Victorians take to streets in protest to demand mask mandates return on public transport

Victorians have taken to the streets en masse this afternoon, protesting the removal of mask mandates on public transport by the Andrews government.

The protests in the ‘softcock state’ were led by internet tough guy of the year Martin Pakula and teal independent Monique Ryan demanding a re-instatement of the mask mandates and their right to be hypochondriacs be respected.

“Some of us clearly want this charade to continue, no matter what the cost to the rest of the country,” Ryan told an angry crowd that marched on Spring Street.

“If I want to wear my comfort blanket that does fuck all in public then everyone else should be made to as well.”

Ryan said she intended to also push for a 5th jab mandate at the state election.

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A fly in your ointment

too lax.

mask outdoors whilst one is on one’s own!


I see that all the time. People have had their minds fucked by the pandemic.


I wonder if the fifth jab will be any more effective than the other 4?

Data for September is only up to 17th….another report for w/e 24th yet to come:


these numbers are clearly absolute garbage, but you keep posting them

If you think they’re in any way reliable, why wouldn’t you be concerned that 202 unvaxxed have died when unvaxxed make up <5% of the population


And meanwhile…….out in the sane universe……Neptune……how good is the James Webb Telescope!


this is about as real as the NSW covid stats


how do you think this image was acquired?

It isn’t a camera and doesn’t represent what the eye would see

Its fabricated, like most of NASA’s images, the “black hole photo” etc


Any support for that? What would the motivation for NASA to completely doctor photos be?


The James Webb Telescope is fitted with a Near Infrared Camera, which produces images of an object just like a conventional camera, except that the images recorded are produced by light in the near-infrared part of the spectrum. This part of the spectrum is just below what we perceive as visible light.

Similar to the technique used by infrared cameras every day here on good ol’ earth.

So the images of Neptune just released are actual images….just as Neptune actually looks….but recorded in a part of the spectrum not visible to our eyes.

They are not fabrications as suggested.

Here’s a bit of info on the camera:

And here’s why near infrared is used:

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“just as it actually looks…but recorded in a spectrum not visible to our eyes”

come on mate

You swallow this unproveable and unverifiable garbage, but you disbelieve the vaccine stuff ?

Its all complete bullshit

Angus Jung

I’m with Coming. It’s the equivalent of an “artists rendering”.
Btw, some astronomer on twitter posted a picture of sliced deli meat and said it was a pic of Mars – he did it as an obvious joke but people fell for it.


A little more info:

Webb Telescope’s Images of Neptune Showcase Its Rings and Moons

They’re the clearest pictures of the distant planet’s rings in over three decades

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what would the motivation be for pfizer to doctor their results?

money (funding) and status

what would the motivation be for governments to make us feel insignificant, and scientists all powerful?



As a medical professional do you put any value on X-Ray, CT, MRI?

They are all ultimately attempts to see things that are not visible to the naked eye. The printed colours may not be representative of light but it doesn’t mean the physical object is not there.


I do because they have been correlated surgically and with macroscopic pathological examination

this is all unverifiable , on the other hand


You don’t believe they would prove those technologies work before spending billions of dollars sending them up into space. Or perhaps a great conspiracy theory that they sent nothing into space and just used CGI?


we know for a fact (as in they have frankly admitted to) that NASA digitally edits their “photos”

it isn’t even a controversy

I suspect the “images” that they acquire are very unimpressive and undetailed
Hence the need to provide some justification for their existence

What exactly is the purpose of these satellites and probes? What useful information has been obtained that has improved the quality of anybody’s life on earth?

Think you will find the answer is nothing

So they need to have something to show to credulous people to justify the multiple billions of dollars of spending.
They can’t show you some blob of light, because everyone would just shrug and say what a waste of time and money, so they have to pretty it up

It isn’t really surprising

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

Scanning a human body and presenting it as a meaningful image is a shared problem space with astronomy. You will be surprised of the origins of various medical imaging techniques.


So my dentist’s office called to remind me about my regular check up, and asked if I had Covid symptoms yadder yadder. Then she said I needed to wear a mask while in their premises.

So I’m going to a place where I’ll have my gob wide open for half an hour with two people standing over me, but have to wear a fucking mask when not doing that. FFS, the stupid is strong in these people.

And I still continue to see people wearing masks while walking in the park and driving by themselves. People doing these things are damaged goods in my view.

Agent 47

Biggest psy op of all time.

Throw in a lack of humility in the average person to admit they were scammed or were wrong and it’s a shit fest.

Agent 47

Yarra river must be 50% masks by now.


I see discarded masks everywhere. The day after the mask mandate in July 2020, I started seeing masks as litter.

I bet these teals ignore the fact that the masks they enforce using end up in turtle guts or some other aquatic animal.


Aren’t the WEF and Bill Gates now pushing climate lockdowns? How long before the Karens in parliament start pushing this?



Hypocrisy is probably the strongest trait in the green left, literally millions of blue and white rubbish strewn everywhere yet they say nothing.

That horrible Karen Teal screeching and waving her claws “put your masks on!!” then minutes later dancing at a party.


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