Bipartisan legislation introduced to ban white Australians from appearing in any form of advertising

EZFKA has introduced historic bipartisan legislation to ban white Australians from appearing in any form of advertising.

Morrison clarified that the legislation was the brainchild of chief advisor Yaron Finkelstein and that any form of advertisement featuring white people would be banned. The law had a particular focus on white couples.

‘This is a historic day and really defines EZFKA as the global testing ground for multiculturalism and globohomo,’ Morrison said.

‘You turn on the TV these days or watch a Youtube ad and you could be forgiven for thinking that white people don’t exist in EZFKA. Well, in a couple of generations we hope they won’t and this new ban goes the next step to achieving that.’

A new government ad ‘I am, you are, we are EZFKA!’ with no white people in it will premiere tomorrow in support of the bill.

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Agent 47

Are there any actual adverts left where the couple isn’t interracial?


Yeah the ones asking everyone to get vaxxed.


And some nursing homes


Yeah all white people are decrepit and elderly, reflective of them as a dying breed of humanity or as stupid objects of ridicule, as opposed to the youthful, vivacious browns who ever so peaceful, intelligent and hardworking and who are designated by our economic overlords to replace us.

@StupidWhiteAds aka White Men Are Stupid In Commercials, on Twitter also follows this trend.

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Rahul Poohammer

It seems to be the same coffee colored woman with frizzy hair in every ad. She’s making a motza!
In other news an AFL player has clot removed from shoulder.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Does anyone still watch TV though, I mean apart from the BB’s

Agent 47

You’d be surprised.


Haven’t watched TV in decades. Can’t stand the sheer mindlessness of it all.


Just spotted this on twitter


I actually hope that the Greens have that policy as it will hopefully show how deluded these idiots are. They are hellbent on destroying anything white. It is like they are jaded that their white teachers didn’t give them a participation award at school.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Fcuk them all and vote PHON and scorch the earth ….


Seems it’s been taken down. Unless I’m being cockblocked by a paywall?


Weird. I can get a brief of it on my phone, but not laptop.

I found this. Doug Cameron talking about it.

Agent 47

Typical greenie hypocrite faggot. Upper class white guy who owns a winery wants penalty rates abolished because white supremacy.

Cunt probably has a heap poorly paid islander fruit pickers on his farm as he sips merlot and inhaled his own methane.


Clowns, from 2013:
Wonder if any if the embee greens groupies will defend this?


gunna spray that around and let the shit flow….greens / alp punch up to fuck both their chances again…how glorious

Aussie Soy Boy

If you’re little lispy white poof or gargantuan white transvestite there are still opportunities.


Yes, anyone other than white, heterosexual, christian males.

Agent 47

It’s always either:

Black man with white female
Asian woman with white female
Or white lesbian or gay couple

Advertising agency name probably ends in berg, Stein, witz, Weiss etc


Nothing beats this guy….nothing


Or maybe not🤔

A fly in your ointment

Game of death. Post death movie

Rumour has it that all the jokes about Norris were already written for Bruce Lee but not yet published and were quickly redacted after BL’s death.
The furry Chuckie was worthy second best….

A fly in your ointment

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y can u guys post imgs but i cant 🙁


Yeah this is fucking bullshit peachy


Same. I can no longer upload images. I can paste an image link as long as the link has an image filename extension.

For files you can’t link (like Twitter since no filename extension) then you can do it the old-fashioned way and upload to an image site like imgur

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well, on the upside, ability to include images still works for me!

have you blokes tried creating new accounts, to see if that works? If it does, perhaps that the easiest thing… maybe someone in the back end can then change the new names to match? …if only enough crypto can be scratched together to get them off their asses…

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I can’t even like posts.