Tennis Australia says ball girl collapsing on court during Australian Open was due to climate change

Tennis Australia have issued a public statement that a ball girl that collapsed on court 16 during the EZFKA Open, was due to climate change.

The ball girl collapsed during a match between South Africa’s Lloyd Harris and Denmark’s Mikael Torpegaard on Court 16 and had to be taken off court.

“We regret that a ball girl was taken to hospital yesterday after collapsing on court, suffering the effects of climate change during a scorching 22-degree day,” the statement said.

“We thank Ambulance Victoria for attending the premises within 3 hours. Medical staff did an amazing job and believed this is connected to the effects of climate change and the Tongan earthquake.

Tennis Australia says they remain committed to fighting climate change and urge all parents to triple vaccinate their kids as soon as possible.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

So how many are we up to now, 4 or 5 for the AO


I don’t know… the official EZFKA Drop Dead Thread was badly derailed 🙁

Aussie Soy Boy

There was some fake news in a link someone posted in another thread.

One of the women they referenced had the breathing problems/chest pains two years ago when the bushfires brought a thick blanket of smoke over the tournament. Made them play through it of course.

But it is strange for someone to faint on a 28 degree day.


Pls use the gender-neutral and inclusive ball-kid in your articles!


Is it true that ball-children are only able to be employed at the Australian Open if they have provided proof of double-Covid vaccination?


Dunno about that, but the idiots now running my soon-to-be ex employer are only hiring documented double vaxxed people. Their stupidity knows no bounds, hence my departure.


Bout time an old cunt like you fucked off and opened up a job for a young person who isn’t a geriatric spastic pining for an idealised Australia that has only ever existed in your fucked brain. Stfu and jog on


How’s the covid sitch in qld. caught it yet?


I’m out and about daily and still haven’t caught it, maybe the vax works lol. Know heaps of people that have it/have had it and the annecdata I’ve gathered has been promising – all sorts of health profiles from fitness freaks to meth junkies and all have had fairly mild illness but definitely enough to stop them from going to work even if it was pre covid and they thought it was “just the flu”.


Sound worth closing the border and locking down for 2 years you whiny bitch.


This isn’t Delta ya dumb fuck so different kettle of fish altogether. Everyone I talk to wishes the border had stayed shut, all you fuckin border jumpers are just up here being cunts and spending fuck all money in the local economy yet spreading illness everywhere.

We could have had open internal borders the whole time but I’m not going back into that endless cricle jerk argument with you again.

And as for whining – isn’t that what you do here all day every day? Lol sad fuck

Aussie Soy Boy

I couldn’t view the site all day Peachy. I thought you might have pulled the plug. Maybe getting some heat from the MB crew.


nah we just got bombarded by people dropping in, since the bar in QLD that got shut down recently posted a link to timbos satire article on their fb


Yeah – they’ve pretty much scrubbed Twitter of any EZFKA references. There was even an account posting as EZFKA for a bit, but now they appear to have been nuked as well 🙁


fkn awesome


yo i figured out why this site went down, timbo the bar you made a satire article about a while ago posted a link to us on its fb lol

Reus's Large MEMBER

I am betting a small DDoS attack


Nah, just the popularity of a certain article recently posted…


So it’s your fault!


No idea, but I’ll take it.
I assume the logs tell you what people are actually reading?
Don’t we have an IT and marketing team working tirelessly, understanding our demographics, expand our reach and all that jazz?


Top stuff. They are blaming it on the heat, it’s really becoming unclear where the satire ends and bullshit news begins.

Awesome getting linked, soon Andrew Bogut will be posting EZFKA articles.

Also, can we stop using the word ball, it’s clearly a hetero-patriarchal testicle reference, perhaps tennis sphaira would be less offensive?


I’ve been sharing the sites stories on Facebook’s, however I think my posts are filtered to low priority

Awesome work cunts…. 🤘


I went to get fuel the other day and the bowser wouldn’t start. The truckie next to me said that a young guy in the shop had collapsed. He also reckoned the kid had been jabbed.


Overcome by petrol fumes and love for Daddy McGowan. Happens all the time, nothing to get excited about!


So check this out, Peter Daszak, Fauci’s EcoHealth dude go-between with the folks at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, was…. a CIA agent.

Was Peter Daszak Working For The Central Intelligence Agency? (

Exciting times all around. Can’t wait for this shit show to really get going.

Have been wondering why China has not been openly taking about Fauci / Daszak being behind the virus.

Long popcorn!


Long but interesting read.


I hope they find a link between the virus first appearing within a couple weeks of Fed intervening on repo rates. Some commentators were calling the financial system broken as per GFC.

comment image

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yeah I had a few people mention that things were about to topple and that the FED had stepped in and done a small can kick, I am guessing that whuflu was the big can kick


EZFKA economy was slowing dramatically just prior to Covid as well. Covid provided a good can kick and for the elite to further enrich themselves


The most interesting tidbit from that post:

bad definitions being used to hide properties of these vaccines and shift risk. defining as “3 doses” those only those 2 weeks after their 3rd jab is bayesian datacrime, especially when the jab itself is known to cause ~2 weeks of immunosuppression and higher risk.

the jab itself generates a high risk cohort but then attributes that risk to the cohort before it. it’s like blaming getting hit by a car crossing the street on having stayed on the sidewalk, and the effects can be gigantic. you can hide ANYTHING in that. it’s bad definitions leading to bad math and it’s been widespread practice since pfizer ginned it up to slant their trials

the examples linked about lay it out clearly: you can make a zero efficacy vaxx look like it works and this works even better if it causes a rise in risk in the 2 week period you lump into the prior group.

thus, boosters make “full vaxxed” look bad. fully vaxxed made unvaxxed look bad. so much of what has been claimed to be vaccine efficacy is just a mathematic rig job from poorly chosen definitions and there is simply no way that that was an accident.

of course coming and freddy will be here any second now to tell us why this is all bullshit and the vax really is good…without any evidence or arguments other than vax good.

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

of course coming and freddy will be here any second now to tell us why this is all bullshit and the vax really is good…without any evidence or arguments other than vax good.

now, now, to be fair Coming and Freddy are not in the “vax good” camp. They are in thr “mandates blow goats” and “vax don’t seem too bad” camp


Given the freddy response above I Highly disagree about him.

And perhaps coming can’t face up to recommending the vax to god knows how many people…
He is reconfirming my belief that front line doctors really aren’t the people to ask about this stuff, because they have no training at all in statistics or the scientific method.


pfalsehoods errywhere


Two seconds reading through I can see standard propaganda of ignoring vaccination age skew, and their linked and ironically named “data crime” article also focuses on infection with no mention of hospitalisation and deaths.

Keep zeroing in on those emotive catch phrases that you highlighted and leave the mathematical analysis to other people.


I notice distinct absence of you in the comments for the actual maths heavy article…

And how much of that article did you actually read before your boilerplate response?

Two seconds reading through I can see standard propaganda of ignoring vaccination age skew,

because they clearly state

this data is all age adjusted by the scottish health authorities to remove age based health and vaxx issues.

It kinda seems like you are using the standard propaganda, and fairly lazily as well I might add…

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

It is a bit like your previous “you can make money in random market movements” comment. It is such a mathematically inept statement that it is not worth arguing. If you want to ignore 150k Covid deaths and focus on a handful of deaths to “prove” vaccines are dangerous then good for you.


You clearly didn’t read the first 100 words of that article or you can’t comprehend what it means.

Either way your comments are worthless drivel.
Care to explain why you can’t “make money in random market movements”? Is it because of age skewing in the data?


Care to explain why you can’t “make money in random market movements”?

Thank you for letting everyone else understand how mathematically inept you really are.


at least I can read…
and understand what the words “ data is all age adjusted” means.

Admittedly adjusted is a big word you don’t see used at primary school much.


I think you can read and understand individual words… except for complex words like “random”

You wouldn’t have a clue what “age adjusted” means. Find the original source of that data and explain the “age adjusted” methodology, and why it contradicts the official UK data which demonstrates efficacy in all age groups.

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report – week 2 (


maybe you should write an article explaining it? You are the self purported expert at finding articles “ignoring vaccination age skew”.

and why it contradicts the official UK data which demonstrates efficacy in all age groups.

This data?

As far as I know, scotland is still part of the UK so how can it contradict the official UK data when it is “official UK data”.

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

Meaningless small samples with large standard deviations. It is little wonder they attempted an age adjustment and publish all stats in single age group.

By their own 95% confidence intervals you could have had twice as many people die with 2-doses vs unvaxxed, or half as many, and it would imply the same outcome. Seems legit.

Of course you will hang your hat on that report instead of one that is much more statistically significant…oh and speaking of data crimes. Ask yourself why Mr Statistics author of that article chose to write about that specific report and knowing full well it was statistically meaningless data.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

That’s just putting in some buzz words, not explaining it.

I really can’t be bothered investigating a word you say given your previous statements and their detachment from anything at all to do with what they are about.


Learn some basic statistics and then you will understand what those “buzz words” mean. Hopefully then you figure out for yourself that the author of the Data Crimes article is a political propagandist that is intentionally cherry picking meaningless data to sell you a political lie.


more buzzwords.
How about you really put your money where your mouth is and write that article. Then you can just link it instead of putting your usual line in under everything.

Or come explain some of the UK stats on my article.
At least coming had a go.


Not wasting my time writing anymore analytical articles that get immediately pushed down by recycled satire.

If you want to understand how the age-based propaganda works then read this article. You don’t even need to read it, just look at the tables that split up the data in different ways.

Israeli data: How can efficacy vs. severe disease be strong when 60% of hospitalized are vaccinated? (

The UK stats speak for themselves. When you look at the figures split up by age groups you can very clearly see that vaccines reduce hospitalisation and deaths in every age group.



I would have liked to see an article about this. I found the sparring between coming and bjw hard to follow 🙁

i have seen the article you link to about Israeli hospitalisations, etc. and I don’t have an issue with the proposition that jabs seem to help against hospitalisation and death from Covid.

but we are now talking about death from not Covid, aren’t we? And comparing the jabbed vs unjabbed populations….

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Coming can update his UK article if he wants to. UK now present their data in smaller age groups which makes the data more meaningful than when his article was published.

BJW depressed I didn’t respond to his article. So I will go there now and let him feel some love.


He couldn’t even be bothered reading the linked article above before debunking it with his massive intellect(or line straight off the propaganda cheatsheet).
There’s no way he is going to write an article.


 I found the sparring between coming and bjw hard to follow 

I found some of comings stuff hard to follow as well…

this post addresses all his criticisms(I think) in a fairly clear way

but we are now talking about death from not Covid, aren’t we?

That seems to be a conversation an awful lot of people don’t want to have. They keep dragging it back to “but it reduces hospitalisations/death”.
That kind of misses the point if it causes more deaths than it is preventing though.
It’s like saying thalidomide is a great nausea suppressant so you should use it for morning sickness.




looks like the whole thing is coming crumbling down, how long before australia follows

-czech republic rejects vax mandate plan

-uk geting rid of restrictions

-u.s supreme court rules against occupational mandates

-israeli minister urging removal of greenpass

i say by about mid/late 2023 australia will start following, i wonder how insane in the meantime we’ll get though


Perhaps preparing for the release of the trials data for the vax and the inevitable fallout if it shows the same as the UK data seems to show?
I would imagine a trial that showed that level of increased death among it’s participants would typically be stopped as soon as that became known, at least until the cause was understood. But covid vax was not typical, was it.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Well the UK one kinda makes sense, now the the FOI that showed that only 17k deaths of the 152k recorded deaths were actually from whuflu, it makes it very hard to keep pushing the narrative, billions of pounds spent to save the BB’s being that 15.5k deaths were over 65 and the average age was 82.5, bearing in mind there are around 500k deaths per year in the UK

The number of people that have died because of the lockdowns and mandates and missed surgeries is estimated at well over 100k, so the cost of saving a few BB’s has been enormous.

Either way the BS is unravelling and it seems that some of the things going on is a last gasp of the dying narrative, like the 3 months now for the boosters, the attempt to tax the unvaccinated in Canada, Macron’s insanity and so on.

Just reading the comments on FB videos from Ch7/9/10 shows how much of the populace is now awake and are sick of the BS and are starting to push back, I would say that 80-90% of the comments are against the narrative, there are some BB’s that still believe and will never change, but the masses will and the pollies will pander to keep their votes.

Last edited 2 years ago by Reus's Large MEMBER

Interesting if it does unwind … won’t help the tennis-sphaira-child, xe may well have fainting spells on and off again & might end up bashing up all of xer teeth from faceplanting like that.

will cost more than $5,000 to fix. Hope xer parents have a nice home equity cushion


Thanks for your inclusionary language choices but “child” is offensive, clearly an ageist term. I insist we refer to them as tennis-phairia-humans from now on. Unless someone has a problem with “man” forming part of human, I’m open to discussions.

Agent 47

Globalists are already pivoting to climate change.


Climate change is a great thing to blame things on. You come out with motherhood statements like we need to combat climate change or government/corporates need to do more. It seems to work as people are buying vanity products like Tesla cars or virtue signal “I am a 4th degree vegan, I don’t eat anything that casts a shadow”.

Take the 2019/20 bushfires. We can all blame climate change rather than land clearing, mismanagement of water resources. Victoria which was affected is the most tree cleared state in Australia and yet no one really talks about it 🤷‍♀️.


While the inner city virtue signal on their use of green energy, we clear land for it to happen 🤦: