NSW hospitals overwhelmed with snitches in critical condition after data leak of COVID dob in-line

ICU’s across the EZFKA state of NSW are at breaking point this evening, after a leak of COVID dob-in line callers’ data went public online.

Ambulance call outs for assault victims have overwhelmed NSW in the past 24 hours and officials say hospitals are at breaking point.

“The wards are overwhelmed with snitches suffering serious facial injuries and we’re suffering a serious shortage of gauze and stitches. It’s a crisis,” NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said.

“The majority of victims appear to be upper middle-class, middle-aged men and women.”

NSW Department of Health is investigating the breach, which was similar to one in Victoria earlier in the week which led to a stalking incident.

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Agent 47

LOL *Western Sydney has entered the chat*

Agent 47

Meanwhile, The Betoota Advocate is fucking shit. How is this funny and not some patronising lefty rant?



Maintaining the rule ratio from the other day about only 1 article in 25 not being completely cringe.


Yeah I used to enjoy it, but their old stuff is better than their new stuff.


I really wonder whether the site has been compromised in some way – maybe they have been bought out, or there are sponsors/donors

Really just seems they have a cuck/woke fascist agenda now that isn’t funny at all, more a propaganda tool

This is why I really think timbo needs to have an Ig account so these articles can reach a wider audience

Reus's Large MEMBER

I don’t get this whole alternate reality BS that the fuckwits in charge are going on about. So we are going to open up at 70/80%

Do they realise that the UK for example that has 65% fully vaxed, plus the 10% that have had whuflu, which brings it to 75% with “full” immunity supposedly and I think around 95-90% at least one dose or having had it. They had 35000 cases yesterday and 149 deaths.

So somehow we are going to go from full retard mode when there are under 1000 cases to lets party in the clubs with, adjusting for population around 10000 cases a day and 65 deaths, also bearing in mind that the most at risk in the UK were wiped out in the first round, so this would mean we would be closer to 200 deaths

At this rate we are going to be in lockdown forever


Ah, but by now:

  1. System protection – steps have been taken to make sure that all these deaths won’t adversely impact the banks, insurers, property market, etc.
  2. Responsibility/blame diffusion – the governments have put in many months of being seen to be “doing their darndest” and cultivating a cohort of rebels/rule disobeyed, so now nobody could blame them (governments) for anything that happens

that’s why those deaths will be acceptable.

Reus's Large MEMBER

So you think that their narrative will continue to change to soften the blow of rising cases and lots of deaths as we get closer to the magic numbers.

I mean it does kinda make sense in the grand scheme of population ponzi and open teh gates, but do you think that there will be enough time to recover the narrative before the election?


Yes, I think that this is a high likelihood. In the longer term, I don’t think that they can avoid a wealth redistribution if they can’t continue the population growth.

so they need to return to population growth. Ideally they need a way to do this while saving face (that is, climbing down gracefully from “zero COVID”), but that is not strictly necessary.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Seems like they are almost trying to fast track the opening up, the pressure from their donors must be off the charts!


But at some stage we have to open up. We can’t stay in lockdown to protect the selfish boomers that want Pfizer instead of AZ. It is probable that we could get 80% fully vaxxed, but if 20% refuse, then what? Do we stay in lockdown to pander to them? In reality the restrictions should gradually be eased as you are right that a freedom day in Australia will see a large jump in cases. We should have spent the last 18 months expanding hospital capacity and promoting healthy lifestyles. Instead we did things the EZFKA way and did nothing.

Reus's Large MEMBER

The issue is that the Pfizer drops off at 40% per month or lasts roughly 4 – 6 months at best so, either way those BB’s are gonna get it and die, mainly because once they have had their shots they are gonna think that they are all good and trot off overseas to catch a nastier version there and die anyway.

Agent 47

Israel proves this whole charade irrelevant. 3rd booster shot already.



Hey does someone else want to do weekend links tomorrow? Big project due so super tied up.


Lazy faggit


Maybe we’re due for another Woke Links (Robert?) or another Mega Chartpack (Stagmal?)…


i’ll do it




link to the panel again pls i cant access it on the site anymore 🙁




Thanks mate you are a legend much appreciated.


Thank you. That woke weekend links was a actually a big effort – multiple sessions over several days. Role playing is much harder than looking for and posting thing you like and already agree with


vax / no vax apartheid is approaching boys, and im fixing to gtfo of dodge


Come to Qld lol

Agent 47

There’s no running now. Only fighting.

There seems to be some sort of globalist deadline for mid September. NFI what it is.

The situation in Israel alone makes this whole thing retarded.

Chinese Astroturfer

Whatever. I can see through the next 10 years with no income coming in. Can’t do shit to me. Probably make it to retirement if I’m frugal.

Making a living isn’t dependant on it either and if it was I’d just wear a mask (they don’t really work) and point to the bullshit numbers they were peddling 6 months ago to compel everyone to wear a mask.

If someone is up to their eyeballs in debt, a wife that married them for their money, and needs that new Discovery every 5 years then I suppose they are fucked.

An unvaccinated person wearing a mask is far less of a risk than a vaccinated person wearing no mask if you use their bullshit numbers against them.

Last edited 2 years ago by Chinese Astroturfer

Where? Dubbo is pretty much out of dodge already isn’t it?