Immigration and the 2022 Federal Election: One Nation has the only policy worth voting for

I’m cynical on the upcoming election. The globalist shenanigans of the last two years has re-affirmed my belief in the sham of democracy and that it’s a WOFTAM. Nothing new there, but whatever. I actually think there will be some kind of fuckery regarding the result, despite what we’re told by the AEC. We shall see. If you haven’t watched 2000 Mules yet then it’s worth a watch, and believing that something like that couldn’t be done in Australia is about as believable as the ‘we have better banking regulation’ meme that used to circulate prior to the Hayne Royal Commission.

Anyways, on the topic of migration I notice it’s largely been left out of the debate except for the usual faux debate about turning the boats around (which I 100% support). We have seen the usual simping for migrant groups by promising them the world for votes, proving once again that multiculturalism is nothing more than an ethnic head count.

This meme is accurate and could realistically be applied to all major parties, not just the ALP (they’re far worse at it):

So here’s my two cents on things migration related which won’t be new to many readers of EZFKA but may be for the casual observer.


The LNP and ALP are the same globalist shit on migration – Big Australia at all costs with cannon fodder for the housing market and cheap labour for the corporates.

The only difference you are going to get between them is more permanent residency handed out to migrants by the ALP. What does that mean? Faster access to Medicare, public services and ultimately citizenship and a vote for people who aren’t really entitled to any of it by virtue of being in the country all of five minutes. But they got a piece of paper from the government, so shut up racist.

More permanent residency also makes it harder to get rid of migrants during a recession or if they’re generally just pieces of shit.

I stand by my prediction that the boats will start again if the ALP win, a trickle at first to test the waters but then a flotilla soon after. The ALP will backflip on the boat turn backs at the drop of a hat and we will get a US style southern border situation potentially.

They can always just bring more in on planes through the front door as they have both been doing the last decade or so anyway. Etiher way it’s a shit show and the Indian Free Trade Agreement means more cheap labour and the funeral for the Australian working class, with bipartisan support.

God help us if Karen Keneally becomes our Home Affairs Minister.

Greens/Simon Holmes A Court Investments Party

The biggest lol. They now want to get rid of Australian Border Force because uniforms bad, open borders good. They want the usual open borders nonsense and as much non-white migration as possible. They also want to represent the indigenous by making sure they are pushed further down the demographic scale by importing more migrant groups who don’t care about them, to live on indigenous land with them. Sensible of course, you racist. Looking forward to the inevitable ‘multicultural’ welcome to country performances, you know that’s coming.

As long as the migrants they simp for are nowhere near their inner-city enclaves and dumped in western suburbs shitholes for the Australian working class to deal with, or in public housing that was supposed to be for Australians (which makes their public housing policy a load of fucking toss).


The closest thing I could find from the Craig Kelly and Clive show on migration was this:

“Our regional communities are the backbone of the nation and the United Australia Party is committed to stimulating economic growth in rural areas.

Our cities are bursting at the seams. We face a future of heavy congestion, serious housing affordability issues and mounting cost of living pressures.

By providing a 20% tax concession incentive to people living more than 200kms from a capital city (including all of Tasmania), we can decentralise Australia and encourage people to move to or settle in regional areas.

Zonal Taxation isn’t new – it existed under Liberal governments in the 1960s and is constitutional under Commonwealth laws.

Interpret that how you will but that reads to me as the usual ‘more migration, just push it to the regions’ decentralisation nonsense that is code for more Big Australia. Happy to be wrong, but other than that they haven’t said much on migration and I’ll remain observant.

One Nation

Here’s One Nation’s policy:

“Zero-net immigration throughout COVID illustrated how putting the brakes on migration reduced congestion on our roads and allowed Government services to focus on Australians. One Nation will extend its zero-net migration policy and focus on permitting only highly skilled migrants from culturally cohesive countries into Australia. Migrants must demonstrate a sound level of English for assimilation purposes. Education courses in Australian universities should not be used as a backdoor to immigrate to Australia.”

One Nation favours Australians first and foremost. We believe in reducing the refugee intake for five years in an effort to redirect critical funding to Australian services. The cost to Australian taxpayers to hold each asylum seeker or refugee on Nauru has escalated to $358,646 per month — or $4.3 million a year. One Nation supports the withdrawal of Australia from the outdated United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention.

This is the only policy I can get behind. It’s not perfect but it’s a very welcome start and miles in front of everyone else.

As for the rest of the parties, they generally tend to be left-leaning open borders-lite shit like ‘muh refugees’ of the New Liberals and their ilk and no real mention of the social cohesion and cost side of things, because too many of them are cowed into being labelled as racist.

The LDP haven’t publicly posted their migration policies but from what I can remember of their historical policies they were essentially EZFKA on steroids – cheap labour from everywhere and auctioning off of citizenship (similar to significant investment visas where you can buy your way in because citizenship is just a commodity like anything else). Throw in free trade and minimum wage removal and you get the drift. I like a lot of what they stand for, but their migration policies are just retarded. They’re far better as a state level party.

Sustainable Australia is another option but they’re nimby pussies that are too afraid to talk about social cohesion and multiculturalism. Better than other options out there though I guess.

Anyways, that’s a brief summary of what I can find. If anything is inaccurate, let me know in the comments.

Furthermore, the public execution of Fraser Anning on immigration a few years ago further attests to the reluctant pursuit of immigration reform by political parties in Australia in my opinion. Regardless of your opinion on Anning, he was crucified by the Big Australia lobby and their media shills because he pulled back the veil on the realities of multiculturalism and mass immigration and was subsequently run out of town. This is part of the reason many Australians are afraid to talk openly on migration let alone in Canberra, as the relentless public humiliation and shame rituals from corporate stenographers await and few can weather those attacks.

Anyways, in my view One Nation is the only party worth voting for on migration. Have your vote, just don’t expect the world or indeed, anything.

Until discussion of the Great Replacement and demographics is mainstream in Australia, this is all for naught. Keep pushing the Overton window though.

Just save us the democracy sausage cringe that usually follows on election day, no-one cares.

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One Nation have been a party and held seats the entire time the population Ponzi has been the biggest it has ever been.

This shows it doesn’t matter who you vote for to me when you have a two party preference system; the outcome is 100% locked already.

A fly in your ointment

by design,
I said since the first time I learned of the local voting customs. Blend it with punishable voting requirements and it means the majors cannot lose, it is just a matter of whom of the 2 wins, a lid on Indies ant other politics with an actual substance.

I still don’t understand why voting is compulsory to this day if blows the mind


i Don’t know when the place introduced compulsory voting, but I’m guessing it was a long time ago.

and I suspect that – back then – there was no way to predict that such a requirement, together with the chosen voting system would lead to a two-party oligopoly….


how long has britain had a 2 party oligopoly under that system?
They literally build the parliaments with 2 large sides and a very small set of cross benches.
It hardly seems like something that cropped up recently.


I actually don’t know about the detail of the British system or their political climate over the years (centuries). Or the physical layout of the chamber.

But I had thought that EZFKA’s electoral system and its treatment of preferences was somewhat unique; likewise EZFKA voting is compulsory, Britain it is not.

so would you take the other side of the argument? That the designers of the EZFKA voting system knew (or could have known, or should have known) that it is very likely that the system would lead to a duopoly?

would they have had to foresee the changes in population settlement and communication patterns? Or do you say this outcome was preordained pretty much without regard to how urbanised or interconnected (or not) EZFKA had become after federation.


Precisely because it benefits the main incumbent parties, otherwise they would have got rid of it.

Agent 47

I take your point, but there’s fuck all they can do with two senators and an oligolopoly that hates anything nationalist with a passion.

I’m old enough to remember when the PHON membership was doxxed by the Australian Jewish Association in the 90s, before she was stitched up and thrown in jail.

All hail democracy.


Yep it has bi partisan support, democracy doesn’t work on this topic at all

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I am cheering on a hung parliament and the blocking of idiotic housing policies of both parties.

A fly in your ointment

let’s be clear about something.
1. PHON is xenophobic jingoistic party kept within the boundaries by an electic fence.
2. PHON is one of the extremely few national political options that make any sense
3. imagine the size of the cognitive dissonance coming from the above statement being made by an immigrant (of recent decades).

EZFKA is flagellated in every aspect when people making any sense are those that actually have it the least.

vote majors out!
nah, just joking, this is impossible.


I would classify a party that wants to retain the integrity of welfare/employment/housing/etc as being democratic rather than xenophobic.

A fly in your ointment

there are many ways this can be done with outcomes spanning from democratic to tyranny.

the spectrum starts at the far end where ultimately all internet discussion end (reductio ad hitlerum) and it spans almost the full circle.
your claim does not negate the very nature of the PH being a rabid dog kept on a short leash. She may have changed a lot of spots but it is still a leopard.

however, I admitted, of all the political options, hers option whilst lashed and restrained is one of the few still making some sense.
o tempora, o mores


No one should be voting for any of the parties.

Find someone decent and vote for them.

David will be getting my for the Upper House


I’m voting for the fat bloke who is going to keep mortgage rates under 3%. 😉


May as well, whatever it takes to disrupt the two major parties at this point


LDP stance on immigration is something along the lines of “people should be able to move around freely and therefore we support immigration”
It was buried on their site unless it’s been taken down recently.


LDP stance on immigration is something along the lines of “people should be able to move around freely and therefore we support immigration”

well, it’s commendable for being honest and consistent with their small l liberal stance.

it raises all the standard issues and areas of conflict between liberalism and (its underlying individualism) and group identity and group interests in physical and cultural inheritance, avoiding free riders, etc….

if we are to have plenty of migration (we are) we might as well have it with honesty and attendant true liberalism (as opposed to partisan authoritarianism in “liberal” clothing)


All it takes to get rid of LNP and Labor (and Greens) is enough Australians to leave LNP and Labor (and Greens) last in the order of their choice..

This task is so hard, Australians would rather give away their kids futures.

MB understand Labor’s immigration policies undermine its position on wages, conditions, employment, infrastructure, Medicare, welfare and environment….but we should vote Labor this election because…LNP, Scummo, Psycho.

We don’t deserve this country. Come and take it, we need replacing.

Totes BeCancelled in record time of <24 hours.

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How do you even know when you are unbanned there? Do you monitor daily? 😌


When banned, you’re unable to comment; what you write disappears and you are taken to the top of the page. I was banned, hadn’t commented for a long time, commented again and was again banned.

I didn’t say anything out there to be banned. Just didn’t agree with the extreme anti male left views of a few.

Screenshot 2022-05-18 084230.png

I thought the lamb king was a parody account.


Sorry Peachy. I didn’t answer your actual question.

I saw some articles, that I thought needed a voice of reason, so after being banned for a long time I tried to comment and succeeded. From previous experience they’ve reversed bans after about 3 months.

Total echo chamber now. I won’t be resubscribing.


They can’t have that many subscribers now. Really only a couple of dozen comments on their house price apocalypse articles. Although a few dozen more on their Scomo is a psycho articles.

What I don’t understand is they have been going on for years about the issues with mass immigration, but it seems most of them will vote Labor anyway.


Yep. I thought the battle was getting people to understand immigration is at the core of every problem.

MB understand this bit, but fail to translate it to a solution.

So bizarre to have been a part of. I guess leftism is a way people’s brains (don’t) work.

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What I don’t understand is they have been going on for years about the issues with mass immigration, but it seems most of them will vote Labor anyway.

yes, vote labor and also rail against any measure that might soften house prices (terrified of any “pain” that might entail).

go figure.


What MB and their remnant readers can’t understand is Morrison wouldn’t be there if Labor hadn’t betrayed Australia. LNP thrive because Labor’s so fked.

Ergo, Morrison is a product of the Labor party. If I said that on MB…I’d get 10 comments about being a troll.. and…. “lol it’s all Labor fault lol…sarc off”…

They just don’t get it because it’s not how their brains work.

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Agent 47

Albo buyers remorse will be a thing after about a week or two, once he signs the WHO treaty.


Yep, will be a rerun of Biden. They will think “oh great, got rid of that horrible leader”, only to have one worse. Once wokeness on steroids is implemented, we will be counting down the days to the election.


Other than eggs, what did they do to Frazer Anning? I don’t recall seeing much on it.

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Agent 47

Media hitpieces all over the place.

My favourite was when he called for an end to Muslim migration and two lebo Muslims turned up to tullamarine airport and tried to assault him.

Really re enforced the message for diversity.


For anyone old enough to remember, the satire Frontline had Ms Hanson on it (was produced in ‘97). The title of the episode was ‘The Shadow We Cast’. Essentially the media was having a field day about Ms Hanson being racist and yet they themselves are just as racist which is what is portrayed in this episode. Nothing really has changed since then except the targets.

Agent 47

I remember that. That’s when the ABC was pivoting tobthe super left wing on social issues around the turn of the century.

ABC is home of the condescending sneering lefty comedian.


Hanson deserves one my time. She’s more vocal about numbers this time than any other.

There’s only one way to fix Australia. Destruction of Labor.

A fly in your ointment

…and Greens
…and LNP


Immigration destroys Labor voters infinitely more than LNP voters.

Sure destroy both, but I would have thought it’d be a core priority for the plebs and environmentalists

The duopoly support is the problem. Without both parties committed, the other can’t function. That is, destroy or reform Labor and its all over for big Australia because LNP couldn’t carry on doing it.

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I believe it is possible that one nation exists precisely to keep any serious discussion of migration off the table. By having a party that is focussed on this one issue and is constantly smeared by media it makes it easier for the main parties to ignore migration.

Agent 47

I used to think this, but anyone of any political persuasion who calls for a reduction in migration or reversal of multiculturalismgets immediately attacked by all sides of the press.

It’s a globalist vs nationalist war we’re in. Left vs right is no longer the battleground.


There’s definitely an element of that. Thanks to PHON anyone who says anything even remotely connected to reducing immigration immediately gets painted with the racist brush, even when demonstrably not the case.


It seems to me that Pauline talks a lot while doing fuck all. She’s just another grifter that likes the comfort and power of a senate seat so she doesn’t want to rock the boat.


I agree. She started out with good intentions, which only someone extremely passionate, gutsy or dumb would do.

She’s clearly been gotten to, but I’m recently seeing genuine change in her rhetoric, and particularly from the party.

Nothing to lose voting for her. I’m going down swinging.

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Agent 47

I’m of two minds. There is a grift element but realistically as others have commented, the way the whole thing is set up neither her or any I dependent can really do anything on this topic, given its a globalist oligarch thing to flood countries with migrants.

Happy to be wrong, but in my view there’s no real political solution.

Gruppenführer Mark

Agree. Look at her voting record. I just went through her 2022 record:

37 times Absent
6 times No
2 time Yes

18% total voting record.

Out of 8 times she did vote, she sided with the Coalition on 7 occasions, and 1 time sided against (specifically, against vaccines for children 0 to 4).

She had a chance to trade with the Coalition to get some concessions towards her “tough stance on immigration policy” a few times, in memory, but every time folded like a cheap suit.

But before every election cycle she gets feisty, makes some noise, gets reelected, and continues to collect her pay and her perks. She is a fraud.


I remember she sold her fish and chip shop to the very overseas migrants she was rallying against…

Last election it was pointed out that she had already joined the multi-cult…

Last edited 1 year ago by Gouda

The article is not specific whether she sold it to them. All it says is that they are the current owners.

Most fish and chip shops are owned by migrants. Most small food outlets do not make that much money. Another victim of property prices.


Every election….yep….she makes a little noise and the dimwitted vote for her because they believe he lies, and she collects the money and perks. She’s laughing all the way to the fucking bank. She’ll be in the senate until she dies.


That a lot of absenteeism

Although how does that make her a fraud? Or are you specifically the trading concessions bit?


Don’t forget she is ex-LNP so would be well aware of the grift.

She was desperate to have candidates running in all the seats, they get $2.60 for each vote – and it all adds up. I think both PHON and UAP are making candidates pay for their own election advertising material which fits the exploitative spirit of EZFKA.


This is what I am saying also. All noise no action. Presided over the biggest population Ponzi in the history of the country but still anti immigration. A disgrace.

Aussie Soy Boy

A vote for Pauline’s party is a vote for the Liberals.

A fly in your ointment

so far,in the domain of wogs acquainted to me, it is 10/10 fornicate you LabLibNatGre vote gone to PH.

why does the picture above makes me think PH’s related to Jordies? I’s it the jaw?
tbh, Kelly was a “would’ve been” my vote until about 2 months ago. Campbell LibDem is really a qld venture at this point and the least repugnant option remains to be…