Australian man spending Christmas in quarantine glad he got vaccinated so he could travel

A traveller from Sydney to Queensland has expressed how grateful he was for being vaccinated, after being shoved into forced quarantine for 14 days over Christmas.

Brian Normieson, of Newcastle, says taking two doses of a trial vaccine was totally worth it to not spend scheduled time with his family for the first time in two years, and be herded straight off the plane into a quarantine facility.

“I’m thankful for the experts and science and that I can travel. That’s the only reason I took the vaccine,” Normieson said.

“Obviously I’m not considered fully dosed with boosters about to be made mandatory, but I’ll happily line up as many times as I’m told.”

Normieson said he was already looking forward to overseas travel sometime in 2035.

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yeah grade a fucking suckers, it’s why i am not going interstate or anywhere (not that im allowed to anyway), there’s way too much risk of capricious border closures

and quite frankly i want the qld economy to go down the toilet

also macro has COMPLETELY closed comments to non-subscribers, what are they hiding

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Reus's Large MEMBER

Bed wetters, bed wetters everywhere there, I also noticed that and am more than happy not to bother going there anymore.

Agent 47

Slow motion car crash- can’t look away some times. I might have a look once a week for a laugh but I mean, the comments are the same every time.

How some of these people make it through life I don’t understand.

Agent 47

This is never going to end until it’s ended by the public. This is now just mass formation and a lot of people who refuse to publicly admit on any level that they have been duped about any or all of this. People are so invested in this shit they’re doubling down each time it’s amazing to watch.

The lines of people getting tested in Melbourne is testament to the media.


The lines of people getting tested in Melbourne

Maybe a financial gain. Test pos and quarantine = $1500, or they’re getting it to travel to the great state of Ms Pallet’O’shit.


they’ve also closed comments to me, and I’m a subscriber

Its more heavily moderated than the SMH at this point

Only a narrow range of pre-determined opinions are acceptable


Is it bad that I’d love it if someone took pictures of the dumbest and posted it here occasionally.

Like really good ones, not super long rambling ones from Gunna, or skippys word salad, or Mathis crazy… wait this isn’t going to work is it?


Max Payne

Mathias is definitely red-pilled although does seem to have a touch of incel to him. As for Skippy I reckon the marsupial has read one too many post-modernist books given the incomprehensible stuff it posts sometimes.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Skippy has a great name, because I know to skip past his word salad every time I see his name …he could update it to skip-me which would be even more useful for others too

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does seem to have a touch of incel to him

oh, is that what you think it is? I found his demeanour a bit strange but couldn’t quite place it!


Did you notice Skippy bragging about his yacht racing expertise last week? It doesn’t quite fit his poverty narrative.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I never thought that he was poverty based on the “high and mighty opinion” he seems to have


He s claimed some fairly outlandish things ive noticed…a commisioned officer in the Ranger regiment..a computer programmer from the pioneering days..also the son and heir of an elite US family with vast landholdings there. Among other things.
I guess none of these things are exactly mutually exclusive….however unusual for the elite to go into infantry since forever and difficult to learn to code as well as maintain an officers job in any regiment let alone the rangers


Not just infantry, he was a green beret


hes a lying chunt


And nowhere near as smart as he likes to think or pretend he is.

A fly in your ointment

Baron Munchausen; one of a number of excellent movies made by Terry Gilliam of Monty Python.
Skippy alias seems to come straight out of that movie.


Yeah I particularly like the insightful musings of Mathias. 🤡 Glad I found this place. That mikemb he’s alright though, always wondered who he is beyond the keyboard.


MikeMB is a legend. He gets it. he knows how the games are played and what the real world is like.

good on him.



Who was that user who wrote very well articulated if slightly verbose comments on Australia’s political climate, and democracy in general? Can’t recall his name. Some of his/her stuff was gold.



or one of the people with “179” in their name? I liked those people.


Stephen Morris I think it was. Tried to search MB but their useless search function only searched post titles and words within it, not comments.

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there was this one guy there called Phil, he never posted towards the end but he was extremely knowledgable about land markets, one of the first people to fire the warning shots on why increasing density doesnt make anything more affordable at all. one of the best posters, i wonder where he is now.


That’s what makes it sad hey. They had something special, but were not happy with it, so did the whole fund thing.

Which might now sink everything.It is what it is I guess.

DLS Sockpuppet Account

I do enjoy mikemb talking about all the no hokou Asian vice workers


I reckon they have received an offer of investment to go paywall, or are positioning for that maybe?

It’ll be exceptionally amusing if skippy gets kicked off and ends up here. For about 5 mins anyways lol.


I reckon they have received an offer of investment to go paywall, or are positioning for that maybe?

nah, no freaking way.

it’s probably more like death throes… desperately yanking different levers and trying different things. but none of the levers they pull is connected to the underlying issue…


Yeah fair call. Giving them benefit of doubt, because quite likely that is what they are hoping/positioning for. Probably because the blog and the fund are not doing so good.

It is what it is. Who knows what tomorrow brings. Not their biggest fan, but can’t fault them for having a go.

Takes guts to do, so I’ll give them that.


 but none of the levers they pull is connected to the underlying issue…

It’s the EZFKA way!


Yeah, but it works really well in EZFKA if you are on power yourself or if you’ve got powerful friends (gov) to bail you out, or you’re in a protected “industry”.

if you’re jsut some little guy and can’t recover from your flat spin, you’re fucked.


The thing that needs to fuck right off, is the 7 day isolation if you catch covid, if you are a close contact or told to otherwise isolate.

How on earth is it ‘living with the virus’ if in the coming weeks and months hundreds of thousands of people will have to take sick leave or go without pay to isolate for a week for a virus that most now have the vaccine for? It’s a farce.


Let it rip is a hard sell after making people give up their lives for 2 years…

Reus's Large MEMBER

While I am not a fan of Elon, he makes sense and I have a new respect for him after those comments.


+1. Do you reckon any wokes drive Teslas and given these comments what sort mental gymnastics are involved with keeping them.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think that the number of “woke” keyboard warriors that can afford a Tesla is pretty low, if he is going to appeal to the majority of the population which can afford to spend the dollars then he would need to distance himself from the “woke left”, probably one of the reasons why he is moving his factory to Texas too.


comment image


Seriously clown world going down.


Hehehehe, burrrrn.

that big star, does that mean he is a Generalissimo? Or what rank does it correspond to?


Ben just wanted to let everyone know that he is proud of being a cunt.

DLS Sockpuppet Account

He epitomises the modern day Aussie really

Amy Attell

He says stats do not lie but people on the intenet do. Aye , he is just one of them, and the worst kind.


Ben wouldn’t know what truth is even if it grabbed him by the pony tail and slapped him in the face.
He reminds me of that Lazlo character in GTA.


FMD…He is clearly the end of a bell. I hope he gets lots more hate mail.


Yep. He deserves everything he gets. People were not sending him death threats as such, they were just encouraging him to make use of the states new euthanasia laws.