Victorians start installing stairs out front of houses after Daniel Andrews threatens to go ‘door to door’

Carpenters in the EZFKA region of Victoria are reporting overwhelming business inquiries for front door stair installation, after Premier Daniel Andrews threatened to ‘not hesitate’ about going ‘door to door’ to enforce vaccinations.

The Premier made several passive aggressive threats in a press conference on Friday, saying he would not hesitate going door to door to enforce restrictions.

“Mate, I’ve got six months’ worth of work just like that. It seems there’s more than a few small business owners that would love him to pay a visit,” carpenter Johnno Johnnoson said.

“We all know the cowardly cunt is going to hide behind Victoria Police and claim credit for it like the emasculated career bureaucrat he is, but who cares? EZFKA demands profits and I’ll take the new stair construction business gladly.”

Bunnings and Mitre 10 have also reported that sales of grease and other liquids have sold out in response to Andrews’ threat.

The Premier has yet to respond.

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shit is getting dark, fast. dystopian


also: abc headline: A 15-year-old Sydney boy who was being treated for pneumococcal meningitis, as well as COVID-19, has died

transparently manipulative

Pneumococcal meningitis is a life-threatening infectious disease that causes inflammation of the layers that surround the brain and spinal cord. These layers are called the meninges – they help to protect the brain from injury and infection. Pneumococcal. TB meningitis.

hmmmmmmmmm wonder what he died from


Yeah I saw that and my first thought was “fuck…a 15 year old kid died of covid. That’s really odd”.

Not so odd really. Just propaganda and bullshit.

Plug Meister

A bit like the people who have died ‘of Covid’ while they were already in palliative care.


Saw this – they mentioned it was meningitis which was the cause which seems more likely.


What type of sick fuck would use a dead 15 year old to pump their propaganda?

He was admitted to hospital with meningitis, he died of meningitis, why is Kerry Chant listing him among the Covid deaths in the press conference? This is seriously fucked up stuff.


the ABC, the sickest fucks of them all. it’s despicable.


They are just repeating what the government, who happens to own them and released the information, want reported.


What type of sick fuck would use a dead 15 year old to pump their propaganda?

Someone who thinks politician is a noble calling…


rhis propaganda is getting pretty raw and naked


This story actually triggered my wife – who I have been arguing with about the role of the media in generating hysteria around COVID. I think what made her most angry though was because it meant I had another example to point out and reference to.


Yep add him to the list

-27yo who died suddenly at home – was on the waiting list for a defibrillator BEFORE he was diagnosed with covid due to known Brugada syndrome

-38yo who died from thrombosis and myocarditis – kerry chant refused to confirm or deny if she had just received the vaccine

-mother of the removalists found dead no explanation provided

-countless 90yo nursing home patients with plenty of better reasons to die

-the 30yo queenslander declared as a covid death last year, quietly retracted months later

and so on and so forth


The holders of the 100 person Melbourne engagement party have been outed on social media – they appear to be members of the Orthodox Jewish community.

Video without censorship:

GP Mark Franck

Timmy Rubin

Yonatan Rubin

Last edited 2 years ago by Gouda

Anti-semite! Reported