McGowan urges Western Australians to book ahead for their 4th, 5th and 6th booster shots to avoid overwhelming the system

WA Premier Mark McGowan has urged West Australians to book in for their 4th, 5th and 6th booster shots, to avoid overloading WA’s already fractured health system.

McGowan, fresh off a cringe video urging Aboriginals to get vaccinated, stressed the importance of getting ahead of the curve and meeting Pfizer KPI’s.

“It’s important that you book all of your scheduled boosters for 2022 now so we don’t get overwhelmed,” McGowan said.

“The sooner we do that, the sooner we can start talking about boosters 7-10.”

McGowan said he will be sealing the border off to the rest of the world until at least 2025 to facilitate the process.

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I would like ask dose he have a crystal ball ??


He’s got something better than that – an instruction sheet from Rio Tinto!

Agent 47

This is what I don’t understand. Everywhere vaccines go up case numbers explode.

Eventually it’s going to get on a mine site or five via FIFO and chaos will ensue. Just a can kicking exercise like everything else in EZFKA.


If they kick the can long enough, they’ll probably get to a point in time when “the best medical advice” will be that the sites can keep running even if there are Covid positive cases there (possibly with administration of Pfizermectin).

at that stage, they will stop kicking the can and no production (read: profits for Rio; royalties for Mark) will have been lost.

its quite possible that we are not too far away from “the science” and “the best medical advice” being ready to take this form.


Everywhere vaccines go, thereby allowing restrictions to be lifted, case numbers explode.
how good are vaccines? FIFO is cooked imo

Reus's Large MEMBER
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Aussie Soy Boy

He says two vaccines give little protection meaning you better rush out to get your booster in order to get you through until the omicron version of the vaccine is released.


Will this make any difference or is it only postponing the inevitable?


Suspect that for most people it is too late. As vaccinazi has been riffing for quite a while – like having something UnAmputated, getting UnVaccinated is not exactly an option, is it?

and I suspect that a majority of people who were covered by Biden’s stupid mandate (before the court struck it down)have already gone and gotten pumped full of the special RNA juice.

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I wonder if it will open the door for compensation. Loss of earnings due to vaccine injury and prejudicial sackings.


That would be sweet to watch!

Reus's Large MEMBER

Let’s hope so, that sort of discrimination should not go unpunished, one can only hope that the same thing happens here.

Shae The Burmese

Is that not where the “informed consent” loophole comes into play? Although one could argue how to give informed consent when injection substance list is not necessary to furnish under Emergency Use Authorisation.


Can it be considered informed consent if it is under duress? I think the supreme court may have created an opening. The admission from Pfizer CEO this week will not help the governments case. I think that Pfizer will get off the hook but the tax payer will be paying the bill forever.


 I think that Pfizer will get off the hook but the tax payer will be paying the bill forever.

Of course, the contracts were written that way, all financial liability on the gov.
Moral hazard, of a much more serious type than a little dodgy loan writing…

And it incentivises gov to try to stop comparisons like the uk one showing vaxxed 18-59 dying at twice the rate of unvaxxed, and the only way to do that is get rid of all the unvaxxed.


It’s interesting that a contract would be written that way and for any government to accept. The fact that the pharmaceutical companies were given indemnity suggests that no one expected this medical procedure to work. Of course a government has to be seen to be doing something even if it is completely wrong.


Of course a government has to be seen to be doing something even if it is completely wrong.

very much so


comparisons like the uk one showing vaxxed 18-59 dying at twice the rate of unvaxxed, and the only way to do that is get rid of all the unvaxxed.

where is this, jw?


Just say I wanted to get vaxxed now – do I start at the first shot and work my way up to booster three and four, or can I skip and start at three and then four?

Shae The Burmese

Start with number 8 and work your way backwards from there! You’ll be months ahead of the next looming variant, assuming of course that you’re not singing or dancing, unless at a wedding.


Start with number 8 and work your way backwards from there!

Ah yes, the completion backwards principle. I try to apply it to all facets of my life.


mcclown chose zero covid and has built his rep on it. it’s now about to all come crashing down big time. he knows it. covid hit the eastern states big time. he can’t stop it and has kept it out of wa with an unsustainable lockout of his entire state.

when the covid cases explode his credibility will be finished. anything more he pushes will be ignored and he will become the most hated man in wa and prob australia too.

havent supply chain issues have hit wa just like the rest of the country as well? staff shortages and small businesses closing every day. and this is despite WA having no covid what does the state look like when they are facing down 10k or whatever theyll get cases a day?

hes fuckin finished, mcclown is done.


He’s starting to look more deranged. His enthusiasm for this is apparent. He’s loving it. All the hallmarks of a psychopath. It looks like he’s incapable of empathy, compassion or mercy. His banning people from hospital can’t be legal. I hope his ruthlessness becomes his undoing.

Gruppenführer Mark

This whole “banned from hospital” business is, I think, a red herring. There is no way in hell he can deny people medical care. “Visiting” private and public hospitals – that I see he can enforce, but not getting the care.

I have an appointment with my specialist in March for a fairly serious condition. With care and medicine it is controlled, without it, risk is high of a poor outcome in a few years. Not a lifestyle choice-caused condition, rather a genetic mutation. I will report back if I was denied entry, as the specialist is at Hollywood private.

Lawsuit waiting to happen.


He didn’t clarify if it would be acceptable for emergencies or if it was just elective procedures. Either way if elective procedures are delayed they will become emergencies in the future. I reckon you are probably right about it being a red herring but to even threaten it should be enough for him to be dismissed. He’s a complete cunt.

Aussie Soy Boy

There is no way McGowan opens his borders in a few weeks time and lets people enter freely.

His state is cut off from the rest of the country with 87% fully vaccinated.


WA has no supply chain issues right now, except ordering stuff from over east is really slow. No problems in the local shops. IMO zero COVID was a good choice for WA and for Australia. It’s the LNP in NSW and Fed that decided it had to go, because higher wages and better working conditions are a threat to elite dominance. Egalitarianism is the enemy. McGowan’s biggest psychological problem is his continued insistence that vacinnating everyone will make it all good when the border opens, and imposing ever more draconian requirements to make it happen. We know that even if everyone vaxes it’s going to be shitshow.

Aussie Soy Boy

The beauty of it all is when it eventually rips through WA he won’t be able to blame the unvaccinated.

He’ll open his borders in three months, but with 14 days quarantine and a cap on interstate arrivals, 7 day home quarantine for vaccinated residents returning.

On the other hand when people start to get sick with colds, other viruses and end up in hospital because of ADE from the vaccines and boosters he is not going to have Omicron to blame it on if he does not open soon.


oooo the waxxed over represented in hospital from piddly URTI…
 the cat is belled x2
can’t fkn wait

Shae The Burmese

Indeed. As an unquaxxed West Aussie I have felt a huge amount of relief with the Clown’s final coffin-nailing. Unless they limit “superspreader events” and “outbreaks” to supermarkets, pharmacies and doctor’s surgeries, we can no longer be scapegoated.

Gruppenführer Mark

You can always book home delivery from Dan Murphy’s to drown your sorrows, since you will be banned, nay, BANNED! from bottle shops.

I actually pondered that little gem. Why include bottle shops? And then I saw another little gem, where in Quebec, Canada the punters are banned from booze and pot shops. It’s like Gruppenführer Mark is in competition on who is the biggest dick.


bottleos and pubs in the scrub arent policing that shit imo. drive throughs checking vax status??? nah


I thought as much but all it will take is a van load of Gestapo goons to start horsing people and business owners in vans and fining the shit out of them to start bringing people into line. It won’t do much for Australia’s reputation as a liberal democracy but I suppose they are gone beyond how they are being perceived internationally at this stage.
It’s going to take everyone to rise up against this shit, vaccinated and unvaccinated,


won’t be able to blame the unvaccinated….. the cat is belled.
can’t fkn wait


well last I checked the state had 110 ICU functioning…[ a possible 300 icu available but no fkn staff ]

honestly the health system here is fkd ex covid


here is what I see..
FIFO is copping covid and mining continues regardless…
there’s some interesting optics eh? Especially given the recent historical [hysterical] management measures imposed on the general population

John White

Maybe its not Phara targets, he is pursuing but the Elite target’s outlined in the Deagel 2025 forecast ( ) . Australia forecast to reduce population by 40% and economy by 70%.

A more interesting observation the West (MRNA non-vaccines, FIRE deindustrialised wealth transfer economies, $1 trillion trade deficit) reduces population by 51% .

The BRI countries (industrialised, building moon bases!, conventional vaccine, wealth creation societies, 160 countries, $1 trillion dollar trade surplus) lose 1% of population.

Bankrupt and deindustrialised West cost reduction? MRNA devices as an upgraded (empire franchise) model for command and control. Much lower cost. Much better control. Remote control, genetically modified humans humans anyone?

Reus's Large MEMBER

with “95%” vaccinated I think that they have overshot the 40% mark, however that does not mean that they are not going for the great reset


I read through that article … it’s somewhat disjointed and I got the distinct feeling that the author is a tad deranged. But well-meaning.

Lots of “China/Russia good; USA bad” type ranting in there and alarmist stuff about hypersonic missiles and nukes and stuff

I had never heard of the deagel stuff before, will keep an eye out for it now. It’s at the edge of my credulity, though, tbh – seems strange that some super-secret intelligence agency had published their forecasts on the WWW available to the public, only to delete them when Covid hit…


Now this is hilarious. The excuse that was in our heads when they were exaggerating Covid deaths is now perfectly acceptable for justifying high vaccine deaths.


Lol from 4.20 onwards. What a disgrace.


I think the NIH, CDC etc. are under serious pressure. These answers are not going to cut it. People will be looking for accountability really soon. I was looking at one of the Darkhorse podcasts and they said that these agencies have increased their PR budget because they realise they are facing a PR catastrope. When it all comes out public confidence in these institutions will be lost for a generation.


hey omicron in applecross …mask up mofo’s



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Why bother??

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