To save time and money, Australian election cancelled to allow Klaus Schwab to choose next Prime Minister

The World Economic Forum has announced the cancellation of the 2022 EZFKA federal election in favour of a direct appointment from globalist leaders.

The move will see Klaus Schwab directly appoint the next leader of the EZFKA Global Administrative Region, and finally drop the pretense of any form of public participation in the direction of the nation.

‘Zis is far fairer and efficient for every economic unit in ze economic zone as ve march tovords global citizenship,’ Schwab said from Davos.

‘You vill eat ze bugs and live in ze finest high-rise pods in EZFKA yet.’

Schwab will also announce the next group of World Economic Forum Young leaders from EZFKA that will just coincidentally end up as leaders in the near future.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

Did anyone notice the correlation of how many doses of vaccine a country has bought in how much they are mandating the jabs.

Canada has bought 10 jabs per person
Australia has bought 6 jabs per person

Agent 47

And they’re the two countries going balls out on mandates and communism.


Both are vast geographical areas with plenty primary resources. With relatively small populations, the neo-colonists behind all this prepared ‘convincing’ stories about required behaviors( jabs).

The populace saw the cheese only and not the metal, springs and trap. Installed and corrupt gov’t leaders obliged their paymasters and the last line of trust ( the health professionals) betrayed the trusting because ‘protocol, arrogance, fear of retribution and self-interest. Just too easy to repeat ‘safe and effective’.

Agent 47

I think there’s no real threat of the great reset anymore. They’ve realised that won’t fly and people won’t eat bugs or live in pods.

It seems CBDC is the next pivot point there falling back on. Whether people go along with that or not remains to be seen. I’d expect pretty significant pushback but well see.


My prediction is legislated wage inflation. Once the entire financial system is digitised they will give themselves the power to increase wages across the board. e.g. EOFY everyone gets a 5% wage rise.

A much more powerful toy than interest rates.

Chinese Astroturfer

I’m starting too think Albo is a fag.

He’s going to be crushed and it will be epic.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Fcuk me dead, the virus must be deadly as if 90% of positive cases don’t even know they have it …..

Better grab my triple mask and dive under the bed … oh what there is no space as all the MB bedwetters are there already ….. LOL


the other way to look at this:

The survey randomly conducted PCR tests on 117 people on January 22, with 20 testing positive.

Only four of those people reported having any symptoms and only two were aware they had the virus, meaning 90 per cent were unaware they were infected.

is that most people weren’t going to confess being out and about in the knowledge they were infected and contagious. So feign ignorance.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think that people who are feeling symptoms will admit to it, especially us men who get man flu which is far worse than any Whuflu


Bring on the mandatory vaccinations for manflu!

Reus's Large MEMBER

There is already a effective treatment, it is get into bed and have someone bring you food, drinks and sympathy … LOL


How about a nice warm cup of harden the fuck up?!


Reus's Large MEMBER


Reus's Large MEMBER

Let’s do a quick tally of the things that have been proved wrong, these are some off the top of my head add more if I have missed many.

  1. Vaccines prevent you catching Whuflu – WRONG you still catch it
  2. Vaccines prevent transmission of Whuflu = WRONG the viral load of a unvaccinated and vaccinated person is the same
  3. Cloth / surgical masks work – WRONG the virus particles are airborne so can happily travel through and around those masks
  4. 2 weeks to flatten the curve – WRONG two years later and we are still locked down
  5. Pandemic of the unvaccinated – MAJOR WRONG vaccinated are more likely to catch Whuflu
  6. Social distancing 1.5m – WRONG the virus is airborne and can infect at 6m away
  7. Mandates – Just plain WRONG given that the “vaccines” neither prevent infection or reduce transmission.
  8. Natural immunity is not accepted – BIGGEST WRONG ever, it is between 3 and 13 times better than the vaccines depending on the study, but either way it is better and lasts far longer than the vaccines, notably the CDC data shows that unvaccinated people infected in early 2020 still have immunity with no sign of waning.
Last edited 2 years ago by Reus's Large MEMBER

There seems to be a smell of desperation off Morrison and we are still more than 3 months out from the election.
Yesterday he publically backed McGowan and then said he was going to force the religious schools to embrace lgtv. He really is a gormless, vacuous twat.
In the other corner we a big saggy pair of knickers in albaneasy. What a fucking choice. Is there any realistic chance of these major parties being destroyed at election time?

Last edited 2 years ago by pnut5678

Or a masonic hall? I’d be excited to see that…


No chance. Cops are only interested in hassling the weak. How much salary would be enough to be worth being a cop? I reckon the turnover must be high.


Many years ago a friend of a friend joined the farce. Got through all the training and what-not without any problems.

She lasted 6 months before quitting what she said was a bloke’s club of mysoginistic assholes.


Which state?




I’m not surprised. Any genuine cops would hate this harassment of the public and would quit leaving only the psychos that love being the oppressors.
This along with being absolutely powerless to stop most of the real crime in society would make this a very depressing job indeed.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I am not going to label all cops bad on the actions of a few, I have a few mates that I mountain bike with here on the central coast NSW and they are great guys, can turn a blind eye to some of the less lawful things that we do like riding in the back of the ute, I also know a few coppers that gave up the force due to the judges being letting the same fcukwits back out on the street time and time again only for them to re-offend and be charged again so I can only imagine how frustrating it may be.

However there are also some prize dickheads who seem to gravitate towards the crowd control / riot squad, they I can’t stand, and I imagine that the VICPOL riot squad worst offenders are cut from the same cloth.


Yeah I definitely don’t envy any of them doing the job. It would take a degree of restraint and discipline that I don’t have.
It’s interesting what you say about the dickheads applying for the riot control so they can bust heads. I was having conversation with a friend about that volunteer fireman who was caught starting the fires in the Perth hills recently. We were wondering how you could identify a person that would be a candidate for this. We reasoned that if a person volunteers for this type of position it should be deemed suspect because there is a good chance the volunteer is mad or has some ulterior motive. That person should be appropriately screened. It would be better to give these roles to people who don’t want to do them.


I’m not surprised. Any genuine cops would hate this harassment of the public and would quit leaving only the psychos that love being the oppressors

this is pretty much how corporates work, as far as I can tell 😝


The last 24 months feels like the whole world has become corporatised.
All the jargon, the metrics, the compliance and the bullshit has now seeped into every day life. I have worked it for over 20 years in corporations so I recognise all the processes that were once the domain of industry now becoming the norm in every day life.
It disgusts me.

Agent 47

Synagogue. We know why they won’t go there.


Doctor’s are beginning to speak about covid and treatment critically. These 2 would have been banned for talking about such topics before Christmas.

Brett from Darkhorse makes an interesting observation at the end of this clip, suggesting that people have become addicted to the relief they get from being “protected”.