Victorian nurse shortage due to rehearsals for Tik Tok dance routines

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has revealed that the main reason for nursing shortages across Victoria, is due to nurses preparing dance routines for Tik Tok.

The arrival of the Omicron variant has significantly impacted nursing staff levels, with nurses struggling to rehearse routines and work at underwhelmed hospitals.

“The new omicron variant has presented us with significant challenges and we’re working with the hospitals on appropriate levels of staffing.” Andrews said.

“Elective surgery will have to be cancelled to allow the nurses to rehearse their vacuous shit for Tik Tok and we will go ahead and do that.”

The Victorian government has announced it will be working with the ANF to schedule dance routines in accordance with new variant releases.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

In other news, it looks like Omicron could have been another lab leak …


It won’t belong before you can download instructions on how to develop your own virus.

Carl Sagan once said that there is a 100% chance of other intelligent lifeforms in the universe, and hypothesised that the reason we have not had contact is intelligent lifeforms find a way to destroy themselves.


I dunno…. Seems like the guy who developed instructions on how one could 3D print their own firearm recently died suddenly before he even turned 30.


Yep. WMDs in the hands of anyone!


Interesting read, thanks RLM!