Avi Yemeni looking forward to another weekend of collaborating with police to instigate violence and undermine protests in Canberra

Rebel News employee and Strong Cities Network advocate Avi Yemeni has arrived in Canberra for demonstrations this weekend and is looking forward to undermining them.

The Israeli provocateur says he stood ready to turn peaceful protest on it’s head and instigate violence while hiding behind his bodyguard, as the Convoy to Canberra arrives in the nation’s capital.

‘It’s all about the grift mate and steering rebellions where we want them to go,’ Yemeni said.

‘I mean, people haven’t cottoned onto the fact that the Police violence seems to happen every single time I show up and my camera crew just manage to be in the right place at the right time. The Police have been good sports, but it’s harder to pull off outside the Strong Cities Melbourne protection racket.’

Yemeni refused to answer questions about how the fuck he got into Canberra while apparently being unvaccinated.

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Still better than the CBC who have been pushing baseless claims that Russia is behind the trucker convoy in Ottawa. 😂😂😂

It’s heartening to see support for the protests back home, the traditional media has attempted to portray the participants as violent radicals but everyones sees right through that shit. They try to capture stuff on film but it’s clearly crisis actors, the real protesters are going around cleaning up, plowing driveways, sharing food etc.

Agent 47

I agree aboit CBC but Rabbi News is as bad as the CBC. Ezra Levant is a real prick and controlled opposition.

After the hit piece they did on Chris Sky that was it for me. Fuck them.


Russia is the perfect thing to blame isn’t it? We all need a bad guy to blame things on.

Agent 47

Aussie Cossack is a self declared Russian Intel asset.

Ironic as we’ve spent the last three years about a fake Russian interference and then a real one walks along and no one seems to care.

Agent 47

Glad someone called this provocateur cunt out. I have exactly the same view, every time he seems to be in the right place at the right time. He’s clearly working with elements of the Police.

Deport him to Israel.


What’s the problem with coming to Canberra while unvaccinated? There’s no restrictions here that I’m aware of, unlike Victoria under the crackpot dictatorship of the tyrant Andrews.

Agent 47

NSW border I think is the issue.