NSW Police outraged they weren’t asked to shoot dogs at Bourke Shire Council

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has said that he felt personally snubbed that NSW Police weren’t asked to shoot dogs at Bourke Shire Council.

This comes in the wake of a scandal that dogs were shot at a rescue shelter to ‘prevent the spread of COVID19.’

“This is absolutely disgraceful. Our officers are highly trained in shooting dogs for no reason and we weren’t consulted or given the opportunity to do so,” Fuller said.

“Our officers have shown the highest standards of cruelty these past 18 months so it’s absolutely disgusting we weren’t asked.”

Bourke Shire Council have not responded to the allegations, pending the outcome of the investigation.

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Agent 47

Too much real life


this should have been the end game for lockdown sociopathy, the level of self-satire we reached with the puppy mass murder should have sent everybody out into the streets protesting but nope. no effect at all.

Agent 47

Debt, Disarmament, Demoralisation

This is EZFKA!

Reus's Large MEMBER

Cancel netflix and then see the protests ….


what really surprises me is that they haven’t cracked down on all domestic pets

We know that cats and dogs can carry coronavirus

Why aren’t they being locked down? or vaccinated?

We are just ignoring the fact that they can spread it, while we consider using experimental vaccines on our children?

If its all too hard, then to be consistent, the only rational and fair approach would be to euthanase all of them


I absolutely hate it when people let their cats wander around, the damage they do to native wildlife is astronomical.
If a cat cull starts it will be the one good thing to come out of the covid hysteria.