Scott Morrison congratulates Klaus Schwab on his French election win

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has praised World Economic Forum President Klaus Schwab on his recent win in the French general election.

Emmanuel Macron swept to victory on Saturday night, but it was Schwab who was the real victor according to Scomo.

“I’d like to congratulate Klaus on yet another win for his team of WEF leaders and continuing the total sham that is democracy and voting. It was important that the granny fucker got back into power for the sake of the WEF,” Morrison said.

“France is now long term proper fucked, but as we’ve seen the last two years the Great Reset is exactly what the country needs to get back on it’s feet.”

Morrison said that he wasn’t fazed if Albanese won the Australian election, as the implementation of telephone and digital voting will help swing the vote whichever way the WEF needs it on election night.

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how tf does one put in a twitter link?


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Probably gave Dominion the contract lol!



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A fly in your ointment

Fresh from above Twatter link:

If the people threatening to leave Twitter over Elon Musk actually leave Twitter, how will they inform us that they’re still wearing a mask?

Agent 47

This Elon Musk


I’m pretty sure his family is cabal central too, but I think he has been flipped to white hat.

It’s not like he had a choice before, but no one is giving him a choice now lol.

So agree with what you are saying, but I think times are different now.


You’ll like this 😃

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Gruppenführer Mark

I posted this late in w/e links, repost for those who might have missed it.

In other news on French (s)election Macron with Soros

Two killed by French police during Paris protests

Not much of a overage of that second link in MSM


Plenty of coverage of this though:

EU Dirty Trick Against Le Pen to Block Her Becoming President May Well Backfire

The French will see right through the latest dirty trick of the EU to smear Le Pen

PS: Good to see Strategic Culture back up and running again.

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I saw the news headlines yesterday about the sigh of relief that Macron won. No one has actually looked at the numbers.
2017: Le Pen got 30 something percent of the vote
2022: Le Pen gets 40 something percent of the vote.

I remember chatting to a French guy after the 2017 election and he said “they are patting themselves on the back that Macron won, but a significant number voted Le Pen and that number is rising. She will win the next election or one after that as no one is asking why people vote for her”.

Agent 47

That’s if demographics don’t catch up with them. Imo they’re going to be a civil war in between now and then.


Under the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983,[27] the ABC Board is bound to “maintain the independence and integrity of the Corporation” and to ensure that “the gathering and presentation by the Corporation of news and information is accurate and impartial according to the recognized standards of objective journalism”.

In relation to impartiality and diversity of perspectives, the current ABC editorial policy requires of the broadcaster that:[168]

…the ABC gather and present news and information with impartiality and presents a diversity of perspectives so that, over time, no significant strand of thought or belief within the community is knowingly excluded or disproportionately represented. The broadcaster is expected to take no editorial stance other than a commitment to fundamental democratic principles.

— ABC Editorial Policy

Given that Policy, I can’t help but wonder how it is that every ABC reporter, news reader, and program anchor consistently refers to Marine Le Pen as “Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen”.

Since when are the concepts of impartiality and objectivity faithfully served when one sets out to ideologically brand (or stigmatize) candidates participating in a free democratic election?

And who in the ABC decides what is “Far Right”?

The ABC wouldn’t recognise impartiality if it jumped up and bit them on the arse.

It is an organisation that is compromised beyond repair, and no longer presents news but agendas.

Last edited 25 days ago by plaguerat

…no significant strand of thought or belief within the community is knowingly excluded or disproportionately represented.

see the catch 22, “within the community”.
who’s to say what are the community “strands” and more important who’s to contest this. Contesting would be like trying to fill up a bucket using a sieve.

Aussie Soy Boy

Stunning backflip by McGowan in WA eliminating masks, vaccine passports, capacity restrictions heading into winter of all times to do it.

It’s like he’s not even pretending that the ‘science’ matters anymore just politics as what it’s always been about of course.

Gruppenführer Mark

The subjects of EZFKWA have achieved a soft landing on COVID through welcoming and embracing restrictions on freedoms of movement and gathering, and largely unproven medical experiments.

I am pleased to announce that the requirement for a third jab, which we previously advised was necessary based on solid medical and scientific advice, is not required, as is masking indoors.

We have always listened to the rapidly changing and evolving health advice and acted accordingly to extend the restriction of freedoms on our subjects. We are now able to come out of this period of pandemic with some of the best health outcomes in the entire world.

Starting this Friday, our great state of WA will welcome full capacity for all sportsball venues, weddings, funerals and other social gatherings. We are also removing all restrictions on hospitality venues, so the 3% of antivaxers can enjoy a pint and a meal to relieve pressure on our severely understaffed food delivery service industry. We are working with our Federal counterparts to ensure that this critical skilled occupation is addressed as quickly as possible by removing G2G passes for all travellers into WA.

I would also like to thank all of the health staff state-wide for their hard work over last two years that masked under-investment in the healthcare sector in EZFKWA. This pandemic has been created to exceed all of our expectations, and EZFKWA subjects deserve full credit for the last two years.


This should be a post, GM…

Gruppenführer Mark

See if I can figure out how to post


Lol man I’m going to get me a twitter account

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Next month is shaping up to be a big one


This is interesting stuff.

who knows how the physical aspect of this works? Assuming Europe stops buying Russian gas altogether – Can Russia simply stop extracting the gas out of the ground?

or do they really have to keep pumping it, just like the oil producers did, even though the price of oil went negative, a couple of years ago?

Last edited 25 days ago by Peachy

methinks this is all short term posturing as alternatives are untenable for long terms and besides Pootin does not have any conditions that are not unreasonable and simple (only demand is currency for payment). Above all, every single restriction is self inflicted by Pole dancers and it will probably last until a “victory” of some self declared type is achieved.
Alternatively Poles will buy the gas from Krauts whom will badge engineer it to become a non-ruskie gas. Options are a plenty.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yes, this certainly is a possibility. From what I read, this would be a similar structure to the Latvian blend of oil, where only 49.9% of the oil is of Russian origin, thereby making it fully acceptable under current sanctions to be used.

There are several problems with this, as I see it:

  1. Germany would need to have sufficient flows through other pipelines to secure its needs before it can pump on to Poland (Yamal pipeline that currently supplies Poland is also a flow-through to Germany, making it one of the supply sources)
  2. Germany is now, in fact, “subsidizing” Poland, as it needs to buy gas from Russia in rubles first, before on-selling it, taking a payment default risk by Poland
  3. Poland stands a good chance to cry poor and not pay for the German gas, as its economy is getting crippled (by refugees, in part), and it is not the wealthiest EU member. Germany is now forced to print euro (?) leading to inflation

Note that the first two canaries in the gas shaft are Poland and Bulgaria. Poland has been staging reinforcements for Ukraine from US/EU, as well as sending its old Soviet period armaments into Ukraine. Ditto Bulgaria.


when needed for “noble” purposes, the creativity which is always punishable in the 2nd and all lower class EU member states becomes allowed for the premium members.
Krauts could modify 50.1% of ruskie gas making it palatable as non-ruski and then sell it to Poles. Become merchants. Any creative mean to mask the gas as non-ruski will be acceptable subject to limitations purely by limitation of imagination.

if PL defaults, they’ll just change traffic signs front Gdansk to Danzig and notify the world of the “administrative” change
I heard through the grapevine that Danzig signs are still usable after 80 years of storage…

Last edited 25 days ago by DJE᳆KA
Gruppenführer Mark

There are also reports that Russia notified Bulgaria that it will not receive any more gaZ starting 27 April, unless paid in rubleZ


This is what being captured by your fund management hobby looks like.


Yes, David completely misreads the room

the long suffering MB faithful have been waiting a decade for the housing Armageddon

and now he wants to take it from them (again)

Gruppenführer Mark

Armageddon! (you do need to click the link! earphones are helpful though)


Good. But he doesn’t give a toss about them. If any of them are saving a house deposit and paying MB membership, they might as well be paying someone to mug them.



Because there is a mounting deflationary shock globally as Europe is rocked by a war and energy shock. China is rocked by a property and COVID shock. And the US is rocked by an inflation and interest rate shock.

A global recession is on the way and it will automatically deflate prices, probably sending them deeply negative in 2023

lols… just like each year for the last 5 years!!!


This is what being captured by your fund management hobby looks like

it’s pretty sad, isn’t it?

after being so wrong on the way down, MB has now decided to be wrong on the way up?!


This is the interesting thing to me – he could never accept his position was contradictory

-house prices down
-interest rates down

you can’t have both , it’s one or the other

I tried to tell him until I was blue in the face
amazing that someone could live in complete denial of reality for 10 years


This is the interesting thing to me – he could never accept his position was contradictory 

-house prices down

-interest rates down

typical of academic Wonks too stuck in their models to realise that they don’t represent how the world works.

here is how the world works:

  1. a family has a weekly housing budget. Say they have $900/week to spend on a mortgage.
  2. then they go to the bank to see how much loan they can get with $900/week.
  3. then they take that loan and go house shopping.

if interest rates are 6%, maybe that loans is $500,000, so they buy a house for $600,000.

if interest rates are 2%, maybe that loan is $800,000 – so they buy a house for $900,000.


they don’t sit there thinking about whether houses are expensive or whatever. they spend what they can spend – $900/week.

Houses cost what they cost; they buy what they can buy.

Last edited 25 days ago by Peachy

MB doesn’t understand the simplest concepts and will call you names and ban you when you disagree with them.

For example; totes says water is absolutely not an obstacle for mass immigration. Where the fuck have these idiots been to misunderstand how it’ll unfold? More expensive water, plenty of water for the elites. Then add the gigalitres presently wasted by the plebs.

Then there’s the enormous benefit of religion to society, these woke clowns can’t understand. They ridicule Christianity and I fucking hate them for it (even though I’m not religious)

I have zero respect for MB, smithy, or gunnaidiot. Pack of naive fools, that can’t justify their positions, yet assume the higher ground and superior intellect.

Someone keeps saying I was mirroring Palmers slogans, and that’s why I was banned, despite having said the same thing for over 10 years.

Fuck MB, and the fools still believing their BS.

Last edited 25 days ago by Totes

Yes, yes and yes.

A fly in your ointment

why does it bother you?

the world is full of tools that can attract the counter-mainstream mobs and you could expose naked both Llewdo and Bleato as idiots, another one will be there in a jiffy.
If someone “cannot understand” something it is always your fault because:

  1. Your argument are not good enough and history proved you wrong many times
  2. you are trying to teach an idiot whom is unable to understand hence the stupidity of your quest.

From previous discolure, we know that 1 is false, hence the 2.

Gruppenführer Mark


Yes, you absolutely can! It is a rare event, but it did happen before, and the driver is ability of people to borrow. This would affect markets that experienced bubbles more.

Example: US rates fell from 2007 – 2010 from ~5.25% to ~0.1%

US home mortgage rates fell for the same period from ~6.25% to ~5%

US median home values (CPI adjusted) fell ~20% for the same time period. Some areas (Florida, Las Vegas) had declines of 85%.

So it is rare, but it happens.


The US has 30 year mortgages, not most of the population on variable and the rest up to 5 years maximum

now do australia

Gruppenführer Mark

Flyover states on fixed, yes, hence smaller loss on the median house price. Bubble states on NINJA/variables, hence larger loss.

All I wanted to illustrate that there are times when both rates and house prices go down, but these are as rare as hen’s teeth. You know, exceptions to the rule and all that.

I didn’t say I agreed with MB 🙂


If inflation adjusted rates are still low or negative, housing can move up fairly quickly despite rising rates. That’s why I laugh at boomers complaining about their interest rates in the 70s/80s.


That’s what I’ve always felt too. A blog that initially seemed be based on reducing house prices somehow became captured by a bizarre MPLOL zeitgeist and a wet dream of negative rates never made any sense to me at all.

But the inconsistencies continued – it was interesting that in 2019 DLS championed a vote for the Liberal Party despite the opposition having policies on removing Negative Gearing. Visas for Indian grannies was the thing that supposedly influenced that view, but it wasn’t like the government didn’t have similar policies.

Together with his recent rantings about RBA hikes, one might wonder if he is actually heavily mortgaged and if any property bears still frequenting that site have been conned.


That’s what I’ve always felt too. A blog that initially seemed be based on reducing house prices somehow became captured by a bizarre MPLOL zeitgeist and a wet dream of negative rates never made any sense to me at all.

yeh, it’s been real fifth-column stuff from MB in relation to the housing bears, etc.

something that I’ve been turning over in my mind is that the MBblokes are actually fundamentally mainstream. Like the mainstream, they have always lusted after inflation^. (and we all know that they are terribly afraid of deflation 🐓 )

Their view on house prices were, perhaps, premised on the belief that high house prices were “holding back” the much needed inflation. A purely instrumental view; not an end in itself.

If they now see that inflation can gallop even when house prices are high, then they’ve got no beef with high house prices.

lusting after inflation is, of course, completely nuts in the Peachy universe. The only possible benefit of inflation is its potential operation as a distribution mechanism (to avoid all funds being locked up and sat on, denied to those born later).

but it hasn’t been working that way for decades, as far as I can tell – rather it has been doing the precise opposite.

Last edited 24 days ago by Peachy

I don’t understand why anyone would fight off a rate hike when inflation is pushing +5% and wages half that. If there is a global recession brewing they can cut rates when it hits. We’ll be worse off if these maniacs keep cranking a bubble right into a recession and the cash rate is sitting at 0.1%. Bonkers!


Did anyone notice the sentence:

A global recession is on the way and it will automatically deflate prices, probably sending them deeply negative in 2023 in a rerun of what happened in the post-Spanish Fly great deflation of 1920/21. Equity markets are beginning to price this, and it is coming faster than anybody realises.

Was this just a typo, or a Freudian slip?

I wonder what sort of deflation would have occurred post-Spanish Fly?


Also raised an eyebrow at that comment.

Y is next to U on the keyboard so it could be a typo.

Then again, DLS sometimes comes across as being drug affected on videos, so it may be a clever nod to him using aphrodisiacs.


Ok… so what is “Spanish fly”?


Oh, Peachy…….such admirable innocence 🙂

What Is Spanish Fly, Exactly?

Its use dates way back, and some of its many infamous fans included:

  • a Roman empress who used cantharidin to encourage sexual behavior worthy of blackmailing her family with
  • Roman gladiators who used it for orgies
  • queens who used it on their kings and those kings on their mistresses to spice things up

Mind you, it’s a bloody long time since I saw anyone refer to it.

Last edited 24 days ago by plaguerat

Speaking of living in a state of denial:

Minister says China timed Solomon Islands security deal to damage Coalition’s election chances

So they are trying to pick up a sympathy vote by turning one of the most spectacular foreign relations cock-ups in decades into a sinister plot to interfere with our election process and give the ALP a leg-up.

Honestly… couldn’t make this stuff up…….oh, hang on, they just did.

Last edited 25 days ago by plaguerat
Gruppenführer Mark

The Minister also said that China-loving Labor should be held responsible for recent floods, as it is China that is predominantly responsible for climate change.

In other news, Minister praises various Coalition-affiliated persons accused of sexual misconduct of various degree for committing the offenses and leaking those to the media far enough from the election as to not affect the outcome of the election.


Have you considered a career as a political adviser? 🙂

Gruppenführer Mark

I already got a State Premier’s gig, so kinda past that.


Check out the results of letting economic rationalists run the show.


I think the EU is slowly working out that in this 3some with the USA and Russia, they are the ‘spit roast’

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