Paul Murray named “Pfizer vaccine salesman of the year”

Sky News Australia host Paul Murray has been named Pfizer vaccine salesman of the year in an announcement made this morning.

Murray, who beat out fellow Sky News gatekeeper Peta Credlin, accepted the award and heaped praise on his colleagues for the brainwashing effort the past 18 months.

“It’s great to see reward for effort,” Murray said in his PM Live show this evening.

“I’ve been relentlessly feigning outrage about lockdowns and then closing every monologue with messages to go and get the jab so I’m pleased.”

Murray is in negotiation to go into a job with the Doherty Institute at the conclusion of his current contract with Sky News.

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Agent 47

Spot on. Basically a glorified big pharma slut.

Hang him.


its interesting to look at the downvote ratios on the sky news youtube feed, they dont even represent their own audience anymore. there was a video from some sooking boomer having a whinge about the protesters yesterday being at the shrine and it was like 900 thumbs down to like 50 thumbs up, with the comments being overwhelmingly negative

so even sky is against their own supporters and viewers now

Agent 47

They sold out. Murdoch has a huge relationship with Doherty Institute and Pfizer.

They’re fake conservatives and controlled opposition. Fuck em.