Do not redeem: Indians cry about being ripped off by Sydney construction firm run by Indians

This is some really funny shit – gotta take the small wins while you can.

Australia’s real estate ponzi and multicultural/mass immigration scam continues to deliver the laughs, with Indians crying to the media about being ripped off by Indian construction firms:

“However, the owner of Ajit Constructions, Amarjit Khakh said he is currently on a family holiday in Europe and is doing his best to try not to go into liquidation.

Neeraj Sikka and his family are one of the impacted homeowners, who have been building an $885,000 home in the suburb of North Kellyville, which was meant to be completed by June this year.

Instead, the 46-year-old has been left with a half-built house that has no roof and has been exposed to months of rain leaving the floorboards mouldy and black, said Mr Sikka.”

Wow, I’m shocked at this behaviour. Never!

Amarjit isn’t coming back from Europe, he’s probably meeting up with Puneet Puneet on the best way to avoid extradition.

Not surprised at all. Ah India, a nation and culture (that I have had the displeasure of extensively working in) that normalises corruption, naturally gravitates towards it and then brings that cultural baggage to Australia to complain about it being done to them here. Yeh it’s obvious we aren’t far off down here in EZFKA, but importing more of it (by design) from a country where it’s a) next-level and b) normalised everywhere is as dumb as it gets – straya mate, lucky country mate.

I personally am an advocate for equal opportunity imprisonment/execution of all property developers from all walks of life, from Harry Trigaboff down, but that’s just me.

The Vietnamese community are also pitching in to ensure that the real estate and debt scam continues to be multicultural:

“A home loan broker who provided fake pay slips to banks to help Vietnamese migrants buy homes says he was helping people to secure loans and his crimes had not caused any damage.

Lam Duc Vu — who was a Justice of the Peace for more than 30 years — has been spared jail for giving Westpac, Bendigo and Adelaide banks pay slips that were fake or had been altered with higher rates of pay to secure home loans worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Surprised the ABC even reported (probably some attempted suicides in the newsrooms) it but I guess he wasn’t white, so he doesn’t get to go to jail.

Expect more of this behaviour at the margins as interest rates continue upwards and stagflation continues to bite. If this deters more migrants coming here and sends a few more back fleeing debt then good. We know that Albo and Chalmers want the gates open to crush wages and increase unemployment and probably have real estate agents stationed at the airports now offering to build them a new house instead of leaving.

Albo is also now handing out PR for Pajeet families who kick and scream and run media sob story campaigns so I’m sure that numerous kitchen sinks are already being readied, ie buy a house get PR (we already sorta have that with the 888 business innovation visas aka ‘launder your money in real estate and we won’t touch it’ visas.

Anyways, fuck Amarjit and fuck his customers – they deserve each other.

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there really seems to be a lot of indian companies in aus huh. every subway every pizza hut, every petrol station too regardless of where you are. all the security guards are indian, the contractors have to be too.

if you guys have ever been to america one of the weirdest things about it is all the motel operators are all indian, and not only that they all have the same last name Patel. it is super weird there’s gotta be some co-ethnik scam going on over there with motels.

Agent 47

Aged care the worst of them all.


Same with Cambodians and Donut shops in the states lol


It reminds me of all those racist “Australians” who were supposedly abusing Chinese citizens when COVID was erupting by graffitiing their garage doors.

Because English is an SVO language meaning that sentence structure is Subject, Verb then Object e.g FOX JUMPS over the DOG. When the Subject and the Object are the same, then the subject becomes implied and when used as a direction it cab be dropped e.g. “Jump, Henry!”

So in this case English speakers would say “Die China” as a direction.

Interestingly both Mandarin and Cantonese are also SVO languages, as is Vietnamese. However Japanese, Thai and Hindi are examples of Subject Object Verb languages.

Likewise with a direction where where the subject and object are the same, then the Subject is implied and dropped, leaving just the Object and the Verb. Thus it would be “China Die!”

The most common writing system to write Sanskrit and several other languages in India is Devanagari script, which is has quite identifiable horizontal serifs on their script, no dots but more dashes, which is how the “i”s are displayed in the graffiti.
Of course the graffiti could have been performed by a Japanese person, as they have similar cursive features with their kangi script, and the Japanese and Chinese have a long history of mutual enmity…. but graffiti is just so unJapanese – it would be too rude for their hosts. They would be much more likely to politely protest by holding their placards down the street.

Capture - Copy.JPG
Gruppenführer Mark


I usually see things on the same parallel with you, but with this one, I think you are drawing the longbow.

Generally, people who resort to the “political discourse” by using graffiti, or defacing property, are not the PhD’s.


No native english speaker would say “Die China”. They’d say “Die Chinaman” or Die Chinese Scum”. Nothing to do with SVO, just common sense. You can’t kill a state/nation/country/government.

Agent 47

Saw this also and chuckled.

Anecdotally same thing going on in western suburbs of Melbourne where a lot of Indian land banking has gone on. If this continues then more laughs on the way.

Max Payne

I hear nomination sales on Gumtree are popular with this crowd.


For some time I’ve been following this prion disease in North America that has mainly been infecting deer turning them into drooling zombies… and it is spreading:

There has been some questions as to how it is spreading, as prion diseases usually have to be consumed in order to infect the next host. It was thought that deer, like many apparent “herbivores” had eaten remains of other dead deer that they came across when suitably hungry and became infected that way.

However, a recent study has shown that it is far more concerning than that. The prions have spread into environment and blowing around on the wind has enabled it to infect plants as well, including grasses. These prions binds to roots and leaves that eaten by other animals and then spread further afield in their urine and feces:

In short this is a very bad development as it could theoretically end up poisoning the entire global ecosystem with brain degenerative prions.

Capture - Copy.JPG

That is some very bad juju if true…


Basically you can’t eat game from any of those shaded areas. If it does turn out that it binds to grass proteins and can enter the food chain that way… very bad juju.


Even worse if it can bind to grains or fruits…


Off topic – I don’t want to start a new thread so going to tack on the bottom of here.

Where do people see the share market going from here? It’s managed to scrape back over 7,000 this week and I think that’s because market thinks RBA is easing with the rate rises? But there is also talk of the big R… It seems all sunshine and rainbows here this week but if we look to Britain and USA then the economic news is looking really shit this week


is trading the ASX actually a good idea? ive never ever done it because i never saw how most australian companies could ahve any growth potential since they’d have no hope outside of their small pond captive audience.


Others here will be better to answer your question. I’m thinking more about super.


The small pond keeps expanding due to mass immigration, so ASX listed companies can increase their profits without doing that much. Best of all, not many competitors, so the dividends can keep rolling in.


i should look into it but dk what stocks are good

Angus Jung

Maybe look into Exchange traded (ETF) funds which follow the index rather than chasing individual shares.
There’s also managed Aussie LIC’s which do a similar thing and have pretty consistent dividends and those evil boomer franking credits.


Plenty of monopolies and duopolies. Most are expensive at the moment. Even the owners of Australia’s most successful $2 shop (Bunnings) are trading at a PE of 25.


you don’t think that australian companies have any export potential?

you realise that we export most of the worlds iron ore, and a large portion of the gold, oil, other metals etc


those companies are pretty cyclical though

im already in commodities


so youre in the asx then

or by commodities do you mean aluminium cans




I refer to the old truism….When the U.S. sneezes, everybody catches a cold (or is it now Covid?)

Don’t know what sort of returns you’re looking for, but TD’s are looking a bit brighter, at least for the next 12-18 months.

ANZ and CBA currently offering 2.5%, and I hear there might be some further upward movement next week.

Not the most rewarding of investment, but safety can be a bonus in super.

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat

The Sharemarket is doing okay as corporate profits remain high. The listed companies have been able to raise prices without much impact to their profits. Yay for duopolies ☹️
The only businesses not doing well are small businesses and builders.

Angus Jung

I have a lot in the ASX and I have no clue. I bought some coal shares last year which have gone nuts (YAL NHC WHC).
Going to sell off the shares which cause me anxiety and go into LIC’s like Argo BKI and AFIC.


Yes. USA is where people should be focused. They actually have decent wage inflation and could force our rates higher than expected via lower AUD.

comment image


You’ve probably seen this already, Freddy… interesting commentary on Julys’ numbers:

Something Snaps In The Job Market: Multiple Jobholders Hit All Time High As Unexplained 1.8 Million Jobs Gap Emerges


Some commentators last year mentioned that The Great Retirement will increase demand for workers. It doesn’t really matter how it happens.

Wage Growth Tracker – Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (


What the hell are you blokes doing wasting your weekend posting on this inelegant forum, when you could be rubbing shoulders with royalty and improving your standing in life:

Welcome to Drag Expo 2022

Set over two days, this is the chance for Australian fans to catch up with local and international drag artiste royalty.

Visitors to DragExpo can meet the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race, see Australia’s own drag legends and learn their inspiring stories, and enjoy a plethora of panels, tutorials, chill out spaces, fabulous shopping stores, runways with Q&A sessions, meet and greets, official merchandise, a drag market and more.

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Gruppenführer Mark


True story. Back in the uni days, I was selling ladies’ shoes in one of the upscale stores in Lenox Mall (Lenox Square if you google) in Atlanta, GA. God, the amounts of *tang* I got from that job were spectacular! Sugar mommas, naive young things, and everything in between. And all I did was dance, when there were no customers, pop a tape (we had tapes back then for background music, sent by corporate), and just dance.

So, one of the associates was a flamer. Back in the day, Little 5 Points was a “progressive” area.

So, this big black dude walks in looking for a particular model in size 46. Naturally, we don’t have the flippers on the floor, so I go back in the stock room to see what is the largest size we have. The flamer (all 160 cms of him) is in absolute agony due to who the customer is. Tremors, deep breathing, shaking, you get the picture. So I ask, what the hell is wrong with you? And he says, this is RuPaul, out of drag! He is a hero!

Back then, I had no idea of RuPaul. But I still didn’t sell him anything, the manufacturer didn’t make flippers.

And another time, I had one of the Salt’n’Peppa’s come in, can’t remember which one. They were Atlanta-based. So she picked out a pair of boots, slightly over $100, wrote a check, I went to ring up the sale. Check bounced. This was in the height of their popularity. Broke as.


So you had an Al Bundy job with the type of customers that frequent his store?

Gruppenführer Mark

Nah, mate, it was more glamorous, Hotlanta, not Shitcago


just got rejected from a job at kmart haha

all this tight labor market talk smells like b.s to me

Gruppenführer Mark

You must’ve failed the BMI index requirement…. to the downside…

I have been looking for some admin support, $40/hr casual with a 38/hr week guarantee. Nothing so far.


where are you looking? i should apply for that stuff too

i think they rejected me bc i told them i had a degree

Gruppenführer Mark

Perth, state gov’t

From memory, you are QLD?

Last edited 1 year ago by Gruppenführer Mark

Never let them know that you are over-qualified/experienced for the job on offer.

Self-preservation instinct kicks in….voice of experience.


You don’t have the right skills. I assume you won’t do anything that your boss requests and you won’t work for $10 per hour with some dubious contract. These are necessary skills.


they didn’t even ask

the interview seemed to go well too


isnt it just because you’re too old?

They have to pay you much more than they would if they get a 16yo


didnt ask my age

i look like im 17 anyway


Seems to me that there’s not all that much to celebrate in the world today, as the stranglehold of the rich and powerful seems ever tighter as each day passes.

But every once in a while something comes along that warms the cockles of ones’ heart, and provides a tiny glimmer of hope that maybe there are still some out there that a really trying to do the right thing:

Kidnapped: billionaires’ loophole swiftly abolished by Greens and Labor, finally

It was swift in the end, and silent.

The “Billionaires’ Loophole” was abolished in a rapid act of Parliament yesterday amid the dramatic passage of Anthony Albanese’s climate bill, relegating 25 years of regulatory apartheid to Australian history, a period of one rule for the rich and powerful and another rule for the rest. 

We are talking about the “grandfathering” exemption, a loophole standing since 1995 which allowed Australia’s richest families of the time to hide their financial affairs.

Agent 47

Now if only Michael West will start pointing out how many of them are Jewish we can start making some progress.


lol 🙂

Roger Dickings

Seems like letting certain Eastern Europeons emigrate to Australia after WW11 was a mistake.


Great old joke in Caitlins latest article:

A Russian and an American get on a plane in Moscow and get to talking.

The Russian says he works for the Kremlin and he’s on his way to go learn American propaganda techniques.

“What American propaganda techniques?” asks the American.

“Exactly,” the Russian replies.

“Russian Propaganda” Just Means Disobedience

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat
Roger Dickings

Weird how the far left like Cait Johnstone and the hard right have glommed together lately


I like quite a bit of her stuff, the focus on narrative is great and taking the US to task on empire expansion. But the fawning over China is really odd, like she would drop to her knees and open wide if xi turned up in Australia, any ideas why?


Chuck, I completely agree.
It’s as though she’s using China as a blunt instrument to advance her (mostly justified) attacks on the American establishment.
I have a few thoughts on the matter, but stated simply, it seems to be a case of:

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

I share much of her skepticism and distrust of the American system, but if I had to choose between that and the Chinese way…..I know damn well which one I’d stick with 🙂

Aussie Soy Boy

The US is the greatest threat to peace on the planet.


No……human beings are the greatest threat to peace on this planet.


Russia and china seem to be doing quite ok on their end…


In a recent article, Caitlin wrote:

All facts in evidence say that China is not working to “take over the world” (that’s what the US is doing), but is rather working to give rise to a multipolar world order that’s no longer dominated by a single unipolar hegemon. All the facts you ever see people citing to claim that China is attempting to supplant the US as unipolar hegemon are, when you drill down on them, in reality perfectly in alignment with Beijing’s stated agenda of multipolarism. 

There are a few countries that might have a different take on that:

All the countries in which China claims territory
Beijing is engaged in disputes with 17 nations over land and sea borders

They’re just trying to spread that multipolarism around, I guess 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat

So the best way to avoid going bust is to go on holiday in Europe? That’s some next level piss taking right there.


Non-COVID deaths are up a significant amount this year. What’s driving the increase?

Ms Moran said that while some of the increase could be put down to natural variation and increases with an ageing population, the deaths are statistically significant and confirm a trend that began late last year.

Deary, me……what could it possibly be??


I don’t know. What happened late last year…

A better question is what will the narrative be to keep the sheeple calm.

While comstains health care reduction due to blah is passable it makes the gov look bad.

Reus's Large MEMBER


That’s the essence of what is happening. I think more people are starting to see this, as the multiple vaccinations have bugger all effect in high profile cases like Fauci and Biden.


last year, the excess deaths were in every state EXCEPT new south wales

Does that still hold?

I can’t find the relevant state by state data anymore

if it does, then it isn’t the jab

Aussie Soy Boy

Don’t forget that up until a year or so ago they weren’t really differentiating between a death with or from COVID.

There could also be more political pressure no to report line ball COVID deaths as non-COVID deaths to justify not going back to restrictions.

There’s a lot of BS on both sides. All I know is that vaccines don’t work particularly well.

A course of tetanus vaccines give almost 100% protection from infection for 10 years (and a high degree of protection beyond that even if you don’t get a booster), but a course of these ones it’s like 40-60% then keeps dropping every week until virtually no protection after a few months. Against infection itself it’s basically 0%.

So they’re pretty shit.


You just need to look at all excess deaths
forget about Covid specifically

Sweden has basically none

they are jabbed so it isn’t the vax making the difference

but they didn’t lock down , and they had probably an effective health care system to begin with (like NSW) that didn’t break down with the stupid rules and other bullshit

edit: let me also take this opportunity to say fuck you to all the Australian public health officials and especially the MB clowns who called me a psycho for opposing lockdowns

proven correct exactly as I knew I would be even when Sweden had a bit of a spike at the beginning

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming
Aussie Soy Boy

True I was reading MB when you were against and DLS was talking about virus psychos.


Well the idea was to lockdown until the vaccines arrived right

I agree though the vaccines didn’t work as planned and we locked down too much in the end

Reus's Large MEMBER

They are up around 30% for Q2 in NSW according to NSW health data, Vic was up 40% I believe.


Are they available by cause?


National breakdown by cause below, from the May 25 edition of “Provisional Mortality Statistics”


“Reference period: Jan – Feb 2022”

“Key statistics

* In 2022, there were 29,685 deaths that occurred by 28 February and were registered by 30 April, which is 5,052 (20.5%) more than the historical average …

* COVID-19 was the fourth most common cause of death certified by a doctor in February following cancer, dementia and ischaemic heart diseases. 

* There was statistically significant excess mortality recorded in the first two months of 2022 …”

There were increased deaths for …

“There were 859 deaths due to diabetes in January and February 2022, which is 28.0% more [than] the baseline average of 671”

“There were 2,662 deaths from dementia, including Alzheimer disease, in January and February 2022, which is 29.3% more than the baseline average of 2,059”

“There were 7,961 deaths from cancer in January and February 2022, which is 5.3% higher than the baseline average of 7,559”

Ischaemic heart disease: 
“2,201 deaths were certified by a doctor as being due to ischaemic heart disease (IHD) in January and February 2022, which is 89 deaths (4.2%) higher than the baseline average” 


There’s a recent clip going round (have seen on TG) of Alex Berenson referring to it and of type 1 diabetes being autoimmune disease, inferring a connection to the V.