NSW woman reports herself to COVID dob-in line after failing to report her RAT results

A Sydney woman has been arrested after reporting herself to the COVID dob-in line for not uploading her RAT results.

Newtown woman Sarah O’Neil, was taken into custody and after she ratted herself out for not uploading her RAT results under new guidelines.

“I can confirm that we have a female into custody who handed herself into Police in relation to a RAT result,” Detective John Donaldson said.

“I’d encourage more people to dob themselves in if they aren’t complying with the new rules.

O’Neil is expected to face court this afternoon and is expected to be fined.

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It’s amazing that decision isn’t it by the NSW government, as announced by Dom

Dumbest policy in a while



A fly in your ointment

Why dafaq would anyone not want to report positive test result???
Only 7 days at home and then 6 months on the outside of the asylum.


 then 6 months on the outside of the asylum


Reus's Large MEMBER

You are free from having to get vaccinated if you have had whuflu in the last 6 months, for some places anyway.


yeah just report the +ve…dont even bother taking the test

Aussie Soy Boy

Dom looks like a nonce


Just needs stringy long grey hair and a flanno!