“Lockdowns will end if we just keep complying” says Melbourne man after his 14th booster shot

A Melbourne man has expressed his solidarity with lockdowns, after receiving his 14th Pfizer booster shot.

Chris Davidson from Northcote, stated he was proud to receive his 14th booster shot and that Antibody Dependent Enhancement destroying his natural immune system was a “small price to pay for the greater good.”

“There’s never been a country that has complied it’s way out of tyranny, but that doesn’t mean the Economic Zone Formerly Known As Australia can’t be the first hopefully. Go and get the bloody shot already,” Chris said.

“Sure, they may have said that we’d be back to normal 14 jabs ago, but I’m confident the government cares about us and will reward us for our compliance.”

Chris was later taken to hospital for critical but stable symptoms ‘unrelated to COVID’ but remained in good spirits.

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If true, this is….interesting and Pfizer are as scummy as they look.



That’s not a surprise, or really even new information. From the beginning ALL the manufacturers of vax have been indemnified.

Agent 47

AHPRA has gagged all the doctors as well from dissenting views.

Cartel behaviour.


Due to Covid a health ’emergency’ was instated.

Under the emergency act they are indemnified because there are no known alternatives to cure the virus but their vax.

If an alternative is found the emergency has to be lifted and they lose their indemnification and have to start doing proper trials of 10-15 years duration to get FDA approval.

Now you know why they are suppressing any alternative cures.

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Sharon Allport

There were drugs that were already working but got banned. There is still some antibody…. that can be used if covid is caught early enough. So the Big Pharma have already broken the law


Drugs like what?


So I received my 2020-21 tax notice.

As an expat:

  • I cannot come back to Australia due to flight caps and entry restrictions.
  • I cannot come back to Australia without spending two weeks in jail
  • If I did, I would have to ask permission to leave to go back to my resident country (new regulation as of 6 August, thanks Mark McClown)
  • Family and friends cannot leave the country to visit

My rights as a citizen (born and bred fwiw) have been denuded. But yeah I left the lovely sunburned land of Australia girt by sea, so I get what I deserve.

Oh well, better pay my taxes…


should send a letter back telling them theyre never getting a fuckin cent from you


Jus don’t pay.
What are they gonna do, Stop you entering the country?


Citizenship is nothing more than a statement of which tax farm you belong to.

A fly in your ointment

err… PR’s are subject to such farming too.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I am sure there are plenty of new EZFKA units in “delta” country that would happily buy your citizenship from you ….