New study finds mediocre indigenous players looking for an easy pay day from the AFL most likely to make racism claims

A new study has found that shitty indigineous players backed by Jewish lawyers are most likely to make frivolous claims of racism, looking for an easy wad of cash from the AFL.

The study, conducted by the You’re Full of Shit Cunt Institute in the wake of the latest outrage at Hawthorn FC, found that it was most likely mediocre players that couldn’t manage their finances for shit that would lodge racism claims and contact The Age to inflame a contrived story.

“There’s clearly an archetpye in there, similar to African-American athletes who blew their cash post-career in the US,” Dr Chris Smith said.

“Your career is over and you can’t manage your money for shit and miss the spotlight. So you give Josh Bornstein a call over at Maurice Blackburn and claim you’re the victim of some vague incident ten years ago and ka-ching. I mean, Eddie Betts claiming he was asked to leave the pool because muh racism. Cunt was probably pissed or something else.”

Meanwhile the AFL has dismissed the claims of retired ex-Nightcliff Tigers player Dave Smith, who has alleged he was regularly called a ‘white cunt’ and a ‘white dog’ by indigenous players and spectators during his ten-year NTFL career.

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That story about being asked to leave the pool because he’s aboriginal sounds like complete bullshit if I’m being honest

either a wet dream he had at some point, or he and the kids were being completely obnoxious and deserved it

Aussie Soy Boy

His children are white and one has blonde hair.

Eddie Betts is no darker most wogs.


this is correct about a lot of abos you wouldnt even know they were booong unless they told you


They’re just poor white Australians with a bee’s dick of indigenous ancestry.

Maxwell Bradman

Comes in handy for getting into medicine at university
Always a surprise to see who’s got there doing that


As Steve Sailer says, we have ABBAriginals:

Rachel Farrelly, a Gunu Gunu woman who grew up an hour outside of Orange in central west NSW, is set to become Australia’s first Indigenous female surgeon.

Capture - Copy.JPG

I absolutely would


This is the funny thing. If someone has 1/8th Aboriginal ancestry, they by extension also have 7/8ths not Aboriginal.

If I am 1/8th Greek, am I really Greek?

Where does the cutoff start and end.. probably where the Centrelink and other free benefits also start and end.

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theres no cut off

you dont need any abo ancestry to be considered abo anymore, just have to have community or elder recognition whatever that means

in reality you just need to tick the aboriginal/torres strait isalnder box on the form i doubt anyone will ever ask


Great piece of evidence then we’ve entered a post truth world then.

“I identify as Aboriginal, therefore I am”

Gruppenführer Mark

But ticking the box is cultural appropriation, no? Or is this an example of one shedding the white privilege and identifying as one with the land?

I’m so confused!

Gruppenführer Mark

Simpler than that. If you are 1/8 Aboriginal, you are a traditional owner. If you are 1/8 Greek, you are a wog and a colonialist. The former trumps the latter.


>25% increase in grifters identifying as Indigenous.

Silence from the left media and Labor Gov about this fraud.


This is the end result when you create a special class of person, assign a broad array of privilages to that class of person in order to supposedly make up for past injustices, and then the only limit that you place on identifying such a people is how that persons “feels”, as opposed to the facts that a DNA test will reveal.

Exactly the same issue with blokes clownfishing themselves into women.


Adds a new meaning to identify politics doesn’t it, reals replaced with feels

A fly in your ointment

What’s AFL?

Is that the game where bunch a non ovulating people in tight shorts play with a rugby ball with hands and then pat eachother on the bum?


If ever there was a stupid sports ball game, it would be AFL. Watching it makes me angry.


It is like unstructured “kick the footy” that you played in primary school during recess, because you didn’t know how to play any other game.


It is one of the most corrupt institutions in EZFKA. It is fitting that it is based in Victoria


Think the product is fine, but it’s obviously manufactured and imbalanced by design. For years it’s had uneven fixtures, mandates that the grand final always at the same venue, tribunal peculiarities, salary cap that really isn’t etc…

I imagine these indigenous player issues with Hawthorn will get swept under the rug, similar to how they tried to manage the doping scandal at Essendon and tanking at Melbourne.

It always struck me as odd that the EPL could managed a 20 team competition where each teamed plays each other twice… yet a 22-23 round season for 16-18 teams is the best the AFL can do. Over the years have known plenty who have switched off or cancelled their membership. If you don’t believe a competition is fair, or your team has an equal chance of winning – why bother?

Agent 47

In my two cents opinion it’s been in decline since the early 2000s. Haven’t bothered since then, game peaked in the 90s.

Now it’s just a political organisation masquerading as a sports league. Way too many rule changes, soft as shit game.

Case in point, no one fucking cares about the AFLW but they keep trying to make us like it and after 8 years of the men’s game subsidising it at a loss it hasnt improved much and won’t.

Orthopaedic surgeons love the rate of ACL years in the women’s game though and I’m surprised the AMA hasn’t been announced as it’s official partner yet.

Gruppenführer Mark

Whatever do you mean?

AFLW is a fine league, it is there to showcase strong, independent women. Especially when they are on the red carpet with their wives or girlfriends.

And on the field, it is an amazing spectacle! Riveting action! Outstanding sporting achievements!

Case in point, today’s game between Richmond 18 – Brisbane 14.


are there any trannies playing in it ?


Hannah was for a bit, but they got rid of him as he was built like a brick shithouse and causing havoc.


Plus the game moved on from the old man-on-man (lol) type game, and now it is just a pack of rovers following the ball. You could see the same style of play in the local under 12s game.


they have teams that wouldn’t be in business if the AFL didn’t subsidize them. And those teams, no other team wants to play – ie Greater Western Sydney, Fremantle, North Melbourne – because they don’t draw the crowds. So you only get like Essendon v Carlton twice a year, Fremantle versus Eagles, that type of thing, the games that actually draw crowds.

Far too many teams in that competition. Too many from Melbourne. And do they really need two teams in the non AFL states?

Aussie Soy Boy

To know them is to hate them.

Aussie Soy Boy

Putin made a fatal misstep with this draft for reservists.

It would be like calling up Australians to go fight in Iraq, Afghanistan alongside our prolific rapists and sadistic serial killers in the military.

The average Russian male in Moscow is just as gay as the average male in Fitzroy probably even more gay if you look at them.

He assumed too much. That Ukraine will come to the negotiation table early on. When they didn’t he had no choice but to continue.


most of russia isnt in moscow or st petersburg. most countries arent like shithole EZFKA where there’s only two cities thats it and nothing else.

Aussie Soy Boy

Hopefully he launches some nukes that would cool.


Except Ukraine did come to the negotiation table and an agreement was almost done. BoJo flew over to ensure it didn’t get signed. The biggest impediment to peace is the west.

Aussie Soy Boy

For sure. But Putin is not going to win. He should have used American style shock and awe when he had the chance.


nah the mobilisation is a game changer. ukraine can barely advance as it is with their huge numbers, once the manpower ratios match up on either side it is going to be a nightmare for them. but i agree they should have gone ALL in right away, fired off thousands of rockets a day, bombed the rada, etc


It’s time to stop reading MSM


I came to that decision shortly before I stopped posting at MB, came to realise that it was pure propaganda 100% – if they lie to us about house prices and immigration, then they lie to us about practically everything that doesn’t intuitively make sense.

Basically came up with a variation of the George Costanza principal for media – “Everything they report on is objectively false until independently verified as true, and the truth is likely to be the complete opposite of what they initially say“.

Other than reports on car crashes and sport, this heuristic short cut has been a pretty good time saver at getting to the real story quicker.

Aussie Soy Boy

LOL I don’t take anything I read on a glowing screen seriously.

Drafting 300k unfit men with no combat experience is a desperate move and turn into Putin’s Vietnam

I think you missed the part where the 300k out of the 25m reserves are being called up, with priority 1 given to those with previous combat experience.

It’s not all he’s missing
A brain
A character
A sense of inquisitiveness as to who really owns your ass
A moral compass
A sense of shame
I could go on
And I’ve barely met him

Aussie Soy Boy

Even babushkas in the Urals don’t fall for that crap.

Putin is stuck in a decade long war now.

This will end like it did for the Australian and American shit that was in Vietnam and Iraq.


this is nothing like those wars


orrrr. Afghanistan and the USSR.

A fly in your ointment

this is sarcastic response innit?


What makes it a misstep never mind a fatal misstep?

This is nothing like Iraq and Afghanistan, neoliberal wars with no point at all


yeah wtf she is so old looking


She needs to stop herself being used as the favourite toy of the middle class Left women.

They’re manipulating her for their own media clicks, story lines, ABC shows, books etc.

Totally using her when they can see she’s mentally ill and needs help, not being used as a pawn in their culture war.

The Left love seeing her scowling non stop.


the media needs to stop giving her coverage, who the fuck cared who australian of the year was before her i had no idea about any of them

shes not even current australian of the year anymore so why is she still getting coverage

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

also she absolutely loves the attention, shes not some innocent pawn in this


The media will continue to provide a platform for figures like Tame because they know a certain percentage can’t resist reading about her. They know that even those who hate her don’t have the self control to not click through – and to them it doesn’t matter who generates the ad revenue.


You still would though, eh? 😊

Aussie Soy Boy

She’d be a total freak. Probably does student/teacher role playing went to the sex shop got herself a naughty school uniform.

They do say people never really get over their first love.



Shit is really popping off in financial markets

2yr is above the recent highs, back to 2012 levels
Foreign bonds are back to 2008 levels
Yen and GBP are at generational lows

Are we finally going to get the financial apocalypse we were promised, and who will be the winners here

I asked a few months ago on here, if every loan creates a deposit, who is sitting on all the newly created trillions of deposits?
Presumably, there are various billionaires out there who DO have all the deposits, and are getting paid extra money on those deposits by the banks

Gruppenführer Mark

Not sure if we are at the precipice of a financial apocalypse, just your regular pump and dump exercise. Apocalypse will come when there is a serious currency failure of either euro, pound or dollar. Or an emergence of another currency strong enough to create meaningful competition. I think we are ways away from this.

On your thesis that every loan creates a deposit, can you expand? I missed your previous post on the subject. I was under impression that it was the opposite in the land of fractional reserve banking – each deposit is leveraged X times into new loans.


There is no reserve requirement (in either the US or Australia , not sure about other countries but probably the same )

the US did have a reserve requirement until a couple years ago but it was irrelevant which is why they got rid of it – banks could always find more reserves if they needed them and it was never a constraint on lending

every loan that is created also creates a deposit of equal size
Reserves are neither created nor destroyed in the loan creation process
they simply facilitate interbank exchanges (eg if I create a loan with NAB and transfer it to another NAB customer to buy their house, there is no effect whatsoever on the reserve system )

my point has always been : if this is the case, then talks of increasing debt implies equally increasing deposits

raising interest rates has negative effects on the interest payments of people who have debt, but equally positive effects on the income of those with deposits

Hence why I am not at all convinced that increased interest rates are deflationary or disinflationary

Gruppenführer Mark

Ok, I see what you are getting at.

In a pure acedemic view of fractional reserve banking, deposits are required to create more loans. I agree that we are way past that point as so much “cash” has been created in the last 50 years, since US has abandoned the gold standard, there is little to no need for physical deposits to create loans, it is all done with a few keystrokes.

As to the question of who is sitting on deposits, it is by a large margin, I think, the institutions that provide goods and services on credit, and their owners, the proverbial 0.1%. Banks are happily clipping coupons as middle men.

The only issue I have with rising interest rates is that there is always a spread between the percentage charged for the loans vs. the percentage paid on deposits. Plus any income earned off the interest on deposits is taxed as gains.

If I could only open my own bank, I’d be set.


Fractional reserve banking is a furphy forget about it it doesn’t matter

The spread accrues to banks at all times
I’m not so sure the spread widens with rising rates, but the profit gets distributed to shareholders regardless

what I’m getting at is that rising rates does not reduce the aggregate amount of money in the system

in fact it increases the amount of money in the system , as the RBA is paying interest on reserves : it is effectively perpetual QE

additionally, all other things being equal it increases government deficits as interest payments will increase which in turn increases deposits

so unless it brings about debt destruction , it will be inflationary
(this is stock versus flow though obviously)
the yearly amount of debt destruction must exceed the interest rate

Gruppenführer Mark

so unless it brings about debt destruction , it will be inflationary

I’ll pay that. There have been many examples of inflation in the history of humans, going all the way back to Roman Empire, and perhaps earlier, but I’m just not that well versed in ancient history. I’ll have to educate myself on monetary history of the world, especially how it played out in empires, and consequences of those.

So far the only consistent thing I’m fairly certain of is that all fiat money fail at some point of time. AUD is fiat, but is tied to commodities I think, and backed, at least on the surface, by military might of our greatest ally, the US, which also runs a fiat system. Once it fails, we fail.

Enjoying the chat chaps and don’t want to get in the way
I’ve bought gold from 2003 waiting for the wheels to fall off I gave up in 2016 with all the can kicking , it seemed they could do it forever more…
But now… the inflation trap is sprung , war is in the air
It may actually be upon us

Fellow gold bug eh? 🙂

I dabbled in gold since it was around 320 USD, and silver at 6. Long term investment, but worked out, made for a house deposit. Walking into Perth Mint with 250K in bullion was a fun time.

I still think bullion will have it’s hockey stick moment, question is when.

Do share your thoughts.

I’m so impressed by your deposit story you will drag it out of me if you want , well done btw. My first experience of gold is when my parents took me to a jeweller to spend all my saved pocket money on an ounce of shit 9ct gold at the height of its peak in 1980, I sold it on ebay 20 years later for similar to what it cost , so early on I was clicking it was a way of scamming poor folks out of their cash if they weren’t careful…. like encyclopaedia brittanica and other stuff . Anyway FF and I was very active on ZH 2008 – 2014 learning lots of how the world works and stacking big time safely the knowledge the wheels were coming off , then it was becoming obvious paper goldwas too easy to manipulate and ZH was changing less traders…more preppers and gold shills. So by then work was insanely busy and the gold fever abated . My SMSF is 90% gold and 10% oil has been for its life of 12years I have no advice on gold except that it will have its day probably after everything else has and only when TPTB decide its time sorry I don’t have more

Nothing to be impressed by. When I was younger, I bought into the conspiracy theory of gold as the only store of value and sunk most of my savings into it. Worked out ok over 20 years:) but have since became weary of the shills that posit gold as be all end all. No different to any other investment class really, if you are a minnow.

Some of us go through a similar enlightenment path, to arrive at the conclusion that experts are there for themselves. Having said that, I did learn a lot from Another, and Friend of Another, as posted on usagold site, not sure if you came across that one. Silver doctors are another sell-side site. The big breakout is always around the corner, as is AU house price crash, and my chances of having a harem of hot nubile women.

On the role and place of money in the society, I have an anecdote. A couple of years back I had a chat with friend’s daughter, 11 at the time. In school, they had an assignment about money and the role in the society. So I pulled out some AUD notes, euros, USD (this was pre-covid, when one could travel), Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai paper and asked, what is same and different? She was aware of the importance of the USD, then euro. I pointed out that the difference was the colour of paper and plastic these were printed on, and then dropped a Silver Eagle and a gold Oz coin on top. That lesson sunk in, best education I never got.

We travelled similar sensible paths , TBH I’ve become e more convinced that Australia is a big mine that we all live around to service , nothing matters as long as the minerals flow. Judging by the struggles of young families I read about on reddit r/ausfinance where people are struggling to buy in the cities we are entering a new feudal state
How and why will people tolerate this shit? Because of the religion of RE in this country, the evil RE pumping MSM and the convict mentality/Chinese diaspora liking a police state. People will rent from the new aristocracy…. unless some black Swan c9mes along . Am I onto something?

Maxwell Bradman

I’ll also add I’ve never posted on ausfinance or joined it I just peruse. I’m trying to wind down voicing my opinions haha

You are onto something. I see parallels in history with the current situation in Australia. The “ruling class” loves to give it’s chattel hope in some shape or form. Initially it was done under various religious sauce, heaven, reincarnation, 72 virgins. Not taking away the spiritual sense of these concepts, but clergy has inserted itself between rulers and chattel (or was cultivated to fill that niche) as a means to keep masses in line and working for the benefit of the rulers with a promise of some distant reward.

As societies evolved, religion started being questioned (not faith). So, other ideals were put forward, which drove revolutions in 18 – early 20th centuries. But these remained just that – ideals. And I think a new way of coercion was invented by the capitalist system, which found its inspiration in things material.

US negroes got an aspiration of “40 acres and a mule”, socialist movement in “land for peasants, factories for workers”, then it morphed into things like “American dream” or “Australian dream”, owning a home, and in the last 30 or so years it became consumerism, as the chattel keeps increasing in numbers, and the available resources stay the same or shrink, per capita.

It remains important to give the masses something within their reach. Housing is being replaced by other tangibles, slowly. How many times have you heard in a conversation people say they have invested in a car, furniture, appliances? I have, and mind boggles how consumables became an investment.

In the event of a black swan, things may get shaken up, some will fall, some will rise, but the system will remain the same. It is an inherent feature of any animal pack to have distinct classes and roles. Human animal has put an intellectual slant on this phenomenon and invented various societal schemes. Slavery, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, republic, democracy, matriarchy, you name it.

To me, historically, feudalism is the most stable system as the feudal depends on its subjects to provide for him/her, and in return provides safety and security. A form of social contract that is based on an individual rather than a faceless entity, as the society moved up to capitalism and other isms.

The only thing that I would suggest to you, is that we would not be entering a new wave of feudalism, but a system of corporatism, where nebulous “shareholders” exploit the chattel, and with chattel given the opportunity to be one of those shareholders, exploiting themselves for an illusion of belonging to the ruling class. That is an awesome beauty of our current system.

Or maybe I’m way in the left field, I don’t know. But I do believe that you cannot change Mother Nature, you can just dress her in new discourse to keep the hamsters spinning the wheel to get to that shiny new goal. The goal of housing is now the goal of getting a sufficient loan. An inspiration is to get a yoke just big enough to be able to afford the said yoke, plus food, plus an Audi SUV.


In a way the “Corporation” is a gestalt social entity – another example of an Egregore, although generally its behaviour and constraints are restricted by the power of the greater Egregore that it exists within, our society.

Without social checks and customs, these ‘child’ egregores eventually have the chance to grown up and influence the rule making that they are bound by, effectively taking control of their own destiny. This is where the world has been slowly moving toward for much of the past century.

Corporations are souless entities, whose continued existence demands that their interests should always be pursued – it is the directors fiduciary responsibility to ensure that. Where as with human decision making, the opportunity to make the world, being us all, collectively better may involve self sacrifice, or making a decision that hurts us personally – yet willingly still make it for the greater good.

The ‘profit motive’ unleashed as an egregor in society, will slowly consume the society in its quest for the pointless pursuit of wealth and growth, for wealth and growth’s purpose alone.

When you think about social constructs as having their own personality, suddenly the mythos around Gods and Demons of old Europe or Ancient Egypt, start making more sense. Customs and rules keep these society and civilization destroyers at bay, change them at your peril!


Great post. I suppose this is the problem communism was meant to fix but never really worked out in the end.

The question is what other system of human governance is any better?

Maxwell Bradman

It’s handy that psychopathy can hide behind the corporation for sure
Whether feudal companies or individuals it seems it is the normal state for how humans work , it was well in place for a long time before WW1 and 2 created such a shortage of manpower the elites had no choice but to share the pie.
Now with globalisation and both sides of politics idiotically wanting more immigrants it’s getting a chance again
Mark it’s interesting but my father was a fire n brimstone vicar so I grew up in it. He was also a very flawed man who taught me how not to do things rather than how to do them as I read more I realised how organised religion especially Christianity was simply nurtured by the chews to control the sheep of the west for their agenda of multiculturalism (so they feel safe) and endless middle east wars , I explained all this to him on his deathbed… and I think he understood, better late than never I say.

Gruppenführer Mark


Great post, I had to gnaw on it for a bit.

Corporations are souless entities, whose continued existence demands that their interests should always be pursued

This certainly was true for the most of the history of corporations. Started even earlier, I’d argue, with Catholic church and various monarchies were the early corporations, as an example. But then somehow things took a turn.

In the recent history, corporations became the megaphone for social justice, often acting in ways that actually harm their number 1 priority of making profit. And I wonder why.

Is this a manifestation of a larger Egregore? If so, what is the purpose?


Holy shit – Another and Freind of Another, names have not heard in years. I remember the old fofoa blog before it moved to subscription service.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yes, them were the days before everything and everyone got commoditised

Last edited 1 year ago by Gruppenführer Mark

Response to general thread:

— gold is manipulated. I don’t know who. I don’t know how. but it is.
— the UK well and truly fucked itself with this crazy fiscal stimulus. they’ll be running to the IMF in a few years. the “benefits” of the stimulus via tax has already been paid for/offset by the plunging GBP and higher rates.
— don’t really follow Australia that much, but the general stabbing and turning of the knife into the RBA is amusing (viz the review)
— US is effectively exporting its inflation to the rest of the world via its monetary policy and the US dollar and in that vein particularly screwing Europe over. Which begs the question – why exactly does Europe follow everything the US does like a lap dog?
— the wealthy and powerful will find a way to benefit as always. the rest of us will be screwed over. that’s what I’m most sure of.

Last edited 1 year ago by ThePensum
Agent 47

Rumors all over the chans and social media that there’s been some kind of coup against Xi in Beijing today.

NFI if true. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was some kind of purge, initiated against or by Xi. They’re overdue for one.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yes, saw the same. 3 weeks away from the meeting where he was supposed to be confirmed for a third term.

Agent 47

This looks like what started the rumors

A fly in your ointment

Build a man a fire and you’ll warm him that time. To make him warm for the rest of the life, set him on fire.

What kind of idiot sets himself on fire with a zippo lighter fluid only to chicken out and do more harm to a tennis court than to self, in a protest? New gen’s cannot do anything properly and see it trough to the end.

A fly in your ointment

Not a trader and I understand the market more from a geostrategic perspective than any. My view of gold is mostly summed up in this chaps blabber about gold being so heavily manipulated that there is no touch with reality for so long thus new levels are assumed normal.

A fly in your ointment

Micheal Wilkerson has sumtin to say…

Agent 47

Africans bringing diversity and multiculturalism to Adelaide


It wasn’t fair that Australia was avoiding the forever burden that African immigration is, when the rest of the world had to accept their brain surgeons and rocket scientists.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yet the world keeps searching for the highly educated rocket surgeons from Africa.

the arborist

I think this story is about home brand blacks, rather than the exotic imported ones.


It’s Adelaide, always ten years behind the rest of Australia. Vic and NSW enjoyed the wave of African crime gangs long ago. Anyway, the 3 other people with European cars in SA should just lock them up properly, not leave them unlocked outside their shanty camp.

Agent 47

“Vic and NSW enjoyed the wave of African crime gangs long ago.”

That wave is still ongoing.


In Victoria, it’s only a crime if you’re racist or the right wing talk about it.

Oh, but it is a crime in Victoria if you go bushwalking with your family, or swimming in a lake or river:


What is the argument being put forward for those laws? Protecting SES workers etc?


Haven’t seen any arguments, but the Dictator never needs one.

The law will cover Albert Park and any State Gov suburban parks. It includes people needing a permit if they wish to swim in a lake or river that is not specifically stated as being for swimming.

It is insane. He is insane. Most Victorians, who support him, are insane.


Indeed – they are “a forever burden” to whichever society they move.

Their higher proclivity to violence means that the wealthiest black households in the US are more likely to be arrested for committing a violent crime than the poorest white households.

These statistics are replicated where ever they move to and remain consistent across generations. Africans make up 3% of the UK’s population but 18% of violent prison offenders. Near exactly the same ratio as found in the US.

In parts of the world even mentioning these facts now consistutes hate speech, because these same migrant groups claim it hurts their feelings to be told how violent and anti-social they are as a collective group…. apparently our feelings as the victims of most of this anti-social behaviour don’t matter in the equation.

In Sweden it is now impossible to mention the fact that Southern Sudanease have a low IQ as a population group, even though this fact explains most of the social problems they are causing as a migrant group.

(You’ll need google translate as an app)


The fact is that African ‘youth’ are the lowest in the criminal food chain, even mind numbingly moronic Bikies and Leb gangs use them to steal cars to order.

By youth, of course I mean the fact that they almost all have made up birthdates, and always under quote by a couple of years to make up for their lack of intelligence and poor education.