Zali Steggall tells working-class man at service station to ‘just buy an electric car’ to combat fuel inflation

Independent MP Zali Steggall has told a working-class Western Sydney man struggling to fill up his work vehicle to ‘just buy an electric car’ at a local petrol station.

Steggall, who had somehow ventured outside the North Shore, told a tradesman who was upset at rising petrol prices that he should ‘go electric and stop complaining’, from the passenger seat of her government vehicle while at a Penrith service station.

“It’s grossly irresponsible for people like yourself to be driving ICE vehicles as we have to think of the greater good and the climate. You brought this on yourself and have no right to complain,” Steggall was overheard saying to the man.

“If a well off, north shore lawyer like myself can have a spare $50-100k lying around for a Tesla then anyone can. There’s no excuse, we all have to do our part.”

Meanwhile, Josh Frydenberg has unveiled new ‘petrol mortgages’ to help the ‘average EZFKA unit realise the Australian dream of a full tank of petrol.’

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Albo has just announced subsidies for EVs. Labor doing their bit to help out the battlers who drive around in these things.

Agent 47

How they reconcile that with their luxury car tax from Rudd I’ll never know but you don’t really need to in EZFKA.

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Agent 47

My favourite is that Simon Holmes A court fuckstick.

Comes from one of the wealthiest families in WA and wants everyone else to shell out for a Tesla.


Yep, he is a dick, along with Brookes.

Those links above are excellent BTW as a bit of a shock to the renewable Nazis.


Degrowth is the rich and powerful and their sycophants telling everyone else to stop breeding and die.



Lionel Tiger

Kimberly Kaching! has died suddenly, just like that other dumb bastard Warne. Same age as well.
Get the jab, wind up on a slab.


Christine Holgate bought some voodoo dolls. Scomo next.

A fly in your ointment

Nah, it was climate change induced heart attack…


Surely it has nothing to do with shaming a certain Chinese political donor…

A federal senator has used parliamentary privilege to suggest a prominent Chinese-Australian political donor is the mysterious “puppeteer” behind a thwarted foreign interference plot to back political candidates in the next election.

During a Senate estimates hearing, Labor senator Kimberley Kitching alleged the wealthy businessman behind the recent overseas conspiracy was property developer Chau Chak Wing.

And then there was that other guy who died under suspicious circumstances after being offered a cool million to run in the last election…

Mr Zhao, a former Liberal Party member, became the subject of intense scrutiny in September 2019 when it was confirmed he had told ASIO that a suspected Chinese spy and Melbourne businessman, Brian Chen, had offered him $1 million to run for the Australian Parliament.

Lionel Tigra

Its a terrible loss for the nation. I don’t know how we’ll be able to carry on.


Me. The numbers are running hot.


if you have the inclination the time is ripe for a quarterly update post

A fly in your ointment

Made me chuckle for hours after…