Based Queensland vigilantes do job Queensland Police refuse to do

Nothing like some good old fashion vigilante justice to sort out crime in the QLD, but didn’t these guys get the memo that a constitutional referendum will sort this out:

“Bizarre’, lol fuck off journo.

Amazing how Queensland Police are so understaffed that they’re screaming for foreign recruits, but as soon as the community steps in to do the job they won’t then half the force is available to stop that from happening.

Anyhow, as a native Far North Queenslander I agree with this vigilante action. The crime is out of control, NT is the only place where it’s worse, no matter how badly some shit-eating, upper middle-class, female journo from the Guardian gaslights you otherwise.

The media are only uppity because it’s white people coming together to do something about it. If it was any other non-white community the ABC would be gushing all over them.

QPOL Commissioner Katrina Carroll weighed in with her usual bullshit:

“Whilst we understand … appreciate and empathise with the victims of crime, I want to strongly impress upon people — taking the law into your own hands is fraught with danger,” Superintendent Pointing said.

“What you see on social media feeding some of this, it’s not evidence … [these people] need to be careful, what we’ll end up with is a death — it may happen.”

Yeh, we already had one of those before Christmas, courtesy of aboriginal youth home invaders:

The woman killed in an alleged home invasion north of Brisbane has been described by her husband as a “beautiful person”. Two teenagers have been charged with murder after 41-year-old Emma Lovell died after being stabbed in the chest at her home in North Lakes on Boxing Day.

Queensland police on late Tuesday confirmed two 17-year-olds had been charged with murder, attempted murder and break and enter.”

My two cents on the ‘vigilante’ matter: good job lads, I’d personally like to see more of it. Police spent the best part of two years shutting down businesses and enforcing the WEF jab mandates. No sympathy for them on that front and if they’re not going to do the job there’s always a void to be filled.

However, in their defence, Police haven’t been able to do their jobs properly and are hamstrung by bullshit youth offender legislation from fat bitch Palaszczuk, which is compounded by activist judges who are economically shielded from the consequences of poor decisions. The same offenders being repeatedly released on bail to go out and re-offend – why would anyone want to be a Police officer?

The only place worse I can think of is Victoria, where they are considering modifying the age of criminal responsibility in what is sure to be a boom for African gangs and the Lebo OMCG types who pay them to do their low-level crime for them.

The cynic in me says this is part of the global demoralisation strategy to destroy confidence in every institution and law and order is a big one. It’s been shit for a while, but the last few years has really brought it to the fore. In steps foreign police and privatised security.

People can scream ‘don’t take the law into your own hands’ all they want but really, the law doesn’t give a shit about legacy Australians anymore so what choice do you have a lot of the time?

Anyhow, as society decays and social cohesion continues to deteriorate, combined with weak law enforcement, widespread violence of some form is inevitable. Throw in the ever-rising number of migrants being brought in to compete for resources and it’s a lock.  

We’re only a few years behind the US and you can see what’s happening there on a much larger scale.

Sound the purge siren already.

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A fly in your ointment

of course bizarre, for sheeple to be seen outdoor protesting the current thing.


A combination of multiple issues. 

1) SE Qld appealing to young people especially males. Too easy to split the rent with other dole bludgers and just go surfing every day. It is also easy to remain permanently unemployed. Given the alternative of study, work, and still never being able to afford a house and family. I think it is a reasonable choice to just take a permanent holiday.

2) Laws which allow non-adults to commit just about any non-serious crime and be back on the streets with a few hours. I find it insane that we have a concept called “age of reason” that permits children to have a sex change, yet if you are under 18 the “age of reason” does not apply and you can commit crimes and walk.

It can be solved. After a few months of unemployment get them to study and work for the Army/Navy. A proper education and discipline. Also introduce something similar to a 3-strikes rule for minors. We don’t GAF if you steal a 3 candy bars you are going to get disciplined.

Speaking of which. I went to local Woolies early afternoon. I usually avoid that time due to so many high school kids around. I was surprised at how many were shoplifting. Groups were going in and filling their bags with sweets and chips and walking out the door. Only one or two items that they know would be too difficult to prove was stolen.


Dan Andrews is pushing the age of ‘criminal responsibility’ federally as well as in his Dictatorship of Victoria, because its working so well in Queensland with youth crime.

In Victoria they have way worse crime than SEQ, on account of the Africans (most are used by Bikie gangs to steal by order) and because it’s racist to say the Africans are way over represented in violent crimes.

The mainly African residents of the Housing Commission locked down by Dan Andrews just won $5m at the Taxpayer lottery in compensation:


Feeding kids into the military industrial complex to make them pay for stealing from the supermarket duopoly

No thanks

Gruppenführer Mark

I’m with you.

But what is a better plan?

  1. A mandatory work obligations (sort of semi-prison labour camps) where those who fail to get a job in, say, 3 months, are obligated to work 6 months, with deduction of housing, clothing and food from their wage? Although if we put Serco on the job of guarding this workforce and providing for them, all wages would be eaten up.
  2. Cancelling welfare all together (except for some truly needy) and letting the community to provide, through churches and various other organisations?
  3. Cutting all immigration and forcing the businesses to pay higher wages to attract local labour and training them?
  4. Making guns legal again, creating a more polite society?

all 4 of those are good

modified bradfield scheme

send them all to central australia/lake eyre to build a new inland ocean and green the desert
divert rivers and/or build pipelines from the ocean

hydroelectric and solar energy galore

everyone who assists gets a living wage and a plot of land on the sea at the end

much better idea than the failed white elephant snowy scheme


Cancelling welfare all together 

I believe that was the logic in only increasing dole for over 55s. Keep making the dole less attractive for young people.

IMO it is the wrong thing to do because it hammers the vulnerable. They should be forcing people to work and study after a period of unemployment.


yeah a job guarantee where people are assigned a job based on assessed psychometric measures/qualifications etc would be a good idea. i have no idea why this isnt implemented already, the idea that job seeking should be a market participant activity as opposed to something that is assigned is truly strange to me. there was no unemployment in the soviet union, and nazi germany had a ‘labor army’ that people were enrolled into. don’t know why they can’t do that here.


it is too “soviet” for Australian taste, though draconian health policies are not too “soviet” apparently.


The only way to restore the old style of order would be to devolve power to more local government and officials, IMO.

If they have to flog criminals to ensure they’re punished or something, even if they’re 13 and therefore legally untouchable, then maybe that needs to happen. Locals will be best-equipped to decide. Of course, outside newspapers will portray it as the height of savagery no matter what the facts are, same as they portray(ed) Iraq/Libya/Venezuela/etc as the height of savagery despite knowing nothing about those places or their cultures, and just being propaganda mouthpieces in any case.

Nothing is gonna improve in any way while Andrews-types can control the affairs of communities he knows nothing about and cares nothing for, on the orders from WEF.

Nor is anything useful going to emerge from conscripting young people into the military or whatever jobs program might come to exist. Our government is far too corrupt for any of those programs to come to anything useful.

I also wouldn’t support cutting off all welfare because it’ll just push someone who’s starting out in their life of crime to become a full blown professional criminal.


Vigilantes would also have their place in keeping local officials honest and pursuing certain criminals, such as, let’s say, a serial rapist who was released back into the community. A bit of Old West flavour.

Civic organisations should return to prominence to give young and old people a useful place to spend their energy and gain respect from doing good or at least neutral rather than mischief.


I only mentioned Army/Navy because I trust them to educate and discipline. Private sector would just turn it into another rort or subversion of minimum wage. I don’t trust other government departments either.

Aussie Soy Boy

Do the offenders have anything in common? Just so I can keep an eye out for them. Hair colour, eye colour, maybe skin colour?


Modified three strikes and your out law.

Fuck up three times and you are jailed to you are 40. Jews will never allow it with human right laws blah blah blah.

None of those spear chuckers are going to contribute to society anyhow.


problem with three strike laws is they often dont get enforced, judges wont convict / police wont charge bc they dont want to send someone to jail on the third strike, knowing the losers in our legal system itd definitely be the case here

getting as far away from abos as you can is the only real solution for the ordinary punter on the ground


Every judge who has a surname ending in …stine needs to be forcibly retired.


latest dole bludger rage bait from Ray Hadley

they spend $350/wk on food, and own two cars including a hilux
She does nothing but “care” for her 16 year old daughter with “autism” and gets a carer’s allowance
He works 20 hours a week and gets a ‘top up” from centrelink – doesn’t have “energy” to work a “full time job”

lmao all these people should be killed, useless fucking mouths

‘There’d be plenty of people listening to this program who do live in poverty, who would be living in their cars, not using two cars to drop their daughter to school then going home and sitting on their a***s all day.’

The radio broadcaster said he found it ‘offensive’ the couple were complaining about spending $350-a-week on groceries, an sum of money families with even more children wouldn’t even spend.


the anger directed at these types and the mostly rather modest amount of $$$ going to them is weird in the face of the huge ass handouts being given to boomers, oldies, specufestors and other middle class wealthcare bandits



these people are boomers look at them

plus they’re fat and lazy

all of these people are useless mouths

they’re all a cancer on our society and that probably includes you, sadly


the youngest boomer is like 59

they look like unhealthy losers for sure but i dont think theyre that old yet

the tax cuts alone lost more money in revenue then what goes to people like this lol


i also dont get why u go on like welfare money is “‘dead” money that disappears into a blackhole, seems completely at odds with your whole heterodox stance on monetary policy

its just taking wealth from some rich fag whod otherwise spend it on a boat (or the gotv, whod send it to ukraine) and giving it to this fat loser who buys donuts and ute fuel with it instead

what is necessarily being lost that is meaningful and productive and produces real value in this kind of transaction

if this was otherwise re-directing resources from productive endeavours that actually produces real value for everyone then you’d have a point, but all its doing is shaking the tree and swapping the wealth from some moron whod be buying a new kitchen counter top and a dodge ram to someone whos gonna use it to buy a coles mud cake instead

WOW the huge opportunity loss of that

we’d need to have a real productive economy for any of this shit to matter, but we dont

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

we can always print more money

what we can’t print is productivity

so these are literally 5 million of these useless mouths in australia
most of them legacy units

letting them stay alive is far worse than bringing in 5 million immigrants because some of those immigrants may actually do productive work


No posting murder manifestos here plz


looking forward to coming’s new autobiography after he gets imprisoned in spandau after an attempted coup at his local centrelink office

Mein Kampf (With Dole Bludgers)


Your a cunt.

Hope this makes it past the filter.


Stags is correct – all these people are is simply another intermediatory in the transfer of wealth to Corporations. Yeah people get fed and housed along the way, but so do the ticket clippers. If every one of them was fully employed the Govt would only work out another way for the clippers (mates) to get their money.


ill also note that income tax is so regressive that it actually costs more in lost taxes from reduced productivity than it earns in taxation revenue

Nobody should be decrying income tax cuts

at least if you are paying income tax it means you are contributing to society even if only pulling coffees or processing immigration visas


A lot of ‘productivity’ is just lower time preference for non-work.

Last edited 11 months ago by Stewie

It seems a lot of Australias productivity amounts to circular service economy to nowhere garbage.


Coming is a good study for how John Howard kept being reelected

Truly a man out of time, still foaming at the mouth at bludgers while the country’s finances are pillaged to pay protection money to the US and UK in the form of submarine pork, send all our military shit to Ukraine to be destroyed in a few days and buy replacement from the mate$$$, and let’s not forget the absolute asstonne of money we wasted during COVID on shitty vaccines and pointless lockdowns

Aussie Soy Boy

They are fat, ugly, stupid and have the cheek to complain about getting $800 per week for doing 20 hours per week of work between them.


tbh im pretty sure a lot of these extreme edge cases are selected for media coverage deliberately precisely bc theyre prone to be incendiary and thus will attract attention to the story

the bulk of their dough isnt even coming from jobseeker but carers payment which is the equivalent of the disability pension

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

if we didn’t pay submarine pork we would be a chinese province within 30 days

Like it or not that money buys us protection, without having to actually fight for ourselves
worth every penny in my opinion

compared to these fuckwits that do absolutely nothing worthwhile


Yeah I’m sure the US will fight WW3 against China to save our ass because we paid them less than they print every day


Gruppenführer Mark

I’m also not convinced that China is interested in occupation of anything, be it Taiwan, Western Australia (as some suggest), or some countries in Africa. They seem to want to trade more than they want to fight.

Douglas McGregor with his thoughts on China and Russia

Aussie Soy Boy

Of course they aren’t trying to invade any country apart from maybe Taiwan if they become a legitimate threat pointing yank weapons their way, let alone Australia in another hemisphere. They will just stop shipments of Adblue if they want the country to grind to a halt lol.

Gruppenführer Mark

There is no way in hell Taiwan will ever become a credible threat to China. With total population of 23M, an army of 130K, no airplanes (just helicopters), Taiwan is purely a defensive army. They have elections in January 2024, where the mainland-aligned party is speculated to win. Xi himself said many times that he favours a peaceful reunification.

The Yanks just need another manufactured enemy to keep their MIC running, after Ukraine fails.


Taiwan has 250 fighter aircraft

I imagine they could be a surprisingly prickly hedgehog for any sort of land invasion just like Ukraine is now

Gruppenführer Mark

You are indeed correct, sir! I googled Taiwan army, not air force. As for land invasion, they also have a good number of tanks. But again, if Chinese just go bombing the island, what is the point of taking it then?

Ukraine pretty much lost all of its air force by now, that’s why they are begging for F-16s. They are also pretty much out of air defense missiles, as Russians are now dropping 20 to 40 guided bombs (500 kg and 1500 kg) per day.


Most observors do not actually think China will invade the island itself. Far far easier to blockade the country preventing goods coming in and out.


There is a theory (put forward by many US observors ) that the US MIC is looking for a war to ensure Biden’s re-election, the theory being that no president has lost office while the US is engaged in an overseas war.The Ukraine war looks like it will wrap up way before autumn of 2024 hence the war drums against China.
After sending all its weapons to Ukraine, not sure if the US is sane enough to engage China. Then again, the US thought Russia as a failed state, a backwater like in 1991, and probably thinks China is like what it was when Nixon visited.


Yeah true more likely the US starts the war and then drags us in. Ofc Daily Mail will report that China was definitely about to invade us before the US fired the first shot.


Love D McGregor but he does not have as good a handle on China as he does on Europe. The Chinese are not stupid and they see US imperial adventures abroad as self defeating in the end. China has an obsession with internal security and wants control over its own people whom as CHinese themselves, they are familiar with. The Chinese do not have the same kind of confidence in trying to exert overt control over foregin contries. They prefer to pay locals to take care of Chinese interest though the Chinese are not stupid to believe in the loyalty of foreigners


How about you refuse to pay any tribute and see how fast you get dumped


Imagine how much better off Ukraine would be if it got dumped before the US couped its old government and prevented it from doing anything that could stop a war with Russia

I’d love to get dumped


I just imagine you sitting at home scabbing the disability pension and smoking cigarettes, a maverick free thinker


At least I’m not pretending to be a doctor online while poasting 10 hours a day

Aussie Soy Boy

I’d hate to be a Chinese outpost. We’d probably have awful things like high speed rail to all major capitals and built in months and years not decades.


Timeliness and quality are generally diametrically opposed, generally


What the fuck does this even mean

like a white trash bogan tumblr post

you’re legit one of the worst posters here


Trolling troll troll

Why don’t you fuck off half this place doesn’t want you here anyway

Gruppenführer Mark

Actually, there is an old saying: “Cost, time and quality – pick any two”.

Meaning if you want it done quick and cheap, it will be of poor quality, and so on.

the arborist

Doesn’t apply to government contracts where the taxpayer is lucky to get just one of the three.

Gruppenführer Mark

I work in the gov’t. We usually operate in a different realm: Slow, expensive and shit – you get all three!


There are some good venn diagrams out there that cover that indeed

images (1).png
Gruppenführer Mark


In 2019–20, the estimated $195.7 billion of government welfare spending was distributed across these 4 target groups:

39% ($76.4 billion) for older people

26% ($50.3 billion) for people with disability

20% ($38.1 billion) for families and children

9.5% ($18.5 billion) for unemployed people (Figure 4).

The remaining 6.3%, or $12.4 billion, was for other groups, including Indigenous people and people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


not sure what your point is

these people are already scabbing from 3 of the 4 categories

in a few years they will be scabbing from the 4th as well

if they were abo they’d also be scabbing from the 5th

they’ve been a burden on society their whole lives, as has/will their daughter

Gruppenführer Mark

It was in response to stagmal’s statement:

the anger directed at these types and the mostly rather modest amount of $$$ going to them is weird in the face of the huge ass handouts being given to boomers, oldies, specufestors and other middle class wealthcare bandits

Biggest welfare spend is in other areas, namely, middle class (family) and older/disabled people, but dole bludgers are the easiest to blame.

Aussie Soy Boy

The losers with disabilities are just dole bludgers by stealth 95% of the time.


a lot of the time this is true and they could definitely work doing something, but most people give up when they realise no employer is going to give them a chance. employers and their extreme pickiness are to blame for the existence of dole bludgers as much as dole bludgers themselves.

govt policy should be designed around getting people into work as easily as possible, instead all policy related to unemployment support revolves around handing out cash to useless ticket clippers like the jobactive system and “training” organisations. i don’t understand why we can’t just assign people jobs like the soviet union did.

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

The OAP is another rort

joe Biden is the leader of the free world at 80 something years old

and we give a free kick to cunts here at 60 to spend all day listening to am radio and going to doctors appointments

these old cunts could at the very least be manning call centres or reading to kids

Last edited 11 months ago by Coming

What’s most amazing is that there must be a very large proportion of the population who transitions directly from dsp/dole etc to oap

like they get to 65 and the guy at the Centrelink counter goes to them – ok you’ve worked hard all your life gaming the system and feigning disability
enjoy your hard-earned retirement


Why is it only ever soy boy who talks any sense on this website

they made too many hoops to jump through for the dole

so professional bludgers simply
migrated to dsp/carers/NDIS

they’re all one and the same thing – too useless/lazy to contribute to society

they should all be turned into fertiliser


“so professional bludgers simply
migrated to dsp/carers/NDIS”

they did 20 years ago on dsp man and theyre grandfathered in

but most people arent getting dsp anymore its too hard. my neighbour had a fucked up diabetic foot and cant even walk and was refused dsp even

idk about carers though maybe that is the number one place rorters go for now i actually have met a lot of very degenerate seeming people who claim to be on it

biden is a puppet whose presidential salary is effectively a very generous old age pension with the strings attached he appears in front of a teleprompter every now and then

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

There’s a million people on the dsp


dsp recipient numbers havebeen falling quite steadily since 2012

Overall, the number of DSP recipients aged 16–64 grew by 7.2% over the 2 decades to 2020. From about 623,000 in 2001 the number reached a peak of around 802,000 in 2012 (29% increase), then steadily declined to 660,000 in 2020 (18% decrease between 2012 and 2020).

across all age groups

clearly there is a secular decline in the number of approvals, no evidence all the bludgers are just moving over to the dsp


Don’t really know any doctor who finds it easy to get their patients on the DSP or NDIS.

Stagmal is right in that it’s harder now. Criteria for DSP is pretty tight these days. Have seen people who had it pre 2011 changes come off due to going back to full time employment, then have a relapse and told they no longer meet the criteria.

With the DSP you have to certify that someone can’t work for the next 2 years. When the request comes you know in 99% of cases they’re not going to get it, so I just tell them they’ll probably get rejected by Centrelink and not to waste their time. Even a patient who had been unable to work for 5 years could only get a 12 month exemption from mutual obligations. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve had one patient successfully apply in the last 5 years.

For the NDIS, some people think that it’s just free money but the patient applying actually has to specify what kind of supports they are after. There’s a shit tonne of paperwork to do, so an easy push back that it’s a client driven process, as someone will come out and interview them – that means they actually have to do some work and spend some time thinking about it. You’d think it’d be an easy decision to put in the effort, but for some they’d much rather do nothing and languish on Centrelink payments. The NDIS is slightly easier to get on compared to the DSP, but still much harder than the standard dole.

Autism being an automatic inclusion has led to the NDIS demanding a formal psychologist report, so one is up for a $3k charge at the bare minimum. While this barrier probably cuts out some in genuine need, it also seems to be enough to stop the unemployed self-diagnosed autistics who spend all their time online complaining about the lack of jobseeker rate rises from ever getting access – so I guess that’s not always a bad thing. 

Do think that the carer’s pension is definitely more easily rorted – years ago can remember a demented patient’s son raging on the hospital ward that his mother couldn’t go to a nursing home as he’d lose his carer’s pension. Someone picked up that he didn’t actually live with his mother, the money was going towards booze and drugs, and when she came in was in a really bad state of malnutrition so it was questionable how much “caring” had actually gone on.

DGAF about at the aged pension – doubt it will be around when I’m 67 and wouldn’t qualify anyway.


And yet 1m on DSP and NDIS

are there really that mean profoundly spastic people in the country


Not sure how many on the DSP – quick google shows about 750k from 2020, but would have to trawl through AIHW or ABS.

For the NDIS, the quarterly reports are easier to access.

Latest one has total participants at 554,917. Of those, 88,617 under the age of 7. Would think this is a direct consequence of birth defects from delayed family formation.

Last edited 11 months ago by Gouda

The NDIS needs to be reformed most definitely. I personally know of severely disabled people getting a pittance while someone with “depression” getting tons. There is a certain “way” to frame applications for benefits that some in the industry are really good at, but others just fill in forms at face value and then get rejected


I would have thought as a supposed doctor you would understand and appreciate the need to care for the more vulnerable in society. Turns out you’re just a trolling prick on the internet.


lol wot

as a doctor I understand that most people are lying, stupid , lazy scum


caring for the vulnerable and calling out blatant rorts is not mutually ex


You can clearly see from the published example that professional welfare scabs take from all the potential pools of handouts

dsp/oap/jobseeker etc are just different heads of the same hydra


maybe pay people a living wage so they don’t have to work AND go on welfare. Always blame the little guy and not the fat cats……always

Aussie Soy Boy

LOL a couple of poms that came over as skilled migrants no doubt.

The food bill is insane. No doubt most of it is absolute rubbish. Just sitting in front of the TV eating all day.

This is my 12 month dream. Bring in a few hundred per week doing virtually nothing and top it up by a couple hundred per week with the dole. It’s going to be so interesting LARPing as a dole bludger. I will blog my experiences on here.


Go for it! Would be a really interesting read.


They are old and ugly. There is a lot of ageism and anti ugliness in the hiring process. It pretty much is a disability.

Ray is arguably the biggest boomer cunt in Australia. No wonder his son ended up on drugs.

Wtf I like left now.


Another “not very nice man” who tried to troon-up in prison. Interesting.


how’s this insane far left conspiracy theory from drumgold

bloke is a threat to our democracy spreading these kinds of lies and dangerous claims

even if he has a dot-painting tie on

seems like he’s becoming increasingly desperate and deranged as the net closes


“There’s no plan for where these people will live during the housing and rental crisis,” Dutton said.
“Economists point out that this year’s unplanned migration program is inflationary and is going to keep interest rates higher for longer. Why didn’t the treasurer make any mention of this in his speech last night?”

Dutto has started the ball rolling on pretending the Libs oppose mass immigration in some way.

I predict that he will never outright say he has a problem with mass immi but will say enough to allow bogans and MB to imagine things can possibly change.


bogans dont care about immigration in my experience. only concern they have with it is some vague bullshit about MuSlImS tAkinG oVeR and maybe the BOAT PEOPLE but that could be a concern that no one cares about anymore

Last edited 11 months ago by stagmal

Yeah most of them are rebel news style larpers if and when they have a right wing opinion. That’s why I don’t really give a fuck anymore about their boong/nig crime issues.


Bogan is a term of abuse. No different to the way the Chinese refer to the Malays. The Malays got their shit together, formed UMNO and told the Chinese and Indians how it was going to be. What we need is a bogan party. Those people need someone and something to believe in but they keep getting told directly or by implication that they are worthless by shitheads like coming, aussie soy boy, and by poor whites who’d rather see themselves as a cut above. They are your people. People that I talk to from all walks of life are sick of mass immigration. We are all looking for a catalyst. The real arseholes in this country aren’t the battlers. It’s the entitled tossers of the leadership class claiming $200k+ salaries in bullshit jobs.

Last edited 11 months ago by robert2013
Gruppenführer Mark

Or a leader that can mobilise these masses. Kinda like Trump did with rednecks and other deplorables. Didn’t quite work out in the long run, but in the short term the economy did better.


He will oppose mass immigration so long as there is no commensurate mass poorly built apartment building plan to house then all.

He can’t even say what the LNP would actually do or number they would commit to, because he knows they have been far worse than labor in absolute numbers most other times in the past.

This country is totally fucked and it’s all theatre.

Last edited 11 months ago by The90kwbeast

We’ll see. I think he’s testing the water. If the opinion polls move a little he may offer more.

Ironic Boomer

Notice the response from overseasy is to not address the point and a throw an accusation of hypocrisy. Who farken cares. He really is a cretin of the highest order.


Truganina appears to have the largest Indian population in the west with 32.6 per cent of people in the community of Indian heritage.

wtf imagine living there

Just under 784,000 individuals with Indian ancestry reside in Australia,

find this hard to believe

“The majority of Indians understand the concept of leverage in the property market and take advantage of the Australian banking system,” Mr Yellina explained. 

“They often opt for an 80 per cent Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR) and are diligent about repaying their loans on time.”


The concern for the government should be people from other nations are more capable of buying homes in Australia than Australians,” she said.


“The mortgage broker also proposed putting limits on how many properties an investor could buy”

She should lose her broking licence


Racist. Aren’t you half poo or something?

Does anyone know of any cheap shitbox paddocks I can buy on the outskirts of a city which will hopefully be worth a million or ten in say 10 years because poos?

Gruppenführer Mark

Try Parramatta for investment

According to the 2016 census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the suburb of Parramatta had a population of 25,798. Of these:[65]

Ethnic diversity

The most common country of birth in Parramatta is India representing 29.8% of the population, outnumbering Australian born residents at 24.3%. The next most common are China 12.0%, the Philippines 2.2%, South Korea 1.5% and Nepal 1.5%. However, only 6.5% identify their ancestry as Australian; the other common self-identified ancestries were Indian 26.9%, Chinese 16.3%, English 7.7% and Filipino 2.4%.


A bit priced in. I’m after the equivalent of a penny stock that’s gonna 100000 bagger.

Probably doesn’t exist.


West of Melbourne attracts the migrants as it’s a lot cheaper, but there’s a good reason for that. No infrastructure, congested transport links, few schools and overcrowded health services.

A broken dream: outer Melbourne has affordable houses but no train or school

Take a drive out to places like Trug in peak hour and you’d want to neck yourself. The truly rich migrants are dropping a few million to buy up in the eastern suburbs.


No infrastructure, congestion etc.

The Poos have brought their entire physical environment over as well.

No wonder Aussie Soy Boy wants to live there, he hates whites and luvs the Poos. He can shit in the gutter and stink on the train with them and be in heaven.


People used to shit on those suburbs, ie Kath & Kim, now you need $1-$2m+. Christ cuck, $2 shop, good at maths heaven. Filled with people who don’t swear. They’ve never said a shit or a fuck in their entire lives. Let alone cunt. You can be a good dad and do sensible chuckles.

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s dumb legacy units couchsurfing, living in vans and complaining.

Maybe I’ll move to Truganina when it’s 70% Indian. There will be no loud parties, burnouts down the street, no 50kg predator dogs roaming parks unleashed.


Why settle for only 70% Indian when you could move to Mumbai?

Show them how many houses a legacy Australian can snap up


Great suggestion! No1’s a really smart guy Soy Boy, you should take heed of his wise words.

Ironic Boomer

‘The concern for the government should be people from other nations are more capable of buying homes in Australia than Australians,” she said.’

She has a point. Ban foreign buyers.


Maybe like Brits in Dubai in 2008, they will leave their keys in the mail when the next depression comes round


This needs to start happening more often:

The mayor of Saint-Brévin resigns after the fire at his home

His town had been the target of the far right since the announcement of a project to set up a reception center for asylum seekers:

As I’ve been saying, a social and economic cost needs to be added to costless virtue signalling.



You can seriously think that filth like Dan Andrews are going to live happily ever after. He’ll have burning pile of dog shit in his letter box well into the Aged Care home.


Rabid Covid scaremonger Norman Swan appears to have been caught out inflating the number of Covid-related deaths that were recorded in January during a live ABC TV appearance.

Based dailymail

Agent 47

Norman Swirsky lying? Never.


Coming has more credibility claims as a Doctor than that little Shylock.

Agent 47

Skilled Kenyans

Ironic Boomer

Ha ha semi skilled, that’s a new one.


How do people become members instead of guests?

I keep seeing a lot of posts in suspense, eg Jam’s whose posted here regularily and I think has asked this question before.


I think that you just register an account, like everyone else


this bloke is in big trouble

he realises he is coming off as completely deranged

i expect nothing will happen to him but I hope the lead judge humiliates him at the very least


very clear now he was a dodgy kunt all along who wanted to make a big political song and dance of this higgins thing

it all fell apart when she turned out to be a totally unreliable complainant

totally reckless to go through with this


He’s surely got to go

how can the police work with him ever again ?

how can you have a chief prosecutor who has no regard for due process ?

just not sure there’s any mechanism to sack a public servant like that unless there was officially impropriety / illegal activity
even then would probably have to be the minister who sacks him – politically dangerous

hopefully he has the good grace to resign


holy shit

DPP Shane Drumgold has just told the inquiry that he believed that of the 12 jurors – 11 jurors were willing to convict Bruce Lehrmann of rape and 1 wasn’t. “The one that wasn’t was the juror at the centre of the mistrial.”

drumgold is full of fucking shit

1) no way he knows that

2) the juror that caused the mistrial was smuggling in feminist type research that apparently ‘proved’ that false rape accusations are rare, no way was that juror pro-brucey


Drumgold seems mentally unsound tbh

too many head traumas from his boxing days

Ironic Boomer

Hard to know how drumgold would know that and if he did it how some rule wouldn’t have been broken.

1983 America’s Cup Fan from USA

Liberals are destroying civil society at warp speed. The pursuit of social justice and equalized outcomes trumps rule of law and property rights. Free speech cannot be tolerated. Religion has no place. Capitalism is evil. It will likely require a catastrophe or a global conflict to wake them from their entitled and complacent slumber but it may already be too late.