EZFKA Book club

Last week, Dictator Dave recommended A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic by Laura Dodsworth.


I thank Dictator Dave for the recommendation and now add Peachy Props to it.

I thought that it’s a carefully researched and well presented synthesis and discussion of the main themes of the recent global madness, such as:

  • Lockdowns
  • china
  • propaganda
  • vaccines
  • Effect on civil liberties
  • politics
  • path dependence
  • psychology

Though focussed on UK, it is almost directly applicable to EZFKA.

Worth the 10 bucks and the 10 hours of reading time.


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A fly in your ointment


Interesting update to the latest Public Health Disorder, I am struggling to comprehend it. It seems as if there are several PHD’s like this one which relates to a very broad definition of “Health Care Workers” but it clashes to the “general” as per link at the top (link from the top is PHD from 3 days ago, healthcare workers order is from 2 weeks ago). Are these parallel? It seems so.


I’m not going to read all 53 pages but if you quote the part you think clashes someone might take an interest.
IF the vaccine mandate is merely more specific in requirements then unless it outright contradicts rather than requires more than the general document then they both almost certainly apply.

A fly in your ointment

How many PH (dis)Orders are in effect for NSW?

I was under impression that only one ever existed and that every new one rescinds the previous one.

If this is the case, the PDd titled (C19-General) dated the 8. Oct and effective as of 11. Oct (top link) dictates only what waxed can do and what unwaxed cannot and does not say a word on wax requirements for any subgroup (reading just the list of content suffice to get the gist of it).

Previous PHd titled (C19 Healthcare workers…) as per link below, dated 29. September, dictates waxing of healthcare workers.


I am hopelessly stupid when it comes to legal mumbo jumbo, it seems to me that the landscape changes significantly if there can be only one PHO in effect and the one dated 8. October is the only one. If this is incorrect, well, it comes as a surprise and paints me stupid.


I THINK they can make as many public health orders as they want.
They are effectively laws that don’t require a vote through parliament to be made. A new order may supersede a specific previous order so they don’t have to separately cancel the previous one.
I am not a lawyer, etc…

A fly in your ointment

Tnx for looking into this and providing your opinion.
As much as it may be just an opinion, it helps forming a view point.
Main question for me remains if (with certainty) the 8. Oct PHO is the only PHO in effect or just one more.

Tossing the new PHO in the face of the employer helped my mate this morning from not being sacked as yet as it threw employer off the balance. I guess employers are also fuzzy…


The government making these rules seems fuzzy, probably because they are poorly thought through…

A fly in your ointment

…or because they want to seed confusion from which meak seek shelter in complacency.


Reus's Large MEMBER

Now the nutters at MB are celebrating the “treatments” masquerading as vaccines to be allowed for kids.

There is no way in hell I am giving that shit to my kid


Christ, I’m not even giving it to me. Jabbing grommets is insanity.

As for what’s happening in the NT…they need a fucking revolution up there.

Reus's Large MEMBER

So many bed wetters out there that only follow the MSM and call that following the science.

Sheeple, sheeple everywhere

A fly in your ointment

Lewdo’s call for kids to be waxed is beyond insanity, it can only be attributed to a severe damage to his health.


Few people remember that before our Govt’s COVID largess, the world’s financial system was once again on the verge of imploding – REPO rates were soaring, money markets were chocking up, then COVID came and money printers went Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! and everyone started cheering because we were being saved from the ill effects of a virus that 99.9% of people with no pre-existing comorbidities survives.

Reus's Large MEMBER

One does wonder if this was all planned, you know the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about 12 months, so you could well be on the money.


Less convinced on it being a conspiracy theory i.e. in being set up and released for this purpose, but much more convinced on it being “Let’s not let this opportunity go to waste.” and pump as much money into the economy while we can.

The Doomer in me sees this as the last fling to maintain some semblance of the status quo, before scarcity economics starts making itself more obviously manifest…. [tin foil beanie mode on] although if 90% of the worlds population develop Alzheimer’s in the next 5 years I suppose that will solve a large part of the scarcity economics issue. [tin foil beanie mode off].


Yep and like I’ve been banging on about to dead shits who just mindlessly follow MSM. There’s an entire industry now built around covid… covid clinics, covid supervisors, contact tracers, hotel quarantine staff. The government can’t just pull the plug all of a sudden or there would be huge impacts to employment and economy. This is all political now.

I’ve been pretty bang on with predictions since before covid hit our shores. People thought I was a crazy prepper when I told them a virus was coming and it would shut down the country, to buy up non-perishables because supermarkets will be bought out. Or that if it ever got into India it would be really bad there. Now I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist because I think that it’s political and the economy needs it. Yet anyone with half a brain could see this…

My latest predictions are we are going to have mass supply shortages, food and fuel. Time will tell…


there is a reasonably large corner of teh internet that believes that India has largely vested COVID in many provinces through use of teh ivermectin and some vitamins as either prophylaxis or treatment?”

My original prediction was based on my time there. This was well before the virus got its hooks in there and it actually took longer to take off than I’d initially thought. People in India are packed on top of each other, uneducated and unhygienic. All perfect ingredients for the virus.

I have heard about the ivermectin cocktail being used over there but not looked into it. Remember when it was really bad over there though? The MSM news was running non-stop about the bodies being stacked in India. It was being used to push fear here in Aus, yet you can’t compare the two countries, it was always a chalk and cheese comparison. But then it went real quiet and it hasn’t been in the news for months. Funny that…

Reus's Large MEMBER

They actually totally smashed whuflu with Ivermectin



The problem is we have superficially complex systems – by that I mean there are many first lay connections, but deeper redundancy connections are much fewer.

Nature has both complex AND deep systems, in that there are both many connections and many redundant connections that will ensure the system remains broadly in synch, short of clear felling forrests.

With human complex system, there is only superficial complexity – think of the difference between a management org chart and a 3D architectural CAD building plan. Once superficial complex systems suffer an inter-ruption, the lack of redundant pathways can cause a progressive cascade of the entire system.

The Global supply lines being shut down for COVID are just such an example of this problem. How far and long the cascade occurs is unknown, but coming at the top of peak oil there is a good chance that things never return to the way they were.


Aren’t your predictions about fuel being correct? Service stations in the UK running out, power outages in China and Europe.
Add in the wealthy buying up farmland in the US. The elites know food scarcity is coming our way and they will make money out of it.


I think we are going to see fuel shortages here in Australia like we’ve seen overseas. But I could be totally wrong.

Reus's Large MEMBER

GMO and over use of fields, most of the crops in the US would not be viable if they were not GMO and drowned in fertiliser and pesticides as the earth is so barren, this can only continue till the price of the “extra’s” thrown in goes above what the product sells for. So fields are no longer cost effective and need to be left to recover for many years, as the yield goes down then the cost will go up. However those that bought up big where the soils are still good are going to make a motza, due to cost per acre being low while price is high due to short supply.

We also consume more in a year than can be replenished naturally so are running out of everything, most noticeable is fish and the world wide depletion of stocks to the point where the Med is now a barren wasteland and the only way to catch anything is to scrape the bottom of the ocean for all the “other” fish. Notably sold in the UK as “code” instead of Cod”