Pfizer named official sponsor of all Australian state funerals until 2030

Pfizer has announced a breakthrough deal as the official sponsor for all state funerals of high-profile, sudden deaths until 2030.

The move has bipartisan support in Canberra and comes in the wake of former athletes and politicians dropping dead of heart attacks completely unexpectedly.

“I’m pleased to announced that Pfizer will pay the cost of all state funerals of high profile, sudden unexplained deaths until 2030,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

“Whether it’s climate change or the stress of paying your bills on time, a sudden heart attack or stroke in middle age can be devastating.”

Anthony Albanese also paid tribute to late ALP Senator Kimberley Kitching ‘for supporting the mandates that eventually killed her.’

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has also announced that the Great Southern Stand at the MCG will be renamed the ‘Pfizer SK Warne Stand’.

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One of their own, maybe they’ll finally start paying attention?


Kaushaliya Vaghela would like to have a word with you about how Vic Labor treat and care about “their own”

Agent 47

As luck would have it, encephalitis is one of the many adverse events listed in the Pfi$er docs..


The ‘booster’ shots are very dangerous!

Max Payne

In Kimberley Kitching’s case there’s nothing to see here folks 🙈. The official narrative is she was under stress due to a preselection challenge, cue the hand-wringing from the feminists.

Lionel Tiger

Kimberley Kaching! looked like an angry magpie.


just another 4 times a year for ten years… fuck .. not happening


“if anything happens to me inside I didn’t do it”

fukn good to hear …excellent


provided something does happen…


United Airlines (I think) is letting all their un-jabbed people back…..but if you have anything to do with Russia, that’s a different story 😉

Lionel Tiger

It’s not the vaccine you fucking lunatics, this doctor is an expert and has debunked your conspiracy theories.


Ah yeah, well, that convinces me.


Kaching had crazy eyes. Like, super crazy unhinged bug eyes. She looked like a fucking maniac. A typical politician, in other words. We’re better off without her.


At least all these lemming retards are going straight off the cliff


forever known as the pig who kicked off the holgate witch hunt

Lionel Tiger

Of course it wasn’t the vaccine. Lunatic.


Stupid fucking kids!!!

and “jabs lessened heart scare”… my fucking god. These shitcunts will print any buttfucking bullshit and even believe it themselves.

Lionel Tiger

Justin Beaver’s girlfriend has had a minor stroke at age 25.