Melbourne Tradies use two week shutdown to learn new skills- start building gallows

Over the past 18 months many people have learnt new skills as work from home orders forced people to radically change how they did their job or filled in the hours and hours of boredom. Many learnt how to subscribe to OnlyFans, gamble on the stock market or unmute themselves in an online meeting. Others chose to learn more traditional pursuits such as cooking, sock darning and being poor.

Now Melbourne tradies have been shut down, they too are looking to learn new skills. The most popular one seems to be a resurrection in the medieval art of gallows building. The craze was started by TikTok star and carpenter Charles Henri Sanson after he uploaded his first video. Mr Sanson was interviewed and said:

“Yeah, well, when shutdown started I had nothing to do and started searching me family tree. It turns out us Sansons have a long history of gallows building so I thought to meself ‘I should give it a go, how hard could it be?’”

“That night I tried it and I had a prototype built in 5 hours. When the wife saw it, she though it was great and said that I should dance in front of it and put it on TikTok. She’s a nurse ya see and she’s been dancing all year in the empty wards to keep the WuFlu away.”

“Well, when I uploaded it, the video went all Delta and all the other tradies started copying me. There was like hundreds! Some of them really started to get into it and follow The Science™ by experimenting with things like tensile strength of the beam, length of the ropes and availability of materials from Bunnings.”

“I don’t know what we’re going to do with them all now but I’m sure we’ll think of something soon”

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Gallows are coming. First politicians then ‘Journalists’.


The politicians are calling CFMEU members maskless neo-nazi’s. I’m honestly surprised they are not calling CFMEU members Russian bots.


The politicians are calling CFMEU members maskless neo-nazi’s.

Of course they are, it is the only insult or slur that you are allowed to openly use against any group of people in public. It is taken from the Little Golden Book of “Everyone I don’t like is a Nazi”




I think girls need strong father figures.


There are tradies working on the place next door. The risk of them getting caught is minimal as cops are deployed to the protests.
Place next door is empty, so none of the work is essential.


Yeh, I think the issue is much bigger for the big unionised shops.

Whereas a couple of blokes on a resi site can ignore the rules with 99.99% certainty of not getting caught, the big projects generally have too much visibility and formality for this approach to be open.

So the massing of labour and centralisation are ingredients here.

this has got me thinking – at the macro scale, all this vaccine and virus stupidity seems to have a lot to do with trying to maintain the status quo for cities with their massed/centrealised populations and labour.
must be that any significant de-urbanisation movement would dynamite the hell out of vested interests….


theyre out again


Who are?


The people.


You mean to say they didn’t listen to Dan?




Also not a bad photoshop effort too, just a few black areas that should be transparent.