The Fall Of Kabul…

As it turned out, Kabul fell in 8 days.

This is quite an ominous sign, as it took a full two years after the Russian withdrawal back over the Amu Darya, for the Najibullah government to fall.

Practically speaking, the Russian supported Afghan government only fell after Boris Yelstin stopped paying for it due to the economic crisis in the erstwhile USSR.

Two years.

Bugger. The comrades lied!

~~Kabul Fell In 8 Days~~

You mean buttsex will not help us beat the Taliban! Who knew?


~~Why This Is Scary~~

Do You Miss Me Yet?

Couple of quick points in no specific order:

  • This will embolden Islamic radicals across the world. We will all get to deal with the blow back for years.
  • The viability of America will start to be seriously questioned. The Soviet Union fell soon after the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Given how quickly the Afghan government has fallen, the American Empire can also be expected to stumble. No empire ever sees its own end, but hey ho.
  • We can expect the global architecture to start falling apart faster now. It is what it is. Good riddance.

~~What Happens Next~~

Stabilize Afghanistan You Say?

Read more of what happens next here – President Biden will own the fall of Kabul — when the real killing begins ( – its a bit depressing.

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i welcome this. this incarnation of the taliban is demonstrating a higher level of pragmatism and cautiousness than their pre-2001 counterparts, i can’t possibly see them becoming another islamic state.

while it may be meaningless in the long term, globohomo got a bloody nose from this; a 20 year long misadventure that resulted in the return of the state they arrived in the region to eradicate. the phony “democratic” “liberal” values from countries that literally keep their citizens under house arrest to protect banks and asset holders are appearing more and more hollow to people all over the world. a return to the regional traditions and ancient wisdoms of the pre-enlightenment era are now long overdue.


the phony “democratic” “liberal” values from countries that literally keep their citizens under house arrest to protect banks and asset holders are appearing more and more hollow to people all over the world



See Adam Curtis’ Bitter Lake documentary. Truth is we went into Afghanistan with our own values corrupted and we could never persuade a people who are confident in theirs. Soviets had the same syndrome.


Sooo… culture matters?

A fly in your ointment

Truth is we went into Afghanistan… 

truth is “we” were never invited neither welcome hence the result.
Poles never invited krauts and soviets, Czech never invited krauts and Poles, other Euro countries never invited krauts, italians, Albanians, Bulgarians, Hungarians nor any of the Axis forces soldiers. Truth is they wanted to impose their values, corrupt or not, onto others.
So the truth is not “we went”, the truth is “we occupied/invaded/killed…”


Yes the US did, and it was necessary. It had been attacked first.

A fly in your ointment

LOL, I am not biting.


Fuckin dumbest comment lol, have a gold star.

I like it (yep sarcastic) when they mention the number of dead or mauled occupier forces but not the toll on local non-militant people.
How many kraut soldiers died during WW2 or WW1 and what did they achieve? Who givsafak? Accordingly…

Virtue signalling.


Good post T – I think the tweet about Pride Month and it coming before the fall really says it all. The only egos bigger than Pride month participants are the Biden Democrats of the likes of that evil Zionist Blinken.


If signficant terror attacks on NATO soil happen as a result of the Taliban taking over, NATO might be forced to go back. However, Biden said the USA has much better capability to interdict terrorists inside Afghanistan without troops than it did 20 years ago. This is undoubtedly true. It will be interesting to watch it unfold.


I think taliban are not silly.

they’ll spend 3-5-7 years consolidating power and building up whatever they need to protect against any future invasion. Or maybe they’ll spend 25 or 30 years.

after that, they might begin foreign expeditions.

A fly in your ointment

Students (Taliban) know they cannot protect their country in conventional way, they already protected Afghanistan in a way they know well and works well. They probably have by far more traction in population than ever contemplated by any western power or media and I doubt they need to do more than consolidating power.
Saying all of the above, I find it absolutely despicable that such an ideology will run a country but this cannot change from outside, it never could.

On the issue of foreign expeditions, if you look at the origin of Muja’s and Tali’s (M&T) it is unlikely that a permanent solution was ever desired. I dare say it is a manufactured bogeyman whom is easy to smear as Chinks, Ruskies and other powers are now less and less perceived as existential threat in spite of greatest propaganda momentum in the history of mankind trying to smear them exactly that.
If M&T were manufactured to be a designated Pennywise eating children of the civilised world,causing shiver and tremble at a mere mention, their demise is not a desired outcome in spite the professing. They are there to remind everyone why special powers are required and why we need to forfeit our freedoms to be protected from such an evil.

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Maybe it is time to permanently keep away from that area. The region from Pakistan to North Africa will soon be fighting amongst themselves for scarce food and water resources. In fact much of the world will be, but these areas will be the first.


The trick is to play the players so they have enough strength and belief to keep duking it out for decades.


We don’t have to do anything and they will duke it out. The acute water shortages are going to be in that part of the world.

Dan Andrews Twitter Bot

Very upsetting watching the Taliban in Afghanistan. They aren’t wearing masks or social distancing.


So they’ll all drop dead from covid in a couple of weeks and the US-backed dude can then fly back and resume governing? 🤣


Does this mean we can send the Afghan refugees home


Agree that it’s depressing. Feel for families of soldiers who died and are probably wondering what the point of it all was.


What was the point…? On one hand, it was a completely futile 20 years.

on the other hand….

A fly in your ointment

@ Gouda
Historically, being a foe to US provided a better outcome than being a serf.


this is going to embolden China.


Let’s see how islamic the Taliban are. I reckon they won’t support their Xinjiang brothers because they know China won’t hold back like the US did. However, if they did maybe it would be China’s turn to get stuck in Afghanistan like the UK, Russia and the USA before them.


China getting stuck would be pretty funny.


yeah but credit where credit is due, China from what I know do not have any illusions about nation-building. they wouldn’t go in and invade like this.

they’re approach is classic vendor financing. 1) lend money to poor state. 2) said poor state uses the money to build infrastructure. infrastructure is built by China. 3) poor state can’t pay back the debt because a) debt terms too onerous; b) infrastructure badly built and cost overruns, and wasn’t economic in the first place. 4) China takes ownership of infrastructure per terms of initial loans.

(Memo to Victorians – I just saved everyone a lot of harm in a couple of sentences).


I cant help wondering if part of the US deal with the Taliban, involves them supporting their xinjiang brothers a little more, theres historical precedent for this and explains the lack of air strikes.


Surely that stuff is too small to be a big problem for China.

even if it’s all true, it’ll only add up to a minor thorn in China’s side, no?

Reus's Large MEMBER

Well the covid stats are going to go up there big time, all those people that die from covid when their heads fall off ….