Biden 2.0: Expect the controlled demolition of Australia to accelerate under Albo

If you’re all set for the pointless ritual of getting to decide which side of the uniparty gets a turn at demolishing the country on behalf of the World Economic Forum, then good for you. I don’t really care at this point, as given the events of the last two years it’s going to take a lot more than marking a piece of paper and sticking it in a box to change course.

My call is that Albanese will win marginally, likely with a minority government. If that minority is the Greens, then expect chaos on a level never seen before as Australia descends in to Wiemaustralia. This is assuming the election is allowed to be held fairly, which I seriously doubt and I would expect some kind of fraud and fuckery to take place. Either way, Albo is in.

Like always, happy to be wrong on everything. The usual caveat of both sides being god awful and really just the management class of the oligarchy applies, so fuck both Scomo and Albo. There’s no difference.

Essentially with the ALP, you are going to get an Andrews government nationally and the complacent normies in every other state bar WA (because they are there already) are going to get a taste of China-lite. And a lot of them are unfortunately going to like it.


This shit is far from over from the ruling class’ perspective, with there already being discussion of bringing back mask mandates and the like. There is already significant propaganda being wheeled out prior to winter and to brace for a bad flu season (gee I wonder what could of caused it). I’d expect a renewed push for boosters and I would expect Albo to mandate it nationally in the style of Canada rather than letting the states wear the brunt of it (even though the states can’t run it without the Immunisation Register which is a fed responsibility).

As for the WHO treaty, Scomo and Albo are both going to sign us up. Not being defeatist, just realistic. It’s a wash and they will both sell out. Scomo seemed to outright admit it, Albo dodged the question today which means he won’t commit until after he’s anointed PM. There will be a bit of kabuki theatre and inevitably it’s signature will transpire. What that means later is that another pandemic is inevitable and then you’ll see the last two years of authoritarianism on steroids in a very short timeframe.

Add it to the list of treaties that no one was asked about but are designed to centralise wealth and power globally.

Also add in more deaths and celebrities having sudden medical emergencies and dying of unexplained reasons and the media running cover for it. If you’re turning 52 this year, you’re in trouble. Neither the states or feds are going to fix the hospital situation across the country which will get worse as the jab casualties mount, they want you dead anyway so debating that in my view is kinda pointless. Evil yes, but by design.

Half the Australian cricket team is going to die at this rate by year’s end.


Already touched on this in the previous article but in my view, business as usual (Big Australia) with more permanent residency handed out. Boats will start again in some form or another and I’ll be interested to see if Albo signs the migration compact from the UN which Australia has held out on signing, which means third world gates well and truly open. The Indian FTA will continue what the Chinese one started to the labour market.

Total shitshow on the border either way.


Pretty much fucked. Either death by inflation or death by rate rises. I’d say there will be a decent rate rise after the election with the average mortgage rate in the US now around 5.3%. Whatever the US fed does we seem to follow regardless. The big difference is, Albo doesn’t have the luxury of fuck all debt like Howard left Rudd. Not that that seems to matter these days.

Albo has said he will raise wages by at least 5% which will fuck small and medium enterprises and send more people to Human Services.

As for housing, both sides proposals were a kitchen sink. Albo’s 40% stake thing was a beach head, they’ll expand this or at least try to. Either way, he’ll do everything he can to try and keep house prices juiced even if that means a Chinese style state owned housing system and a floor under the price of apartments through joint ownership.

I’m interested to see how he saves the super funds who are some of the biggest commercial landlords in the country, given that the CBD’s are taking the brunt of the recession. None of Albo’s economic plan is costed at all, which tells me it’s the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd clusterfuck all over again.

Other more astute commenters may have more to add on this here.

Culture Wars

These are going to go off the reservation and the targeting of white Australia will increase daily. You think this shit is bad now, wait another three months. Albo is on record about considering a treaty with the indigenous a la Victoria, which is going to open all kinds of cans of worms and conflict. Dan Andrews is currently considering Aboriginal reparations in Victoria, so brace yourself.

The gynocentric, anti-men bullshit is going to reach maximum insufferability with Wong, Plibersek, Gallagher and Keneally in the ministerial ranks.

I’d expect the attacks on Australia Day and ANZAC Day to continue, as they’re part of a wider commie rewriting of history and destruction of culture to tuen them into globohomo, with Australia being a testing ground. The trans stuff will escalate as it’s the end goal of the transhumanism agenda as will the degenerate grooming shit.

That’s just a brief overview, plenty more I could comment on (ie China) but whatever. I’d expect the usual cycle of celebration that Scomo is gone, followed by buyers’ remorse in record time. The goal of citizenry now should just be derision and mockery of the legitimacy of the regime and accelerating it’s demise, while trying to build new systems in it’s place. Utopian I know, but whatever. I don’t see much alternative other than outright violence, which is realistically baked in in some historical form or another.

TL;DR – the controlled demolition of Australia and other nations will accelerate under Albo, so don’t expect anything from the election.

I’ll go into suggestions for fixing it in the next screed.

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Scotty to scrap in by preferences.


Easy win. Late advantage with voter suppression as Covid positive people prohibited from accessing phone voting.


You know what’s really funny/sad?

Remember how amazing SAP were before they went chickenshit and stopped mentioning immigration because they were afraid of hurting the feelings of Inner-City Vegan People Of Colour Who Menstrate that never would’ve voted for them anyway?

If they had kept on message they would be getting at least 5% of the vote this election. Now I’m not sure if they even exist, I left the party when they went woke. Will probably end up voting LibDem with all the majors last.


SAP went from

  • apparently trying to solve the housing shortage by trying to limit human inflows (demand) to
  • entrenching it by trying to limit development (supply).

in retrospect, it seems pretty clear to me that this was not actually a policy reversal or “backflip”……SAP were always about one thing – keeping the nice suburbs in which they live free of brown people and poor people.

Initially they thought that the best way to do this was to keep them out of the country.

then they realised that it’s easier and more profitable to run the NIMBY line, block development in their suburbs and stack the masses of brown/poor people somewhere well out of sight… but close enough to squeeze all surrounding prices higher.

less sustainable, but fuck that – nobody said anything about sustainability!

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I agree with you on what they’ve ended up as but I don’t think that was their plan all along, that’s giving them too much credit.

They were on a nice upward trajectory and as soon as they started getting some national attention illogical smears of racism came in from the typical suspects (ABC, Guardian etc), and their softcock leader had no ticker to stand up for what the party believed in.

Once they became NIMBY they were basically the Greens, no wonder they deflated and saw their core support leave en masse.


I have not seen an Ess Aye Pee sign this election. Do they still exist and is LVO their only remaining member?


Ess Aye Pee can barely get 1% of the vote.


Are the inner-city vegan people of colour who menstrate the majority? I would have thought these people aren’t and that the majority are working class or lower middle income. The working class are the ones abandoning Labor and Ess Aye Pee could have been the alternative with traditional Labor policies and a theoretical mathematical migration rate.

We had an independent at the municipal election two years ago who wanted to slow the population growth, more parks and less apartment blocks. He got 5% of the vote. Ess Aye Pee are worse than useless.


Are the inner-city vegan people of colour who menstrate the majority? I would have thought these people aren’t and that the majority are working class or lower middle income

It’s not about the majority. The rusted on voters are the rusted on voters.

the vegan hysterics are the swinging voters who rush to one extreme and then another (and then another and then another) in an unending panic. The trick is to panic them in “your” direction at exactly the right time (ie the election)


Nah, this is Fairfax telling its readership how important they are

Aussie Soy Boy

The silent majority isn’t voting for this sissy that went out and got himself a tint then put himself on a crash juice diet for 6 months.

Shorten was a sure thing last time, much like Hillary and Britain staying in the EU.

Don’t really care though it makes no difference to my life who wins.

Labor wins they just blow it up in three years and Liberals come back in 2025 in a landslide.


Sounds like Brandon. Definite one term president. Labor will be a one term government if they follow Brandon.


Labor have run an incredible campaign given how woke and dumb they are. Helped of course, by MSM that don’t demand the shit questions they ask be answered properly. They’ve kept extreme leftists, anti-Australia, anti-men, anti-America, pro China Plibersek, Marles, Keneally and Wong very quiet.

Enough Australians understand what Timbo is talking about in one form or another, and don’t trust either LNP or Labor. This election will be chaos, with some big surprise results, but in the end it’ll be LNP or Labor forming, probably, minority government. It’s hard to imagine Australia outside the inner cities and migrant seats letting Labor run the country again.

How do you reverse the hatred Australia showed for Labor in 2019 in three short years without contrition, change of MP’s (12 OF THE SAME FW’s UNDER RUDD ARE STILL THERE on the front bench), and iron clad guarantees that they won’t do everything Timbo has talked about? I just can’t see it happening.

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I am of the view labs are going to form a majority. I am no fan of all those moles named Inc marles. What a cuck.

Sure the media will beat it up etc. But I honestly do not expect the woke to get worse. Fight it.

In regards to the plebs adoption of pronouns etc, do you get to make your own. Like how there’s a trend for loosers to have him they them , what about

Shitcunt/ cunt/ deviant/ yours is mine.


Yes, the woke will get worse. They will just keep rewriting the rules. Misgendering being a criminal offence. Fines for not having preset ratios of non whites etc.


‘The gynocentric, anti-men bullshit is going to reach maximum insufferability with Wong, Plibersek, Gallagher and Keneally in the ministerial ranks’

You know, sometimes I almost feel like this was why they were put into Labor, to make it unelectable.

Me, and lots of other blokes I know, despise these misandrists at such a deep level, they will never vote left.


My sister had a crack at men yesterday. Talking about how men disgustingly vote LNP who refuse to do anything about women’s issues especially domestic violence.

I suggested the reason men don’t want to address anything about gender is we are already unfairly dealt with by the courts, re kids and settlement, AVO’s, and equity numbers in roles women don’t belong in, and we aren’t about to agree to more.

If women want genuine solutions, remove the maniacs from the debate (Labor, Greens, MSM hosts, Plibersek, Gallagher, Wong, Keneally and be prepared to put EVERYTHING on the table. Not just cherry picked issues that are dealt with by harming men more.

I liked this rare reasonable MB comment

Screenshot 2022-05-19 102746.png

There is no identity more coddled than young progressive, professional women.

From the day they enter the workforce they are told they are oppressed, while the corporations shower them in special women leaders and female empowerment awards.

The only group corporations shower more parties on are the LGBT crowd, but only because they can party harder, have good sources of coke and know that most of those childless, professional women are doomed hetro fag hags (apart from the ubiquitous IT lesbians) who will turn up at their parties anyhow.

The secret to running a successful business unit today in a corporation – hire only young white blokes, or east Asians (male for anything, female for finance and accounting). You will have fewer sick days, fewer jilted career climbers suing you, there will be less office drama and fights and you will get way, way more done.

Your diversity KPI’s may suffer (if so crank up the Asian women) but at least the outstanding financial performance or turn around job that it will result in, will cast those issues into the dark and be ignored until you get promoted and moved on.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

I’m seeing exactly that. Modern young white women given all the opportunity, absolute blatant favours over men, completely taking the piss and thinking they’re entitled to do whatever the fuck they want, at everyone else’s expense (if they had the capacity to see/understand that). Obnoxious self centered/entitled pigs. No wonder men are GTOW.

Something’s going to break, I have no idea how this unfolds, but it’s not staying the way it is much longer IMO. Women are nut cases and are lonely and miserable. Feminism has done them much harm. Ditto men, who are tooling like crazy as young blokes, then refusing to settle down when the women are ready to have babies. Society is broken for now, and I hope I’m around to see what happens in 20, 30, 40 odd years.

..”have good sources of coke”… something seriously wrong with a market where people are willing to pay $350, and more, can’t get it, and sellers don’t put their prices up.


Take your mind back- I don’t know when-
Sometime when it always seemed to be just us and them.
Girls that wore pink, boys that wore blue,
Boys that always grew up better men than me and you.
What’s a man now, what’s a man mean?
Is he rough- or is he rugged, cultural and clean?
Now it’s all changed- it’s got to change more.
We think it’s getting better, but nobody’s really sure.
And so it goes, go round again,
But now and then we wonder who the real men are
See the nice boys dancing in pairs,
Golden earring, golden tan, blow-wave in the hair-
Sure they’re all straight, straight as a line.
All the guys are macho, see their leather shine.
You don’t want to sound dumb, don’t want to offend,
So don’t call me a faggot, not unless you are a friend.
Then if you’re tall, handsome and strong,
You can wear the uniform and I could play along.
And so it goes, go round again,
But now and then we wonder who the real men are
Time to get scared, time to change plan,
Don’t know how to treat a lady, don’t know how to be a man.
Time to admit, what you call defeat,
‘Cause there’s women running past you now-
And you just drag your feet.
Man makes a gun, man goes to war,
Man can kill, and man can drink, and man can take a whore.
Kill all the blacks, kill all the reds,
If there’s war between the sexes then there’ll be no people left.
And so it goes, go round again,
But now and then we wonder who the real men are
And so it goes, go round again,
But now and then we wonder who the real men are
And so it goes, go round again,
But now and then we wonder who the real men are

………….”If there’s war between the sexes then there’ll be no people left”….The rest of the species on earth would enjoy that.


I was born in the late 70s and as a boy becoming a man in North America the annual SI swimsuit issue was quite a big deal.

The last two years they’ve put a trans dude and an obese woman on the cover. Make of that what you will, because I have no idea what is going on anymore.


You know you would, though. 😊

The phat chick I mean, not the trans guy. That would be a bridge too far.


She had a pretty face, although if your rolled her in flour you’d have a hard time telling her apart from a steam pork bun.


Ah shit, it’s that guy who posts song lyrics on MB.

Nobody cares


Anyone seen this?

The fix is in.


That’s a legal case unfolding for sure.

I’d donate to fund it.

Be good to compare the teal Independents and see if elite Independents get an empty box too.

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Max Payne

This is assuming the election is allowed to be held fairly, which I seriously doubt and I would expect some kind of fraud and fuckery to take place.

ABC getting ahead of the curve

Not surprisingly this “independent” organisation First Draft Australia is being funded by George Soros

Jimmy Saville

O/T -Musselman Boxer Blows Heart – Doesn’t Win.
Another one for the books.