Morrison launches new “Guinea Pig Keeper” payment plan to give Australians $301 dollars for taking experimental jab

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has launched a new initiative in the Economic Zone Formerly Known As Australia, designed to encourage people to take the experimental jabs.

Entitled “Guinea Pig Keeper” the plan will see any Australian given $301 dollars, $1 more than Labor’s proposal, to take any of the experimental vaccines and combat ‘vaccine hesitancy.’

“In the true tradition of EZFKA, the entire transfer of risk onto the consumer is now complete. Myocarditis, blood clots, prion disease, etc you name it – for $301 it’s all yours,” Morrison said.

“It’s also part of our long-term strategy to get people used to a UBI and staying at home doing nothing, while we steal what’s left of your freedoms and wealth.”

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese stated that he was outraged at the theft of his plan, and promised to double the amount if he wins the next federal election.

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Fucking lol

Reus's Large MEMBER

Major question though, how we change the fact that we only have two choices for the ruling elite of EZFKA, what can we do to change this in a meaningful way.

Do we all vote PHON, or get Jackie Lambie to facilitate contesting of more seats, Fat fuck palmer is no option as he is just a LNP stooge and SAP are hopeless flip floppers on everything

Oh and the Australian CCP better known as the Greens should be taken out the back for a bit of Clintoncide

Agent 47

Lambie has turned into a treacherous dumb shit pushing the jab. So she can fuck off.

Reus's Large MEMBER

So does that leave us with the best bet being PHON ….


If PHON got close to achieving power it would attract all the same types of people that fill the other parties in power and would simply adapt and become exactly like them.

See how much actual environmental policy comes out of the greens since they coalesced from a variety of true environmental activist groups into a formal political party for the prior example.


Precisely. I mean DLS writes about our personality disordered PM, yet the PM’s poor personality traits are evident in all members of parliament. Politics and executive management attract certain personality traits and not in a good way.


Our current pm is just a little dimmer and not as good at hiding them…


SAP are useless, I think I have mentioned a couple of times on EmBee and get the rebuke that I should look at their policies. Over 70% of people wanted a cut in immigration and they manage to get 0.7% of the voting population, talk about hopeless.
Their key policy plank is the 70,000 a year immigrants based on a pre 2003 long term average that EmBee keeps waffling on about. The average punter can’t calculate an average nor does it know long term migration rates.
They are better off going with 0 or 100,000 (half of what we had). But I’ll let them have their one way ticket into irrelevance where they can discuss with EmBee that they had perfect policies yet the punters didn’t have the intelligence to understand them.

Agent 47


they’re absolute handbags. Too afraid of having a discussion on multiculturalism and just skirt around the edges of immigration and whinging about over development.


As Stephen Morris used to say on MB (, until the authortarian DLS banned him (can’t confirm that but considering his authortarian anti-democratic nature I think it is probable), the only way for Australians to have a say over the countries policies is to adopt a form of direct democracy. That is why I vote for the flux party
They have about as much chance of gaining power and putting through the massive constitutional changes necessary to implement direct democracy as DLS does in winning the Olympic marathon (even if he declared himself trans and competed against the women) but none the less it is better than throwing my vote away with the ALP or LNP.

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Agent 47

DLS probably is trans given the hormonal filled rage he regularly engages in.


That’s a ripper piece from Stephen Morris – I hadn’t read it previously.

i wish Stephen would appear here to share his wisdom… he has a much developed sense of the realpolitik.


The realpolitik boils down to:

“If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” – Mark Twain (apocryphally)


A few of his posts from MB would make some great articles here.


do you want to excavate some & post them for us to critique and discuss?

with attribution, seems like it would be fair use.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Yeah, nah.
It probably would be fair use, but unless you have a collection of links you kept from at the time it’s needle in a haystack stuff.
10 years, 250 days a year,10 articles a day, 100 comments an article, no good search functionality.
That’s a BIG search, and maths is more my thing than reading…

And more seriously I have tried a few times to find some of his interesting comments without success. If someone else can point me at them I could possibly be convinced to format them a bit and add some opinion/commentary though. Some of it gets a bit deep for me…


Hmmmmm. Let me think about it.


ive been thinking, and i reckon the reason lockdown is so popular is because a majority of the population just likes it. millenials and gen z are the most shut-in generations in human history and dont enjoy doing anything outside the house, their lives revolve around netflix, getting food delivered in, video games and browsing social media. lockdowns have allowed these people to feel like they’re heroes for living their lives the way they’ve always lived them.

macrobusiness crew arent much diff imo, just gen x/boomer versions of my generation.

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This seems very accurately observed to me, stagmal.

Agent 47

Have to partially agree. The tech side of things hasn’t helped.

On the flipside, the obesity problems we have coming down the pipeline in a few years time well be even worse than what we have now, on top of all the vaxxers dropping like flies.

Good times.


The EmBee crew are the upper middle class with safe government/large corporate jobs that can be done at home.

Agent 47

This x 1000. Absolute tossers. I also see ermo has capitulated to the jab. So much for working class solidarity.

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Gotta get the jab to do the job…

probably coming to more jobs near you.
And yes literally for construction work in NSW.

Chinese Astroturfer

They’re not upper middle class most of them are renters and gold bugs.


They are renting because they have been told for the last decade “Don’t Buy Now”, there will be a financial calamity in 18 months. Most of them brag that when house prices fall 30% they will buy in cash.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Very true, what we need is a good few years of war, so those little protected f-wits get sent off to me cannon fodder and harden up a bit.

I believe that they should have compulsory military service after school in order to teach them so life skills and what exists outside of their soft pampered world.


Feel that would only lead to more support for authoritarian government behaviour, or could end up in a Singapore style situation where migrant kids who don’t have to do military service get a headstart on university studies/work opportunities etc.

Come to think of it, compulsory military service would create a case for even more job shortages and upping the migrant intake – so it might well be next in the great land of EZFKA.

A fly in your ointment

millenials and gen z are the most shut-in generations in human history and dont enjoy doing anything outside the house, their lives revolve around netflix, getting food delivered in, video games and browsing social media. lockdowns have allowed these people to feel like they’re heroes for living their lives the way they’ve always lived them.

there goes down the toilet the theory that youth is suffering the most from lockdowns and lockdown is taking toll on them. probably because deliveroo was offline for 24hrs or diminished bandwidth and lag whilst playing Fortnite

edit: sumting wong with the script – copy/paste text (rearranging words) seems to truncate the word and everything thereafter. truncated text added in cursive

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funny the Australian media doesn’t talk about Sweden anymore


That gels with the idea that those who Were going to die from COVID are probably going to die from COVID regardless…. But it can be long and drawn out or quick and dramatic.


But that’s barbaric. We don’t allow death anymore.

I made the mistake of visiting mbland today and they are all convinced that gladys has let it rip deliberately over there, presumably because we haven’t deployed the army with guns to lock sydney down yet.

Reus's Large MEMBER

TBH, I don’t think that it is in their control any longer, the local population does not speak English and so many would be working illegally so would not front up to the authorities anyway, note how many are dying at home, so the chance of getting this under control is gone.

On the positive side that does mean that no more “students” and “skilled labour” for a long time still, and even better no busloads of phlegm spitting tourists only spending money in mainland shops and ruining anything worth visiting in Australia


I’m sure they speak enough English to know what they are meant to be doing and what they’re not.

the upsides you lost are definitely potential upsides, but only while efforts to contain it continue.

when containment is abandoned and it goes to full let-it-rip mode, the tourists will come back as well.

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… or die from cold or flu or any number of risk factors that are higher for older people.

Sweden admitted failure at looking after its care homes.

Has anyone been to a care home recently? The last time I did it was for a close relative in his 80s who was barely conscious.

sorry its a bit heartless I know. but death is part of life.

Agent 47

Aged Care is a waiting room for death. 100% who enter aged care die hence my scepticism at the official numbers.

I also lol at all these people who suddenly care about grandma and many of them likely stuffed their old’s in aged care because they didn’t want to care for them.


rofl re your second paragraph


I liked the first paragraph:

100% who enter aged care die



100% who think the vax’s work die?
100% who don’t die?

There is probably a within 12 months, or 2 years qualifier that should be applied I presume


There is probably a within 12 months, or 2 years qualifier that should be applied I presume

yeah, presumably!

it’s actually quite interesting to think of death as just a timing question.

It’s something that I’ve only really had snapped into sharp conscious focus for me recently.


Timing matters, i’ve heard.

A fly in your ointment

@ ThePensum

Admittingly, I was and I still am the opponent of Swedish altar sacrifice model (and I will untuil I learn new information making me think otherwise) and I find that interesting.
Knowing (somewhat) Swedish culture, I can guess that the voluntary self-isolation level there is higher than army/DickDan enforced one in Aus but that s just a guess.
Since I predicted the last outbreak in SYD and its path almost 2 weeks before it occurred based on the narrative buildup on “free” media, I am sure only that not one single thing published is to be trusted aka “*everything* is tweaked to function for ulterior motives”. There were reports I read that the outbreak in Sydney was caused by a plane load of financially well endowed were picked up straight from the airport and taken to various places across the city without the big Q and that it was drivers that spread it after contracting it from passengers.
Right now my view is that any theory inclusive of wild ones like that there is no virus at all is plausible. Not one single data is to be trusted any more. There could be Swedes dropping like flies being misreported as traffic accidents or even that previous death count was induced by a normal influenza being spread to weed out the weak and meak.

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Insane isnt it.

perhaps we’ll have to all cut right back to the bone through Cartesian reductionism and doubt of absolutely everything.

and find ourselves. And perhaps find god, if we happen to already have some kind of religious faith.

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A fly in your ointment

I just call it a conspiracy.there is no reasonable evidence that Occam’s razor is not the simplest therefore the most likely path for explanation



anyway, I think I was trying to say that many, per Ronin’s MB comment (see, were expecting an apocalypse in Sweden, but it didn’t happen.

A fly in your ointment

I did not quite expect an apocalypse but neither did I expect solid slow down. Eventually, when people get to know someone whom died of it, the fear becomes too powerful to ignore. That does not mean it has to induce irrational responses though.

There’s more to it than what meets the eye, particularly if all the mirrors are like those at Luna Park.