Australian conservatives vow to roll over quicker on ‘Voice to Parliament’ than they did on Same Sex Marriage

Conservative pundits across Australia have vowed to roll over on the Voice to Parliament quicker than they did on Same Sex Marriage, in a pledge to be the self-interested, gatekeeping pussies that they are.

Rowan Dean, Andrew Bolt and a slew of other conservative-in-name-only commentators promised to roll over on the “Voice’ for fear of being called racist and not having the balls for the fight.

“We all know that this thing should never go to vote but we’ve already conceded that. I’m personally too afraid of Mark Leibler taking me to the Human Rights Commission again,” Bolt said.

“There hasn’t been a genuine conservative movement in this country for decades. I mean, Fraser Anning was the last true one and we threw him under the bus after he correctly pointed out immigration and multiculturalism were ruining the country. We have property developers and corporate fags to keep happy.”

Rowan Dean had similar sentiments.

“Both Sky and the Spectator are the tip of the spear when it comes to conservative gatekeeping in this country. Our usual tactic of complaining, conceding and ‘losing with dignity’ to people that hate us anyway is a sure-fire winner,” Dean said.

“We know this thing is just a trojan horse for the greatest ever theft of land and resources using Abos as a proxy, by the same globalists I pretend to oppose. I mean, we all know a civilisation that couldn’t even invent the wheel is perfectly placed to run a modern day, digital era nation-state.”

“We rolled over spectacularly on Same Sex Marriage and now we have drag queens trying to touch up kids. Who knows what zany schemes we will have now? Public spearings for misgendering? Grubs for three meals a day?”

Peta Credlin said she was all for a vote, as long as it could be rigged legally.

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Between March of 2021 and february of 2022, 61,000 millennials died excessively above the prior 5 year base trend line. 

More millennials died in 2021 than American soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War


Doesn’t surprise me at all. Five of my ex colleagues died of suddenly between about May 21 and Feb 22. People just dropping dead in mid sentence without any prior indication of a problem. One of my partners colleagues, a fit woman in her late 30s, died after suffering a stroke and a heart attack, completely without warning. That shit isn’t normal.

It was obviously the vaccines. If my experience is anything to go by, these hellish drugs have killed massive numbers of people, and will continue to do so.

Aussie Soy Boy

The sudden deaths have slowed up I think the risk must be really elevated in the days, weeks and months after being freshly jabbed. Basically no-one has been getting jabbed for a 4th time now. I like to pressure people to get the 4th jab and like to remind them of the science that says there is no harm.


like to pressure people to get the 4th jab and like to remind them of the science that says there is no harm.

this sounds like a fun sport!


Yes, the sudden deaths have slowed because all the vulnerable peiple died.

Now there is evidence gathering that the hellbrews (so called “vaccines”) suppress the immune system in a manner that results in sudden cancer development, and rapid growth of suppressed cancers.

There will be lots of people dying in the years to come, but they largely won’t be linked to the vaccines.

I also encourage the Vax lunatics to get their 4th jab and suffer the consequences. After the shit I went through, they can all fuck off, eat shit and die.


I also encourage the Vax lunatics to get their 4th jab and suffer the consequences. After the shit I went through, they can all fuck off, eat shit and die.

the true believers should line up for the fifth, too!

A fly in your ointment

I’d offer them one of those tyre deals… by 3 tyres (for your trike I guess?) and get the fourth one for free!

Maxwell Bradman

If you’re talking about lies.


I reckon it’s got no chance of getting up for 2 reasons:
1) The average resident of Greenacre DGAF, and
2) The Thorpe factor.

extreme left says that anything right from them is “right” or extreme right.
Short of jingoism, Nazism and other fake rights, there is only left.
There is no right, only moderate left.


I was at the national museum a few weeks ago, and as you’d expect they go balls out on the whole wonderfulness of indigenous culture.

One thing I noticed was the mention of how the local tribes used to munch out bigly on Bogong moths, which are just giant disgusting moths that nobody in their right mind would want to eat. If that’s the best of indigenous cuisine they can keep it.

It occurred to me afterwards though, that the wheel had come full circle, with the globalists “let them eat bugs” movement pushing the same concept. I’m surprised they haven’t used this in their propaganda. “Proles: dont eat meat, its racist! Eat bugs in support of indigenous culture!”.

Agent 47

“Proles: dont eat meat, its racist! Eat bugs in support of indigenous culture!”.

That’s coming next.


Haven’t been for a long time, I guess it hasn’t been totally taken over by Wokeness, hard to do so against facts?


Lidia Thorpe, all by herself, is enough reason to vote against this nonsense.


The media will give her a free pass, like they do with every other Leftard. The ABC will only publicise “their” Independants (middle class white Climate Karens) just like they ignored anyone else in the Fed election.

Thinking this Voice rubbish won’t get up is like thinking the public won’t accept Lockdowns or the jab. Just like the virtue signalling with the sleeves rolled up after a jab, they’re all going to suddenly become Indigenous experts.

If you thought Canberra was full of freeloading idiots, and out politics and legal system is bad now, throw in another level of cost and delay and dodgy deal makers. The level of grift has been turned up to 11, imagine the budget or taxation being scrutinised by Aunty Margaret of Indamoo.

I’m concerned Australians will sleep through this one, and Albo is so fucking stupid he can’t even fathom the mess it will create (here’s a guy who has an ex Jetstar plane as the official Aussie Airforce One).

If you question it or worse still think it’s a bad idea, you’re racist. Few people will have the balls to stand up to this.

The ‘No vote’ doesn’t seem organised or good enough, just like conservative leadership across this country.

Aussie Soy Boy

Aunty Margaret of Indamoo LOL


Eh, if Saddam was still with us he’d have a custom made jet, doesn’t mean he was smart. It’s nice Albo managed to save us a dollar buying used.

Agent 47

Spot on. Conservatives in this country are gormless, gutless fucks that just want to complain and don’t want to fight.

They’ll fuck this one up too.


Just like every single one of us. All complaining. Doing nothing.


Not me, though.

I’m not complaining. I’m celebrating.

Agent 47

Agree but speak for yourself. Went to numerous protests, actively trying to do things in my shrinking circle post ostracisation due to be non jabbed.

Not much but it’s more than most.


nobody has given me a good explanation for what the voice actually is yet

why are we putting a john farnham song in our constitution

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

why are we putting a john farnham song in our constitution


nobody has given me a good explanation for what the voice actually is yet

this is me. Every time I have seen headlines/references to whatever that shit is, I studiously ignored and looked the other way.

Are they really proposing to change the constitution?


By stealth, yes. Basically hand a blank cheque to the muppets in Canberra and their litany of grifting leeches.

Referendum will be a simple Yes or No vote.

The question is phrased “Do you support an alteration to the Constitution that established an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice?”.

That is all. No other detail, just woke propaganda and fluff.

The blank cheque is then the Voice becomes the biggest scam on EZFKA coupon holders since Dan Andrews said “I won’t apologise for keeping people safe”.


I’m getting on board already, just like the Climate Karen Teals who own shares in Mining CO’s.

Identify as Aboriginal today, anyone who questions you is a racist !!!


There was a pale skinned,blue eyed, blonde haired woman with a fancy French name at my ex workplace who was “indigenous”. Just a huge and successful grift of course, but nobody could say that.


a blank cheque to do what though


Subvert the Constitution and any Parliamentary legislation or decisions.

Hand over veto power on all legislation to a bunch of unelected unqualified morons, just because they claim to be Indigenous.

Delay or demand amendments to any piece of legislation, etc., for example while this Voice mob demands it includes some special Indigenous clause.

All this would be permanently, knowing that a Referendum would be required to overturn, and to do so would ‘be racist’.

or am I missing the point?

Agent 47

Timbo was spot on. It’s just a vehicle to steal land and resources for globalists. Same ATSIC shit from the 90s but this time from Davos.


Focus groups and consultants and lawyers to argue over the wording in the constitution for the voice.


Dammit. Now I have that song in my head every time I hear someone mention it…


Wiooooahhhhhhhh. Wooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


If the Yes vote wins, then the Constitution will have 3 changes:

  1. There shall be a body for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders called The Voice.
  2. The Voice may make representations to Parliament and the Executive Government (Cabinet?) on any item which affects A&TSI people (ie. anything and everything they choose).
  3. The Commonwealth Parliament decides the composition, function, powers, and procedures of The Voice.

Blank cheque.

Legislation you could drive a truck through. Come on down the Lawyers who will back that truck up and start shovelling in cash.

Backhanders and Deals done by Climate Karens, Libs, Labor and Green turds to get their mates a job, how much power they can have, etc.

Just like the chief Mark Dreyfus pushing his ICAC bill through this week, guaranteed $270m for the first four years in salaries for him and his mates. Add to that the Lawyer’s picnic feeding off it.

It’s all a giant grift.


I know a guy that owns a property in White Cliffs opal town, and had to have it surveyed for indigenous ownership. Apparently the entire town and surrounds need to do it….I didn’t want to probe too much to understand the guts of it, but it seems there’s a lot going on, we don’t know about.

Menai Sydney was given to the local mob, and they sliced it up and sold it off for housing.

Last edited 1 year ago by Totes

Menai Sydney was given to the local mob, and they sliced it up and sold it off for housing.

them guys ain’t dumb.


aaaaand, its gone

anyone with any doubts about what course australian state and federal governments will take when property price falls become worrying

TFF mk2 will be coming in the next few weeks/months


whats tgif mortal kombat 2

Agent 47

Mortal Kombat but you get drink specials with each fatality

Agent 47

Well theres the shock of the year.

I don’t know why MB spruiks land taxes, imo you basically never own your own home and it’s just rent to the govt on top of your mortgage.

I mean stamp duty is a fkn rort but I’d settle for halving stamp duty if it meant state govt can fuck off for the most part.


the whole thing is retarded, just ban people from owning more than one house and stop immigration and then we wont need to even talk about land taxes et at all. all of these things are solutions to a problem we dont even need to have


That would be too easy!

the smart thing is to create issues that “markets” can’t solve, then try to come up with “market solutions” 😉


Maybe that dumb cow Premier might even stop funding the Covid camps she announced as well?

Oh..they shut before she even opened them? There’s $230m she just flushed…

Fact is, the most recent debacle (of several) with the Land Tax, is another example of these inexperienced Leftards not understanding economics or politics.

This new Land Tax was to be applied to non-QLD domiciled owners and required the other states SRO’s to provide the info and tax first. It’s no coincidence this QLD Treasurer’s name is Dick. The other Premiers told Queen Anastasia to shove it. That and the property industry throwing shit at her.


To be fair stamp duty is a pretty shit tax.

Maybe the answer is actually have both. Halve stamp duty and then pay a modest land tax to perpetuity but cap the increase to CPI etc?


“Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been forced to dump a controversial land tax after weeks of damaging headlines culminated in her being abandoned by her fellow state and territory leaders at a dinner at the Lodge on Thursday night.”

Did too much damage to her mate$