“We’re the party for women’ says Albo as he makes female assistant open car doors for him

EZFKA’s ALP leader Anothony Albanese has re-affirmed the ALP’s commitment to being the party of women, as female assistants do everything for him including opening car doors.

Albanese emphasised that having women do everything for him, from opening car doors to holding umbrellas for him, was the truest expression of gender equality in EZFKA and brought back fond memories of being a complete mummy’s boy in Western Sydney.

“We care so much about women and our ‘hold my drink bitch’ policy has proven a hit in Western Sydney,” Albanese said.

‘It also helps having a lower than normal testosterone count and being an emasculated pussy certainly carries an advantage in the ALP. I was raised by my mum you know.”

Albanese has further vowed to make the federal election a ‘Vagina Election’ in response to the Morrison ‘Khaki Election’ strategy.

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He has someone one hold his umbrella? Really? I wish I could step on him and squash him.

Agent 47

Is that all? I’d prefer to keelhaul him myself.


As if you would ya weak old cunt lol you’d get dusted, even by someone like Albo. Fuckin stfu, you’re such a poseur.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Is it a party for woman because Albo has no balls

Agent 47

No one in the ALP does. Hence DLS raging support for them.

Agent 47

Total emdobidiment of the current ALP. Emasculated pussy being led around by women.

Prepare for wokism on steroids if this mummys boy is elected.


Yep, and they will be less popular than Biden by the end of the year because of all the wokeism.


Like Reusa says…”under his bed with his nappy on”….


his voice is so bad


While the MB boffins are already regurgitating their Turnbull/Shorten will be the best PM eva! articles for this doofus, he’ll never make it.

Wild prediction time: Scotty quits politics for “family” reasons, Julie Bishop makes a glorious comeback into politics, and the Libs end up smashing Labor into oblivion.

Chinese Astroturfer

Labor were $1.10 favourites the last election and how did that turn out for them? Albo is an even bigger wishy washy empty husk of a man than Shorten. Every state Labor leader has a far bigger profile than Albo.

I don’t think Labor actually want to win and they definitely won’t.


I was looking through some unsettled bets, and found a lay bet on Labor I’d put on for thousands. I honestly don’t remember doing it. I love betting into the future because the odds are often insanely generous, but I’m very disciplined and do great out of it, and never do it drunk….or so I thought……$2.88….

Today Labor are $1.42….OUCH.

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

Interesting you think Labor can win, I just threw my play $10 on LNP for shits and giggles, I think they are absurdly mispriced


What are the odds today? If labor is 1.42, then Libs must be 2.5 or thereabouts, right?


Yes, this market is very erratic, and worth watching to make a bet. Presently LNP are $3.50 Betfair. That’s ridiculous IMO.


$3.05 SB


Sometimes I arbitrage bet…Put a bet on at $3.50, then lay it off at far lower odds as LNP hopefully come in to something more realistic like $2.20 the week of the election). Just like trading shares but generally FAR MORE liquid.

$3.50 is a great opportunity to do that….(I’m not doing it because I’m already foolishly locked in to a bet at far worse odds lay betting Labor). Stupid bet I shouldn’t have made.

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

Yes, this market is very erratic, and worth watching to make a bet. Presently LNP are $3.50 Betfair. That’s ridiculous IMO

oh wow, you’re right, those odds are long! and I think you’re right to expect them to come in before the lection.

that said, I wouldn’t write Labor off completely. The reason I say that is that labor are probably the ezfka units’ best chance of getting MOAR at this stage.

libs have begun to signal a pullback in cash-splashes and so if the ezfka units want the giveaways to continue they will need to change the government, to give the new mob a chance to reach into the purse and fund some pet projects and pull some ingratiation levers (super for housing? Indian grannies? Free childcare? Free ivf for Shazza who worked to 45 in order to save a house deposit and now can’t get prefers? I dunno…)

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

I don’t think Labor will win, but I took a bet on them (short, or lay bet) at $2.88. I’m committed to pay $2.88 for every dollar if Labor win.

If I put the bet on now I’d only have to pay $1.42 for every dollar if they win.

Morrison is copping it in the media, it’s got to be hurting him, but I still don’t think Australians are ever going to vote Labor again. Labor are just not what Australia wants.

I think they are absurdly mispriced”

I think you are right, but I’ve got a lot of money on it and could have gotten far better odds shorting Labor now, and am a bit nervous, but not worried. I bet frequently, but only when it makes great sense (i.e. I’m getting way over the odds it should be, and I really expect the result to go in my favour, and over time I win….for example Incentivise in the Melbourne Cup, I rated as never going to win with 60kg on it’s back and lay bet it very heavily).

As opposed to most of my other betting, there’s no science or numbers about my politics bets. It’s just the noise I’m hearing and feeling (and my hatred of Labor of course). Labor are so on the nose from what happened under Gillard and Rudd Australia’s not doing it again.

Funnily, I think, DLS banned me, and deleted a comment I’d made about me having a better understanding of politics than he did… …I knew I was poking the bear but just didn’t care. He’s a FW.


Countries across Europe starting to remove all Covid restrictions and here the fear porn rolls on:

10 year old dies of Covid!

“Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard said the child had a “very serious underlying rare inherited medical condition”.”

But Premier Pluckaduck wouldn’t use this for evil, would she?

“It’s absolutely devastating to wake up to hear that news. Can I once again please urge families to get their children vaccinated.”

Fuck me.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Pluckaduck is just trying to divert attention from her corrupt government.


Europe are a few weeks ahead of us with Omicron. I expect the same to be done here once hospital numbers drop.


They are already scaremongering the tards . Saying the winter variant is coming. The media seriously need to be held to account.

How can they be held to account?

Whenever you see a covid article look who is the author, you’d expect to have a dedicated specialist. Nope, everything from entertainment writers to no names. Or even chunts with non official email address.

This is 100% not right.

Its almost like the powers that be are laughing at the plebs.


Bring back assassinations.

Maybe if he she didn’t have pig face genetics and her granny was a better looker we wouldn’t have this mole as premier.

The last few months have been her audition ing for involvement in the Olympics. There is no way she will be premier by then. Let’s just fuck her off.


MacroBullshit can’t push labor enough. They’ve dialed it up to 10, and have banned anyone that disagrees.

They’ve got people like Bolstrood saying…”Yeah I stumbled on a Clive Palmer add and linked it saying totes is saying the same thing word for word, and I haven’t seen him since”

MacroBullshit is now a complete boring echo chamber of the extreme left. Where’s the value for people that can see through this garbage?

Such wet weak minded softcks.

Anyone want to complain about being banned from a $200 a year subscription because you aren’t an extreme mindless leftard, contact Victorian Consumer Affairs 1300 55 81 81. They’re waiting for NUMEROUS PEOPLE before they can act.

MacroBullshit will resist by saying you’ve breached the standards, but my argument is they set the standards, and I’ve got plenty of screenshots of that.

Fking leftard grubs.

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

Did you notice Bolstrood in the Immigration article? Has no argument and tried to deflect to the topic of Climate Change.

ACTU: Don’t return to mass immigration – MacroBusiness

Astroturfer tactics. DrSmithy also does shit like that although more subtle about it.


Thanks for that. CC is about 10 down the list for Australia.

If I could, I’d ask him, if CC does what the science expects, and given most of that is entirely unpredictable, meaning the entire east coast could be a desert, or flooded, would we want to deal with with 25m people or 50m?

Imagine these weak FW’s fighting for food, water and shelter?

I don’t know what smiths go is. Someone suggested s/he might be McManus. I know I’ve fought with it for ten years, and s/he’s full of sht. Puts itself on an intellectual pedestal, but is dumb as fk.

I wish I could find the study I stumbled on years ago that said leftists miss 4 of the 7 aspects of any given issue. It’s absolutely true. they can’t even see it when you lead them to it. Then again, McManus, DLS, Labor, Greens, MSM, elites all have agenda’s that blind them.

What’s that saying about paying someone not to see?

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

Smithy once inadvertently outed himself out by mentioning his IT employer in Brisbane. Definitely a bloke.


I reckon I’ve seen the same thing. From memory I think I called him a she, and he corrected me.

I don’t think I’ve met a bloke that thinks like he does in my life.

Uniquely fked.


DrSmiturd is the future – he is the self hating cultureless goyim that our elites policies will inevitably result in. The last laugh is on him though, as his kids will most likely grown up to be gay or trannies, which again is the result of social policies designed to promote and empower these self terminating identities. The ultimate goal of Cultural war isn’t just cultural domination, but the eradication of competing genes.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

In addition the world smith etal are fostering will hurt the weak the most. By far.

There is zero doubt in my mind, as we populate and deteriorate, and are forced how to think, we will revert to violence, tribalism, and survival of the fittest.

Ironically Smiths type will suffer more than anyone else.

Reus's Large MEMBER

As the vaccines cause depopulation things might even get better you know


February 2, 2022 at 5:58 pm
If they could not be exploited, they would not be here.
Immigration is not the root cause.


The bloke is a moron.

Agent 47

Self loathing white guy.

If he’s in IT then I’d expect he fits the stereotype of thin, emasculated low testosterone type.

Complains about exploitation but works in an industry that exploits away and he’s happy to take the money. Standard greenie hypocrite.


Stereotype of thin. I thought their BMI would be high:


After they had ganged up on me in my forced absence, smith made a reference to ezfka.

Said …..”totes is at the other site…it’s mostly an echo chamber”….

MacroBullshit is nothing but an extreme left echo chamber. There were a few people there that weren’t. Banned because they didn’t agree. That’s an echo chamber by stealth.

I’d guess leftists don’t get banned from ezfka.

The bloke is nuts.

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

“its mostly an echo chamber”… so much cope. The biggest independent thinker on the site is Reusa. Smiturd is just the progressive professional class weather vane.

If you want to trigger DLS start jammering on about Michael West’s “Dark Companies” every time he tries to paint Slomo as the great satan.

It is the Dark Companies on Michael West’s list that are raping Australia and ensure we have nothing but the eternal duopoly of the Govt or Labor.

DLS’s obsession with Slomo is just a fixation on the poxs and sores of a venereal disease that infests our politics, rather than the rapists who have forced it on us.


I love Reusa.

He’s on the edge of being banned I reckon. He’s pushing more boundaries than I’ve seen him do in the past. He’s had enough of those worsening FWs.

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

hes fat not thin. brought up his weight before


Oh that’s hilarious. I’ve often spoken about fat people without knowing smith is FAT…..I love it.

He MUST think I knew because I’ve had arguments with him about things about being a fat tax as opposed to a sugar tax etc etc etc.

I love arguing with smith. He’s a typical leftist FW, but FAT.

That has made my day.

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

That’s a good example of Smithy using more subtle deflections. I don’t think he is a moron. More like an intelligent sociopath attempting to derail the discussion with disingenuous technicalities.


hes a pompous fkn twat

if we were like mb w@f would be banned by now

Agent 47

Whatever happened to pfh007 and his shitty blog shilling for rba bank accounts?

I also miss Wiley Wolf and his GC Update that would essentially say the same thing every time.


I like pfh007. Strong grasp on practical economics, practical politics and a genuine good bloke too.

we disagreed about Covid matters, though. But disagreed thoughtfully and respectfully, which was superb.

top bloke


Yeah, he’s a good egg. He even tolerates my eccentricities.


True, but w@f would be banned because he’s an abusive cock, not because of his opinion not aligning with a favourite narrative.

MacroBullshit not wanting broad views is a really bad sign for them. I predict it soon dies. It’s day is done. They are arrogant, and everyone can see it.

I argue with MacroBullshit about everything. Not because I’m purposely trying to be difficult, but because they engage aggressively, and they are wrong.

Example 1; my position on religion is society needs it. They ripped me one (then I got banned). They complained that I had a high number of comments in the thread, all engaging with others under the thread I had started…WTF!!!!!

Example 2; my position on water not being a limiting factor on immigration, and there being plenty of fat in the system.

Example 3; their ridiculous use of 2PP polling.

MacroBullshit are banning people because they disagree with DLS, and that nob Gunna…….he is one confused verbose dickhead.

Sometimes when I engage with w@f, I get wound up, but then remember that’s exactly what he wants. He cannot stay on topic, and ends up arguing against himself. He’s not well in the head IMO, but I don’t dislike him like I do DLS and gunna.



w@f has mellowed out from his outright abuse. It is more of a comedic roasting nowadays. He must be getting laid.




Nah cunt just busy earning fat stacks and living life.

Something most of the sad cunts here and the sad cunts at MB should try once in awhile lol. So much shitposting, so much sooking, as I said to that fuckin fuckwit stewie so many times – I had nothing better to do as I was poor and bored and single and yet all you cunts like to make out you’re well off, fulfilled, successful family folk and yet you spend half your fuckin day shit posting. Something doesn’t add up…..

Look at this thread, so much talking about MB, it’s like jilted lovers after a break up that happened ages ago lol. Sad.

I read a few articles at MB a day, there’s zero articles worth reading here so stop in once or twice a week to downvote and troll that dumb old cunt LSWCHP (lol what a dumb old cunt, total hypocrite) and maybe respond when I see stupid shit like this thread. Someone has to give you tards something to talk about. Fuck I haven’t posted here in a week and there’s fuckin MULTIPLE comments referencing me lol thanks for the ego boost.


and Skippy getting an MB membership so he can post in weekend links. Too funny. Now there is a sad cunt.


Lol I’m not well in the head? Fuck you’re off the deep end then cunt.

Had any success shitting in communal bathrooms yet? Or still poo shy round the womans? Lol


Hmmmm well I sort of see the truth in the first statement.

but the second seems to be a non sequitur


Yep, I agree. I don’t think anyone should be banned.

Agent 47

From memory that bolstrood bloke said he was in his 70s once. Boomer detected.


I never minded Bolstrood too much, he always struck me as old school labor with a genuine environmental bent, while the likes of DrSmiturd was your progressive cancerous tumor, which left untreated has gone on to decimate the entire west.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Lol fuck man, still at this consumer affairs tilt, just give up, you were dumb enough to pay up when you knew they didn’t agree with you and you hated them, you were dumb enough to keep banging your drum when warned off, you were dumb enough to keep banging that drum after previous bans – you lost $200, get over it.

I knew my chances of getting banned were high, never paid, got banned, didn’t lose $200.