History made after Australian journalist asks hard, critical question of Daniel Andrews at daily press conference

History has been made in the EZFKA state of Victoria after a mainstream media journalist asked a question that was critical of Daniel Andrews, challenging the Premier’s increasingly unhinged, authoritarian behaviour.

Tim Stevenson, from The Daily EZFKA, asked Andrews why medical segregation was now being made legal and not an egregious breach of human rights. The Premier was lost for words and flew into a rage, prompting Stevenson’s dismissal from the conference.

“Everyone in the room was shocked, they’d been asking Dorothy Dixers and leading questions for months,” Stevenson said.

“I was sick of the press conference being essentially a two-hour advertorial for tyrannical bullshit and trampling on human rights and now I’m not welcome. Oh well, fuck him.”

Stevenson has hired extra security for his house and has been banned from all future press conferences.

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Chinese Astroturfer

Leefo wants to turn the screws harder:

Tell me where I can get the data and I’ll post it. As far as I know, it doesn’t exist.
Hard to believe that you won’t re-subscribe until I do that.
I’m thinking that now’s the time to lock comments to subscribers only. With publishers now liable for comments, now seems like the time.


Fair enough. Point noted. But we also have to balance risks of getting sued for defamatory comments. Paying subscribers have ‘skin in the game’. Non-payers don’t. We don’t have time to moderate comments properly, so it’s a real worry for us.

Agent 47

Lot of words to say “no one subscribes because the site is dead”


they killed it by banning all the people and making browsing it shithouse. it makes me sad to see it bc they did have some good analysis on there. lethal leith in particular is a pretty straightforward pundit with good analysis.

Agent 47

It’s all DLS. Cunt has sand in his vagina permanently.


I guess they’re worried about the prospects of defamation charges in the comments, although it does seem like a copout.


One of the interesting things about the Voller case is his legal team sued straight away — they didn’t issue a concerns notice first (which is basically a legal letter sent to the person or organisation alleged to have made the defamatory comments, giving them a chance to respond).

That wouldn’t be allowed now. Under new defamation laws that came into effect this July in NSW, Victoria, South Australia Queensland and the ACT, plaintiffs must now serve a concerns notice on each defendant and wait at least a fortnight before suing.

Those same reforms also introduced what’s called a “serious harm threshold”. Under this rule, the plaintiff has to prove they have, in fact, suffered (or are likely to suffer) serious harm to their reputation as a result of the published comments.

This clause aims to rule out trivial defamation cases because while it’s true anyone can cause serious harm to a person’s reputation on social media, there is also a lot of banter and to-ing and fro-ing which might be offensive but might not cause serious harm to a reputation. This may give some protection to admins of social media pages in future, particularly private individuals.


 Under this rule, the plaintiff has to prove they have, in fact, suffered (or are likely to suffer) serious harm to their reputation as a result of the published comments.

Given the size of the mb readership i think this is their get out of jail free card,


Hehe. Writing “Scott Morrison is a criminal” on MB is approximately like writing “Scott Morrison is a criminal” in your diary before you go to bed.



Odd worrying about defamation from comments when DLS spends his time belittling anyone who disagrees with him. Only KRudd has really threatened them with defamation or that is what has been made out.


No one else cares. Only KRudd measures his social enough to track/care what MB says.

This says more about how little people think of Rudd, than how much people think of MB.


If I had a gun I’d shoot him, guess I will just have to use my bare hands.. where are you Daniel, we need to meet?