenführer Mark

Oh fudge!

They are all clones! From a link in the article you posted:

Ex wife and Brit look the same as well


Gee, those folks really should’ve all stayed young and slim, instead of what they’ve gone and done!


lol wtf!!

how come this was never mentioned in the media
even in the dailymail


can you imagine how many diatribes we will have to put up with from SMH and the project if he is found not guilty

why does australia encourage sexual violence against women etc etc


he looks creepy enough he might have done it tbh

but at the same time she is a careerist scumbag who wanted to be a powerbroker in the fucking liberal party

2 very bad people against each other


rapist phenotype


after reading this im pretty sure he fucked her

still her fault for being that pissed
who is to say he wasn’t also completely intoxicated


I don’t think k it’s going to go well for her.


MB is now tentatively turning bullish on houses

They’ve been so scarred by the last 10 years . We all have

A fly in your ointment

It is the perspective that has changed with higher rents and still relatively low IR. I am actively looking but I put 8% IR in the calc to assess.
My calc says in real terms property value should roughly be what the average rent for a similar property would pay on IO loan only, plus 25%-33% (or equivalent of rental covering IO loan for a property that has at least 20% deposit).

It is attractive I must admit as some properties cost only 1.5 the rent payment at the current rates whuch is acceptabke for PPoR.
Will the IR remain this low…? I doubt.

Gruppenführer Mark


That was an excellent piece of satire. Chapeau!

Golf Clap.jpg

Meanwhile the pile on and cancellations by Dan Andrews and his lackeys in the media continue…

The AFL silent like so many spineless woke fuckwits, including Essendon FC themselves.


It is ironic the amount of double standards of the EZFKAFL and the wokes led by Dictator Dan. So they got rid of Thorburn. But doesn’t Emirates sponsor a club? I didn’t think UAE supported ‘Let’s Get Brandon To Quit’. They used to play at Etihad stadium, so Etihad paid money for naming rights for and Etihad is incorporated in UAE. The players used to fly that crappy Virgin airlines which was owned by HNA, Singapore and Etihad.

Far easier to pile onto an individual and look the other way to sponsorship money from companies owned by countries that don’t support ‘Let’s Get Brandon To Quit’.


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I doubt if there’s anybody to be hunted. I think its likely that the Ukes, the US, the Poles and maybe a few others had the pipelines wired for demo as soon as the were finished, just as a precaution.

The idea that it had to be done by assets that were recently in the area is almost certainly wrong. Biden threatened NS 2 months ago. The means to do the job would have already been in place at that time.


doubt if there’s anybody to be hunted. I think its likely that the Ukes, the US, the Poles and maybe a few others had the pipelines wired for demo as soon as the were finished, just as a precaution.

oooh, i hadn’t thought of that possibility.

So perhaps another one of those “answers lie back in time” type situations?

A fly in your ointment

That is logical but don’t forget that incompetence supercedes malice. It is equally likely (or more) that it was cheaper and simpler this way and that the hubris over control of media is at its apex.


I doubt anyone in the mainstream media will even remember the bombing of the pipeline. None of those muppets will even ask about it, just a like the crazy idea of actually finding out where Covid came from…


Do. You think Covid came from the pipeline?


Does that explain the bubbles…? I mean I was thinking they were gas, but maybe..


Do the schmoes at SMH read EZFKA – Russia-Ukraine war: Putin decries US ‘satanism’ (

I thought we were the only place locally folks were complaining about satanism?


April seems like such a long time ago.

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Don’t worry, Albanese has just announced the Regional Home Guarantee Scheme so these ISIS brides can buy in while “the Government takes the risk between the deposit and 20%”…

That sounds like it won’t be any problems there then. All aboard!!