Andrew Barr announces former Iraqi information minister as new vaccine spokesperson after ACT reaches 250% first dose

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr has announced for Iraqi Minister of Information as the new COVID media spokesperson.

Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf has been hiding under a false identity in Fairfield since the fall of Iraq. Barr made the appointment after triumphantly claiming the ACT had reached 250% first dose yesterday, paving the way for booster shots.

“I’m really excited about his diverse appointment. Canberra may be full of compliant, over-leveraged public servants with no real skills in life but I’m glad to see the super high levels of vaccine uptake,” Barr said.

“No-one will ever know what the real statistics are and how would you know anyway, we’ll just claim anything and repeat it a million times through the media until the midwits repeat it as gospel too.”

Al-Sahaf will commence his first press conference tomorrow.

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klarse holl

From Baghdad Bob, to Canberra Cam. At least he has a track record of being funny.

I can hear it now, Corona is dead! The vaccine finished it, the hospitals are empty, the economy is booming, everybody is lining up for their sixth booster.


Supplement with vitamin D. It will save your life.