VicPol vow to shoot/injure more protestors to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed

Victoria Police Commissioner Shane Patton has stated he will order his police to shoot and injure more unemployed tradies, in order to keep Victoria’s hospital system from being overwhelmed.

The order comes as heroic Victoria Police officers shot more unarmed protestors at the ANZAC Shrine of Remembrance today, as a testament to those who died defending freedoms.

“We will keep these protestors and the hospital system safe by injuring them and putting them in hospital,” Patton said.

“Make no mistake, we take health and safety very seriously here.”

Victoria Police will be out again tomorrow looking for unarmed protestors.

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I think we need to get a member to the next protest to wave an EZFKA banner – that will really create some confusion.

Which Union is EZFKA?


Stewie, your thinking seems muddled. Are you drunk?

The EZFKA banner needs to fly over the Police lines, not over the crowd of dirty union rabble.


EZFKA was very well represented over the weekend. Gadsden flag, vested interest unions that have been screwing over workers for the last 30 years, and of course the idiot tradies that don’t realise their job only exists as part of the population ponzi designed to fuck over young aussies including themselves.

oh and the bikies protecting the union bosses.

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Chinese Astroturfer

As is typical in EZFKA, the violence ratches up from 0-100 in a split second.

It can be a Saturday night in the pubs, on the sports field, on the roads, in the schools, in the workplace, even just walking in the street. Grown men having toddler tantrums, grown men getting very hysterical and very emotional. I think most of them just put it on for some reason they think they’re supposed to behave that way.

Then there was all the daytime drinking and hurling of beer cans at the protest. It’s hard to have any sympathy for them they’re a fucking joke.

Not to sound like cultural cringe but there is something in the national character where aggression and violence is constantly bubbling away.

Pointless violence, aggression, intimidation. You could argue each side as bad a each other.

Dan Andrews Social Media Team Member #33

Too right. There’s no place for violence in modern Australia. Vic Police need to start cracking skulls and forcibly vaxxing these violent so called ‘tradie’ Nazis.
We’re all in this together people – just two more weeks to flatten the curve till donut day and ‘on the beers’.
#StandwithDan #MegaVaxxed #MicroPeniss


What you wrote Timbo is not satire