Australian soldiers withdrawn from Afghanistan to be redeployed against Australian citizens

Australian soldiers withdrawn from Afghanistan are preparing for their next mission, that of enforcing martial law against Australian citizens over the coming months.

With 800 ADF members already on the streets of Sydney enforcing Operation “I can’t believe it’s not martial law” it will only be a matter of weeks before they are rolled out nationally, while weapons hot.

“This is a crucial part of Operation Lockstep that the public need to understand. Our mission is full spectrum dominance of Australian civilians,” Lieutenant General John Frewen said.

One private, who did not wish to be named, stated he couldn’t wait to get out there to suppress protest and put down some civil unrest as soon as the supply chain collapses.

“This is exactly what I signed up for. Particularly when I went through Kapooka I thought, man, how good would it be to carry luggage at hotels for returning citizens for hotel quarantine. It is important preparation for the internment camps later on,” Private A said.

Private A emphasized the importance of serving your country.

“I mean, they’ve spent the last year or two throwing the SASR under the bus, cancelled ANZAC Day twice, took our unit patches away and rammed woke shit down our throats. What better way to serve than turn your Steyrs’ on your fellow citizens, who are copping the same shit from the same cunts in Canberra?”

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Agent 47

LOL laugh now, cry later.

I give it until end of month before national lockdown.


“that little girl is holding a protest banner! open fire!”


my friend just had an idea to mess w the system, he calls it chaosmaxxing

just going around doing everything you can to mess with the system and fuck it up

take as many covid tests as possible until you get a fake positive

go around checking into every single venue possible, then get a false positive, that way your entire town will be shutdown

cause anarchy and try to inspire revolt as much as possible

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal

did you and him used to frequent by any chance?


lols do you really know about those old sites?

nah, tho i think using ‘maxx’ as a suffix actually originated at puahate. i never posted on pua but i browsed it from time to time and it was probably the funniest but also most fukt website ive ever read

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definitely did originate there

so you did used to frequent it, even though youre first response was “nah”

i’d still like to write an article about incels for the website – I think its a very important topic


wouldnt say ‘frequent’, but yeah i read it. i actually found it a few months before it was shut down forever. the other sites were terrible tho imo, full of way too many pity-fishers and no content whatsoever


i’d still like to write an article about incels for the website – I think its a very important topic

I’d like to hear it – I liked your last one on the synopsis of that poor young Brazilian chick dying in hospital.


i googled “puahate” and then spent 15 minutes down that rabbit-hole.

….my god!!!…


what sites did you read that talked about it? puahate disappeared from the net in like 2013 i think it was, or 2014. it was a bizarre site that was full of trolls but it was also unusually creative, had some of the most maladjusted/funny people online.


I’d never heard of these sites either and I have wide and eclectic pattern of reading.


wasn’t sure if i had accidentally clicked on a timbo EZFKA satire link, or whether this was a real news article

just when I think clown world has peaked, it keeps going further


Why not. The fines for breaching the mask laws are more than you can get for most other things,including violence.
It’s all completely proportionate and justified, I’m sure.


there’s allegedly going to be nation/worldwide protests on the 21st, you guys reckon it’ll be another fizzler or will they get enough people that the cops wont be able to do shit?


In addition to having “enough” people, it’s important to deploy them intelligently.

100,000 in the centre of town will easily be corralled by police.

4 groups of 25,000 in different suburbs is a completely different proposition.


100,000 would have the cops shaking in their boots though, i dont think even our brazen thuggish police forces would try to start major shit with a crowd that big.

Agent 47

Ricardo Bosi is right.

1000 people show up then Australia has a problem.

10,000 show up the Police have a problem because its a hard crowd to manage.

100,000 show up Canberra has a problem.

1,000,000 show up then its over for them.

Of course, the probabilities get lower the higher the number of crowd that will show up bit whatever.

Now there are more companies trying to jab their staff i think there will be more resistance. We’ll see.


I don’t follow the logic to why if 1,000 show up Australia has a problem?

Agent 47

Not enough people active is what he means by that. If only 1000 people on a national issue then thats a big problem.

Depends where though. 1000 people outside Gladys house would be different to 1000 in the CBD.


Gotcha, it’s obvious on reflection 🙂

Agent 47

Also the fact the cops in both Sydney and Melbourne had to completely shut down all traffic and transport headed into the city last week shows there is genuine fear in the ruling class, in My opinion.

They’ll do the same again this week so Peachys point about deploying elsewhere is solid. Outside Gladys or Dans house would really scare the shit out of them.


I think it’ll be another fizzler. We need to have another extension of the lockdown announced first to the end of Sep for NSW, likely announced next Friday, and another 2 week extension for Victoria before ppl start to wake up.

Chinese Astroturfer

The Taliban are showing a lot of restraint considering the horrific war crimes like point blank executions committed by our diggers.


how it can the current NZ outbreak possible arise from the nsw travel bubble?

That ended July 22

If their outbreak really does come from NSW, it is very bad news as it means its been spreading there for nearly a month


meh not bad news, in the long term. we need covid to really break out lockdown policy to ensure that we never ever do this ever again.


I don’t believe that will ever happen

much like the housing ponzi – the idea cannot be killed

we are fucked, let’s face it


I think general concept warrants a more in depth discussion here in general.

This country is addicted to a population ponzi scheme, so how can it be restarted next year yet have closed borders?

These new isolation facilities bring proposed are clearly a plank being laid to enable this restart to occur for more dodgy international students etc.


They use Hotel Quarantine don’t they or do they use some cabins in a sheep paddock somewhere?


Has a PhD and can’t apply lateral thinking lolololololol

Just because a travel bubble ends, doesn’t mean the broders are shut. Maybe a Hillsong pedo needed to get to NZ….


Just because a travel bubble ends, doesn’t mean the broders are shut

yeh, this is actually an important point.
the illusion of “closed borders” that has been created in the popular imagination is an absolute masterpiece of misinformation and propaganda.

EZFKA-friend Pfh007 has written about this:


Funny how the “resident troll” can contribute something of value…..

Coming has a PhD but can’t write a decent article or apply lateral/critical thinking and just posts endless unsourced bullshit and I’m the fuckin troll lol. Comedy gold.

While I’m whinging – what’s the deal with MisterSista and Timbo locking their article ratings? Can one star rate all your stuff and a bunch of others but these precious flowers can’t have anything less than 5 stars?! Lol

So much censorship for the free speech crew, hilarious. Don’t want a one star review? Then write good satire, some of it is ok, but 5 a day, spam posted when they’re only fair to middling quality = 1 star. Such a lack of economics chat for a refugee site of cast offs from an econ blog lol


Funny how the “resident troll” can contribute something of value…..

you could benefit from improving your opinion of yourself deep down (surface machismo and bravado aside)

you are a good person and you deserve good things.

While I’m whinging – what’s the deal with MisterSista and Timbo locking their article ratings?

I don’t think that’s even possible


I click into article, it’s already at 5 stars, go to vote 1 star. Nothing happens. Click into your article and can vote. Tested on a few, same result for the snowflakes articles but not others. Not too bothered, just felt it was worthy of mention seeing as article voting has been a hot topic.

Sooooo much censorship lol. Stewie editing and deleting posts, removing the downvote button, now I can’t upvote, MistaSista and Timbo articles pre-fixed at 5 stars, cunts wanting to ban others. Funniest shit ever.

They withdrew so that no more war crimes can be made, physically?

Amusing how a few bad apples spoils the whole cart but makes a perfect mash for home brew moonshine.