Weekend Links, 2-3 October 2021!

Well that escalated quickly. As we noted in these hallowed (hollow) pages, Clive Palmer was taking about the Pfizer lobbyist who forced Gladys to push the vaccine, or front up ICAC.

Well, apparently that happened anyways. Live by the wet noodle, die by the wet noodle? State media explains for the normies below.

But that was not all that went down!


Its amusing no one is talking about Bruz as the next premier…


What me, worry?

And then this happened:

And lastly…

So people were surprised by the post about Merkel earlier this week, and really weren’t we reading a bit much into all this?

The EU just postponed – Europe postpones FTA negotiations with Australia (afr.com) – FTA negotiations.

Trade Minister Dan Tehan, who is en route to Europe for talks with his EU counterpart, Valdis Dombrovskis, to discuss the 12th negotiating round, urged the EU to stick with the FTA.

Europe postpones FTA negotiations with Australia (afr.com)

Lol. Dan Tehan was on his way to Europe, when they cancelled. Ohnoes… but meanwhile…

Ain’t that the truth!

~~Culture Wars~~


Pureblood is triggering leftists lol…

Meanwhile DuckDuckGo is discriminating against men! Same resume below, different names…

Muh vag!

~~From The Trenches~~




~~Have A Good Weekend~~

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Fucking google can go and fuck a fucking tree.

it has fucking degenerated into completely fucking useless fucking parade of bullshittery and content that is fucking obviously “curated” to within an inch of complete fucking irrelevance. And sometimes well beyond.


If you search “Melbourne Protests” on Youtube these days, you will get pages and pages of 7,9,abc news clips covering the protests and putting their slant on things. Any other impartial? or independant content is shadow banned.


Which one is the intercept article?


You reminded me of this weekend EZFKA book club. Check out Fahrenheit 451 if you haven’t read it.

A worryingly prescient book written in the middle of the last century. A dystopian nightmare that is becoming all too real and relevant more than ever with YT/Google shadow banning what you can and can’t view.

Will give the intercept article a read now 🙂


You reminded me of this weekend EZFKA book club. Check out Fahrenheit 451 if you haven’t read it.

this has been on my reading list for a while.

thanks to you, I actually picked it up tonight.

so far – superb.



You need to look for the independent media itself. It is on there at the moment.

you will get pages and pages of 7,9,abc news clips covering the protests 

DDG is not immune from contamination of internet. Hence MSM produces sheetload of ‘update’ pages which are actually all new pages and every search engine will be contaminated.
Try driving past the radio towers in Artarmon… you can not tune to any other radio, it all overmodulates to the same

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try watching “The Internship” (Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn) from 2013 for kicks. The movie paints google as it used to be known in the early 2000s (remember their old mantra, contra microsoft, “Don’t Be Evil”). How things can change so rapidly.


Power corrupts.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
They do it because they can.


YouTube is Always Right Even When It’s Not ironically available to watch on youtube.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT18KJouHWg for something a little more gattaca. You are probably identifiable via DNA even if you have never had a sample taken as long as a few very distant relatives have sent theirs to ancestry.com or similar service to be stored in their databases.

Chinese Astroturfer

Gladys should have done a Brittany and cry rape.

That’s a dirty, degenerate woman who throws it all away for a viagra enhanced schlong. She must have an insatiable libido. They should test her for STDs.


right, and can you imagine the fella so much of a horndog he’d be all over that sad stretched out old mickey hole, like wtf is going on there

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal

I’d have a go at her tbh

she probably knows how to fuck


strange taste you have….

Chinese Astroturfer

Darryl’s Turk moll picks her partners like she picks her COVID strategies


We’ll never forget you Gladys!


The next PM will be different in only one bit: “not yet caught for corruption”.
And the one after.
and the one after too…

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Chinese Astroturfer

At least the Turk leaves with some more dignity than Porter.

“But I was just a boy” hahahahha


I’m not Armenian, but I find it very insulting to call her Turk.


Fuck me it doesn’t matter if you consent or not. It is the law of a secular country.



Dailymail is fucken fucked as well. I’ve just scrolled through screen after screen of photos and text and I have nonfucken idea what the fucken story was fucken about.

shits me. Almost as much as sites that have a recipe that you need …but ahead of the recipe they have fifty fucken pages of boring and stupid lead-in story and glamour shots of their fucken chopping board and salt shaker that nobody gives a fuck about, instead of jsut listing the fucking ingredients.

harry, make it simple for me, man. What did the bitch do to be arrested? And why is she “famous”?

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

dailymail has been fukt since forever, its impossible to navigate since they updated the layout and turned it into e-molasses from all the ads theyve put on it


She was driving an unregistered car and refused to pull over.



wonder why the fuck the shitcunt author of the article didn’t write that?!


Because you looked at a whole heap of ads.

Someone is paying to provide the service. An advertiser, someone running propaganda or someone selling your data.

You also sound like you could use some heavy chemical relaxation. Caring about that stuff will drive you insane.
Orwell may well say that is by design.

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

You also sound like you could use some heavy chemical relaxation.

how could you tell I was feeling a teensy bit run down?! 🙀 witchcraft? Astrology?

Im in a better mood now… 🚀


It seems every knob is now filming themselves getting arrested and making a commotion about it. They get some like on Stalkbook or Insecuregram, but then the truth comes out.


Most people can’t write a coherent piece of text longer than a Tweet these days and it looks like DailyMail employs these people.


Actually I seriously think most of DM “writers” are bot aggregators.

Chinese Astroturfer

I love the Daily Mail I just scroll down for the comments. Some great one liners.


It is a broad spectrum of society 😂


This is also true!

Agent 47

As of 16th October I will officially be unemployed due to Dans mandates. As mentioned before, it will be go time in court. Spoke to the lawyer today, don’t care if I lose I will be taking a piece either way.


I don’t know what I’d do in your place.

That is fucked.


I support the principle but pretty ridiculous to go to so much trouble to avoid something with a 1:1,000,000 chance of killing you

it isn’t rational from a risk:benefit point of view

kind of like the whole Covid response though, so it’s apt

world gone mad

Agent 47

Ridiculous to undergo a medical procedure to participate in society so whatever.

You may have tapped out, but I won’t.


Sure it’s ridiculous

but so is ruining your life over it

Agent 47

Yeh nah. Parents escaped communism, this is exactly what us happe ing in this country. It’s not going to end with two jabs so enjoy that shit.

I’m literally in the lowest risk group and there is no reason to take it. Life will hardly be ruined, considering what’s coming it wont be worth living so risk assess away.


Well no , children are the lowest risk group and I hope I’m not talking to a child

how old are you ?

im sure your parents wouldn’t have pulled this shit by the way
they didn’t migrate to Australia so you could fuck up your life and their grand children’s

Agent 47

Lowest risk adult group, under 40.

Parents didn’t migrate here to live under the same system they suffered under for years. They haven’t had the jab either and they’re in their 80s, their support me 100%.

There’s a reason Solzheitsyn isn’t compulsory reading in school here. We’re literally living chapter 3 at the moment.


Hey mate, sorry to hear about your situation and fully support your position. What people don’t realise is that if we fold on this vaccine issue, then this vaccine passport will morph into a full-blown subscription service to participate and transact in society as part of a Great Reset/UN Agenda 2030 Global Communist Governance framework.

Have you tried sending your employer a Notice for Further Particulars as part of informed consent when being requested to take a medical procedure?

I’d volunteer not to refuse the vaccine but merely not consent to it at this time until you have received all the requisite information you need to make up your mind about the medical procedure, and insert some of your own conditions for taking it. .

e.g. Employer will guarantee that I will suffer no harm or injury from the vaccine and will accept all legal and financial liability should I suffer any harm or injury from the vaccine fur the rest of my life.

Please show me your workplace risk assessments that demonstrate the actual risk of mortality and hospitalisation from COVID and other infectious diseases.

Feel free to private message me if you would like some Letter templates for this to get the ball rolling.

Agent 47

Agree with the above. The short term thinking that defines EZFKA is really coming to roost.

Essentially going the route you described above. Letter from lawyer ready to go as soon as I’m told to leave. I work for a corporate so at best I have a decent chance of getting a pay out and being told to go away. Which I would accept as who the fuck would want to stick around at a place like that with a black mark over your head anyway.


im sorry but anyone in their 80s should be getting the jab

To not do so is highly irrational and retarded

just like throwing away your career for a 1 in a million chance of death

Agent 47

Old man is 82 and has survived a heart attack before. He doesn’t care, lived a rich and full life with kids and grandkids. He’s more pissed off that my generation is going along with this “Soviet bullshit that i thought id got away from” and wearing the brunt of the losses. His words, take it or leave it.

When the booster shots begin in a few months time, bookmark this. We’ll see who is compliant enough to line up for it. Next years cold and flu season will be a nightmare for a lot of the vaxxed if the Israeli data is anything to go by. We shall see.


Coming, I appreciate your post-vis-a-ve markets, etc but this number you should explain.
I knew many people who died from this bug.


it isn’t rational from a risk:benefit point of view

Neither was opposing the nazi’s or any other authoritarian government for that matter.
Some things are bigger than the individual though.


are you now saying the nazis were the bad guys?


Are you retarded? You sure do seem like it quite often.


If you get the chance, ask about liability of the employer. i.e. are they forcing this onto you to avoid potential financial liability of staff or customers getting sick in the workplace? or is it purely a political/marketing/whatever decision?

Agent 47

Yeh this is essentially what I don’t get. My role is completely non client based and could in theory be done from home but they don’t want to. Which leads me to believe they are trying to recover costs on commercial lease or some bullshit like that.

Liability route is the way im going, particulalry with the wife and I trying to have a child. I have had crickets when I try to elicit a response on vaccine adverse reaction liability from them, but they’re absolutely militant about covid.


I doubt the lease has anything to do with it. With you WFH they would be saving money on electricity (HVAC), cleaning, etc, and could prepare to save more money in future by reducing floor space. It could be a trust issue with productivity.

They are acting from a point of self-interest and would not care about any issues that arise from taking the vaccine.

During the week there was a story of someone in NSW that lost unfair dismissal case in NSW on the basis it is a public health order, and the person refusing to take the vaccine had no underlying health issues that could prevent them from taking the vaccine.


You do what is best for you. You seem like you have options many others don’t have (still young, mobile without kids, and employable elsewhere I am presuming).
What’s to say that your employer won’t terminate your employment after you get the shots ? Shouldn’t you be the one feeling happy and comfortable with any personal decision you make, so you’d have no regrets even if your employment was terminated despite your compliance ? Best of luck in your fight. Best thing is to get some sort of financial redress or termination payment. You don’t want to be work for that company anyway, after all this.

A fly in the ointment

Liability route is the way im going,

PHO allows them to hide behind it and liability is not required. Being a Public Health Order, absolves all from frogdoing.
Being in Health may be difficult to argue redundancy on the changing landscape and award may actually have a proviso for some jabs which makes it worse.

My advice, based on last 4 weeks of arm wringing with my employer is to take carer’s Leave up to the available time and then continue using annual leave to cover absence.
Carer’s leave is something that cannot be refused. A colleague had a wifey with anxiety attacks and was on carer’s leave for 3 months, which is a usual annual limit before they can sack you. Offer to work from home +some+ hours to alleviate your long absence.
At the same time, begin searching for another job where work from home is possible (IT, i guess, is your domain). Local fish’n’chips shop? why not?

In Dec and Jan 2022 the landscape may be littered with political heads. Enduring through the period is probably the easiest route as at the other end the voluntary-mandate may be bygone


47, just go in for your shot, make sure your phone is visible. Just before they give you your shot, ask the person who is giving you the shot what is there full name. When they tell you, make sure you repeat it along with the time,date and address and that you are there against your consent but need the jab to keep your job. What happens next is very funny.

In continuation of the conversation from few days ago, here’s the latest update from Fairwork:

Can an employer require an employee to be vaccinated?

Employers can only require their employees to be vaccinated where:

a specific law (such as a state or territory public health order) requires an employee to be vaccinated (see COVID-19 vaccinations: legislation and public health orders)

the requirement is permitted by an enterprise agreement, other registered agreement or employment contract (see Agreements or contracts relating to vaccinations), or

it would be lawful and reasonable for an employer to give their employees a direction to be vaccinated, which is assessed on a case-by-case basis (see Lawful and reasonable directions to get vaccinated).


One or more of these circumstances can apply when an employer is requiring an employee to be vaccinated. For example, an employer could rely on a state public health order that requires their employee to be vaccinated to give the employee a lawful and reasonable direction not to work unless they are vaccinated.  

Not sure how to read the last chapter

Looking at the second bullet point (link available on FWC site) it states:

Agreements or contracts relating to vaccinations

Some employment contracts or agreements may contain terms relating to vaccinations, including COVID-19 vaccinations. Employers and employees should check to see if any terms apply to COVID-19 vaccinations (for example, a term relating only to flu vaccinations won’t apply to COVID-19 vaccinations).

And scrolling further down the lates FWC update from the 1. Oct. it states following:

When undertaking this case-by-case assessment [for mandatory waxing; emphasis by yours truly DjenkA], it may also be helpful as a general guide to divide work into 4 broad tiers:

  • Tier 1 work, where employees are required as part of their duties to interact with people with an increased risk of being infected with coronavirus (for example, employees working in hotel quarantine or border control). 
  • Tier 2 work, where employees are required to have close contact with people who are particularly vulnerable to the health impacts of coronavirus (for example, employees working in health care or aged care).
  • Tier 3 work, where there is interaction or likely interaction between employees and other people such as customers, other employees or the public in the normal course of employment (for example, stores providing essential goods and services).
  • Tier 4 work, where employees have minimal face-to-face interaction as part of their normal employment duties (for example, where they are working from home).

A workplace may have a mix of employees, with different employees performing work in different tiers, all of which could change over time.

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t automatically make it reasonable for employers to direct employees to be vaccinated against the virus.

An employer’s direction to employees performing Tier 1 or Tier 2 work is more likely to be reasonable, given the increased risk of employees being infected with coronavirus, or giving coronavirus to a person who is particularly vulnerable to the health impacts of coronavirus.

An employer’s direction to employees performing Tier 4 work is unlikely to be reasonable, given the limited risk of transmission of the coronavirus.

For employees performing Tier 3 work:

  • where no community transmission of coronavirus has occurred for some time in the area where the employer is located, a direction to employees to be vaccinated is in most cases less likely to be reasonable
  • where community transmission of COVID-19 is occurring in an area, and an employer is operating a workplace in that area that needs to remain open to provide essential goods and services, a direction to employees to receive a vaccination is more likely to be reasonable.

Interesting times.
Cannot wait for Tuesday to slap above points to my employer and see what comes

Sorry, further links had to be removed but available on respective sites.
2 links per post is really low to substantiate a conversation

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Dean is not anti-vax, apparently, but she sure isn’t pro-vax either. Her concerns are couched in the language of human rights (such as article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which provides that “no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation”).

Whoa. Experimentation? Yes, because the Therapeutic Goods Administration has only ever given provisional approval to the COVID vaccines, which means by definition that they are still experimental and WE ARE ALL PARTICIPATING IN A CLINICAL TRIAL (OK, she didn’t capitalise that bit but it does jump off the page).

for fluck sake, is the MSN MSM gone mad?

‘Medical apartheid’: Fair Work deputy calls forced vaccination coercive and punitive 

Of course, as you read the article it goes into conspiracy theory tinfoil hattery of “anti-waxers” etc

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Some businesses have already announced an intention to refuse access to patrons unvaccinated against Covid-19.  

Having recently reread Viruses, Plagues and History (1998) by Michael B. Oldstone of the Scripps Research Institute; your correspondent would be more concerned about patrons unvaccinated against SARS-CoV-1, measles, all of the haemorrhagic fevers, polio, bubonic plague, yellow fever, hantavirus and smallpox—they’re terrifying. There aren’t vaccines for some of them. 

Measles is much more contagious than Covid-19, about as deadly and complications can be profound. Before a measles vaccine in 1963 it killed 2,500,000+ million people a year and permanently disabled more; mostly aged under 5. Though off a historically very low base, measles deaths have increased by 50% since 2016. To protect the children only patrons vaccinated against measles should be permitted. 

Yellow fever is more deadly for people not of African genetic origin. It is only reasonably necessary to ban Caucasian and Asian people unvaccinated against yellow fever. That follows the science. If the section 48 public health exemption did apply, it would also follow the law.. 

Smallpox is eradicated, so nobody is vaccinated against that these days, but some bodies buried in thawing permafrost may still harbour the virus. You cannot be too safe when it comes to something that nasty. 

Limiting access for the unvaxed to public places will likely breach the Disability Discrimination Act


Thanks for that link, always fascinating seeing reasoning by lawyer types.

The first thought I had was for shits and giggles have half a mind to insert that extremely broad 1992 definition of a Disability into my next NDIS report. It will certainly worry the funding managers if there’s any hint that they may be in breach of disability legislation.

In the article one thing I did note was that the argument that the public health exemption noted wouldn’t apply to those unvaccinated as they don’t have an infectious disease, but it then follows that the burden of proof would fall on the unvaccinated to demonstrate that they did not have Covid. Some of the discussions taking place on private forums re: workers refusing vaccinations is that if not permitted to be sacked, they will simply have them submit to regular testing at their own expense. 

A fly in your ointment

public health exemption noted wouldn’t apply to those unvaccinated as they don’t have an infectious disease, “

There is a catch over there. TGA does not claim that the 2 approved jabs do anything more than minimise risks of death and make symptoms lesser or absent. There does not seem to be even anything concrete that it is guaranteed it reduces viral load. One of the links I provided wrt FairWork commission ruling and dissent from justice Dean points towards that on TGA website. So uncovidwaxed are not guaranteed to be immune hence fall within the same risk of communication of the disease.

as of 1. Dec when they open up NSW (and I am sure life will just go on), non jabbed will need to protect themselves more than jabbed if they are to escape infection. But then again, perhaps they’d want to and get the natural immunity,

Agent 47


A fly in your ointment

check my links above and particularly pay attention to 27. Sep update on PHO as well as 1. Oct update on FWC website as to their indications for rulings.

You may have a reason to repeal the voluntary-clinical-trial-mandate for now. The thing is that the more the friction the sooner this goes tits up.

Novavax seems promising…

Dystopian movies for this week.
After watching these, one may feel as a lifetime in the Davostown agricultural community in Guayana

Fahrenheit 451 (1966)
Someone mentioned the book yesterday or recently.
Based on the 1951 Ray Bradbury novel of the same name. Guy Montag is a firefighter who lives in a lonely, isolated society where books have been outlawed by a government fearing an independent-thinking public. It is the duty of firefighters to burn …
I am yet to see a government NOT fearing an independent-thinking public.

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

A Kubrick classic involving gangs, violence and reconditioning / behavior modification.
A nice summary appeared on RT just recently. Due to link limits, link is truncated:
www rt com/op-ed/536390-clockwork-orange-50-years-relevant/

In weird and non-english department:

L’ultimo uomo della Terra (1964) [The last Man on Earth]
The Omega Man (1971)
I am Legend (with WIll Smith)

All round good adaptations, watch them in age sequence for growing experience. I particularly liked the score for the Omega Man.
Interestingly some movies can grow from mediocre to a cult-like pedestal as time goes by. Probably indication of modern times rather than anything else. With so much wokeism it is impossible to make some movies nowaday

In TV segment…

Utopia (2013) [UK] S01E01
One of the best tv shows and that assessment was made in 2013 but as relevant today as it can be. Excellent casting, excellent plot that is a rollercoaster of events and changes, pace is floating but just to make more emphasis on important bit and actually adds to the story telling, perfect music score, scenery, filming…
You’d have to search the rest of episodes elsewhere, e.g. where “A turbulent, swift-flowing stream flows”

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

These are some real classics. Excellent recommendations!


China style capitalism as Evergrande investor threatens to kill herself. https://twitter.com/pattty847/status/1444125966637355012


There will be a lot more to play out for Evergrande. Much of the focus has been on the property development side and also iron ore. However, it is not solely a property developer, it is a conglomerate with many non performing assets such an electric vehicle unit, sportsball club, infant formula and stakes in banks.
The issue is not the $300B in known liabilities, but the unknown liabilities through shadow banking channels. The issue in China was that deposit and lending rates are set by PBOC and only differs by a few basis points bank to bank. To get around this, people will invest or borrow in shadowy investment vehicles. If you have lived in China, there is a whole industry trying to get your yuan out.

A fly in your ointment

Is evergrande too big to fail?

Somehow I read latest developments in Xi’na as weeding out rather than a drought damaging the crop

Agent 47

CCP will bail out their own assets and let their foreign asset holders go to shit. Likely outcome for mine.


Evergrande will be broken up and factional allies will be given first dibs.


Always a good time to find your true religion!


omg im bored

A fly in your ointment

See the stats for in terms of infections and deaths here.
focus on the top chart and hover over the highest peak on it to see the numbers and country, then scroll down to see that country chart alone

see this video:


Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

That should cure his boredom.

Agent 47

Well looks like next federal election about to get officially stolen


Yeah. Dominion FFS, those paragons of virtue and integrity.

The issue with large scale manual counting of ballots is that it makes it harder to defraud the system.


an English guy called Melbourne protesters troglodytes and claiming because of them he can’t get a job to pay for a ticket to go back home.
I challenged him on his claim and called him a cnvt and few other names. I asked him why his fam or friends don’t help him and guessed that they don’t want him back as no one likes a cnvt around.
That is the short story and I am now banned form Twitter. lol


I challenged him on his claim and called him a cnvt and few other names. I asked him why his fam or friends don’t help him and guessed that they don’t want him back as no one likes a cnvt around.

ahahahha, nice! Very true, too! 😹

That is the short story and I am now banned form Twitter. lol

oh noes! 🙀Where are you going to do your trolling and shooting the shit now?


The Melbourne protests have given a new target to blame and hate for social and mainstream media.
Number of Covid cases up => blame the protests
CFMEU staff infected => blame the protests
Why you are still locked down => blame the protests
Construction shut down => blame the protests

In reality few are following rules. Even LVO admits he doesn’t wear a mask outside. But why pick a fight with the majority when you can blame the protestors.

A fly in your ointment

Nah, “Putin did it!”


With an added bonus of quelling anti government sentiment, so win-win

A fly in your ointment

@ Niko

welcome back to the Galactic Republic Niko!


I tweeted that I wished Gerry Harvey dead after he said he was keeping the unearned Job keeper $$, so I got banned until I deleted the tweet.

Well fuck them. I’m not deleting anything for those woke cunts, so that’s the end of twitter for me.